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Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker: Measure your daily activity with this device that helps you to set and maintain aerobic fitness goals. Vibration alerts let you receive call, text and e-mail notifications from your phone.

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  • Charging/data clip
  • Owner's manual
  • Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker + Heart Rate

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Overall Customer Rating:
90% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2899 out of 3245)


Monitor your day-to-day activity

Device tracks heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, stairs climbed and hours slept.

Receive accurate calories-burned information

Heart rate monitor works from your wrist to collect precise calorie data.


Makes reading information and alerts easy, even in sunlight.

Enjoy worry-free workouts

Water-resistant design works through sweat and water up to 164' deep.

Pair with your existing device

Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Get cell phone notifications via your activity tracker

Vibrations alerts notify you of calls, texts, e-mails and meetings.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Best Non-GPS Fitness Smartwatch


    I wanted to write a review on this because I feel like people who leave reviews of this product haven't given it a reasonable amount of time to become acquainted with using it, therefore unfairly bashing the product. My specs: I am 38 year old female, 161lbs, Beachbody on Demand user [Challenge du Jour program (means blending of P90X, Insanity, Hammer and Chisel, etc workouts = 6 days per week, Sundays off.) I love workouts that burn over 350+ calories in 30+ minutes]. I surf. I do not run. If you are a runner, you'd probably want a watch with GPS. I am not a runner so I don't need that feature. Vivosmart HR was purchased from Best Buy. I absolutely LOVE this watch! I used to have the vivosmart band + chest strap and found it to be extremely glitchy and a pain in the ---- to use the heart rate monitor during my workouts - as for the vivosmart band itself, I really liked it. These activity monitoring watches take some time getting use to and understanding what the symbols mean - just like when you first get an iPhone or smartphone, at first you don't fully understand the flow of the buttons and apps until you have used it for at least 2 weeks. That's a smartphone...this is a smartwatch. With this Vivosmart HR watch, you should allow enough time to become acquainted with how it logs information your body sends it. This watch has a heart rate monitor built in AND is water resistant. I have used it to go surfing with and it works. It is secure and comfortable on your wrist. I could not live with a watch that was not water resistant. It would not work with my lifestyle. I've bumped the screen a few times against hard surfaces and it hasn't scratched; a great feature for me because I am not delicate with my things. I like durable. It is quite streamlined though so it does look nice with a dress on. Heart Rate Monitoring: Your heart rate is read every few minutes while NOT in ACTIVITY MODE. This is to conserve the battery and because while you are not in an activity, usually your heart rate remains somewhat the same. Before you start your killer workout :) ------> Tap the side button, tap the Running Man icon, tap the side button to start: Your Vivosmart HR is now in ACTIVITY MODE - While in ACTIVITY MODE, your watch will read your heart beat every few seconds and measure your calories burned + more. You can tell when it's in ACTIVITY MODE because the back-light will be on for the duration of your workout. While in this mode, you can swipe and choose the screen you would like to continuously view during your activity. I always like to keep mine on the heart rate monitor screen because I like to see how hard I'm working and if I can max out just a little more [I'm at 148bpm? Bah! Let's get to 170bpm! More squats!] When you have finished your workout -------> Tap the side button, then tap the little disk icon to SAVE your workout stats. The heart rate monitoring on my wrist works great. I found that you don't have to wear it super tight for it to take an accurate reading. I wear mine 2 holes looser than what could be tightly flush around my wrist. The only time I find it to not function properly is if I haven't washed the watch with a mild dish [like Palmolive] detergent for a while (3-4days) - I take the watch off and wash it by hand in the kitchen sink. Makes sense because I am sweating a lot during those days and the screen should be freshly cleaned with more than just shower gel. The Garmin Connect app: Is great! Garmin has been doing a good job of making it better with each update. All I really care about is heart rate, intensity minutes, calories, and sleep data. All of the other features of the watch are quite accurate. I don't have stairs so I can't speak for the stairs, however the steps counter seems to nail it every time. This watch calculates calories burned throughout the day accurately. Garmin Email Support: Is AMAZING! When I first got my watch, every time I had a question, I would email Garmin and submit a form at, and a rep would ALWAYS get back to me by the next day. I asked them about the difference between heart rate monitoring between non-ACTIVITY MODE and ACTIVITY MODE (That's how I found out how to use it properly), what the screen is made out of, and other things, and each time a rep emailed me back with a full explanation (They actually READ each part of your email and answer it). :) Other notable features: The notifications are great to see on your wrist - I like the simplicity of it, to be able to read what your phone just buzzed from, move bar makes me laugh and works well when it "yells" at me to move. Battery Life: Is impressive...usually last 4 days [that's all day + 4 ACTIVITY MODE workouts]. You charge it via USB cord - takes about an hour to fully charge so I don't even notice the battery life because I feel like it fully charges so fast that it doesn't even matter. I usually work out, see the low battery icon, plug it in, make my smoothie and take a shower, in less than an hour it's fully charged. There are so many more awesome things I could mention but I wanted to stick with exactly what I use it for and enjoy.

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Thank you for your detailed positive review! We're glad to hear you are enjoying the vívosmart HR. If you have any questions about it in the future, please let our customer care team know by visiting

      ^DK Garmin

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great tracker, with wrist heart-rate monitor

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Long review, but short story is that I like it. I've been using a Garmin vivosmart HR for a week, comparing it to a Jawbone Up Move activity tracker (without heart rate monitor) and a Garmin Forerunner FR60 exercise watch (with chest-strap HRM). The Jawbone Up Move and the FR60 are entry-level models, but in many cases the data should be similar, so I wanted to see how they compare. For smartphone, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note5 which I paired with both the vivosmart and the Jawbone (yes, you can do both at the same time). Display: Nice, large screen compared to other tracker models in this price range. Sharp, reasonably large fonts. Backlight is adequate to read the screen in the dark. Display can be in portrait or landscape, which is very nice. I wish the screen were in color. Comfort: No problem. I wear the vivosmart all day and night, except when I charge it. I wear it snug because I think that's better for heart rate accuracy, but it's light enough that I don't feel it's there. Unfortunately the band is not swappable. Step tracking for walking or running: That is the easy part. All models agree within 5%. Even the Samsung Health and Google Fit apps on my phone give similar results. I didn't see a pattern where one model is consistently higher than the others. Step tracking for indoor cycling: I do a lot of cycling, and this is where the Jawbone Up Move has a unique advantage. I put it in my pocket and it counts the spins. The vivosmart simply cannot do that because it goes on the wrist, although it estimates calories burned based on heart rate (see below). Sleep tracking: The vivosmart has automatic sleep detection, but it errs on the high side, meaning it thinks you are sleeping even when it detects that you are still moving. When I took an early evening nap, it did catch me napping, so that part is good, but it tends to think I go to sleep before I actually do. I can edit the sleep start time to keep my sleep record accurate. It tracks both deep and light sleep, as well as movement during sleep. One bad thing is that it records only one sleep event per day, so if you sleep twice in one day, the second sleep will overwrite the first, without adding to it. Calorie estimate: The vivosmart calculates calories burned based on heart rate (same as the Forerunner FR60), while I think the Jawbone Up Move does it based on steps and distance. This run is typical of what I get: vivosmart 185 calories, FR60 190, Jawbone 197, so agreement is fairly good. Heart rate monitor: I seem to have gotten better results than many other reviewers. Over several days and exercises, I compared the vivosmart HR to the FR60 with chest strap HRM, which is usually the gold standard. The vivosmart was usually within 1-2 beats per minute from the FR60, sometimes lower, sometimes higher but very close. The charts are also similar, with the same peaks and valleys and "smoothness". I don't know if my success is due to the type of activity I do (running and indoor cycling) or due to the way I wear the vivosmart (I keep it snug so there is no light leak between the heart rate sensor and the skin). HRM was the main reason I went with this model, and it was a pleasant surprise. Move reminder: The tracker vibrates if you don't move in one hour, except when you sleep. I like the fact that it is persistent. To clear the alert, you have to get up and walk around a bit. I don't know how many steps, but it's more than just standing up and sitting back down. Stairs tracking: The vivosmart tracks how many times you use the stairs (going up and going down are counted separately). It under-counts by about 20%. Battery: I went 4.5 days before recharging, and it still had about 20% battery life left. This was with always-on message notification and always-on HRM, so that agrees with Garmin's spec of 5 days. The battery meter is a bar, not a number. Recharging takes 1.5 hours from 20% to full. Message notification: Very reliable, for calls, text and email. You can customize which notification you want on Android (not sure about iOS).. Music control: Basic but it works well (play, pause, next song, last song). Data sync: I have had no problem whatsoever in sync-ing to my phone (Samsung Note5). Sync is automatic and immediate every time I open the app on my phone. I also sync to a PC using Garmin Connect. What is strange is that while the phone and PC always agree, they have "rounding errors" from the vivosmart. For example the vivosmart may say that I have 260 intensity minutes, but the phone and PC will show 263 at the same time. This is not data lag because the difference will stay like that over many days. Phone app: Data is detailed, perhaps too detailed. There are a lot of screens and menu options, so it takes a while to know where everything is. By comparison, the Jawbone app is simpler - the layout is cleaner but it doesn't seem to be as "technical" as the Garmin app. They are different, but I can't say that one is better than the other. Overall, I am happy with the vivosmart HR, and fortunately I haven't experienced the HRM and data sync problems many other people have seen. For my wish list, I would put a color screen, a numerical battery meter, and interchangeable wrist bands (and GPS, without sacrificing battery life).

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Thank you for the positive review and the 5 star rating! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re having such a good experience with your vívosmart HR. We encourage you to submit your wish list feature requests to the Garmin Ideas Portal, found here: Ideas sent to us through this portal are read by Garmin innovation experts for future consideration. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line: Thanks again!! (KS) Garmin

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Best tracker I've owned

    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I'm not an early adopter, but I've been waiting for this. After a lot of research I knew I wanted a unit that combined features of the Vivofit 2 and the Vivosmart (screen of the fit with the enhanced features of the smart). The Vivosmart HR finally gives me the best of both. I've been wearing my Vivosmart HR for a week and the only negative I experienced was Garmin Connect performing maintenance for just over a day. This, unfortunately, caused some temporary syncing issues. I feel bad for the reviewers who bought theirs during the outage because, based on the reviews during that time, they felt that was the whole experience. The day I brought mine home it took me all of 10 minutes to set it up and it has worked flawlessly ever since. The temporary sync issues were easily identified by checking the status of Garmin Connect online. They posted they were performing maintenance and had the system back up quickly. Now, the specifics: Screen visibility: I can see it just fine inside, outside, day or night. I have the backlight set to come on when I touch the screen so a simple tap in the dark lights it up. Bright enough to see but doesn't blind me. Step count: Steps are as accurate as any tracker I've owned (Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One) if not better. And it seems to give fewer "false steps" from arm movement when not walking. HR: I knew it wasn't going to be as accurate as a chest strap when I bought it. If you believe it's going to be, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed every time and have nothing but negative reviews. We're not living in the Star Trek universe and this will not give you a full body diagnostic scan. It's a $150 activity tracker. However, I tested my Vivo while wearing my ANT+ chest strap on the elliptical. A minute and a half in, the chest strap was reading 100 while the Vivosmart HR was still at 60. But at just under 2 minutes the Vivo ramped up to the correct HR and never varied by more than 3 beats per minute for the rest of my workout. So now I know there's a slight delay, but I can live with that. Two minutes doesn't throw my world into chaos. Notifications: Flawless. I feel my phone vibrate and the Vivo starts vibrating immediately. At first I was upset that I was having to deal with every email that came in. But then I found where you can customize which notifications you get. No more emails, just messages and calls. Just the way I want it. Battery: I got exactly 5 days, as advertised. Music: In the device settings in the app you can choose which player you want to make default. It showed every player I have on my phone. I use Rocket Player so I chose Rocket Player. Now I can control play, pause, next and previous track. Easy. Sleep: Again, this isn't a medical diagnostic tool. However, it has successfully tracked my sleep and wake times to within 15 minutes every night this week. One morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept well. I checked my stats and, guess what? It said I tossed and turned throughout the night. Interesting? Sure. Medically reliable? No. But again, I didn't buy it to track sleep apnea or restless leg or any other affliction. I bought it to give me trend data over time. Summary: My Vivo HR does exactly what I want it to do, and it does it well. In a world of 1 star reviews because it didn't fly out of the box, strap itself to your wrist and instantly diagnose that heart murmur you never knew about, I felt inclined to leave my own practical experience after a week of use. I'm more than happy with my purchase and I'll recommend it to anyone with realistic expectations of a wrist-based tracker. Now, if you'll excuse me, my Vivo just told me I've been sitting here too long and I need to "Move!"

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Thank you for the in-depth review and the detailed notes about your experiences and expectations! If you ever need anything, our support team is an email or phone call away:

      Also, I want to thank you for bringing up the Connect Status page that you and others can use to get a quick update on Connect. For those who are curious, it can be found here:

      Thanks again. -JPK Garmin

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    WoW Totally Disapointing!


    Here's the threaded discussion between me and Garmin Support which should tell the whole story. --------------------------------------------- Me to Garmin: I just bought this but I am questioning it's accuracy. It's giving me an average resting heart rate of 42. I've been wearing 2 days. I dont think so, Furthermore, when I swipe from clock to HR reading, the indicator shows me that the senor is looking for a reading and displays a very low (like 50 or 48) HR reading; then the indicator stops flashing and my HR displays at 62. It's like the HR sensor goes to sleep. I'm certain that I'm getting artificially low averages and readings. It will be interesting to get this thing out for my first bike ride to compare the HR reading from the VivoSmart with Previous averages recorded by my MIO Link. The MIO is very accurate and unfortunately I have a feeling this VivoSmart is going to be returned. I'll give it a week. Any Comments? ------------------------ Garmin to Me: Thank you for contacting Garmin International, I'll be happy to help. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with the vivosmart HR's heart rate data. I do have a few questions. What is the software version on the device? How much lower is the heart rate data than your average? Please advise, we look forward to hearing from you. ---------------------- Me to Garmin: My Software has been updated to 2.50 I’m not sure what my resting heart rate would be but it must be above 40 at least in the mid 50s. I’m 50 years old and not super fit. I would say I am of average fitness. Let me tell you what happened today. I went to the gym and did a 45 minute high intensity spin class. I was about 10 minutes into the work out and the heart rate read out was 66 – there’s no way, I know my body and was at minimum 110 t 120 bpm. When I was 20 minutes into the work out I checked again, swiped to the HR screen and the first thing I saw was a flashing HR icon. It took a few seconds then the flashing stopped and the readout came to the screen and showed me 70, then is started going down 68, 67, 66 …. At that point my actual HR must have been somewhere around 140. The screen went to sleep, I swiped back and then it showed me 168. Then back to 70 about a minute later. There’s no way this is accurate. I finished my spin class then hit the weight room, did a bunch of sit ups, squats and did some reps with weights. When it was all done I had been I the gym for 90+ minutes and as of right now as I write this the VivoSmart HR shows me 0 of 150 intensity minutes. I don’t trust this device at all. Is it this particular device which is flawed or is it a problem for the product in general? -------------------- Garmin to Me: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to help. The optical heart rate sensor on your vivosmart HR uses light to penetrate your skin and estimate your heart rate. This allows you to get heart rate information without the need for an external sensor. To ensure best possible accuracy, follow the below guidelines. For best heart rate accuracy: • Ensure wrist is clean and dry • Ensure snug fit on wrist • Wear watch on outside of wrist, away from wrist bone • Avoid wearing it over dark tattoos • Ensure green lights are functioning Please let us know if you need further assistance. ------------------------ Me To Garmin: Thank you for your considered email but you didn’t really tell me anything. • My wrist is clean and dry • The Device is snugly fit on my wrist • I am wearing watch snugly above the wrist bone • I don’t have any tattoos • Green lights are functioning I don’t mean to be offensive but I’m not an idiot. You simply cut and pasted the info from your FAQ page. I also have a Mio Link which is an optical wrist worn HRM and is perfectly accurate and my Garmin Edge 510 cycle computer picks up . I bought the Vivo smart because the Mio unit doesn’t have a display; it is only a transmitting device which is fine but the Mio product is has short battery life, and with no display, I never know how much battery is left before it drains. I was hoping this VivoSmart HR would address that. So I have come to the conclusion as one of two possibilities: 1. I either have a faulty unit or 2. This product wasn’t ready for release (similar to the way Microsoft releases operating systems) I have written in to support because I’m looking for support. Do you stand behind this product? I have written a detailed account of the behavior of my device and I want to know if it is normal and I’m going to return it, or if I can get a replacement. I want to love this thing, that's why I bought it. I just can’t trust it because it hasn’t given me any accurate readings and after several works outs now, tells me I have had no intensity minutes. I’ll appreciate your response. Perhaps you’d like to escalate this. ------------------------ I just sent this comment to Garmin Support: I just made a discovery that seems to fix my problem. Using connect, I changed the settings for default screen from “Clock” to “Heartrate” and now the device is sending consistent HR data and seems to be correct. Like I said before. It’s like when the device is in the clock screen or any screen other than HR, the HR sensors go to sleep – therefore the inaccurate readings. I haven't heard any further but will monitor what happens next time I go for a ride or go to the gym. I will post the results of my new test with HR set as the default screen.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear of your experience with this product so far. Please allow me to clarify on a few points you've made.

      The average heart rate displayed on the vívosmart HR is based on a rolling average of the last seven days of activity. While we understand the desire to have your heart rate sampled more frequently, too much will severely lower the expected battery life of the device.

      The optical heart rate sensor samples your heart rate infrequently during periods of low activity. The sample rate increases with the detection of increased activity. The highest frequency of heart rate sampling you can achieve is by recording an individual activity using the timer function on the device. To do this, tap the button, select the "Runner" icon and tap the button again to begin recording. When finished, tap the button a final time and tap the "Save" icon to save the activity to your device. The heart rate and calorie burn from that activity will be applied to your daily total and it can even be synced to your Garmin Connect account for viewing later.

      For more precision in regards to your recorded Intensity Minutes, please make sure your heart rate zones have been entered and are synced to the device. You can do this from the device settings on the Garmin Connect website or mobile app. For more information on Intensity Minutes, please see the following link:{85ed4ff0-8ec2-11e5-4cfe-000000000000}&kbName=garmin

      We apologize for any confusion you've experienced. If you have any more questions, please contact us at 1-800-800-1020 and we'd be happy to provide one-on-one assistance over the phone.

      Thank you again for your feedback! -LB Garmin

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Good tracker - better than Fitbit Charge HR

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    This is the class leading product. I view the Garmin Vivosmart HR as a direct competitor to the Fitbit Charge HR. It is a smart activity tracker with optical HR. It also serves as a watch and a simple notification screen to avoid needing to looking at the 80's super computer we carry in our pockets (smart phone). My wife and daughter both have the Fitbit Charge HR, so I had the opportunity to test both products. The Garmin Vivosmart HR is superior in a variety of ways. Heart Rate - There are two modes - activity mode and every day mode. The Heart Rate is accurate when it is in activity mode. I have done several cycling rides and compared the heart rate with a heart rate strap - and it was almost equal. In contrast the Fitbit - was not accurate when the heart varied. The second mode, the all day mode, is designed to test your heart every so often, the more activity it detects the more frequent it will test. This was accurate enough for me. FWIW it uses three Leds instead of two on other devices. Battery - Since it tests the heart rate every 1-20 minutes depending on activity the battery lasts 3-5 days. In contrast to the Fitbit HRs we have, which need to be charged everyday. Messages - I find this quite helpful - instead of having to pull the phone out my pocket or reach for it. I can sit in a meeting and see I got message (or a call), or reminder to finish the meeting. The vibration seemed just right for me, enough so I can feel it but quiet enough that others can't hear it (unless they are dead silent). The vibration was strong enough so that I would feel it while cycling hard. With an IPhone it will push notifications to the phone for those apps that you set up to receive messages on the IPhone - using the standard iOS. Screen Size - The screen is good for what it is designed to do - much more usable than the Fitbit, in size and with touchscreen. But small enough so it fits on the wrist. With that said - it can't display a whole txt message with scrolling through it, but the first line or two are typically enough (in relatively small font). Heart Rate Broadcast - This is more for cyclists, runners, triathletes etc... The VSMHR will broadcast the heart rate in ANT+ mode to other ANT+ devices - for example a Garmin 510 Cycling computer. So you can wear it all day and during workout pair it with your more advanced athletic tracker. The Garmin software is good and improving – sometimes a bit awkward, make sure you get the most recent update for the device. After looking at some other reviews some other comments: - This is an activity tracker – not a $450 fitness watch – but it does offer 24/7 heart rate tracking - In order to get good HR response, you need to use the workout mode - The wrist strap needs to be snug to get good HR readings - Don’t expect the accelerometer to detect the difference in activities – it can not tell the difference between walking, cycling, bowling, skiing or swimming – it is not currently designed to do so. - All the activity trackers approximate your calorie usage, by tracking your heart rate and movement – You naturally use calories while you sleep, and much more during exercise – the longer and higher you heart rate – the more. These are approximations – don’t base your sugar intake based on these approximations - You enter your typical sleep time once – as long as you go to sleep during that 6-8 hour window it tracks your sleep - This does not have GPS built in (it is only $150) - This is not the right activity tracker if you need precise heart rate updates on a minute by minute basis 24 hours a day (for health reasons)

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Thanks very much for the detailed review and the 5 stars!
      Please contact Garmin Fitness Support directly if you have any particular concerns or feedback with your device or the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
      \GLJ Garmin

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    surprisingly good HR

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    My daughter (very athletic) and I (becoming more sedentary every year) bought the Fitbit Charge HR and the Garmin Vivosmart HR. We tried each for three days each. In the end, we returned the Charge HR for another Vivosmart HR. Here is my 7 day comparison of the two. Note: Keep in mind that our wrists are very thin so I am guessing that the HR monitor (of both watches) were possibly more accurate than usual. Every day use: Sleep monitoring was more fun to look at on the Vivosmart. It breaks down the sleep into deep sleep and light sleep. It was surprisingly accurate. On two days, I had 36-40 mins of "deep sleep." On the third day, I took a benadryl and the Vivosmart recorded 2:35 min of "deep sleep." I was very impressed. I also liked that you can edit the sleep/wake times to make it even more accurate. Steps and distance are about the same for both. Heartrate at rest. Both are comparable. My daughter and I really liked the notifications sync on the Vivosmart with our iphones. My daughter liked the alarm on the Charge HR better. The vibration was more noticeable in the Charge HR than the Vivosmart. Syncing: The Vivosmart sync'ed to my iphone much faster than the Charge HR. Mobile phone apps: Overall, I liked the look of the Garmin better than the Fitbit, except the presentation of the heartrate data which was easier to look at on the Fitbit app. Display: Overall, liked being able to swipe the screen of the Vivosmart to switch windows, it was faster and more efficient that tapping or pressing the side button of the Charge HR. Waterproof: I liked that the Vivosmart is more waterproof. I haven't tried it in the pool yet though. It was during my run that I was really sold on the Vivosmart. Heartrate while running (while wearing both the Vivosmart and Charge HR at the same time). I tightened the watches on my wrists to make sure they didn't move too much. That worked well for both. The Vivosmart and the charge were about 3-5 beats off at most times. The Vivosmart seemed to get to a more accurate rate earlier in the run. Through most of the run, both were really close. During the immediate cooldown, the Charge HR was more accurate but after 10 minutes they leveled off again. Running mileage and estimated pace of the Vivosmart was surprisingly accurate and I liked that it was really easy to designate the start and end of the run. The most important factor to me was that the display on the Vivosmart is on at all times during the run, which means I can glance at my watch to see the data without having to press or tap anything. It is what I am used to with my Timex Ironman watch. I liked being able to look at the stopwatch to know how long I have run and could quickly swipe the screen to get to the heartrate data and the distance traveled. Overall, I think for the average person that wants a fitness tracker (for steps, calories, HR, sleep etc), both the Garmin Vivosmart HR and the Fitbit Charge HR are really good. For the more focused and motivated athlete, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is more versatile and more practical.

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      We’re thrilled to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying your vívosmart HR’s, and appreciate taking the time to write your positive review. If you have any questions about the vívosmart HR in the future, please let our Customer Care Team know: Thanks, again! (KS) Garmin

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Solid product, better than some others out there.

    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I've tried the Microsoft Band v1, Fitbit Surge, Basis Peak, and Jawbone Up3 before trying this device that I've had for 2 days now. They've all had their ups and downs. The Band was overall very good but didn't play well with iOS. The Surge was great but big and gave me skin irritation. The Peak has a replaceable band and was extremely detailed but always thought I was falling asleep if I was sitting in a meeting or at my desk at work and no data was editable so I was stuck with false events and it only tracked running and cycling without a way to tell it you were doing other activity, which was a majority of my activity. And the UP3 has a very user friendly app but couldn't record live HR data, and it fell off somewhere because the slide clasp liked to slide by itself from time to time (I hope whoever finds it wears it in good health). So when it came time to replace my UP3, I went with the new Garmin since it had the live HR that I really wanted. So far, I'm not disappointed. Setup was pretty easy. It played very well with iOS, but the website to download the updater didn't seem to like Safari on my Mac, so I just used Firefox instead. I was up and running in less than 10 minutes. It charged very quickly from the USB on my laptop, and the enclosed clip fits very snug. The fit is very comfortable. I got the regular size, and there is plenty of room. With the Surge, I needed to get the bigger one because the regular was so small I was on one of the last few holes and I felt like that wasn't secure enough, and my wrists aren't that big. The Vivosmart HR leaves me at least an inch and a half to two inches of band. The notches in the band are close enough to give a pretty good fit. The HR reading in activity mode was on point with the HR monitor on the exercise bike at the gym this morning, usually within one beat if it wasn't exact. (I wear it tight enough that it doesn't pinch my skin, but when I take it off I can see where the sensor was pressing into my arm) I don't personally use it but it kept track of my flights of stairs accurately as well. Music controls work just fine, and so does the find your phone option (had to try it just once). It seems to keep track of sleep as accurately as any of the other trackers do, but I like that it minimizes false events by asking when you typically go to sleep and looking for sleep more in that time-frame. I also like that during that time-frame, it also automatically silences alerts like the move notification (which you can turn off in settings if you choose) and phone notifications. IMO that's a great automatic feature, without having to manually tell it every night ok, I'm going to bed, shut up now. The app looks pretty good overall. I'm still getting used to it versus the other apps, but it has a decent amount of data. I also like the black background vs the white on every other app, and I like the seamless and almost immediate sync with Myfitnesspal. Most of the other apps if they do sync take forever. What I would like to see changed: --When tagging the beginning of an activity from the band, ask what I'm doing. Not everyone strictly runs. One additional option shouldn't be that hard to add. Even if you add a swipe screen that says Gym Equipment, Eliptical/Treadmil, Run, or Other before confirming start of the activity. --Change goals from Weekly to Daily in the app, or let me toggle. Personally I like keeping track on a daily basis, not a weekly basis. --Add a public/social feed for people that want to find friends. The base layer is already there, but just add the feed to let people find friends easier. See the UnderArmour app for an example. People can keep their activity private if they like, but if they want to post publicly, others can like or comment on it and add them as friends from the public post. Overall though, I like the product. Out of all the ones I've tried this is the first one that I've liked just about everything about from the beginning and haven't had doubts about as soon as I opened the box. The price is right, it has a good company backing it, good features, and a good app. It lacks a GPS but that's not something I personally need, and if you're running with a phone for music, most phones have that capability today. So if the GPS isn't a dealbreaker for you, I strongly recommend you take a look at this before some of the more expensive trackers.

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      Thank you for your in-depth review! We're happy to hear that you're enjoying your vívosmart HR. Please visit to submit feature requests or ideas for improvement to our design team. They review and consider each submission for possible use in the future.

      ^DK Garmin

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    pretty good

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    I needed a fitness racker that would meet all of my need for a good price. this was on sale for 100$ and I had a my bestbuy rewards so i used it as well. At first I could not decide between the fitbit charge 2 and this tracker for several reasons. I purchased the fitbit tacker for my husband and I wanted to go with that but I think that after doing some research this was a better fit for me. Pros: the screen is always lit so i don't need to tap on it unless it s dark. 2. I am able to get notifications on my tracker besides just txt msgs like the fitbit does. I can get emails, calls (i can reject or answer call through garmin tacker) calendar notifications, Facebook too. anything you will get on your phone your tacker will notify you. I have an iPhone and some stuff is limited as in, if you don't want Facebook alert on your tacker well you would need to take the notification on your phone off to to stop receiving alerts on tacker. 3.this tracker fits my wrist. I have a small wrist and have found this to fit me better. i wear it 2 inches away from my wrist bone.I have found this to be the most comfortable spot to wear it. the circumference of the area i wear it is 5 13/16. i wear it tight but not too tight. I still have 2 little holes showing. (dunno if that makes sense) 4.I can see the weather forecast which is great for me. 5. i can set an alarm to help me wake up in the morning. 6. it tracks my sleep and i an see results on my phone like when i was in deep sleep and lite sleep, also when i was awake. I purchased this so that i could know how many calories i burned lifting weights and found after having this tracker i have pushed myself to do cardio in between sets so that i can burn more calories and take more steps. 7. it has a screen to show you how many minutes a week you have trained intensely which i love because it makes me push myself harder when i workout. Cons: While this tracker does have and alarm, you can only program one alarm at a time and it only gives you the option for weekdays or the whole week. i wasn't too happy about this but if you have the garmin connect app on your phone you can just keep changing alarms. 2. theres a screen where you can control the music thats playing on your phone but i could not get it to work. apparently it only works with your iTunes music if you have an iPhone. i read that you have more options on a android phone but I don't know if that works since i don't have an android. i play my music through pandora and it didnt work. 3.when you are tracking a workout and decide to pause it, lets say your are running and theres a red light, you need to be careful that nothing touches to screen or the option of deleting your workout of saving it can be pressed. had that happen a few times. 4. there have been a few times where the weather app and the notification app are not connected for maybe a couple of hours If you connected your tracker with the app you can customizes a few things like your goals and which screens you wanna be able to see. You can adjust your stride and heart rate zones for more accurate readings as well. Overall Im happy with my purchase and I'm thinking about getting the garmin scale now that i have this tracker.

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