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BakerStone - Pizza Oven Box Kit

  • Model: O-ABDHX-O-000
  • SKU: 6188378
Prepare fun food on the grill with this BakerStone pizza oven kit. The porcelain-enameled steel box heats on the rack of most three-burner or larger gas grills, and it displays the temperature range, so you know when it's ready to cook. Make cookies, bread or meats with this BakerStone pizza oven kit, which comes with a pizza peel and turner.

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    What's Included

    • BakerStone pizza oven box
    • Basics pizza turner
    • Basics wooden pizza peel

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (33 out of 35)


    Compatible with gas and charcoal grills

    Converts most three-burner and larger gas grills, and most full size charcoal grills into a gourmet pizza oven. Just set the burner to High and preheat for around 20 minutes.

    Create pizzeria-quality pizzas in 2-4 minutes

    With this oven box, you can bake up to an 14" pizza, bread and cookies.

    Porcelain-enameled steel and refractory stone construction

    Provides a sophisticated look for your kitchen.

    Double wall and insulated upper housing

    Gives you optimal heat retention for baking or roasting.

    Easy to read icons

    Indicate the temperature range for oven-style baking and extreme wood-fired temperatures.

    Includes wood pizza peel and turner/spatula

    For different usage options.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 35 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A “Gotta Have It” Item for Wood-Fired Pizza Lovers

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      I admit that I am a bit of a grilled pizza enthusiast (aka nut). It all started when I read an article in my local paper about it. I tried the recipe and became hooked. There is something special about the taste of grilled dough that is so light and airy, rather like freshly cooked lavash from a wood fired oven. But it wasn’t a foolproof process. I ran into challenges of the dough folding over on itself, burning the bottom while the toppings and cheese don’t cook/melt sufficiently, and having to place the dough directly on the dirty grill. Over the years, I tried improving the process by purchasing special pans and utensils. It made it easier for me, but it became costly and there was still a lot of room for improvement. So, when I saw the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box, I said that I had to try it. Inside the box, there is the oven, and a separate box of the stone pieces. You get a dust cover, a pizza turner, and a wooden peel. The dust cover zips up around the oven box. While only made of a light piece of material, at least it offers a token of protection for the oven while not being used. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get the pizza turner and wooden peel as they make cooking the pizza so much easier. There is some assembly that is required before using the oven box. I accidentally removed more of the stone supports that I was supposed to, but still accomplished everything in less than 30 min. You will need a Philips head screwdriver (and scissors for the pizza turner). I am not great with assembly steps, but I have to say that the product guide directions and pictures were clear, understandable, and easy to follow. Remember to wipe the stones for any debris or residue from assembly once you put everything together. The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box uses three kinds of heat to reach the 500-700 degree goal: convective from the cooking chamber, conductive from the stone itself, and the radiant heat from the top and sides. A frozen pizza will take 7-10 minutes. I make my own homemade dough in the bread machine. That isn’t necessary for the BakerStone Pizza oven. My son used store bought dough and it turned out equally well. You can also use gluten free and wheat pizza dough. The directions are simple: 1. Place the pizza oven on the open grill (that you brush down beforehand), set all burners to HIGH and preheat the oven box for 20 minutes, or until the burner setting on the gas grill reaches the desired temperature range. Based on what you cook, you choose either the oven icon baking zone or the flame icon baking zone. TIP: be sure to have enough propane in the tank to cover the preheating time. 2. Next, dust the wooden pizza peel with flour or cornmeal so the dough doesn’t stick. I used instant corn masa flour and loved it! Tap off the extra before placing the stretched-out dough on top. Add toppings. 3. Once the oven box has reached the desired temperature, insert pizza peel into the oven box and slide the pizza onto the bottom stone. Be careful not to tip the pizza over the edge in the back of the stone. **Don’t lower the lid on the oven box. It restricts the air flow and voids the warranty. 4. Bake for 1 minute or until the crust toasts up so it can be moved. Then use the pizza turner to rotate the pizza about a quarter turn every 45 seconds so it bakes evenly as the back of the oven box is the hottest section. It will only take 2-4 minutes to completely cook the pizza, so don’t choose now to mingle with any guests. 5. After you have made your pizza(s), turn the burners to the OFF position and let the oven box cool for at least 90 minutes. My oven box heated up within the thirty minutes. The end result was fantastic! The food had a nice wood-fired char without being burnt. It looked liked takeout from a restaurant. My family agreed that while I have been making delicious pizza for years, the pizza that came out of the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box was the BEST pizza that I even made. The only CON about this product is the size of the pizza that can be stretched out on the wooden peel is smaller than I typically make. But you don’t only have to use this for pizza. You can cook breads, meats, vegetables, and even baked goods! In addition to three pizzas (margherita, roasted garlic white pizza with chicken, and buffalo chicken pizza) I made a calzone and I cooked several chicken breasts in a cast iron skillet. They all came out great. I plan to make fajitas with grilled vegetables next. **There is a warning NOT to place foods other than pizza or bread dough on the stones. Instead, use a metal baking sheet, or a cast-iron skillet. I used this video link to watch the process and get recipe ideas One tricky aspect to this product is the amount of handling it entails to move it from the grill and where to store it. The good news is that if you accidentally chip or scratch the stone, it will not affect the performance of the oven box. Luckily, there is a 12-month limited warranty for manufacturing defects. There is a customer service number an email, and a website you can visit for support. I wholehearted recommend the BakerStone Pizza Oen Box. If you need a good gift idea for someone who enjoys cooking and has an outdoor grill, run to the store and buy them one. While you are at it, get one for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Beware the back ledge of "pizza doom"

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      It looks great (initially), but does require 15-20 mins of assembly, is a bit bulky and not sure the pizza is any better than with a much less expensive and easy to store pizza stone. The concept is sound that a mostly enclosed 4 sided pizza stone "box" would cook more evenly, but I made 8 pizzas for a group of people and had varying results. Heat time - 4 burner grill (removed the flavor bars according to instructions) and it took about 20-25 mins to get up to 600+ degrees. Fit just fine on the grill. Opening is a little small - tip - do not make a pizza bigger than 12-14". Most of the pizzas we made the crust was cooked perfectly using a 1 minute to set, then turn every 30-45 secs (the back is much hotter than the front so this is a must do step). The crust was the only great part though. The dough wasn't fully cooked on top and the toppings didn't get hot enough either. Leaving it in any longer though and then you burn the crust... 2 of the pizzas were completely destroyed - 1 was an error of not enough flour as the pizza kept sticking to the peel and then the stone. Once it got stuck on the stone it was pretty much a train wreck from there - ingredients, sauce, cheese, Canadian bacon, peppers, you name it all got stuck on the stone. Waited a bit for those to melt on to a nice crispy blackness and then scraped off what I could with the pizza spatula, but because it is mostly enclosed this is very difficult. Also - DO NOT PUSH THE PIZZA IN TOO FAR! 2nd pizza fatality happened when it slid too far to the back where there is actually an open 2-inch ledge and the edge of the pizza bent over it and immediately heated in place. The part hanging off the back ledge then broke off while trying to get the pizza back out and to turn it. Why is this ledge of doom there?? Next pizza was going well until the couple inches of pizza from the above doom ledge that broke off caught on fire. I will try to clean the stone (not sure how well that can be accomplished as it's a total mess now - see pic) and give it another try, but after my first party with it and 8 pizzas, not impressed. I think it needs a lid or door for the front to allow it to cook the top of the pizza better and it would be nice to be able to lift it open to clean the stone and see and avoid that back ledge of pizza doom when putting the pizza in. Some newbie advice: Do not make pizzas on a metal tray/cookie tin - apparently that is essentially pizza dough “glue” and you will wreck your pizza trying to get it off the tin. Put plenty of flour and/or corn meal on the wooden pizza peel or they won’t come off and slide easily in the oven. Do not put too many toppings or make them too thick/heavy. A) you can’t get them of the pizza peel easily and B) your crust will burn way before the toppings cook/cheese fully melts etc. Overall a bit tough to use and made quite a mess with some average and catastrophic pizza results.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      You know its great when you need more Propane

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      You read that right, ran out of propane after getting this setup and on the grill. We were running through pizza dough just enjoying the lovely crisp brick over type pizza that I ran out of propane and had to make a run for more because this is too fun to stop. So if you want to have fun making pizza this is the thing. ************** Setup - Setup was fairly striaght forward. Unscrew a few things, slot in the stones (can only fit one way which is nice) and screw everything back. Took us about 10 minutes. After a quick wipe down of the stone your good to go. It was nice they also included a very good wooden peel. Nice and thick and the right size, as well as a metal offset to move and rotate the pizza. That is absolutely vital and I'm glad they added it otherwise it would be much harder to pizza. Open your grill, take off the flame redirectors to help get the heat into the grill and leave it on your grill until it reaches temp. ******************* Use - Very easy to use. I do recommend flouring the peel and the bottom of the dough before putting it on the peel. We made the pizza on the peel to save an extra move, but not necessary. The tricky part that takes a pizza is the getting the pizza off the peel and into the oven without folding it over. Did that on the first pizza, but learned my lesson and was better on everyone since then. They recommend and I agree once you get in the oven let it set for a minute for the dough to set. That did make things easier. Even if I didn't position it perfectly, I let it sit for a minute, after that the offset metal spatula made it easy to move around and rotate in the box. It only takes a few minutes to get nice and crispy pies. This makes thing simple, just have extra propane on hand before you start since you might run out. It is solidly built and sturdy and seems it will last many pizza nights at our house. Even comes with a nice cover once it cools for storage. Only thing is its fairly heavy and you can expect for all that stone and the handles on the side I wish were a bit deeper. Thats the only knock and honestly it isn't anything that would keep me from getting it. This is an awesome device if you want a mini brick oven on your grill. We had a lot of fun and I know many more pizza nights will be had and considering how quick this turns out pizza, I just love it and I'm sure you will too.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Detailed Review - Great Restaurant Style Pizza!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      We rarely order in pizza at home anymore and have been making pizza in our oven using a pizza stone for over 7 years now. What's great about this is that you can put on any toppings you want, any kind of cheese in whatever quantities you like. The downside of this has been that the crust is never quite as good as what a restaurant with a proper pizza oven is able to do. Nice and crisp on the outside and soft and bread-like inside. The BakerStone addresses this and does it well. We have a 4 burner propane grill (3 regular burners and one infrared). The BakerStone box fits perfectly over the 3 regular burners. It was sunny and about 75 degrees outside and with the BBQ lid open and all 3 regular burners on max (as instructed) the BakerStone took about 25 minutes to reach about 700 degrees in the back of the box (measured using an IR thermometer). This corresponds to the BakerStone temperature dial being in the last 3rd of the "Flame" area of the dial. While the back of the box was around 700, the front was around 450-500, so it is important to rotate the pizzas frequently while baking. I can see that if I tried to use this in colder weather, it is very likely I would need to close the BBQ lid to reach 700 degrees. We used the included "basic" pizza dough recipe and the included wooden pizza peel to put the pizza in the box. One thing we found was that even though we started with a round pizza on the peel, the act of launching the pizza into the box deforms most of the pizzas to be more of an oval shape. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of. This may improve with practice as well. Our pizzas took about 6 minutes to cook and the result really was what you would expect to get from a restaurant pizzeria. Perfect crust and perfectly cooked toppings. Clean up is easy, just keep the burners on for 15 more minutes after the last pizza to cook off any debris and push it to the back. The stones will stain, but this is normal. All in all, a great product for those that want restaurant pizza at home, but don't want to pay the cost and space for a dedicated pizza oven.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great product but takes practice

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Love this BakerStone Oven Pizza Kit for making pizza! This is a great option that allows you to make homemade pizza in the hot summer without heating up the house with the oven. It definitely takes practice though and the instructions aren't entirely helpful. The instructions say to "dust" the pizza peel with flour. That's the large wooden spatula that comes in this kit. However, if you're using fresh dough from the store or a bakery, it will be somewhat sticky. You don't need to "dust" the pizza peel with flour, you need to cover it in flour and then add cornmeal for good measure. Even with that, you'll still have to very carefully use the metal spatula that came with the kit to get the pizza in to the oven. After about 30 seconds, you can easily move the pizza inside the oven, but getting it in is tough. Couple of tips: 1) use flatbread if possible or a pre-made pizza crust that is partially frozen. The instructions say to "launch" the pizza into the oven, but when it's fresh dough, it's too sticky for that to work, 2) If you're using fresh dough, make the pizzas smaller. The oven can handle up to a 14" pizza but you won't be able to get it off the peel unless you followed step 1. With fresh dough, forget it. The smaller the pie is the better it will slide off. 3) The instructions say 4-5 minutes to cook but just watch it closely. I found that mine took about 7-8 min to be fully cooked. We made 5 pizzas, and the first two were a little rough, but the last 3 were awesome. The first one was too big, the second was too thick. The last 3 were smaller and thinner, and we loaded up the peel with cornmeal and flour for those. The oven itself is well built, but it does take some effort to put together and un-box. This wasn't something I expected so be prepared to do some work and assemble the oven. It also uses a lot of propane. I have a 3 burner Weber Spirit grill and it took about 25 minutes to get the oven preheated to the temperature to cook pizza. I had to leave the burners on full blast to keep it at temperature. Essentially, the grill was on full blast for 45-60 minutes. I had a fresh tank and it used about 25% of it for the pizzas. Overall, this is a really cool item if you like making homemade pizza and don't want to heat up the house while doing it. Your best bet is to get the flatbread type of pizzas or the ones that pre-made and have a little bit of rigidity to them. If you use fresh dough to make the pizzas, be prepared for some challenges in transferring it from the peel to the oven. I do love this oven and look forward to using it for other things such as cookies and bread. It's got a lot of potential and works very well once you get the hang of it. I highly recommend this to anyone.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Pizza parlor at home!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      I was really skeptical about this Pizza oven since I’ve never been able to make a pizza that tasted any better than a frozen pizza. In order to give this the best possible chance, I decided to do everything by the book using the included recipes in the owner’s manual. Unboxing the product was fairly straight forward. I was a little annoyed that I had to take the product apart to put in the pizza stones, but once I did, it went together fairly quickly. The unit itself is pretty heavy, but not outrageous. It came with a wooden peel and a pizza spatula which were both high quality. The whole kit is very high quality. I set about using the included dough recipe. Make sure you have a day to do it since the dough has to rest a few times before it’s completed and then has to rest at least 4 hours once everything is mixed. We have a very high quality mixer with a dough hook which had a very difficult time doing the whole amount. I would recommend cutting the recipe in half for the first time out. I ended up with enough dough to make 8 small pizzas. The pizza oven itself sat perfectly on my 4 burner grill and warmed up to ready in about 15 minutes. My wife and I put together our 1st pizza and put it in the oven. Following the directions carefully, we turned the pizza with the included spatula 1/4 turn every 30 seconds or so. THis isn’t like baking a pizza in your oven, so it cooks very quickly. I was amazed at how much this pizza was like anything we have gotten from a pizza parlor. The dough tasted like real pizza dough, not bread, and the crust was cooked evenly and thouroughly. In addition, we really enjoyed putting it all together. It ended up being family project that my wife and kids had fun with. I can’t say that I would use this everytime I want pizza, based on the work it takes to make the dough, but certainly on a weekend when we have the time, this is preferable to takeout.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A party in a box that can do more than pizza

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Assembly was easy and took just 10 minutes. I removed the flavor bars from my grill beneath where I was to put the pizza oven. I put the oven on a cold grill and set the burners to max. It was ready in 15 minutes. My grill can put out 70,000 BTU, more than average grills. Smaller grills will likely take a bit longer. No worry as there is an easy to read temp gauge on top so you know when it reaches the right temp. Once up to temp you can cook a pizza in a few minutes. You can’t set it and forget it, have to tend to turn the pizza quite a bit. Not a problem since it cooks so fast. Spinning the pizza with it in the oven takes some finesse since there is not much room on the sides left to work with. But the technique is not hard to pick up. Use some cornmeal on the stone before setting the pizza on it. It avoids sticking and makes the pizza easier to spin in the oven. Making pizza dough takes allot more time than you might think due to waiting periods for the dough to rest. I read the manual a few days ahead of time and while on vacation I could allow for it. For future weekend parties when time is more limited, I will try the dough at my supermarket bakery or pick some up from a pizza place Since it is lined with real stone, It’s a bit heavy. It’s easy enough to get a secure grip on it to move, but still not something you want to move far very often. You’ll need a sturdy place to store it when not in use. I’ll probably continue to keep mine on the grill since it fits under my lid. I’ll move it off to a heavy wood table close by when not in use. The small counter hanging off some grills may not be strong enough, or the weight may tip some small grills. The paint is holding up just perfectly fine after a few uses. Don’t bang or drag it to avoid damaging the finish or cracking a stone. There’s nothing else to really break or go wrong. It should last a very long time. Pros: • Excellent quality • High end appearance • Quick and easy to assemble • Good weight. Heavy enough to cook evenly, but not overdone. • Cooks pizza fast. • Fun! A cool conversation pieces. Something different everyone can get into. • It’s a great value. Everything you need to cook a pizza is in the box except for the pizza of course. Cons: • If you have much topping or cheese spillage, it can slow you down. Scrape it best you can and let the residue burn off the food and you should be good after a few minutes. Calling this a “Pizza” Oven sells it short. It’s a party in a box that can cook so much more than pizza. I thought it would be great for small get together, which it is. But I can’t wait to try cooking other things in it. I highly recommend it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Much More Than Just a Pizza Oven!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      I cook at least 80 percent of my evening meals on grills, year-round, and have done so for at least 15 years. When I saw the Pizza Oven Box Kit, I thought it would be a great addition to my grilling needs and that the BakerStone would allow me to cook pizzas and similar type dishes outdoors. I like to bake low carb soft tortillas in my kitchen convection oven with cheese, pepperoni and various garden vegetables, and I’m often experimenting with low carb cookies and breads. I expected this to have similarities to a brick pizza oven, but I had no idea of the vast array of food items that could be cooked with speed and to perfection in this stone oven. There is minor assembly with the Pizza Oven Box, but it is so simple that I didn’t even find the directions until after I had assembled the product. The item is packaged so well that I could have used the directions to unpack the stone pieces, because I did not want to break them unboxing the oven. I happened to have opened the wrong end from where the directions are packed, and between the bottom of the box and me were layers of Styrofoam, the oven and accessory pieces, and the stones. I wish that there had been some indication on the packaging as to which end to open first in order to find the instructional literature. I have a propane 3 burner Sport’s Grill that I haven’t been using, so I removed a similar size grilling box that is a removable part of that grill and replaced it with the Pizza Oven. With no heat deflectors between the Pizza Oven and the burners, the Pizza Oven temperature gauge began to heat up very quickly and reached near maximum temperature on the gauge within 6-8 minutes. The first item that I cooked was a pizza. Having used Pizza stones in the oven for years, I’m use to a nice crust. But the Pizza Box made the entire pizza as perfectly cooked as the bottom of the crust cooks when just using a pizza stone in the oven. The whole pizza cooked to perfection in about 7 minutes. The next evening, I decided to grill vegetables. I did so by using a pizza pan with olive oil and the vegetables sautéed perfectly in about 4 minutes. I cook a lot of salmon on the grill and it usually takes 20-25 minutes. On the pizza pan, my Salmon grilled to perfection in about 9 minutes. That worked so well that I thought I would try baking oatmeal cookies and they turned out as good or better than any cookie that I have ever baked in my convection ovens. I now have my Pizza Box set up on the 3-burner sports grill next to my other grill. Between the two, I have the capabilities to cook an entire gourmet meal that combines grilling and baking. This BakerStone is so very much more than just a pizza oven! Limitations on what food dishes to prepare are few, because if you can dream up the recipe, I believe you could have success with most of them turning into great dishes to serve.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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