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  • QuestionWhere is the broiler?

    Asked by Maggie.

    • Answer Hello Maggie! The broiler is located in the upper section of the range FFGF3054TS. Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly or via the Q&A forum on this website for any additional assistance. –Thanks!-

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionIs a grill for on top available on this model?

    Asked by Roberta.

    • Answer Thank you for reaching out to us, Roberta! We have researched the available parts and the griddle you can purchase is part number 316465800. Hopefully this information helps you in the search for a new range. –Thanks!-

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionWhere can I buy the propane conversion kit? Is there a part number? Thanks.

    Asked by Chilliesrtb.

    • Answer Hi Chilliesrtb! Thank you for your inquiry. The part number for the LP Gas Conversion Kit is GRLP4. Should you wish to purchase the part, please contact us or your dealer directly at your convenience. We hope this helps. -Thanks!-

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionIs the broiler located in the bottom drawer or on the top shelf

    Asked by TR.

    • Answer top. below the 2 racks. bottom is just a drawer. I do not recommend ever buying appliances thru best buy because of the "3rd party installers" who seem to be incompetent.

      Answered by averyunhappycustomer

  • QuestionThere is a switch on top of the control panel. This range came with the house but no owners manuals. We are wondering what the switch on the top is for. When we toggle it nothing happens. We would very much like to know what it is for. Thank You!

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer On my range, it's the oven light switch. Does the oven light come on when you open the door? If not, check the bulb. The light switch lets you turn on the light while the door is closed..maybe to better monitor progress of the food cooking inside without opening the door. It's described in the user guide on page 23 (Use & Care, 808528103 Rev C(Feb 2017)). You might be able to find the manual here: (enter your model number at the = sign...e.g., FFGF3054TSA)

      Answered by Notahandymanyet

  • Questiongas range. is it a gas or electric oven?

    Asked by steve.

    • Answer Gas range with electronic ignition. So no pilot light to worry about.

      Answered by Nikki

  • QuestionDoes this have a warranty? Also the picture looks s though it has sealed burners but the specs say no

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer This Stove does have sealed burners which is another reason I picked it

      Answered by chan

  • QuestionWhat type of material do the grates sit on? Porcelain, stainless steel....?

    Asked by Ruth.

    • Answer it's metal, if you want one get it from someone other than best buy, they seem to only have banged up ones,we had to get onther one from there and it was banged up also

      Answered by oldngrey2

  • QuestionDoes this model have the Food Temperature Probe?

    Asked by MomableMe.

    • Answer Thanks for your question, MomableMe! We have reviewed the parts guide and there is not a food temperature probe available. Hopefully this information is helpful to you. –Thanks!-

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionDoes this have a storage drawer or door ? Thank you in advance.

    Asked by Al.

    • Answer Sure does!

      Answered by Momo


    Asked by LIONESS.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Bigbr1

  • QuestionIs the bottom drawer for storage or a broiler drawer?

    Asked by Hall.

    • Answer Hey, Hall! Based on the model you selected, the bottom drawer is a storage drawer only. I hope this helps! -Courtney

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionIs-this-stove-30"-or-36"wide?

    Asked by April10Bride.

    • Answer Hi April10Bride! This range FFGF3054TW has the exterior dimension of 29-7/8 inches. We hope this information is helpful to your shopping experience. –Thanks!-

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionCan you use Foil to cover a dish or for Covering a Turkey?

    Asked by Mo.

    • Answer You betcha!

      Answered by Momo

  • QuestionHow much is installation? Are there parts to buy. I have a working gas stove now. Is there a charge for taking it away?

    Asked by Annushka.

    • Answer I install myself , very easy. ...basically just put fitting on back of range and on gas supply line (most of the time gas supply line has right fitting on already) should buy a new gas line kit it comes with all fittings you need plus some gas pipe dope or tape. as for taking your old one ask best buy if getting delivered , I always pick mine up, if I have a working one in the house I'm putting it in, ill clean it up and sell it if its in descent shape. I usually get a $100 or at least $75 for them. If they charge you to pick up and take away and not worth selling, or don't feel like going through the trouble of selling it just put out by road on garbage day , people scrap those all the time someone will pick it up. when I put them out by the street they are usually gone right away.

      Answered by roach

  • QuestionHow do I clean my gas stove (inside the oven)? Lost my manual !

    Asked by Doc.

    • Answer Hello Doc. To set a self-clean cycle or a delayed start self-clean cycle: 1. Be sure the clock displays the correct time of day. 2. Press Start Time. The: in the time of day will flash. 3. Press and hold to scroll to the time to start the delayed self-clean cycle. Release the key when the desired time is displayed. 4. Press clean. --- appears in the display. 5. Press until 3:00 appears in the display for a 3-hour self-clean process or push until 2:00 appears in the display for a 2-hour self-clean process. 6. As soon as the controls are set, the motor driven lock will begin to close automatically, and the door locked indicator light will flash. Do not open the oven door while the light is flashing (allow about 15 seconds for the oven door to lock). 7. CLn will appear in the display during the self-clean cycle, and the door locked light will glow until the self-cleaning cycle is complete or cancelled and the oven temperature has cooled. For a copy of the manual, visit our website, search model FFGF3054TS, then scroll down to Guides & Manuals. Thank you, Anna

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionCan you wash the grates in the dishwasher?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hey there, Anonymous! After some research, we are not showing its recommended to clean the grates in the dishwasher. Instead it is recommended to use a non-abrasive plastic scrubbing pad and mild abrasive cleanser. We hope this information was helpful to you and your shopping experience. -Ciara

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionLove the stove..had for 3 weeks only problem is cleaning the enamel under the grates. I have used all ki d of cleaning cloths. Even suggested cleaning sponge. I cant get rid of the streaks. Even buffed with a

    Asked by Dee.

    • Answer Hi Dee. Using a soft cloth, clean with mild dish detergent and water or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Rinse with clean water, dry and polish with a soft, clean cloth. Glass cleaners may be used, but do not apply directly to surface; spray onto cloth and wipe. ~ Anna

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionHow long is the cord?

    Asked by Gigi.

    • Answer Hey, Gigi! The model you selected does not come with a power cord. However, the cords are typically 3 to 6 feet or longer depending on the distance of the range from the outlet. ~Courtney

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

  • QuestionHow heavy is this stove?

    Asked by Moszy.

    • Answer Hi, Moszy! This range has a weight of 190 lbs. ~Ashton

      Answered by FrigidaireSupport

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