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  • QuestionIs there storage on the freezer door? I had a Cafe series refrigerator. It had a fold down storage on the freezer door.

    Asked by Jim.

    • Answer Hi Jim - We certainly appreciate your loyalty! Yes, the freezer door is equipped with a freezer bin. Also, on nearly every piece in the new Café Customizable Professional Collection, you have the option to change your hardware to a different finish to bring your personal kitchen vision to life. Learn more about customization at www.cafeappliances.com/custom-hardware - Keep in touch at www.cafeappliances.com/ - Sue

      Answered by GE Answers

  • Questiondo magnets stick to the front and sides of the GE -Cafe?

    Asked by mslevis.

    • Answer Hi mslevis - The front (doors) of the Café refrigerator will not hold magnets. The sides are magnetic. Thanks for your interest! Sue

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionThe unit will need to be placed with a wall on the left side and cabinets on the right. What is the product width with the doors open?

    Asked by Max.

    • Answer Hi there, Thank you for your interest in this amazing refrigerator! We're happy to provide the dimensions. The width of the refrigerator is 35-3/4". The width with the door open 90 degrees is 48-3/8" and the width with the door fully open is 68-5/8". You can check the datasheet for more information. https://files.bbystatic.com/4%2F3RnE76Ew1%2FnbslgWXDSQ%3D%3D/35d7aa4e-8446-45ec-80b7-0a9d97b239ff.pdf. Let us know if you have any more questions. Mike@Cafe

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionWhat is the highest temperature the water can get coming out of the water dispenser?

    Asked by Navyguy.

    • Answer Hi Navyguy - Thanks for viewing Café Model CFE28TP2MS1! The water dispensed is at the accurate/ideal temperature for the food or beverage selected on the control panel. The 4 pre-programmed temperatures include: 90° for warm, 150° cocoa, 170° tea or instant coffee, 185° soup, or a custom temperature setting with temperatures between 90° and 185°. If you want your water heated ahead of time, consider downloading the Kitchen - GE Appliances app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play). Using the App, you can schedule hot water for any day and any time. When using the App, your hot water temperature will be maintained for 15 minutes. Explore our Café Customizable Professional Collection at: https://www.cafeappliances.com/collections/customizable-professional - We'd love to have you in the family. Keep in touch at cafeappliances.com! Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionAre the shelves on the right door adjustable (meaning you could space them out differently)? Also, could you fit 2 one gallon milk jugs on a single one of those shelves, or is the side curved making that impossible? Thank you!

    Asked by Tina.

    • Answer Yes they are adjustable and they will fit at least one with space for smaller items on two shelves.

      Answered by Saracuda

  • QuestionHI - is the blue panel above the water dispenser actually blue or is that a label that is removable. I don't want that blue showing.

    Asked by Rubella.

    • Answer Hi Rubella, thanks for reaching out! The screen above the dispenser is blue, it is not covered in a blue film. We apologize for any disappointment that this may bring! We hope that this helps though. Stay safe. -Michael

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionDoes this refrigerator require a hot water connection to provide hot water in the door dispenser or is the standard cold water tube enough? Does the unit convert cold water to hot on its own?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi - Thanks for considering Café™ Model CFE28TP4MW2! You will only need a cold water connection to the refrigerator. The unit heats the water and heating time can vary depending on the inlet water temperature, temperature selected, and other variables. You typically get hot, filtered water in minutes. Take a look at the following link: REFRIGERATOR - HOT WATER DISPENSER: https://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-support-search-content?contentId=18018 - Watch Video: https://youtu.be/w5BTYXD418k - With WiFi connect you can also use your voice or smart device to preheat water from your refrigerator while you relax in another part of the house. Watch Video: https://youtu.be/J2zYUMb7N9g - Matte White finish appliances are easy to clean and fingerprint resistant. Explore Matte White at https://www.cafeappliances.com/collections/customizable-professional - Keep in touch! Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionIs there an ice tray in the door or can you only get ice from the outside door

    Asked by Kathy.

    • Answer Only from outside the door.

      Answered by Saracuda

  • QuestionDoes the model with the keurig come in matte white? I only saw black options

    Asked by Michelle.

    • Answer Hi Michelle- Café™ ENERGY STAR® 27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator with Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing System CFE28UP3MD1 is available in black only at this time. We encourage you to visit our Café™ website frequently for new product introductions- https://www.cafeappliances.com/ - Keep in touch! Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionThe freezer is too warm and doesn’t seem to be cooling when I try to reset it. What should I do?

    Asked by Silly.

    • Answer Hello - we are sorry that your freezer is too warm and doesn't seem to be cooling, even when you reset it. We can understand how discouraging this must be. For the freezer compartment to cool properly, make sure it contains a reasonable amount of food/items to retain the set temperature. Also, you want to check that the door can properly seal and that there is nothing blocking it from doing so. There are some additional troubleshooting tips in an article titled, "Refrigerator, Not Cooling Enough" on our website that you could review. If the issue persists after testing out those options, then we suggest scheduling service with a certified GE Appliances technician that will be able to accurately diagnose and repair your refrigerator. You can schedule service by calling GE Appliance Service at 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET or Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET. We hope these insights help. Be well, Kelsey@Café

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionHow does the left side door (door with water line to it) get removed ? Need to remove the doors to get in kitchen

    Asked by Steve.

    • Answer Hello, thank you for your question and interest in this wonderful refrigerator! You can view page 25 of the installation instructions, linked here, where it details how to remove all doors from the unit: https://files.bbystatic.com/CJCxK06tcHqvw3k%2F9J1IiQ%3D%3D/AC05143E-7334-4B6F-8CBC-FFE04F962B8A.pdf If you have any further questions or concerns about this refrigerator, please don't hesitate to reach out as we are always here to help! -Chris@Café

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionDoes this come without ice or water dispenser?

    Asked by mimi.

    • Answer Hello, thank you for your question. This model of refrigerator does not come without the ice and water dispenser, however you can opt to turn the ice maker off and not install the water line if you do not want access to those features. We also offer French door refrigerators that do not have a dispenser if you would prefer, such as the CWE23SP4MW2 or CWE19SP4NW2. We hope this helps! -Chris@Café

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionDo you have to turn off water to change water filter?

    Asked by Ralph.

    • Answer Hi there, thanks for taking the time to connect with us. We truly appreciate you choosing this fantastic French-door refrigerator for your home and are happy to offer you guidance in this! The refrigerator's water supply does not have to be turned off when replacing the water filter. You can find instructions on removing and replacing your RPWFE filter here: https://files.bbystatic.com/RzGzNRf4AwcD3ttuzs%2BMnA%3D%3D/Installation%2BInstructions%2BRPWFE.pdf. --- We're glad to have you in our Café Appliances family and sincerely hope that this helps. Keep in touch! -Eliza@Café

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • Questionis this item in stock?

    Asked by Anonymous.

  • QuestionIs this a fingerprint resistant finish?

    Asked by Prints.

    • Answer Hello Prints - We appreciate your interest in the CFE28TP2MS1 and we are happy to help! This refrigerator does not have a fingerprint resistant finish. Thanks for checking. Olga@Cafe

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionHow much electricity , in dollar amounts, does it cost monthly to run the hot water option for coffee ?

    Asked by Wayne.

    • Answer Hello Wayne - Thank you for reaching out about this spectacular refrigerator. We are happy to help in anyway possible. The cost of creating hot water in this model can vary based on many factors. The energy used for only the the hot water dispenser would be an extremely small amount per month. The average energy cost for the entire refrigerator for an entire year is $87 based on the Energy Guide provided with this model. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions. - JB

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionIs back side of refrigerator black color?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi - Thanks for considering our Café French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser Model CFE28TP4MW2! Matte White models have a dark gray case side color, and Brushed Bronze handles and knobs. On nearly every piece in the Café Customizable Professional Collection, you have the option to change your hardware to a different finish. Learn more about customization at https://www.cafeappliances.com/custom-hardware - Keep in touch! Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionHow to take away glass inside to clean it

    Asked by Lilico.

    • Answer Hi Lilico - Thanks for choosing Café Model CFE28TP2MS1! To remove a glass shelf, simply tilt the shelf up at the front then lift the shelf up at the back and bring the shelf out. Here's the link to the Use and Care Manual for complete details: https://products.cafeappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF - Keep in touch at cafeappliances.com. Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionWhat is the back-to-front dimension with freezer drawer open?

    Asked by freezer.

    • Answer Hi - Thanks for considering Café™ Model CFE28TP2MS1! Depth with freezer door completely open (w/o handle) is 51". Depth with freezer door completely open (w/ handle) is 53-1/2". We suggest viewing the Specifications document at the following link for more details: https://products.cafeappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=CFE28TP_4MW2_3MD1_18.pdf&_ga=2.268854769.1608218066.1581341508-1573675575.1578588307 - We'd love to have you in the family. Keep in touch at: https://www.cafeappliances.com/ - Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionWhat side of the back of the refrigerator is the power cord on? Is it low down near the floor, or higher up?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi there, The power cord itself is 61" long and is located near the bottom right side of the unit. Specifically, when facing the unit, the cord is on the right hand side, 8" up and 2" to the left. We hope that this helped! Thank you so much for your question. -Michael

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

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