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  • QuestionWhat games are compatible with this steering wheel for the Nintendo Switch?

    Asked by Rarri.

    • Answer Technically, all racing games are compatible as you can easily program the foot pedals to be any button on a standard controller. The default setting has the gas pedal set to the A button and the brake pedal to the B button. However, you can quickly change the pedals to be the ZL and ZR triggers if the racing game you are playing uses those for brake and gas. The included manual clearly tells you how to reprogram the buttons and it takes less than 10 seconds to do so. Below are the racing games that I own that I have personally used with the Hori racing wheel and my quick thoughts on how each performed. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Controls great with the wheel after you set it to 180 degrees rotation (default setting is 270 degrees). Took a couple of races to adjust, but using the wheel is fun after this small learning period. Rise: Race The Future - Works great with the wheel and has lots of options to tweak the car handling. Fun arcade racer. Taxi Chaos - Controls decently with the wheel. Makes it feel more like SEGA's arcade classic, but it never controls perfectly. Average describes everything about this game. Xenon Racer - Controls terribly. Tapping the brake seems to only randomly start a drift and it gets frustrating fast. Avoid this one as it's not near as fun as it looks. Cruisin' Blast - Works perfectly with the wheel and feels just like you are playing the arcade game. One of my favorites and highly recommended for arcade fans. Team Sonic Racing - High learning curve to control this one well using the wheel. If you're playing competitively online, you'll likely want to stick to using the Pro Controller. Takes a lot of patience to find the sweet spot using the wheel. Horizon Chase Turbo - Fantastic arcade racer that controls flawlessly with the wheel. Definitely one to own if you purchase the Hori wheel. OutRun - SEGA classic that feels just like the arcade game when using the Hori wheel. A must own. Virtua Racing - Sadly, this game is unplayable with the wheel. The turning is digital, so if you move the steering wheel even a single inch to the left, it's registered as 100% to the left. Basically, it's impossible to steer your car and it feels nothing like the arcade version. Very disappointing. HotShot Racing - Works perfectly with the wheel and the drifting feels fantastic. Great arcade style racing. Asphalt 9 - Just like Virtua Racing, the steering is digital only. So you ping pong off every single wall and it's impossible to steer. Unplayable using the wheel. 80's Overdrive - Works great with the wheel and the Time Attack mode has that classic OutRun feel. One to try after you've beaten Horizon Chase Turbo and OutRun. Hot Wheels Unleashed - This one has a learning curve before you can control it as well as you can using a standard controller. Even though I can get better lap times using a Pro Controller, I still have fun using the wheel during the single player campaign. Super Street Racer - Simple arcade style racer that controls wonderfully using the Hori wheel. Not worth the original $40 price, but now that it's below $20, it's worth a look if you need something to play using the wheel. Looks like a cell phone game, but still fun in short bursts. GRID Autosport - One of the best racing games on Switch and it was made for the wheel. Lots of options and it feels fantastic. Highly recommended. Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - The game itself is not nearly as good as GRID, but it does control great using the wheel and can be decent fun if you find it on sale for a cheap price. Fast RMX - As the name implies, this game is just too fast for me to control it using the wheel. Everything functions as expected when using the wheel, so there's nothing preventing you from trying it. But I'm just not good enough and usually hit every single wall when I try using the Hori wheel. Only Jedi Masters need apply here.

      Answered by Agent47

  • QuestionWill this work with the new hot wheels game?

    Asked by Ask5.

    • Answer Yes, you can go to the Options menu in Hot Wheels and assign the gas and brake buttons to the foot pedals and assign nitro to any button you want on the wheel. There's definitely a learning curve when using the steering wheel and it will take practice before you can achieve the same lap times you get when using a standard controller. If you're playing competitively online and consider it a failure if you don't come in first place, then you'll want to stick to using the Pro Controller. The steering wheel is more fun in a causal environment while playing through the single player campaign.

      Answered by Agent47

  • QuestionCan this be used with oled model?

    Asked by Von.

    • Answer Yes. I use it on mine.

      Answered by MACC

  • QuestionWill this work for pc games on steam

    Asked by Atilanosteven90.

    • Answer It is usb so it may I have a g29 wheel And some racing games Work , some have issues On steam . The Hori wheel works with every single Racing game on switch To a certain extent

      Answered by Supermetalgamerman

  • QuestionIs this compatible with the Switch Lite?

    Asked by Mel.

    • Answer No

      Answered by Anonymous


    Asked by Popeye.

    • Answer 3 and up as long if it set up correctly. My son is 3 and we are having a blast.

      Answered by DrMario

  • QuestionDoes this work with Need for Speed?

    Asked by Shelley.

    • Answer Yes works great I play it Amazing experience

      Answered by Supermetalgamerman

  • QuestionCan it run with snowrunner

    Asked by Elli.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by DrMario

  • QuestionWould you recommend getting extended warranty on it or is it well made and will last if taken care of?

    Asked by 8to16to35.

    • Answer Dont ever buy an extended warranty they are scams

      Answered by Anonymous

  • Questionhow many driving wheel can I connect at the same time, for example> can I connect 2 and play together uo to 4??

    Asked by victSosA.

    • Answer On switch ? Only has one USB port But you can use the joycons as well with tilt feature

      Answered by Supermetalgamerman

  • QuestionIs it compatible with the Nintendo switch Lite ?

    Asked by Lite.

    • Answer No, it needs to be connected to the Nintendo Switch Docking Station via USB cable.

      Answered by Agent47

  • QuestionIs it compatible with Nintendo switch LITE ?

    Asked by Jerry.

    • Answer No, it needs to be connected to the Nintendo Switch Docking Station via USB cable.

      Answered by Agent47

  • QuestionIs it compatible with switch lite?

    Asked by Jerry.

    • Answer No. I was only able to use it by plugging the usb into the dock. The switch lites can't be docked.

      Answered by Nette

  • QuestionDoes this work with Sonic Team Racing for the switch?

    Asked by Microwave.

    • Answer Yes, the wheel works with Team Sonic Racing, but it requires configuration first. The default controller mappings for the foot pedals that come with the wheel is gas pedal = A button and brake pedal = B button on a standard Switch controller. Since Team Sonic Racing uses the ZL trigger for brakes and the ZR trigger for gas, you will need to reprogram the foot pedals to be gas pedal = ZR trigger and brake pedal = ZL trigger. This is a very simple process that takes only 10 seconds to do and the included manual gives clear directions on how to reprogram the buttons. And the changes will be saved to the wheel, so even after you turn off your Switch system and unplug the wheel, your changes will still be in effect the next time you plug in the wheel, so you only have to reprogram the buttons one time. The wheel has 7 different sensitivity settings and can be toggled between 180 degrees rotation and 270 degrees rotation. You will need to experiment with these settings and find the one that works best for you on Team Sonic Racing. There is a learning curve and it will take a while before you can get lap times anywhere close to what you can achieve using a standard Switch controller. Using the wheel is fun, but if you're playing competitively online and only care about coming in first place, then you're better off sticking with the controller.

      Answered by Agent47

  • QuestionAny idea when this will be available ? Other retailers already have the product

    Asked by Waluigi.

    • Answer I saw 2 at my local store, don't know why not available on their website yet.

      Answered by rxm350z

  • QuestionDoes this work with PC games

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Yes, it does. It connects via USB and uses the API XInput.

      Answered by ravenhart