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Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel Overkill Edition - PlayStation 3

Release Date:03/19/2013
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Mexico's gritty streets seethe in the blood of innocent victims. The air reeks of corruption. Anarchy reigns supreme. Clenched in the grip of a vile drug cartel, the nation languishes, torn apart by war. But the filthy drug lords who rule the city streets are about to finally get their due — hand-delivered through the barrel of your gun. You're one-half of a deadly, sharp-shooting team that has one main objective — to purge Mexico of its criminal scum. Arm yourself to the teeth, pull down your mask and don't stop shooting until the job is done.
The franchise that originated tactical co-op is back with a vengeance in Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel. This unique third-person shooter gives you double the firing power, pairing you with a partner in combat. Mastering potent team-based tactics like flanking, dual-breaching, riot-shield attacks and more, you'll work together to inflict major damage in the drug-dealing world. The devastating Overkill mode, built on the new Frostbite 2 engine, puts extreme destructive power in your hands for every successful team maneuver you accomplish. You're sure to make an explosive entrance on the scene when you're armed with the deadly weapons and exclusive gear included in this Overkill Edition. Stock your arsenal with the fully automatic TAH-9 handgun, Double-D shotgun and specially skinned Day of the Dead AK-47, and outfit Alpha and Bravo with the included masks and outfits. Plus, with the Overkillers contract's additional missions, this package expands your campaign right from the start. Mexico doesn't need a miracle — all it takes is an Army of TWO.


Overkill Edition

Pre-order to receive this , which includes the Overkillers contract with new missions, the fully automatic TAH-9 handgun, two-barrel Double-D shotgun and Day of the Dead AK-47 weapon

Also includes a Polymer outfit, Polymer mask, Overkill outfit, Overkill mask, Day of the Dead outfit and two custom-designed Day of the Dead masks that feature the work of renowned tattoo artists

Hunt down a corrupt Mexican drug cartel on a tactical partner-based campaign

Destroy everyone and everything that stands in your path, working together to flank and dual-breach your enemies, launch riot-shield attacks and more

Unleash the utter devastation of the Frostbite 2-driven Overkill mode by performing co-op maneuvers that build your Overkill meter

Tackle and overcome individual objectives that are crucial to your team's common goal

Arm your characters, Alpha and Bravo, to the teeth with personalized tactical gear made for extreme combat

Immerse yourself in the grim and gritty reality of a modern Mexico that's been torn apart by war

Approach the action from two different angles: via local split screen or online co-op

For 1 to 2 players