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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - PlayStation 4

Publisher:505 Games
Release Date:06/16/2015
ESRB Rating:
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You pull up to the bank and go over the plan again. Bust in, fire a few shots and demand everyone get on the ground. If all goes well, there will be minimal casualties and a massive haul. You've been plotting and scouting for weeks — gone over the blueprints to know the locations of cameras, escape routes and the vault. Now, all that's left is to don your masks, load your guns and head into the building. It's time for your Payday.
Lock and load for heart-racing, explosive heists with up to three other friends in Payday 2. Pull off unbelievable heists in action-packed four-player co-op first-person shooter gameplay. Immerse yourself in the excitement with rebuilt visuals that plunge you into the action in stunning 1080p high-definition. Complete jobs successfully to earn rare and powerful new equipment, including masks, mask modifications, weapon mods and more. Make sure the job goes smoothly by purchasing mission assets, like a faster escape car, blueprints or inside help. Peruse the CRIMENET network to find jobs that range from small-time convenience store hits to major cyber crime and emptying large bank vaults. Enhance your Payday 2 experience with this Crimewave Edition, which includes a loot bag of included DLC that features numerous heists, weapons and gadgets to update and upgrade the existing game. Are you ready to rob banks with your friends?


Pre-order Payday 2: Crimewave Edition to unlock The Hardtime Loot Bag contains a red dot weapon sight modification, an exclusive skull mask, a PlayStation 4-exclusive mask, an "I Love Overkill" mask, a unique color pattern and a bundle of in-game cash

Crimewave Edition

Get ready to pull off thrilling, explosive jobs with this , which includes a haul of included DLC that delivers a massive range of updates and upgrades to the PAYDAY 2 game, such as numerous heists, weapons and gadgets


Rob banks with your friends in — an action-packed, four-player co-op first-person shooter that lets you pull off unbelievable heists

Experience the excitement on your PlayStation 4 with rebuilt visuals that allow you to see every bank note fly and feel each bullet whiz past your head in stunning 1080p high-definition

Earn rare and powerful new equipment, such as masks, weapon mods, mask modifications and numerous other accessories

Purchase assets, like a faster escape car, blueprints or inside help, to alter or enhance your heists


Customize the signature mask into tens of thousands of different combinations, color and material variations

Take on multistage jobs, which allow the missions to fork and result in different outcomes depending on what your team accomplishes in each individual stage

Choose your jobs from a variety of heists ranging from small-time convenience store hits to big-time cyber crime or draining massive bank vaults with the CRIMENET network

What's Included

  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition