DENAQ - 6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery for Select HP Compaq Mini Laptops

This DENAQ DQ-HSTNN-CB1U-6 lithium-ion battery features a 5600 mAh capacity and delivers 10.8V of power to reliably power select HP Compaq Mini laptops. Built-in overcharge protection helps ensure safe use.
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What's Included

  • DENAQ 6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery for Select HP Compaq Mini Laptops

Product Features

Compatible with select HP Compaq Mini laptops

Including 110-3000, 110-3000 CTO, 110-3000CA, 110-3000EA, 110-3000SA, 110-3001SG, 110-3001TU, 110-3001XX, 110-3002SG, 110-3003EG, 110-3003TU, 110-3003XX, 110-3004TU and 110-3005SO models.

Also compatible with 110-3006TU, 110-3009CA, 110-3009TU, 110-3010SA, 110-3010SF, 110-3011SF, 110-3012SF, 110-3012TU, 110-3014SF, 110-3014TU, 110-3015DX, 110-3016SF, 110-3016TU, 110-3017TU, 110-3018CA, 110-3018CL, 110-3018TU and 110-3019LA models.

Also compatible with 110-3020LA, 110-3020SA, 110-3020TU, 110-3021LA, 110-3025TU, 110-3028TU, 110-3029TU, 110-3030NR, 110-3030SA, 110-3031NR, 110-3042NR, 110-3050CA, 110-3053CA, 110-3060EA, 110-3098NR, 110-3099NR, 110-3100 and 110-3100 CTO models.

Also compatible with 110-3100CA, 110-3100SG, 110-3101EA, 110-3101EG, 110-3101SA, 110-3101SG, 110-3101TU, 110-3102EG, 110-3102SA, 110-3102SG, 110-3102TU, 110-3103EG, 110-3103SA, 110-3103SG, 110-3104SA, 110-3105SA, 110-3106ES and 110-3107SA models.

Also compatible with 110-3108SA, 110-3109CA, 110-3109SA, 110-3110EA, 110-3110EG, 110-3110EZ, 110-3110NR, 110-3110SA, 110-3110SG, 110-3110SS, 110-3111EA, 110-3111SA, 110-3111SS, 110-3111TU, 110-3112EA, 110-3112SA, 110-3112TU and 110-3113EA models.

Also compatible with 110-3113SA, 110-3113TU, 110-3115SG, 110-3116TU, 110-3117TU, 110-3118CL, 110-3118TU, 110-3119LA, 110-3119TU, 110-3120LA, 110-3121LA, 110-3123TU, 110-3125TU, 110-3126TU, 110-3127TU, 110-3130NR, 110-3130SS and 110-3130TU models.

Also compatible with 110-3131SS, 110-3132SS, 110-3133SS, 110-3135DX, 110-3136TU, 110-3138TU, 110-3143SS, 110-3150CA, 110-3150EF, 110-3150SF, 110-3150SS, 110-3155EA, 110-3160EF, 110-3160SF, 110-3170EF, 110-3170SF, 110-3190EF and 110-3190SF models.

Also compatible with CQ10, CQ10-400, CQ10-400CA, CQ10-400EJ, CQ10-400SA, CQ10-401SG, CQ10-405DX, CQ10-410SF, CQ10-420EF, CQ10-420SF, CQ10-450CA, CQ10-450EA, CQ10-500, CQ10-500EA, CQ10-500SA, CQ10-500SS, CQ10-510CA, CQ10-510SG and CQ10-510SS models.

Also compatible with CQ10-514CA, CQ10-520SG, CQ10-525DX, CQ10-530EG, CQ10-550CA and CQ1O-510CA models.

10.8V and 5600 mAh capacity

Provide sustained power to your laptop.

Overcharge protection

Helps ensure safe use.

Smart technology

Communicates accurate information to your computer.

Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.