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Everything for the Wine Enthusiast

Your wine collection is more than a bunch of bottles. You need the right appliances, accessories, and even some atmosphere, to create your perfect pour.

Stock Your Wine Bar

Wine Coolers

Keep your wine close at hand and at the perfect temperature.

Wine Decanters & Purifiers

Give your vino some room to breathe. Decanting aerates the wine, while separating out sediment.

Wine Openers

Don't struggle with the cork — use technology to remove it safely and easily.

Wine Glasses

Serve your wine with style in a glass that suits its type.

Wine Racks

Sized for a few bottles or dozens, wine racks help you store your collection stylishly and safely.

Wine Stoppers & Pourers

Reduce spills, aerate and purify your wine, and preserve the wine in opened bottles.

Wine Accessory Sets

Give the wine connoisseur in your life a special accessory to make entertaining extra special.

Featured Wine Technology

Person filtering wine

Üllo Wine Purifier

Restore the natural taste of wine by removing the bitter taste of sulfites. Ullo's Selective Sulfite Capture technology purifies your wine while the adjustable aerator breathes life into your reds, or maintains the balance of whites. Set the Ullo purifier directly on your wine glass or carafe, pour and enjoy.

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People dispensing wine

Coravin Wine Preservation Opener

Coravin uses patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork, so you can enjoy wine sealed with corks without feeling the need to commit to the whole bottle. Explore wines of any vintage, varietal or region, one taste at a time.

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Connect with a Beer Enthusiast

Find the supplies to make your own brew, and all the beer and bar accessories you need if you're serving by draft or by bottle.

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Oenophile: The Wine Lover

Gifts for Wine Lovers

It's easy to find gifts for the oenophile in your life. You've already purchased wine glasses for both red wine, white wine, rosè and port. You've bought the latest wine opener on the market. But when you want to exceed expectations, aim high to find technology that complements the wine while earning compliments for the host.

Since the wine connoisseur cares deeply about the taste and texture of the wine, look into ways of storing each bottle properly, which improves the wine's taste upon opening. Check out both decorative wine racks for room-temperature wine and wine coolers that chill wine to its optimum temperature to deliver its best flavor right out of the bottle. A wine aerator will add oxygen to a glass or carafe of wine to expand its aromas and flavors. Wine filters can capture sulfites in the wine, removing bitterness balancing flavor. Technology like the Coravin wine preservation opener lets you enjoy just one glass from a bottle while preserving the rest for weeks or even months.

The Wine-Lover's Lifestyle

When you're considering buying gifts for the wine lover in your life, imagine the multiple ways that he or she enjoys a glass of wine. Wine is the perfect complement for a relaxing afternoon at a sidewalk café, or even at your own backyard bistro set, with your favorite book loaded on an e-reader. If your wine aficionado enjoys curling up in front of the fire with the lights turned low, she might appreciate a reading light for her favorite paperback novel.

Part of enjoying wine involves sharing learning about new varieties and sharing them with the special people in your life. It's easy to use a tablet to look up wine and food pairings for the perfect dinner party at home. And nothing says retro-festive more than a fondue set. Gourmet cheese and chocolate fondue have met their perfect match when paired with your perfect wine collection.