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bObsweep - bObi Classic Self-Charging Robot Vacuum & Mop - Snow

Enjoy hassle-free wall-to-wall cleaning with this bObi Classic robotic vacuum cleaner. Its built-in sensors detect dirt and expertly navigate around walls, edges and obstacles, and its low profile slides under couches and tables smoothly. This bObi Classic robotic vacuum cleaner functions with three touch-screen buttons that provide user-friendly operation.

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    bObsweep - bObi Classic Self-Charging Robot Vacuum & Mop - Snow - Larger Front
    bObsweep - bObi Classic Self-Charging Robot Vacuum & Mop - Snow
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    What's Included

    • 2 x microfiber mopping cloth
    • Cleaning brush
    • Power adapter
    • Remote control
    • Screwdriver
    • Self-charging base
    • Side brush (2x), main brush (2x)
    • bObsweep bObi Classic™ Self-Charging Robot Vacuum & Mop

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    84% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (257 out of 306)


    Bagless technology

    Saves time and energy with no bags to buy or replace.

    HEPA-style filter

    Traps approximately 99% of dirt, dust and allergens.

    Automatic docking and recharging

    After your floors are clean, the robot returns to the docking station to refuel.

    Rechargeable battery

    Provides up to 60 minutes of run time per full charge.

    Lightweight design

    Helps you transport the vacuum from room to room and floor to floor.

    Side brush

    Enables extended cleaning near walls and in tight areas.

    Main brush

    Promotes enhanced performance.

    White color

    Adds a sleek, stylish look.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 306 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Make Bobi part of your family

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I did lots of research prior to purchasing my bObsweep - bObi Pet Robot Vacuum. Ultimately, I made my decision to purchase her for Christmas 2017 based mostly upon a combination of price and Customer Service. While many of these robotic vacuums have similar issues, this one seemed to have the best reviews for Customer Service plus a little longer lasting battery. My hopes were almost immediately met right after her arrival when I received a confirmation to my warranty submission with a welcome from Customer Service to me know how to contact them and with an offer of a choice of a free ship coupon for a future visit to the bObsweep hospital or some additional free accessories. I took the accessories in hopes of maintained futue health and have so far been pleased with my choice. I'm not sure if this was a deal that was going on only at the time of my purchase, but it was extremely nice to know that my warranty submission was received and that I was an appreciated customer. I also chose the bObi Pet version because we have 4 kitties that keep the fur flying in our home. We have hardwood, vinyl and some deep pile carpet downstairs with a fairly open floor plan. With an open plan, it does make it a bit more challenging to limit the space to be cleaned, but she did come with a block that works as a virtual wall that streaming an infrared light across the room to keep her from moving past that point. Additionally, I typically move a chair into a doorway or use her box to protect her from gaining access to a crevice where I prefer her not to go. I see that others have been a bit troubled at her ability to knock over items, but I have learned that I just need to prepare her space a bit (not more than 5 min) to keep her from getting into trouble. The only time I find she has real issues is if I forget to tuck the fringe under the rug or if she is trying to get under my couch that isn't quite tall enough for her. While my floors seem clean to my eyes, I am always amazed that even if I send her out daily working in the same space, she still seems to be able to come back with a full bin of hair and fine dust. Additionally, due to experience some other robotic vacuums, I find myself surprised that she nearly always picks up all visible particles within her path. Unlike my large vacuum, bObi doesn't really scare my cats. In fact some are even intrigued with her and like to chase her side brush or lounge while watching her work. That said, I don't really ever foresee a future where you would ever catch one of mine trying to ride her. I've also had no issues with her ability to cross the floors from moving from wood floors to area rugs to thick pile carpet and they to vinyl. She makes the transitions rather effortlessly and continues to pick up whatever is in her path. However, I do have to pick up cat toys and move water and food bowls because if there is trouble in her path, she is usually good to find it. Small cat toys have been found in her rollers at times, but with no long term damage. I did have one small issue with a broken part off of her main dustpan within the first 6 weeks of usage. It was probably a little poorly designed because the piece broke off at the actual dustpan and not on the "replaceable" accessory. However, Gabe at Customer Service was only too happy to take my call and replace my part free of charge (under warranty) and even sent it out with one time complimentary free shipping. I am hard pressed to think of a time when I have been more impressed with the Customer Service of any given company. All in all, I continue to be thrilled with bObi and her performance. Sure, she sometimes is a little slow in finding her way back to the docking station when she is low on power. But, does she vacuum, picking up lots of cat hair and fine dust, and last about as long as I would (1.5 hours) before needing a break --- DEFINITELY. Would I buy her again -- an outstanding YES. You may think right now that you want a robotic vacuum, but once you have bObi you will grow to believe you NEED a bObi!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Horrible Produce


      I'd like to give this thing 0 stars, but the vacuum does seem to pick up what it reaches. Also, I don't think that I am allowed to post a review and warn mankind of the fallacy that is Bobi without giving at least one star. And now, the long list of negatives... I've had my Bobi Pet for about a year now and have tried endlessly to make a success of this thing. but the many elements of my dissatisfaction seem to have no recourse: 1) it only makes it back to the charging station ~10% of the time. Not only do I usually end end up manually connecting it back to the station but when I place Bobi directly in front of the charging station and press "juice" it will move away from the charging station EVERY TIME! I've attempted resyncs so many times that I can't begin to count them and there's never any success. In fact, once the 'juice' cycle begins it seems that going back to the charging station is the last thing that it ever wants to do; it simply meanders around the house like a lost fool. 2) It knows enough to not crush the ends of our vertical blinds, yet it'll attempt to move our piano endlessly; sometimes it comes to its virtual senses and moves away, but many times I have to physically move it away so it can proceed. 3) It has the strength to move our coffee table and uses that strength every time. You would think that it would bump it once or twice and realize that it's not a lying pet and proceed, but instead it moves the table, knocking over anything that is on the table. We had a small crystal piece on the table that was knocked over and broken thanks to Bobi. 4) I have a large bird cage and this Bobi beast has the strength to move it. Of course, like the table and piano it bumps into the cage, then bumps it again, then realizes it can move it, does so, and scares the birds. So here's my chance to use the virtual wall. Well, that wall is junk. It does appear to work at first but the problem is that Bobi doesn't remember where it had previously vacuumed and goes back to the spot again and again. Eventually, the wall powers itself off and on one of those trips, you guessed it, the cage is moved. Essentially, if I don't want my cage moved I have to sit and watch for Bobi to attack the cage. Not convenient at all if I have to endlessly monitor its movements. There are also times when I turn on the wall and place it in front of the cage and literally 2 minutes later Bobi will come to that place and cross right over the line while the wall still appears to be on! 5) Continuing on the hapless wandering, I have other robotic cleaners and they all seem to have no issue charting where they've been and not going back to those spots, ensuring that the whole floor is cleaned. Not Bobi. That moron will go back to the same spot 5/10/20/endless times while ignoring other spots completely. Every time I run the vacuum I look for places on the floor with visible dirt or add my own to see if it gets them, and she NEVER gets all of the spots. Never. Not once. 6) Bobi CONSTANTLY gets stuck under the dining room table. We even move the chairs out in order to make room but for some reason that stupid vacuum gets stuck very frequently and beeps in distress, making one of us physically move it to a clear area. At that point, as stated in point #5 she will very likely go back under the table and get stuck again. I could probably go on and on but I think I've made the point clear; my assumption is that ANY OTHER ROBOT VACUUM would be better than this piece of junk. If you want one for free, just wait outside my house...I'll be throwing mine out the window very soon. BTW, as I typed this Bobi was riding around the floor on 'juice' and yet again, stopped in the middle of the floor in lost despair. My wife had to pick it up and connect it to the charging station manually....again. If I had a dime for each time this has happened I could have bought a high-line iRobot.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Quiet, powerful vacuum.

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I just want to start by saying I got this Bobi vacuum on a deal of the day promotion. Plus I had some my Best Buy points to apply. Also, I had an email offering $10 certificate on any purchase over a certain amount before mother’s day. I got this for around $219. I would not pay $849 full price. At that point I would look into the roomba 980. I just can’t justify spending $799 or more on a vacuum. I am impressed with how quiet the Bobi vacuum is. I can use this and still hear the tv at regular volume. I am also happy with the suction power. The navigation could use improvement. I have never used a roomba but the camera on the 960 and 980 series vacuum sounds very cool to map your room so it knows where it has cleaned. This vacuum seems to wander around using various pre programmed patterns when cleaning. It doesn’t seem to keep track of where it has previously been and will sometimes keep going back to spots it has vacuumed already. If you don’t have an open floor plan this can get stuck pretty easily. I have a laptop table and this gets stuck on the legs “high centered” and can’t free itself. Not sure why it cannot see the table legs and instead runs over them. This will also get stuck under my dining room table if it finds its way under there and keeps bumping into the chair legs trying to get back out. This is what makes me think the camera on the roomba and mapping feature would help so it could “see” where it was navigating better. So, if you clear objects like that off the floor before starting Bobi you will get better results. Because of this however, I don’t feel I can run Bobi on a pre set schedule for unattended cleaning. It seems like I have to watch it so it doesn’t get stuck. Not too big of a deal for me since I get to watch tv while it does the work. I did write to Bobsweep technical support to ask them about the navigation of Bobi and they wrote back the next day offering to help run a diagnostic report to see if there were any problems with the sensors etc. but I haven’t run the diagnostic report yet since I think this is just the way they designed the navigation. Without the room mapping feature. It seems like Bobsweep does have very good technical support and if I did run into any technical issues I get the impression they would be happy to assist me. It was a nice touch that Bobsweep included an extra brush roller, extra side brush, mopping pad and hepa filter in the box. I have not used the mopping pad attachment yet. All in all I am still keeping Bobi and am overall happy enough with it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great little robot vacuum.

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Our Bobi vacuum is wonderful at cleaning up all the hair left behind by our cat and dog. It runs on a nightly basis and cleans our tile floors wonderfully. When we first received the package, we were a little intimidated by all the stuff in the box. But thankfully after going through the manual, we found that a good amount of the items were replacement parts. It was very nice of the folks at Bobi to give us all these extra parts instead of trying to stick it to their customers when the time came to replace filters or brushes. Everything came nicely packaged and it was easy to find everything to put our little robot together. Assembly of the few pieces that did need to be set up was a breeze. Setting up the remote was fairly simply as well and within 15 minutes, we had programmed the scheduling and were already testing our little robot friend out. While we think the Bobi robot is great and has been working nicely, we did run in to an issue where Bobi no longer wanted to sync with the charging base. I contacted Bobi support and the responses I received were prompt, friendly, and very helpful. They had a new base station to me in a couple days and we got it all synched up and running. However, we then noticed a new issue. Bobi would run a few minutes and then stop and beep at us. We contacted support who were again very prompt, friendly, and helpful and told us how to troubleshoot the issue. The customer service rep told me how to find the error code on the remote and when referenced in the manual, it told us exactly what was going on. Turned out a huge string from one of the dog's ropes got wrapped up in the roller brush where it mounts to the robot. Taking apart the brushes is a breeze and within a few minutes, the string was all removed and Bobi was back up and running like normal. Of course, I could have troubleshot the issue myself if I had thought to look at the remote to see what it says, but honestly, I forgot about the remote since we keep it out of site as we had set up Bobi's schedule on the remote when we first got her and haven't needed to touch the remote since. When you have Bobi setup, you really don't have to do anything with it except dump out its waste bin. I can highly recommend Bobi. It's a great little robot vacuum and does what we bought it for nicely. It has greatly cut down on the need for us to sweep up the floors on a regular basis. The design of the robot is cute and works very well. The customer service backing Bobi is amazing. They do actually care about their customer base and are very friendly and supportive in helping you get Bobi back up and running. The pricing on Bobi is also so much better than the other brands out there as well, which is why we decided to finally get one, and we are quite glad we ended up with our little robot friend, Bobi.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      I can do my work while Bobbi is vacuuming!

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I work from home and now I can do my work while Bobbi is vacuuming (it is also very quiet). What I really like about it the most is that I do not need to move furniture around to vacuum under and behind sofas, beds and larger furniture. Before Bobbi I used to vacuum these hard to get areas sporadically and when I'd do it, there would be a lot of dust gathered. Now I get a thorough clean job done more frequent. When I first used it I watched it moving around and saw where it might get stuck (loose cables, clutter). I then made some adjustments (got rid of clutter, organized and tightened cables), which also helped me make the place neater. I have two cats and it takes care of the fur that used to quickly gather on the floor. The only disappointment I have had is that none of my cats have tried to ride it so I could get a funny video! They totally ignore it when their paths cross. I tried the mop attachment once. It is very small and the pad does not keep moist for long. It is much quicker to just manually mop the floor after it is done vacuuming. Because it does a pretty good job removing fur and dust it makes mopping a very quick and easy task. Bobbi's customer support is impressive. They respond quickly and fully stand behind their product. Maintenance (emptying the dustbin and cleaning the parts) is very simple.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Best Christmas gift EVER!


      WOW. Best Christmas gift ever! It's taken me nearly 3 months to write this review, but I've been in heaven with a clean house ever since my bot arrived on Christmas Day. I have a three-bedroom condo in Florida with  two indoor cats. The house is closed up most of the year with the air conditioning running. The Dust, cat hair and cat dander are just overwhelming because it was trapped all year round inside the house. bObi went right to work that Christmas day with little to no set up. After charging her up, I just hit GO! She maneuvered over thresholds in between the rooms and zig zagged easily around furniture. The sound of her motor was minimal, and initially the cat's watched from on top of the furniture.  Within days the cats were back on the floor watching bObi go back & forth. bObi has the perfect amount of power and amazes me everyday with what she is able to find and collect throughout the day. All the dust, cat hair and cat dander trapped safely in her dust bin. Had a small issue with the dust bin which was probably my fault. The plastic hinge on the dust bin door broke. With a quick email to my personal Customer Support agent, Adam MacMillan, and a new dust bin was on it's way to me right away. Which I must mention lastly but certainly not least, the customer service for this company is unmatched. I am currently in the retail industry and I've spent years many years in customer service, I have never had such a positive experience dealing with customer service as I have had with bobsweep. From day one I was assigned to one personal customer service agent, which has made dealing with any issues an absolute pleasure. Adam McMillan is dedicated conscientious and helpful member of your customer service team. His professionalism and customer service skills are unmatched in today's Customer Service industry. He is truly just the icing on the cake for this wonderful bObsweep product. Best regards, Christina D.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Long time user - great product and service team

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      The short review: - you aren't just investing in a great company - you're also investing in great customer service, and like many of these reviews, products do have issues, but the customer care team is the best and the product functions are amazing. Highlights: - block to set out to make sure BObi doesn't go into a place you don't want it to. - extra parts and cleaning tools so you can customize - sleek digital buttons My only disappointment with the product is the battery life but I have friends with competitors products and they have the same issue! So I chose to invest in a better product for the sleek look (I have the Scarlet red too), the great price, and the customer service team! User history and details: I have been a Bobsweep fan and owner for 4 years! & got my first BobSweep for Christmas and he was the life of the party. We had the pet version The mopping features and the UV light were my favorite part and I really felt that it would clean effectively and quickly. I just upgraded to the Bobi Pet and I am in love. I love the clean digital buttons, and the block is great because it prevents BObi from entering into a room If I need to keep the door open. Honestly it's been the best technology investment and cleaning invest for our life mixed with no time to really sweep regularly and a dog that leaves a mess! The timer is perfect and I highly recommend. The second product even came with back up parts and screwdriver so you can take care of BObi! This is awesome! I also have to mention that in mg ownership with Bobsweep I have reached out to customer service two times and each time; they have quicky helped me resolve my problem and make sure I do so in the lost economical way possible. This is rare to find in a company and I normally don't leave these extensive reviews, but really, this product is one I'm obsessed with. You won't be disappointed.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Love Bobi!! Wish I had bought him sooner.

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This is my first robotic vacuum purchase. I bought my Bobi on a whim not thinking it could do a very good job and I would be returning after trying him out. Was I ever surprised. We have 3 dogs (only one sheds) and 3 cats (all of which shed). The first time I ran Bobi the bin filled up pretty fast with cat and dog hair (even though I had vacuumed with an upright vacuum just two days before). We have about 800 square feet of ceramic tile and about 900 square feet of carpet. I run Bobi on the ffgo setting (only during the day right now so I can watch and fix any problem areas). I had to empty the bin every time Bobi charged for two days because it was pretty full. I now run him daily and only need to empty the dust bin at the end of the day. My dogs and cats have also adjusted to Bobi. The dogs move out of his way when they hear him coming. The cats follow him around and watch from on high. I think he is going to be a long time member of the family. Pros Does an excellent job on tile and very good on carpet. Even gets everything close to walls and in corners. Bobi has no problem navigating from room to room. Our house was built in the late 1940’s and is not an open floor plan. Finds his charging station most of the time by himself (only has a problem when he runs out of juice in the master bedroom because it is the farthest away from charger). Easy to clean and maintain. Everything comes apart without any hassle and goes back together just as easy. Easy to program with remote. Very good customer service. I had a minor problem with the dust bin. Called customer service and got a real live person first time and had a new dust bin in less than a week. Also the agent gave me his name and email to contact him personally if there are any more issues or questions. Cons Bobi gets hung up on area rug corners (does just fine if he approaches in the middle of the rug). I have one at my front and back door and in front of the kitchen sink. I just roll them up while bobi is running. Dust bin is small. Pet hair tends to get caught on the top of the filter not in the bin. If you leave cords, pet toys, or small objects on the floor, Bobi tends to get hung up on them.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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