Jaybird - Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Black Special Edition

Free yourself from the tangle of wires on your morning run with these Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds. Bluetooth capabilities connect easily to your phone or other compatible device, and the sweat-proof design offers comfortable wear even on long flights. These Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds feature a metal inline remote for dependable use.

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What's Included

  • Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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Overall Customer Rating:
82% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (3549 out of 4345)


In-ear design

Fits securely and directs music into your ears for full, uninterrupted audio.

Bluetooth interface

Enables simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

Offers up to 8 hours of use on a single charge.

In-line microphone

Lets you enjoy hands-free calls.

Sweat resistant

Provides protection from sweat, so you can easily wear headphones while working out.

Stereo design

Delivers crisp tones.

Metal exterior

For stylish looks and durability.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Worth Every Penny

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I had my doubts at first purchasing these earbuds, being an audiophile with much experience and since preference with over-the-ear headphones; I'll add to that the fact I generally only buy pro audio line gear directly from wholesalers using my perks as a live audio engineer. However, after reading many reviews for these earbuds and given they were on sale, I decided to take the risk at only $50. What I can say after receiving them and using them as my daily driver now for around 2 months, several hours a day, is that I would've paid full price and here's why: Out of the box, you receive many accessories those pertinent to my review are a shirt clip, 2 cable management 'buttons' with 3 lanes that are helpful when you want less cable dangling from your ears which is minimal already, I believe 3 pairs of varying size (small, medium, and large) earbud wings (the molded pieces that cup around your inner lobe to provide a more secure fit) , 3 pairs of varying size earbud gels,a small leather-esque carrying case with a snap opening, a small USB to micro USB for charging the external battery, and a physical external battery- the clarification here is that the earbuds themselves have an internal battery with around a solid 4 hours and some more of full volume listening time and there is no other way to charge this battery other than to attach the external battery which holds an 'extra' 4 hours of charge via magnetic and clip contact bringing us to an 8 hour total of charge time. What I do is charge the external battery while it is connected to my earbuds so the charge prioritizes the internal battery then goes on to charge the external, as I've come to find. Comfortability is great! The gels and wings they provide vary in size quite a bit, so it's easy to find 'your' fit; I found a combination of gels and wing sizes that make perfect contact and provide a fit secure enough to jog with or just sit and listen to for many hours. The weight is decently light even with the external battery connected to the buds, however comparably heavier than some other Bluetooth buds; I haven't been bothered by the stretch of cable that dangles from my ears or the control panel, I tried using the cable management buttons but found myself uninterested in a tighter fit, most of the time I just use the shirt clip to secure a part of the cable to my collar and hide the rest underneath my shirt, which is hardly any. Durability and reliability are great thus far, given it's only been 2 months so I might edit this review if anything changes, but if not, know my conclusion stands. The build is solid, the metal on the buds themselves is strong and the bit of cable is well insulated but still flexible enough to wrap up to fit snugly in your carrying case. I haven't had the issue addressed by another reviewer here pertaining to sweat seeping into the contact points of the control panel and I've sweat a few times wearing the headphones. I've had 0 issues with Bluetooth connection using an android phone and even a cheap adapter for my computer every now and then. Pairing is almost instant the few times I've had to pair them and the earbuds go from being off to being turned on and connected to the nearest paired source very quickly, almost instantly and I have not experienced drop out nonetheless total loss of connection once for reasons beyond hardware limitations, the only being a max range of which I've found is around 60 feet with minimal obstructions, realistically in a house environment, through walls, it may get dicey around 30 feet. Sound Quality* Now, on to my favorite attribute of these earbuds, which came to my delightful surprise is their lovely sound quality. When first using these buds I was not expecting to be replacing them as my daily driver over my ATH-M50x 's. However, after hours of listening over a few days, the soundstage of the Jaybird Freedom F5 's quickly grew on me and they decisively became my carry for everyday use. It has a very crisp mid range which I really love when it comes to percussive sounds or a crunchy guitar, the bass is phenomenal and clean (with a flush fit of course) and very prominent but not so much that it overtakes any frequencies. The high range of these buds is extremely clear, which makes vocals and even simple spatial nuisances such as the impact of a track's mastering pop-out. They have very good noise cancellation, even in noisy environments such as being backstage at a rock concert, they blot out a very good chunk of sound and are still amply loud enough to listen to thanks to low resistance. On a side-note, I've loved listening to everything from country to metal on these earbuds, however I find they shine for me with electronic and rock music. Finally, these earbuds sport a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, which ,on paper, isn't the most spectacular BUT here's the thing, it's a range that's filled precisely and executed just about masterfully, which makes these some of the best sounding earbuds I have heard to date. On to the subject of price. Now, these buds are of course no 'professional in ear monitors'; the way their soundstage compares to high-end, over $500, or even $200, NON-Bluetooth in-ear headphones, while surprisingly worthy, is irrelevant, because at their original price of $150 these earbuds are contenders for the top-notch spot in sound quality, utility and design compared to other similarly priced 'in-ears' in my book.. and they're Bluetooth... so on sale at $50 these are an ABSOLUTE steal. Drawbacks.. If I had to say anything bad about these earbuds that wasn't nit-picky, it would be that their in-line microphone is not the best in sound quality for hands-free calling and is kind of an after-thought. I've had friends complain that my voice was unclear to the point where I've held the mic up to about 4 inches away from my face to talk with clarity, deducing that the microphone on these earbuds is a bit more directional than "dedicated" hands-free calling headsets (single bud sets). However, if you are buying these earbuds, like myself, with music listening as your main thought, then you can afford to squander the minor inferiority of their mic in favor of their beautiful soundstage and design. In conclusion, the Jaybird Freedom F5 's offer a wonderful Bluetooth, audiophile experience, with a gorgeously crafted soundstage, an adequate pocket of accessories with gels included that allow for a comfortable and secure fit well enough for sports no matter your ear size for hours on end. The clarity and crunch of these earbuds is impeccable and will not leave the bass-heads nor the salient vocal connoisseurs unsatisfied. For the value, the Freedom F5 's are absolutely wonderful for $150 and if you catch them on sale for $50 are unbeatable. If you're still debating on buying these earbuds for whatever reason, stop and make the purchase, especially if they're on sale, and if you're an audio-head like me, you won't regret it and I'm positive you'll find something to love about them. *Note I haven't even touched nor downloaded the MySound app and I had even forgotten about it completely before I relearned of it's existence in previewing this review so everything said on the subject of sound quality is of an out-of-the-box experience with no adjustments whatsoever to the Jaybird's stock sound. I don't write many reviews but I love these earbuds so much I felt I needed to share my experience. Thanks for reading if you got this far and hopefully my review can help some of you considering purchasing these lovely earbuds come to a decision.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Incomparable sound quality

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I recently had chance to try PopwerBeats2 wireless, Bose Quiet Comfort 20 and 25, Plantronics Back Beat Sense, Jaybird X2, and several others (two sony headphones, Mpow bluetooth, IdeaUSA phones, etc) looking for right headphones for me, and finally found this Jaybird Freedom. Here I mostly compared Freedom with X2 as other phones just simply had inferior sound quality (or biased sound eg BackBeatSense with little bass) or not comfortable (eg., Bose noise canceling caused weird air pressure change in my ear drums which made me sick within an hour of use). Anyway, here are my thoughts Sound quality All of above mentioned phones sounded not bad or good (with my iPhone5s) but Jaybird Freedom was simply better than all those. Freedom has well balanced and rich sound with deep and rounded bass/mid but still maintaining crystal/detailed highs, which all makes remarkably pleasant and impressive hearing that I have never experienced with all the other phones that I've tested. And this was just default setting of Freedom! You can even further make it better sound using MySound App. Because I liked the default setting a lot, I haven't tried it yet. Because I liked the price of X2, I tried several EQ settings to make Jaybird X2 to make it sound similar to Freedom but nothing worked, which made me think that Jaybird made something different for Freedom (not just modifying its bud shape) that sounds fundamentally better than X2. I will not talk about other phones, but Bose QC20 and 25 sounded a little boring. They sound great but not impressive as Freedom. Fit Comparing with X2, I can say Freedom is better. Even with the slightly heavier remote, Freedom didn't fall off at all even without the clips they provide. If you need really tight secure fit, you can always use clips so that the remote controller doesn't dangle under your ear.. I used X2 and Freedom more than 3 hours straight and found Freedom was more comfortable. I think this is due to the smaller buds that fit better in ear canals. Battery Freedom lasted for more than 4 hours (close to 5 hours I think). I can't say 4 hour battery is better than 8 hour of X2 although the battery pack provide quick full charge for additional 4 hour. I think this is trade off for having better sound quality/fit and perhaps better look as well. Bluetooth connectivity Connects to up to 7 devices. I haven't tried more than 2 but no problem at all so far. No single drop. Noise isolating Bose noise canceling is like magic, and better than Freedom in terms of noise reduction but Freedom blocks out amazingly well too (about > 80~90% reduction) which makes even better environments for enjoying high quality sound. PowerBeats2 had nice sound quality with good bass but it is almost like open phones and can't hear the details unless you increase the volume. Summary if you are waiting for X3 to come out, I recommend getting Freedom (if you don't care recharging them more frequently) as I expect no improvement of sound quality in X3 except the availability to utilize MySound app (and the battery life will be reduced to 7 hours due to smaller size). If you believe customization of EQ setting can't change the fundamental performance of phones and you are looking for best sound quality bluetooth phones, Freedom is what you need.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Favorite earbuds ever!!


    I've had my jaybird freedoms for a few weeks now, and don't know how I got through daily life before them. These are my first "higher-end" pair of blue tooth in-ear headphones. I have a pair of SkullCandy Hesh over-ear big headphones, but other than that I've always purchased under $50 earbuds. I got tired of cheap earbuds dying on me and talked to associates at both BestBuy and Apple (Apple heavy household here) to help decide what I should get. These Freedoms were highly recommeded at both stores. I was looking to use them mostly for running/exercise and the occasional use for household chores or lounging around. I have always had a hard time getting bluetooth earbuds to stay in my ears! They usually have bulky/heavy earbuds due to battery/hardware. The freedom earbuds are super lightweight. The bulk/weight is in the controller on the cord behind the right ear. There are six different sizes/types of earbud tips to choose from and four different "wings" sizes to pretty much guarantee a good fit. These can be worn down from the ear lobe, or up and over/behind the top of the ear. I personally like the up and over the top fit, although the traditional down fit was better than most I have tried. The sound quality is incredible! I enjoy the sound equally for running or lounging. There is a free app to download to create your own soundboard or use other's created equalizer settings. It is so helpful to create the perfect sound for any type of music! Back to fit, these stay in while running better than anything else with the up and over ear fit. I also use the included clips to shorten the cord for a precise fit behind my head/neck. I sweat A LOT when i run and these don't fall out and my gallons of sweat don't impact their performance or charging. There is a clip-on charging bit thing that adds additional life during use. Some people have complained about its bulk, but i honestly dont notice it after shortening the cord for a good fit. You get 4 hours life on the earbuds alone, and an additional four hours with the clip on charger. The clip on charger is also what you use to connect to usb charging. I keep everything in the included pouch so i dont lose pieces. I truly love these headphones! I have seen cheaper and more expensive options and i feel like these are a fantastic mid-range price option. Pictures included of up over the ear fit, also with & without battery/charging clip on. And blue tooth connection is very solid and quick to both my iphone SE and apple watch series 1. No interruptions while running connected to my watch and very minimal hiccups while walking around my apt connected to my phone.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    5 stars, but with caveats.

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I've been a Jaybird customer for a long time. I used my BlueBuds X until they died, so when I saw Jaybird had a new product, I jumped to try them out. The F5s are very lightweight, comfortable, and they sound excellent. I would recommend these to anyone. The companion MySound app for my smartphone is pretty cool, too. It really allows me to dial in my own EQ and it's much more accurate at telling me the remaining battery percentage than notification center on my iPhone. I use these exclusively for working out and cycling. As for cycling, I've put the F5s through their paces through 64 rides, which comprises 753 miles and over 53 hours of use. First, and foremost, these are far more comfortable than my Xs. The F5s don't stick out, so I don't have to worry about them as much when I put on my gear. Sounds silly, but with my Xs, I had much more fiddling with my skull cap, helmet, and sunglasses than I ever have had with my F5s. Now, I just put my buds in, throw everything else on my giant head, and go ride. They sound much better than the Xs, too. Battery life is pretty amazing for how small these are. I get a solid 5 hours out of them. When it's time to charge them (they'll literally say "Charge Me!"), you have about 20 minutes left, so that's not too bad, either. Bluetooth pairing is a snap, connection stays strong with almost no drop outs (seriously, Jaybird has really improved this aspect). What are my caveats? Well, the biggest frustration I've had was the unintended side effects of Jaybird moving the battery pack to a separate place on the cable. This will sound silly, but it definitely makes a negative impact on wearing them if I don't use the included clothes clip. The buds are so light that the battery pack (not including the charging clip) adds just enough weight, so that without the clothes clip, my cable will start to droop on the right side. This will cause my left bud's cable to shorten up, so if I move my head to look to my right, my left ear bud pops completely out of my ear. Even if the left doesn't pop out, it's very distracting to feel the cable shift on me as the battery pack drags the right side downward. I can't imagine using the buds while the charging clip is on. However, if I use the clothes clip to clip the cable to the back of my shirt/jersey collar, everything stays where it needs to be. Be careful with the clothes clip, though. It's very cheaply made. Mine broke right away and I had to find a replacement. Using the clothes clip is not cumbersome. I didn't feel it rubbing against my skin, but, your mileage may vary. The other issue I had was with buds placement. I have found that the best way to wear these is with the buds pointed downward so that the cable isn't looped over my ear lobes. They fit so much better and they stay in place far better. With my Xs, I always wore them with the cable management clips and the cables looped over my ears, so I thought the F5s would be no different. I was wrong. Again, the battery pack's weight made it very awkward to wear the buds looped over my ears. It was uncomfortable and they popped out all the time. Even worse, they way they sat in my ears in this position, they would pinch themselves against my ear canal in a way that the sound would cut out completely cut out. Keep in mind that the sound never cut out of the buds, though. The way they sat would pinch off the path into my ear, cutting off the sound. This was in no way painful, but it was extremely aggravating. The fact that the cable is round, oddly, made a difference, too. The cable on my Xs is a flat ribbon cable, the basic shape of them helped make them lay a certain way on my head. The round cable of the F5s made them more "flip floppy", which meant I fiddled with them more. Basically, wearing the buds in the over-ear configuration sucked big time. My last minor gripe is with the volume buttons. It takes 14 presses to get from min volume to max volume. This sounds like I'm being super petty, but when you're on a bike and moving from the quiet bike trail into busy traffic, having to "doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot" to reduce the volume is very annoying. My Xs seems to change volume in larger chunks, so only a few presses were required to adjust quickly. This being said, a quick software update to add this option is all that's needed and I've brought this up with Jaybird. Hopefully, they consider it. Lastly, some suggestions: use the ear fins. They really help keep the buds in place. When you wear the buds without the fins, they feel like they would stay in place just fine, but I've found that when I start sweating, I need a little extra to help keep them in place. The fins do tend to pop out of my ears more than the fins on my Xs, but the trade off is that overall, the F5s stay in my ears far better than my Xs ever did. I used the comply foam tips, but quickly stopped after some especially sweaty rides. They don't dry out too quickly and well, you get the idea. Trust me, it's gross. I have found that the right bud tends to loosen up more than I'd like when I'm lying on my back, which is distracting during bench or abdominal work. All in all, these buds are FANTASTIC. Really, once you get used to the quirks, they're easy to overcome and I don't notice these buds are in my ears. They sound awesome. After I'd gotten things dialed in, the buds stay in during the sweatiest workouts. The battery life is fantastic and they're very comfortable. Highly recommended.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Jaybird Freedom Head Phones

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I was so mad when my GF bought these. They were $100 off at Best Buy (on sale). I own the X3 and paid $99 when they were on sale. She only paid $49 for hers. I'm a headphone junkie and have owned $10-$700 pairs of in ear head phones. These headphones are really nice for wireless, sweat proof, active headphones. These head phones are Bluetooth wireless and can sync to 2 devices. The battery life is 4 hours but the charging clip acts as a battery booster which gives it 8 hours of battery life total. It seems to stay on OK but she hasn't done anything rigorous with them, like storm an embassy with special forces to rescue hostages. The charging port on the booster is a micro usb connector. The J3 has 8 hours of charge time and the charging clip is not a battery booster. Just so you can compare the 2. These things are great if you like to misplace things. I had to hunt hers down twice since she bought them. Once they were around her neck and the other time they were in her truck. Jaybird has an AWESOME app which not only lets you set up a listening profile and adjust tones but also has a SEARCH feature that helps you locate the headphones if they are on or their last know location when they are off. I use mine all the time because I misplace mine constantly. I love it when I see where I am on top of the dot and the dot stays with me no matter where I am walking (because they are in my pocket). There are 4 negative things about these headphones. 1. Very easy to misplace. 2. You can only make them go so loud. You can't blow your ear drums out listening to speed metal. 3. Ear buds are pretty expensive to replace and I have not seen any official OEM ear buds online. It's all after-market stuff You do get 3 sets of rubber and foam buds 4. If you have the synced to 2 devices (phone/tablet for example), when You are on a call with someone, the call quality is not as good. Surprisingly when these are worn behind the head and shortened with the clip (the sporty or rockstar look) the mic and controls are behind your head off the left or right ear and the person talking to you can hear you perfectly fine. There are ear inserts, which I hate because my ears are sensitive and made from newborn lamb skin. They are supposed to help keep the buds in. The J3s stay in pretty good without them, even when I am storming an embassy with special forces. The headphone angle on the Freedom is slightly different than the J3 and the profile is smaller then the J3. I can wear each one behind my head and in my ears comfortably no matter which way the headphones are aligned (Left/Right or Right Left). You can go over the ear or under the ear depending on which side you have going to which ear. It's more of a personal comfort thing. These are not noise cancelling. You can still hear the idiots around you talking so you just have to pretend you can't hear them, unless they also own a pair, then they will know you are faking. These are made by Logitech. Their support is awesome! I had a pair of J3s 'go bad', (fell in a toilet and there was no way I was going to put those back in my ears!), and after cleaning them off and putting them back in my ears........one side wasn't working. These are SWEAT proof, NOT completely water proof (but I have used them in a pool but not underwater). Logitech gave me an RMA and told me to keep ALL the accessories (charger, buds) and sent me the new pair first, then I sen't the damaged pair back (it wasn't a hostage exchange type of scenario, thats just how they do it).

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Significant fit problems - but fixable

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    As they come out of the box, four stars. They are small, great looking and have amazing sound if you can get them to fit properly. But with a modification to the earpieces, they can be upgraded to five stars. Let me explain. The included earpieces are, I believe, a major source of the negative reviews (along with the battery charger - more on that later). The standard silicon earpieces come in three sizes, none of which provide an ear seal which will stay put ( at least for me -- either with or without the fins, or worn under or over the ear). While I can achieve an initial seal, the silicon is just too soft to hold its position. Especially if you use these to exercise, your head movement is going to dislodge the earpieces. And the Comply earpieces, also in three sizes, are made of open cell foam and therefore allow way too much ambient sound in, and cannot create a good seal; this essentially eliminates any sensation of bass. As most of you probably already know, a good seal is essential to getting bass on earbuds. For reviews which complain about the sound quality of the Freedom's, I would suspect that the reviewers were never able to get a good seal. With a good seal these can sound amazingly good for the price. By comparison, I also own a pair of Shure SE846's which retail for about a thousand dollars. While the Freedom's cannot match the full dynamic range of the Shures, they do a stunning job for 1/5 the price. And you don't have to be tethered to your phone or tablet, like you do with audiophile quality IEM's. So how do you get a good seal? What the Jaybird Freedom's do not include (or even sell as an option) are memory foam earpieces which you can compress, and then insert in your ear. Once in your ear, the memory foam expands, creating a perfect and durable seal. Almost no ambient noise and a solid fit; they won't fall out while exercising. I made my own memory foam earpieces for the Freedom's by pulling the plastic sleeve out of one of the Comply tips, taking a generic memory foam tip and pulling the plastic sleeve out of it, and then super glued the Freedom's plastic sleeve into the memory foam tip. Viola! Now, should I have to go to all that effort? No. And should Jaybird have provided these memory foam earpieces? Heck, yes. Okay, well after all this creative effort, I discovered that Amazon does have a third party vendor (listed as "Other") which supplies the memory foam tips made just for the Jaybird Freedom F5 - rather pricey - about 20 plus shipping. So that is an available alternative. Again, once you get a good seal, the Freedom's will stay in and they will sound fantastic. Now about the battery module. Yeah, the basic setup only runs for four hours unless you slap on the battery charger which gets it to run for eight hours. Some reviewers have said the battery charger is grossly heavy and is like hanging a AA battery from your ear. "Heavy" is a subjective term. Actually the battery charger weighs in at 0.2 ounces or 6 grams. By comparison, a AAA (not AA, but AAA) battery weighs 0.4 ounces or 12 grams -- double the weight of the battery charger. I do not find I even notice the battery charger when it is attached. It's just not a big deal for me, but you can decide for yourself whether this is a deal killer. Another gripe about the battery charger relates to the fear of losing it. Jaybird does sell a replacement for 25 dollars if you do lose it. I have an earphone carrying case with a secure mesh storage section to hold the charger. Works well, and greatly reduces the risk of loss. I haven't had a problem with malfunction due to sweating, but others have, so maybe that is an issue you should consider if you do intense workouts. A final comment about the sound quality. If you're spending this much money, how these sound should be the number one concern. Like I said earlier, I have a set of the Shure SE 846s. If I want to sit on on airplane for several hours and really listen to music, I am going to use the Shures, not the Jaybirds. I am fussy about my music and have mostly FLAC files and use a high quality digital audio player. That being said, when exercising, or riding a bike, or running through an airport, stringing wires between my ears and the audio player is very inconvenient. The wires get caught on something and the earbuds get ripped out of the ears or the player ends up on the floor. Those are the circumstances in which the Jaybird Freedom's are perfect. They eliminate the inconvenience, and yet they still provide amazing sound. The "My Sound" app which allows you to create custom equalizer profiles and them save those profiles to the buds works really well. I have separate profiles for rock, classical, jazz, and vocals. I am especially amazed by the bass performance or such small drivers. Jaybird has achieved quite a technical feat with these. Jaybird, if you are reading this, get it together and provide memory foam ear tips with the Freedom F5's. Customers should not have to re-engineer a 200 dollar product. Potential buyers, these are worth your consideration if what I have written doesn't seem like too great a hassle for you.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    A nice concept, not very comfortable

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    • Top 500 ContributorTop 500 Contributor

    I've been using these earbuds for the last couple of weeks and will be returning them as their main negative doesn't outweigh all of their positives. I'll start off with what the earbuds have done right. First off, they are very lightweight and I'm surprised Jaybird was able to put as much circuitry in the in-line remote as they have. That's where the primary battery is along with the volume and playback controls along with the microphone. It really looks like any other cable with an in-line remote yet it houses more. The remote isn't heavy and I never felt it pulling on my ear. I mainly used the earbuds with the wire wrapped around the back of my head though that became problematic when I wore collared shirts. I with that Jaybird made the cable a bit longer so that it would go over a collar instead of being bulled down by it. I did have the earbuds pulled out of my ears a couple of times while wearing polo-styled shirts. The battery life of these were excellent especially given their size. I was able to get about 5 hours out of the main battery and an additional 4-5 hours when using the battery pack. The battery pack is a neat idea as I can clip it on the earbuds, thrown them in their pouch, and let them charge while they're being stored. You can also use the earbuds with the charging clip connected but I constantly felt it banging on the back of my neck while jogging (though it wasn't a big deal in everyday, office-type conditions). I like that Jaybird included both rubber ear tips (which never work with me, they always pop out and can never make a seal) and sports foam tips. I also purchased a pack of sports, comfort, and isolation tips from Complyfoam (they make the included sports ear tips). The companion app for these earbuds allows you to customize the earbuds' EQ and they even store the EQ as the default the next time you turn them on. You can even adjust the EQ in real time as music is playing. At first I wasn't really impressed with their audio quality but I was able to fine-tune things and get them just the way I liked. Now for the bad things. The included sport foam ear tips are rough and not comfortable. I tried the extended listening and noise isolation tips from comply foam and they were a lot more comfortable. Second, I couldn't get a good fit using the ear wings that Jaybird included. The small ones were way too small, the medium size was comfortable but it never held the earbuds in (the right earbud would still fall out), and the large would hold the earbuds in place but they were extremely uncomfortable as they were always pushing the earbuds down against my ear canal. I wanted to like these, I really did, but they were just too uncomfortable even after I purchased the extra ear tips (something I don't think I should of had to do). The other aspect I don't like is the functionality of the in-line remote. It seemed to take two button presses to do anything whether I was adjusting the volume or playing/pausing a song. The other weird thing, with my iPhone 6S Plus, is that the center button didn't function normally. Jaybird didn't follow the Apple standard and instead made the center button the play/pause button along with the recall button. Want to skip to the next track? Hold the volume up button down for 3 seconds. It seems weird and is backwards with how in-line remotes have been implemented for the last 10 years. I would often pause a song using the center button and then mistakenly hit the center button again to play the song (not closing the Music app or changing anything), and my iPhone would instead dial the last number I had called. Then the earbuds would be stuck in "call mode" so that music sounded like garbage. I then had to turn the earbuds off and back on in order for them to switch back to music mode. That meant that every time I wanted to play a song, I had to pull my phone out of my pocket and actually hit the play button. That happened with the built-in iOS Music app, Google Play Music, Pandora, and any other music playback app. What's the point of having a center button like that? It's counterintuitive and completely ruins the experience. The shoddy buttons, weird performance of the center button, and uncomfortable ear wings are making me return this product. I would have probably put up with the strange remote had the ear wings actually worked but they didn't. I also tried putting the earbuds in upside down over my ears but they never stayed in, I need the ear wings. This was a nice idea from Jaybird and the all around package is definitely worth considering but their implementation is flawed and the in-line remote needs to adhere to the same standards that in-line remotes have since 2007. I will be returning these, just as I did with my Powerbeats 2 wireless earbuds, and continue my search for the best Bluetooth earbuds that can actually fit my ears and fully work with my smartphone.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great sound for size, comfortable

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    I got a great deal, which persuaded me to pull the trigger on getting this. It wasn't until after I got the box I realized that the "Special Edition" merely means "less accessories." The non-special versions have more ear tip options. Fortunately, the ones that were included worked for me. Based on sound and comfort alone, these would get 5 stars. I'm shocked to get so much bass from these svelte ear pieces. The battery is clearly in the control module instead of the buds as the other models from Jaybird. That makes the control module a bit bulkier and heavier, but not enough to be a distraction for the way I wear these. They will pull to the right if you use the wire-down and behind the neck fit. They include a clip to hold the wire to the back middle of your shirt. I thought that was an odd thing to include in the box until I wore them and then understood the need. If you wear them in the over-ear method and adjust the wire length with the adapters they fit snug, don't move around and the added weight in the controls is less noticeable. The small ear buds allow for helmets, earmuffs or whatever. I like to listen to music when i sleep sometimes but I'm married and my spouse don't care for that. If I wear these with the under-ear fit and hanging down in front instead of around the back of my head I hardly know they are there. I can sleep on my side even and there's not issue. There are no other bluetooth headphones I've tried that can do that. The biggest issue I have is the battery life. I use my headphones a lot and 4 hours just isn't great. The portable battery does the trick when needed, but adds a lot of heft. Also, another thing to carry around. It's nice that if you only need 4 hours at a time, you can leave the battery plugged in and use it like a dock, but then grab it for on the go just in case. Still, I'd rather get 6-8 on the headphones without another accessory to carry around. The app with the custom sound profiles is pretty nice. I thought it was gimicky until I tried it and heard the difference. You can use the presets, make your own or get ones made by others in the community. It's pretty cool. Also, the app can switch the left and right ear for those using the over-ear fit (the older models didn't have that option). I wish the app would allow you to lower the notification sounds or change the power on/off sound effects. I use multi-point (meaning I'm connected to a tablet and smart phone at the same time) quite a bit, so this feature was a must-have. It works great. I haven't tried the unique feature of pairing one of these to another headphone of the same model so both people can listen to the same device at once. I don't have much use for that, but could see that being handy on the plane or a road trip.

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