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Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS

Release Date:02/09/2018
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Bring Mario to life when you play Nintendo Selects Super Mario Land 3D for Nintendo 3DS. The rich 3D imagery provides depth and dimension, making it easy to navigate tough jumps and turns, while new enemies await Mario at every turn. This game brings Tanooki Mario to the 3DS platform, complete with his super suit. Nintendo Selects Super Mario Land 3D gives Mario new moves he can try out in this expansive 3D world.


Enjoy new exhilarating game graphics

Explore all-new levels and try out new abilities

New well-trained enemies

The fan-favorite Tanooki suit also makes its return

Use the tail of the Tanooki costume to attack enemies

Feel the exhilarating sense of depth and speed across levels

For one player

What's Included

  • Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land

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