Bose® - Companion® 5 Multimedia Speaker System (3-Piece) - Black

With TruSpace® digital processing circuitry, this multimedia speaker system delivers 5.1 multichannel audio from just 2 speakers and the compact Acoustimass® module, providing an immersive movie-watching or game-playing experience on your computer.2px 17px;margin:

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Control pod houses rotational volume control, mute, headphone jack and a connection for a second source

Sleek-looking speakers with stylish speaker stands provide a distinctive look for your computer sound system

Magnetically shielded satellite speakers prevent interference when placed near a TV or computer monitor

Active electronic eqaulization balances the output of low, mid and high frequencies

Digital signal processing (DSP) maintains audio accuracy with improved consistency

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Simply Wow'd


    So, after about a year and a half of talking myself out of buying these things due to the price, I finally broke down and bought them five days prior to this writing and I've since had these speakers operational for about three days. While I haven't put them through every audio test I can think of just yet, I've tried a few DVDs and a good range of my own mp3 files. Before I installed these, I had a Logitech Z2300 system paired with a SoundBlaster X-Fi card...the second such card in 14 months time; it seems for some reason that my computer is getting a little too anxious about blowing digital decoder chipsets on soundcards, which was another reason I finally talked myself into buying them. Now don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed the previous setup and stand by my earlier review of the Logitech system. I'm absolutely blown away by these things. I've had no problems thus far and am amazed by the range that these do, indeed, seem to have. Maybe it's just my ear, but the lack of mid that some reviewers have had issues with is something I see as it's how a live performance is supposed to sound. Sure, if you want everything PERFECTED, then you probably want something else. But actually, to me, that's the hidden beauty of these speakers: They don't "lie". You'll get great response in some ranges, softer tones in others. Nothing really seems to be overly jacked up; it's the suttle tones that I'm noticing, not the overt blasting of those tones, and to me that just makes the sound more "truthful". I listen to soundtracks a lot, and I love hearing every sound I can out of an orchestra...the more finely recreated the better. I am not ashamed to say that, while listening to the John Williams composition of "Duel of the Fates" from the Star Wars Episode I soundtrack, I was left in tears. Tears. Because it sounded so grandly beautiful to a level I've never felt before. The London Voices' echoes were present where I hadn't heard that much definition on them before, the orchestra was so crisply reproduced that I couldn't help but be completely immersed and lost in the tune. This is the third Bose product that I've owned in my life (the original Acoustic Wave, which I still have and is still going strong almost 20 years later and, more recently, the Over The Ear headphones), and I am continually amazed as how great Bose sound is. Yes, of course they're very likely overpriced, but quite simply I am not at all regretful of shelling out the extra money for any of these three products, period. By the way, the owners manual says that you should only have them 24" apart for optimum sound quality. I have dual widescreen monitors and this doesn't seem to have any negative consequences in having them further apart. Very highly recommended, with the only lower-than-5-Star rating going towards price because, as another reviewer said, these are definitely a pocket monster. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for them and unless they somehow short out (and even at max volume they handle the sound brilliantly) these things will never see the inside of a Best Buy store again.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Dissapointed - too expensive for the results

    • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

    I know you're supposed to think Bose is amazing, but I've tried enough products in the last few weeks to compare so thought I'd share my experience. I've had two sets of Bose speakers for years, and used two sets from other makers for the last week. Contenders vs the Bose 5s: Klipsch Promedia (~$150 at BB) Logitech Z520 ($49 right now at BB) Bose Companion 2 computer speakers (bought for $99 10 yrs ago) The Klipsch wins hands down. An amazing consumer product. The price is reasonable and probably quite economical for Klipsch to manufacture because it's the same high-end design for the last 10 yrs. These go as loud as you want with 200W and wonderful detail and clarity. I can't imagine buying anything else for a powered 2.1 system ever. Every couple months I'm excited about a product I bought that was just the right thing - this is probably my purchase of the year. 2nd place tie - Bose Companion 2 or the Logitech Z520s These are very different speakers but would be fine depending on the application. The companion 2s are actually my favorite for listening to classical music - the highs are so detailed that there are instruments playing which I can't even detect from the Logitechs. The Logitechs on the other hand are much more boomy, and not so directional. The Bose are good if you can point them directly at your head. But off center or across the room, all that detail goes away. There is also very little bass coming from the Bose 2s, even though there's a mini-sub built into each speaker. The Logitech's have the 360 design with the tweeters pointed forward and backward. It gives more uniform sound around the room, especially for placement on a desk in the middle of room. They are also very economical at $49 right now - the difference between these and a $20 pair of typical computer speakers will be huge and would be worth the upgrade. The cons are: a little muddy highs when listening to classical, and their implementation of the 2nd audio input. When I plugged in my second computer, it muted the first. So I can't use my media computer to play music and have my workhorse laptop's system sounds play at the same time. For my needs, the inputs have to be unplugged and replugged at least daily. There is no warning about this in any of the documentation. I just learned it the hard way and so am taking them back. The Boses and Klipsch automatically mix the two inputs together at all times. The Bose Companion 5 are my least favorite, which I'm bummed to say because I've had them for three years and they were not cheap. The high details aren't present like they are from the Companion 2s, and the 5s take up a lot of room and create a lot of cable clutter. The location of the bass adjustment is also inconveniently located on the very bottom of the back of the subwoofer which means I'll never adjust it - even if different media would benefit from adjustment. The Klipsch put this on the control module right next to the volume (perfect). Good luck in your search. Be wary of making the assumption that price equals quality. Listen to multiple speakers and compare for yourself.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good speakers, but not perfect.


    I got these speakers when I moved because I didn't want to pack/wanted to upgrade from my companion 3's. First off, the good. These sound fantastic. If you had your eyes closed you'd probably think there were 4 speakers. Bose is always the best when it comes to great sound in a compact package. These are great for small desks and rooms, because they take up so little space and have a lot of sound. Now, the bad. The companion 3's had a 3.5mm input jack on the back of the sub, and a 2nd on the corded control. The 5's have a USB input on the sub, and a 3.5mm on the control. Now, in many cases I can see the USB being fantastic. It's probably better quality, and on a desktop computer, you have a million USB ports on the back of your tower. I, however, am using a desktop replacement laptop, and one thing no laptop has in spades is USB ports, I have 4. Also, I find the whole setting up of the USB control overly difficult, I like just plugging in the 3.5mm jack. So that's what I did, but now my remote has two cords coming out of it (the control/power cord and the 3.5mm cord to my computer) which is kind of a bother. My biggest problem though, is the power saving mode. My companion 3's had two settings, off and standby. If you wanted to listen to something, you tapped the control, and the light changed from yellow to green, and instantly you had sound. When you're done, you tap it again, and they're on standby. On the 5's, that still applies, BUT, if you go long enough without having sound (ie, I'm just browsing the internet) they go into a power saving mode (light turns red) and you have to tap it again to turn them on. The kicker is that it takes about 5 seconds for the sound to come on. This wouldn't be so bad if the power saving mode didn't kick in WAY too fast (roughly 3 minutes). I tend to browse the internet a lot, and I come across a video, watch it, then go onto other stuff, find another video, watch it, and low and behold, no sound! I hit the control, the light goes green, but by the time the sound actually comes ON, I really have to restart the video. It sounds like I'm nitpicking, but it's annoying. They also get a knock on the value for price part.. you pay a lot, and you get a really good product, but it's not what I'd call a real deal or bargain. It's kind of like buying a BMW or Audi. You get something great, but you pay for it in full. My last problem with these speakers is the corded control. It's basically a thick disk, with an outer rubber ring you turn to change the volume, an a pressure sensitive topside that you tap to turn the speakers off and on. It also has a headphone jack and a audio in jack. My problems are these: 1, the pressure sensitive top is very sensitive, and if you have a messy desk and something happens to touch it, well, you get the idea. 2, the subwoofer volume controls are on the back of the sub. This is something I like to adjust as I live in a dorm, and there's hours of the day it's acceptable to have some bass, and then some where it isn't. Same goes for anyone living in an apartment, etc. I like to have the (rather large) subwoofer out of the way, which means that control is out of the way as well. I wish it was on the controller, after all, that's what the controller is for. Don't get me wrong though. As much as I complain, these are very fantastic speakers. My pros section is much shorter than the cons, but the pro section contains the most important part, the sound quality. I love these speakers and wouldn't go back to my 3's or any other speaker system I've owned. There are things that are much better value, I'm sure you could get an almost as good set of speakers for $200, but the key word there is almost. These are among, if not the best, desktop speakers you can find that are reasonably sized.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Excelent, worth every penny


    Well, first, lets just start off with the sets ONLY con, the fact that it has USB instead of standard speaker cords. Because i have alot of USB stuff, i had to trade off because there was no open USB port, so i had to ditch the gaming controler :(, but it was worth it. Now to the good stuff........ First, Bose will not let you down, these speakers rock. As for 5.1 sound, they create a very convincing sound setting, while watching movies i can hear sounds around me..... and i look to find no speaker there, just two in the front. Its an amazing system. Because of these speakers, i prefer watching movies on my computer, instead of watching them on my dad's much more expensive Dolby system. Sound Quality is very very high with these speakers, you will hear things that you never heard before because other speakers could not handle those sounds, the sound quality is consitent from the softest to the loudest volume. The sound quality is the main reason i bought these speakers, you will be amazed.... but remember, these speakers are limited to the quality of the music or game sound that your playing, but if you have high quality music and game stuff, you will be amazed. Size, they are perfect, they save alot of room compared to full 5.1 systems (while delivering just as much sound). The two speakers fit neatly on my desk, and the acustimas module is very compact and saves floor space. In fact, while being on the small side, the bass with this system pumps out just as much if not more sound than most 5.1 systems. Even without the bass, the speakers can handle alot of bass on they're own, they are just amazing. Quality of construction, very very good, the speakers and the bass are builit well, and built to last. The speakers are on metal stands...... yes, metal, (probibly aluminum) compared to other systems cheap plastic speakers). The speakers themselves are magneticly sheilded, and also built very strong, the bass is very solid too. This is a true entusiasts system. I had a hard time finding any plastic parts on the outside of the system, every thing is made of metal of very hard, high quality plastic. Although i cant tell you if the circutry inside the system is as tough as its shell, i would go dropping them just incase somthing inside becomes loose. Overall, i would recomend it to anyone who admires quality craftsmanship and good sound. Pros: EXCELENT sound quality Tough construction, the sub is build like a tank Very good representation of directional sound Wide soundstage for 2channel music and games Surprisingly good 5.1 sound for movies and some games. Overall, these are possibly the best speakers you can buy for PC, i recommend them completely. Cons: USB means you have one less spot for game controlors, etc, that also take USB. But that doesnt really matter anymore once you hear the speakers.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Truly Beautiful Sound


    I never write reviews, ever! Until now that is. This is my first one. After doing weeks of research, youtube videos and reading countless reviews by other customers I finally decided that after my final purchase of choice...I needed to share my feelings and hopefully help someone out in the same way I was looking to be helped out. The Bose Companion 5 is by far the best sounding speaker system for your computer in this particular price range. There are systems out there for $100, and some out there for thousands. In my opinion the Companion 5 sounds like a system that if you were walking by a Bose booth and heard the quality and asked, "How much does that cost?" and somebody replied with "$1,500" you would believe it, and understand it. Whether you could justify parting with that kind of money or not. I have it hooked up to my iMac and it is so incredible. The highs and mids are crisp and clear, and the lows are deep and rich. And believe me, though you couldn't use this system to run a is plenty loud for an apartment. Or any normal room for that matter. It is truly a remarkable system that I highly recommend to anybody that can spare the $400. Be prepared though, after tax and a possible extended warranty program its much closer to $500. That seems like a lot of money...and really is. But you won't be disappointed in the sound that Bose produces. Not to mention that the system looks great! Very minimal and sleek. A Great design. If you're reading this, then you're at least somewhat interested in this product...GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Impressive speakers with caveats

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I bought these to replace my Comapnion 3 that I have had for 6 or 7 years. These are simply the best speakers if you know what you're buying. Build quality is unmatched, footprint is convenient and acoustic depth impressive. If you are looking for the hardest hitting bass at high volume look elsewhere. If you want the best sound possible then go with a good sound card, receiver and monitors + sub. In comparison to the Companion 3 the mids and highs are a good bit more robust and bass is the same intensity; overall balance is superior to the C3 system. The surround sound is impressive and accurate. Where these speakers are unique is that they provide rich sound even at low volumes which competitors in this class cannot match. Corsair, Klipsch and Creative may have a stronger sub but they are historically unbalanced when playing at low volumes. These speakers only compete if you are sitting in their intended field of sound; stepping outside the intended field degrades the robustness exponentially. This is important because if you want something that sounds amazing as you move about your home that isn't what these are intended for and they fall flat. These speakers connect via USB so they negate the need/benefit of a good sound-card as the signal processing and amplification all takes place onboard the acoustimass module. An unintended benefit of the Bose design is that the speakers can't suicide themselves by blowing. If they exceed their design the frequency is scaled back. If you're looking for robust and balanced sound at a "normal" volume while sitting in front of a computer without any additional hardware these speakers are unmatched. If you want brute force at high volumes that produces bass heavy tones and you couldn't care less for 5.1 surround, then these speakers will let you down for the money.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Bose Series 5 are the best


    I absolutely LOVE my Bose Companion 5, PC speakers! I have had other similar speaker systems and have just been blown away by the sound that comes out of these little speakers. When I watch a movie at home, I pop the DVD into my PC and hook the PC to the TV and its like being at the theater. I have had mine for 3 years now and have never had a problem, knock on wood, so the review below; me I don't know what their problem was but I do know, that like everything in this world that is electronic, its MAN MADE so some items are gonna be bad or go bad quicker than others like cars. Bose is real good about fixing their stuff or replacing it. I have the Bose headphones and love them, so does a buddy and he bought his second hand off of ebay (headphones only no case). 3 months after he had them they broke. He sent them to Bose and not only did they fix them for free they gave him a new case and accessories, all for free! As far as the usb port problem (next review), I use a hub, and I touch the power/vol control pad minutes before use, usually when i'm powering up my PC, so thats just a habit change. My only problem is: if they're not plugged in prior to PC power up, they do not connect and the PC must be restarted but that's also an easy work around. The price is a little steep but your paying for the name, the reputation and above all else: the sound. Price: like exotic sports cars etc. Bose makes a great stereo speaker and yes, there are better stereo speakers made but much, much more money. These speakers have incredible sound for their size and turn up the volume baby, very little distortion, its amazing!!! Heck some people pay $200 or more for dinner for 2 but $400 for speakers with near surround sound capablilties that could last a life time, not just one night??? come on now.... I would have been happier had they been atleast $100 less, but I am happy with them nonetheless! In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong! I'm off to buy the Companion 2's for work so I can rock when no one is around!!! Go to Bestbuy and have listen for yourself, listen to the others that are there, I plug them in to my phone and play my music, I'd settle for a less pricy system, but not for sound, I want both!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    A:B comparison leaves no doubt


    Good things cost money and the Companion 5s are no exception to this. After purchasing the 5s, I read many reviews that stated the Logitecs were as good if not better, and for less than half the cost, especially if one's main interest was music instead of movies, which represents my primary use. So, I went out and bought a set of the Logitech Z-2300 2.1 speakers, hooked them up to my iMac and did an old-school audiophile A:B comparo -- having both systems connected simultaneously, and switching instantly between the two systems as the music was playing. I went down my iTunes list and chose a variety of music, for tests of rock, jazz, old, new, vocals, instrumentals, until I was satisfied with my scope of test material. The verdict is this -- there was really no comparison in sound quality, the Bose had much better high-end clarity, better soundstage and separation. I could audibly locate the Logitec satellites, but the Bose created a wide soundstage that often had me looking over to where there were no speakers, to find out how the sound could possibly be coming from that spot. Instrumental separation on the Bose was such that I could audibly locate things better than the Logitecs, and this didn't change as I moved my head from left to right. The Logitecs weren't bad, but are very position and angle dependent. Volume on both systems were good, bass was good on both, but the Bose subwoofer module is about 50%-60% of the size of the Logitech. Both systems are well designed, and the Logitech has a bass-level knob on the desktop remote control, while the Bose knob is on the back of the subwoofer. The Bose uses USB, while the Logitec plugs into the audio out of your computer. I would consider myself unbiased here, as I was actually hoping the Logitecs were equal so I could return the Bose and pocket $150+. But after hearing it for myself, I'll be returning the Logitecs. If you're not of the mind to spend $399 on computer speakers, you probably won't be unhappy with the Logitecs. If you're an audiophile like me, then you'll part with the money. Just a note, I didn't test the Logitec surround sound models with rear speakers, as I have nowhere to place them in my office setup.

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