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Microsoft - Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One - Black

We set out to create a performance-class controller to meet the needs of today's competitive gamers. Designed in collaboration with pro-level players, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller unlocks your full potential and adapts to your unique style of play. Experience game-changing accuracy, faster speed, and a tailored feel unlike anything before.

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    What's Included

    • 2 standard, 2 tall and 2 domed thumbsticks
    • 4 paddles, 2 D-pads
    • AA batteries
    • Carrying case
    • USB cable
    • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (4121 out of 4367)


    Improve your performance and fit:

    Swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads for personalized control and ergonomics.

    Discover configurations that can improve accuracy, speed, and reach with thumbsticks of different shapes and sizes. The Xbox Elite controller adapts to your hand size and play style.

    You'll experience better control whether you play FPS, racing, fighting, or other genres.

    The new, faceted D-pad enables easier and more reliable combo execution, while the traditional D-pad provides precise control to change weapons or call in a strike.

    Control, combinations, and confidence:

    The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has four slots for interchangeable paddles.

    Easily attach and remove them without any tools. Choose to attach some or all of the paddles, and configure the controller to what's best for you.

    The paddles give your fingers more control, so you can execute devastating moves and experience more efficient control.

    Now you don't have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations. With the app*, you can assign a wide range of inputs to each paddle.

    Fire faster with Hair Trigger Locks:

    With the flip of the Hair Trigger Locks, you can fire more quickly and save valuable time with each trigger pull.

    Hair Trigger Locks stop the trigger movement after the shot and get you ready for the next one. Simply flip the switch again to get back to full-range trigger motion.

    Each trigger has its own Hair Trigger Lock for independent control. Within the app, you can further fine-tune trigger settings.

    Infinite freedom and flexibility:

    Customize your experience even further with an easy-to-use app*. Adjust trigger min/max values, thumbstick sensitivities, button assignments, and more, so the controls are exactly the way you want them.

    Assign any of 14 inputs to the ABXY buttons, paddles, D-pad, triggers, and thumbstick clicks.

    Create as many controller profiles as you like in the app and have tailored settings for any game. Load two profiles on the controller and instantly change between them with the built-in Profile Switch. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

    This is what performance feels like:

    Every surface and detail is designed to meet the rigorous demands of competitive gamers.

    Stainless steel thumbstick shafts, D-pads, and paddles are built to last. Low-friction, reinforced rings around each thumbstick minimize wear and provide buttery-smooth action.

    Rubberized diamond grip gives the controller a more substantial feel while providing more stability. The enhanced grip also allows you to hold the controller with less effort, so you can play longer and more comfortably.

    The soft-touch finish on the top case provides a luxurious feel and nonslip control.

    Be ready for anything, anywhere:

    Each profile you create in the app* is stored in the cloud, and 2 profiles can be saved onto the controller itself. So no matter where you game, your profiles can always be with you.

    The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller comes with a carrying case and variety of interchangeable components.

    *App available on Xbox One and Windows 10

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 4367 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 10 ContributorTop 10 Contributor

      The Xbox already has one of the most well designed controllers out there, and this one refines it to perfection. Everything about this exudes quality, from the high end packaging, to the case, to the controller itself. It is a joy to hold and you immediately get a feeling of quality and fit and finish that is unparalleled in Xbox controllers. All of the interchangeable parts lock in magnetically, no friction tension parts to wear out, no wondering if it is going in the right way, they just lock into place and are secure but easy to remove when you want to customize the controller. The long throw sticks are perfect for driving games or other precision uses, and the two profiles allow for on the fly switching of sensitivity, a great feature for running around and then switching to a lower sensitivity mode for careful aiming. The mappable under paddles mean you can map buttons that would normally take your thumbs off of the sticks to your other fingers. The hair trigger locks are great, I tend to set the right one for hair trigger and the other for long throw for aiming. I also like that this controller, like all of the other Xbox controllers, just uses two AA batteries. Sealed in batteries means that you can't just swap in new ones and keep going - and when they eventually wear out, it means a new controller. I use high capacity rechargeable batteries in mine. It also comes with a nice long braided USB cable if you need to use it wired. This controller allowes for you to customize it exactly to your gaming style and it is the ultimate Xbox controller. Recommended for gamers who are looking for the very best and are willing to pay the price for this controller.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Impressive controller

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I finally broke down and purchased the Elite controller only after I found an "open box" in my local store. I have never been comfortable with the idea of shelling out $150 for a single controller but the open box classification brought the price down to an amount that was tolerable. The elite controller is a solid piece of equipment and is noticeably heavier than a standard xBox One controller. The package comes with a travel case and really nice, long USB cord for direct connection to the console. An assortment of metal magnetic paddles and attachments for the D-pad and thumb joysticks. You can buy aftermarket replacements for the standard grey paddles but be prepared to shell out another large chunk of money to do so. The controller can store 2 separate game profiles that can be configured from the Accessories app on your xBox. You can create your own or choose from a list of game specific profiles supplied by Microsoft or game developers. You can change button mappings, set the brightness on the xBox One light, and even configure the "action" on your trigger buttons so that you can control how far you need to pull the trigger before something happens. So some of the negatives I have found (aside from the price) is the setup is relatively advanced with regards to the settings you have the ability to change. The accessories application used to do the configuration doesn't offer much in the way of explanations for the settings either so if you don't know what you are doing you will be forced to spend some time looking up information on the web. Finally when the paddles are installed on the bottom side of the controller it is VERY hard not to bump them quite frequently which depending on the game and your configuration can cause problems during game-play. Inadvertently throwing your last grenade or firing a burst while trying to sneak around can get pretty frustrating and after this happens a few times you start to contemplate taking the paddles off turning your elite controller into a $150 basic xBox One controller. To sum it all up, the controller is pretty sweet but for the advanced user. I really wouldn't recommend this for a young gamer due to the price but that of course is up to mom and dad. Just remember, having the controller doesn't guarantee better results! Even the slightest changes in controller configuration will take some time to get used to in game play...

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      An Elite Controller for an Elite Gamer


      The Xbox One Elite controller is the best controller that has ever been introduced to the gaming industry. This controller is made for every elite Xbox One Gamer. The controller is customizable to the users preferences; therefore, making it extremely appealing to elite gamers whose gaming lives depend on comfortability with their controller. Elite controllers are different from average controllers because the normal stock controller does not take full advantage of their skill sets and various gaming attributes. As a result, elite gamers need this controller because of the design, customization availability, and the longevity. No controller in the world is better than the Xbox One Elite Controller. First off, the Xbox One Elite controller has an amazing sleek design that even non-gamers admire. The controller has a luxurious look that makes it seem like a high end gadget. When you hold this controller there is a heavier weight to it so you will not have to deal with the normal controller that is flimsy and light. The solidity of the controller gives you a better feel in the hand. This feel in the hand is so important to the comfortability of the gamer. Microsoft did an overall great job with how the controller feels. The front of the controller is smooth, while the back of the controller is textured with a matte rubberized coating. The controller feels like it has a grip add-on that normally gamers have to buy as an additional piece. So, the Xbox One Elite controller not only looks better but feels better which allows you and other elite gamers to have long comfortable gaming sessions! The next main reason why the Xbox One Elite Controller is the controller that elite gamers have been waiting for is the customization available. As many know, all gamers are not the same. Some gamers have big hands and others have small hands. Some gamers like sturdy triggers while others like flimsier ones. The differences go on and on. To accommodate this, the D-Pad, triggers, and back pads can all pop off and be replaced with something more comfortable. This is important because you will be able to mix and match what fits you the best. The controller comes with a set of alternative D-Pads, Triggers, and Back Pads. The biggest innovation with this controller however is the inclusion of four paddles on the back of the controller. The four paddles mirror the four buttons on the front, which allows you to keep your thumbs on the thumbtacks at all times as well as your ring and index finger on the paddles. Basically this customization allows you to play faster and more efficiently because you can use more fingers instead of the usual four. The last major advantage of buying the Xbox One Elite Controller is the outstanding longevity. As stated earlier, the Xbox One Elite Controller is much heavier then the normal Xbox One Controller. This will help you avoid the flimsy issues that kill other controllers. Another reason this controller has a longer lifespan is because it has been kitted out with a reinforced ring. This ring was put together strictly for durability which allows for an overall longer life. In conclusion, the Xbox One Elite Controller is the best investment you can make on a controller in the gaming industry. You will be very happy with the design, customization, and longevity of your controller. If you are shopping for Xbox One controllers, this is the controller to buy.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Perfect When New


      I really liked everything about this controller when I first got it as part of the XBox One Elite Console package. It looks great, it’s easier to handle when your hands get slippery, it is heavier than a standard controller but the extra weight is a positive in my opinion as it just feels better to hold. It comes with a good amount of accessories like the extra sticks and the braided usb cable among others, all of which have been of good use. It also has total button mapping and adjustments with the software app. I originally had absolutely nothing negative to say about this controller and think the $150 price tag is actually a fair price, had no issues ever occurred. Unfortunately, the issue with the controller can at times render it unusable depending on what your doing on the XBox. After about 6 months use, the left stick started acting up, causing it to scroll outwards from a centered position without being touched and the issue got slowly worse with time. Eventually I was unable to use it for things like FPS games, while scrolling with the sticks in certain games or while using the Edge browser. I will always prefer the controller if it’s manageable for the game, but I am disappointed that such an issue occurred after a relatively short amount of time(6 months of moderate game play) and after searching around have found this issue to be quite common for the controller. As far as I can tell, Microsoft never addressed this potential issue. If it has been addressed since I last tried to find an answer about a fix, and I hope it has since I love the controller otherwise, than I apologize for the misinformation and would absolutely recommend the controller at that time, but if the issue remains than I wouldn’t recommend it for $150 knowing that a $60 controller will work just fine without a potential issue.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Best controller for Xbox

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I love this controller and all the configurations you can program along with the sticks and paddles. The way you can map your buttons and adjust the sensitivity of your sticks is awesome. Trigger sensitivity and locks perfect your firepower. You can have two saved configurations on your controller and change with just flip of a switch. Has great balance and feel. I have two of them for when I have guests over who want to play. Every time they use them they're like "man, I gotta get one of these". The only complaint I hear is the cost. "$150 is kinda steep". Of course I advocate and tell them about other custom controllers like Scuf that cost even more. However this controller has an Achilles heel, the rubber grips on the underside of the controller. Much to soon in my opinion, the grips start to bubble, becomes unglued and starts to peel and come off the controller. Once this starts the controller becomes uncomfortable to use and sometimes leaves gummy residue on the inside of your fingers. Luckily Best Buy lets you exchange them with the geek squad plan when this becomes a problem. I've been told that this a common issue with this controller. If the folks at Xbox could redesign and improve the grips on this controller it would be perfect. The Scufs have a better grip system on their controllers and if Xbox could get it like the Scufs are, it would make it the best controller for the money on the market. I consider myself to be a moderate player, putting in about 1-10 hours a week game time. My hands do get a little sweaty during some intense sessions but I doubt that is abnormal. If your like me, this is the controller you want for the money. If your a pro putting in 20 plus hours a week then paying for the more expensive controllers make sense.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      $150 for the best PC, PS4, & Xbox controller!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Lots of things to love here. The build looks & feels premium. The customizable thumb sticks are great. Xbox accessories(Windows/Xbox app) allows for multiple mappings of the controller, stick sensitivity adjustments for various games allowing for two toggable configurations. This is the controller to have, period! Yes, it does work for the PS4 however you'll need to have a CronusMax Plus/combo or Xim4 to allow for multiplatform capabilities. This runs only wired though Fyi. So a pretty penny for all to work ;) If you bought this obviously it's for you or someone who games a lot so make sure to buy the additional Geek Squad Protection Plan for wear & tear. Purchased the 2 year option so any issues with the controller you'll essentially be able to replace. Don't drop, spill, throw it though since that's not covered lol. Though I'm sure your opponents will be throwing theirs ;) When I was young & dumb I ended up purchasing several controllers through the years which seriously adds up and this is just smarter/cheaper in the long run. It's not guaranteed however I see this working for at least the next iteration of consoles too (Scorpio) as it currently works with my PS4 Pro as well. In short - Worth it, insure it, take care of it, customize it and have fun!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      PROS: GREAT WEIGHT AND COMFORT IN THE HANDS (especially for people with large hands); EXTREMELY CUSTOMIZABLE WITH ABILITY TO PLAY WITH 4 PADDLES OR NONE; USE THE STANDARD D-PAD OR THE WHEEL (for fighting games it is super handy)& different thumbstick lengths and types (concave and choose as they are easily switched out); Ability to adjust trigger sensitivity and trigger stops (A MUST FOR FPS!) CONS: Only 2 profile saves on the controller for on the fly changing (definitely save many more on the console and the ability to download other peoples profiles and save to your ELITE); SHORT WARRANTY FROM XBOX/MICROSOFT (buy an extended warranty if possible, because $150 bucks is still a hefty sum even if it's a good value compared to other modded controllers.) REVIEW: I preordered my Xbox elite controller when it was initially offered. From the minute I first held it in my hands, it felt great. The weight and fit were perfect for my large hands. Some people think that the price is a little high, but if you go to the other guys on the internet (SCUF, EVIL, GAMERMODZ, AND OTHERS POP UP ALL THE TIME), these can get expensive and the more stuff you add, the pricier they get. I admit that EVIL has much improved on their controllers and their price tag, and so has SCUF ( I definitely have a preference between SCUF and EVIL Controllers.); you can program any button to the 4 paddles on the back, and they are removable; You may save 2 profiles on the ELITE controller and switch at the flip of a switch (other controllers, EVIL especially, I think has the ability to save 5+ profiles on the controller). You have complete control of the trigger sensitivity and the D-pad. My only real negative remark regarding the ELITE controller was that the warranty was the same as other Xbox controllers you buy new from the retailer. It may have changed, but I initially had to purchase my replacement due to the fact that my left thumbstick stopped working. I still have the same controller that I purchased as a replacement and it still performs like a CHAMP! NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER!!

      I would recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response


        Hey there,

        Thanks for sharing your love for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller! We're especially glad that you enjoy how customizable the Elite is, and that it's comfortable in your hands. Your feedback is really important to us.

        Happy gaming,
        Xbox Customer Care Microsoft

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Unlike anything else.

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Let's address the big elephant in the room right now: Price. Yes, this thing costs $150. This is a premium product aimed at a certain demographic. You can almost get 2 regular controllers for the price of this one. The regular Xbox One controller is great and will continue to be great. Really, that is all you need from now until the day Microsoft pushes the last Xbox One off its assembly lines. What the Elite controller does is focus on aesthetics, construction, and yes- some tweaks that some say may give you a slight edge, but in reality, I don’t believe actually make you “better” at games. Everything clips in magnetically. The thumb sticks, paddles, and D-pad come out with little force but while playing they seem to stay in without issue. It comes with a cool carrying case (keep it – you will need it to store all your extra parts# and a nice BRAIDED USB cable #this is huge for me#. You can lower the actuation point of the triggers so your fingers don't have to travel as far to shoot. The paddles on the back of this thing are the weirdest but coolest part. It's like the first time you ever use a new controller and you have to learn how to use it again# Even though I have been using the Steam controller for the better part of half a month that has something similar but not quite) after 3 days I feel I have it now. I can tell during my Halo matches I am pressing the paddles and its becoming muscle memory as I will press the paddles during intense battles to switch weapons/reload- but every so often I catch myself pressing X/Y on the front of the controller- which is perfectly fine. The biggest thing I appreciate is how it feels in your hand. I am all about the construction of something and I hate it when things feel cheap, plastic and hollow. This is the complete opposite of these things. It feels sturdy, solid, and has this nice textured grip. If you got $150 you don’t know what to do with and want a better gaming experience- get this. If you got a birthday or anniversary coming up, ask for this.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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