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Buying a Microsoft Surface Pro

Choosing Your Surface Pro: What You Should Know

Its sophisticated design, its 2-in-1 versatility, and its impressive, high-resolution, pin-sharp, 12.3-inch display have put the Microsoft Surface Pro on many "best" lists. It adapts to the way you want to use it — as a laptop, as a tablet, as a drawing surface, or for delivering a dynamic demonstration.

When you get it, the Surface Pro is in laptop mode, with a built-in kickstand to keep it upright, and an onscreen keyboard or a type cover keyboard, if that's the option you select (can also be purchased separately). To turn it into a Surface Pro tablet, just lower the kickstand and use the touch screen or the on-screen touch keyboard. You can also configure your Microsoft Pro for presentation mode when you want to watch a movie or present a demo. If you're feeling creative, you can put your Pro in studio mode. In that case, you may want to get a Surface Pen (sold separately) which can effectively turn your device into a mobile sketchpad, notebook and pro-grade design tool. The Pen boasts an ultraquick responsiveness rate and high sensitivity, so ink flows out in real time without lag, no matter how fast you're writing or drawing. It might also make sense for you to add an ultraslim, lightweight, Bluetooth Surface Arc Mouse, so you can easily navigate browser tabs and perform Word tasks.

Even after you've settled on the MS Surface Pro over other brands, you've still got some decisions to make regarding the processor (Intel Core M3, Core i5, Core i7), file storage space (128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB) and RAM (4GB, 8GB, 16GB), depending on how you intend to use your device. Simplified, the Intel Core M processor will serve you best if your activities will primarily be restricted to web browsing, email and light work. The Core i5 will do everything the Core M does, plus allow multitasking with several programs simultaneously, including Office programs and some Photoshop work. The top-tier Core i7 is your best choice if you're planning on pushing the Windows Surface Pro hard for work, production or gaming.

Getting the Most Out of Your MS Surface Pro

For those who would like to get away from a desktop PC or laptop at home, the portable, versatile Pro provides a first-rate option, especially if you customize your experience with a few accessories like a mouse and keyboard, and perhaps a Surface dock to provide additional ports if you need them. With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect the Surface Pro to a network equipped with a wireless router and modem to browse the internet, get apps, send email and access other computers and devices on the network. If you're concerned about defending against voltage spikes and power surges that might cause severe damage to your device, you can consider one of the many surge protectors and protector strips available here at Best Buy. And speaking of protection, a Surface case or sleeve can safeguard your investment against bumps and drops by providing all-around security, along with a sure grip while carrying.