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Computer and Tablet Repair

Computer broken or won't start? We can help.

Does your PC computer or tablet need a repair? Bring it to Geek Squad® at your local Best Buy. We can perform a number of software repairs right at the store, but if you need a hardware repair, we'll send it to our specialty repair facility at Geek Squad City.

Make a Reservation
Geek Squad agent and customer

How your repair process works.

step 1

First, back up your data, then make a reservation and bring your device to Geek Squad at your local Best Buy store. We can also back up your data in store if you purchase Data Backup.

step 2

If you need a hardware repair, we'll give you an initial estimate of costs, but there may be other issues we can't see until we send your device to Geek Squad City.

step 3

To repair your device, we'll collect a flat-rate labor fee of $84.95 at the store (unless you are covered under a Geek Squad Protection Plan or manufacturer warranty).

step 4

We will then send your device to Geek Squad City, where they will diagnose your issue. We will contact you for approval if the repair costs will be higher than your initial estimate.

After your repair is complete, you can pick up your device at your local Best Buy store, and pay for the repairs.

We'll repair your device for a $84.95 flat-rate fee plus parts.

$84.95 flat-rate labor fee plus parts costs equals your total repair cost.

The $84.95 will be refunded when:

  1. The repair is covered under a service contract (e.g., Geek Squad Protection) or manufacturer warranty.
  2. Geek Squad is unable to repair the device because one or more of the parts are unavailable.
  3. You decline the repair after the Geek Squad City Agent explains that the total repair cost will be 30% more than the maximum range of the original Best Buy store estimate. However, the $84.95 will not be refunded if Geek Squad City determines that the malfunction is due to damage or abuse (e.g., water damage).
Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad

Total Tech Support members get 20% off the $84.95 flat-rate labor fee upon completion of repair.

Learn about Total Tech Support
Laptop original MSRP Typical part cost range: Flat-rate labor and handling
Display Motherboard Cosmetic Component
Up to $499 $75–$125 $100–$150 $25–$50 $20-40 $84.95
(Total Tech Support members save 20%)
$500–$999 $125–$200 $150–$225 $50–$75 $40–$60
$1,000–$1,499 $200–$300 $225–$325 $75–$100 $60–$80
$1,500–$1,999 $300–$400 $325–$450 $100–$125 $80–$100
$2,000–$2,499 $400–$500 $450–$600 $125–$150 $100–$120
$2,500 and up $500–$750 $600–$900 $150–$175 $120–$140

We do not repair Microsoft Surface devices. Apple products such as MacBook and iPad will be sent to an official Apple repair center. The cost of parts and labor for those products differs from the pricing found on this page.