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Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Starry Black-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerOkay . Spoke to Motorola Support and T- Mobile Support. This phone purchased Unlocked for all the Carriers etc., does not have the Enhanced LTE calling features/menu such as VOLTE or HD calling . Using it on T-Mobile it does however (transmit) make & receive Voice calls over LTE( if you are connected to the LTE network) and at the same time you have Data over the LTE network even while in a call. It also,has a toggle for Carrier Video Calls and WiFi Calling. But you won't get VOLTE/HD ( HIGH DEFINITION) calls but the call quality with T- Mobiles new 600 and 700 mhz Bands/Frequencies is very clear. And this phone is loaded with all the band's you can think of for all Carriers. It seems that either Motorola and or the Carriers only choose to add the HD/VOLTE advanced/enhanced calling features to their branded carrier phones. Which I do not think is right. And of course you are not told this up front in the phone specs or features when looking online or in store at these Unlocked Devices. Motorola stated Enhanced LTE calling features were not in the phones menu ( Unlocked Version ) and T- Mobile stated they did not support the Enhanced VOLTE/HD calling on UNLOCKED PHONES except for like 2 specific unlocked phones. So take notice. I can not speak for VERIZON , SPRINT or AT&T on UNLOCKED PHONES but it may be an issue with those carriers also.

      By SVO2323 

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    • Best answerit is sprint compatible so it should work

      By dimandad 

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    • Best answerYou don't have to continue paying for service and you can activate with any compatible carrier. The only catch is that some providers will "lock" it to their network, meaning for a certain period of time you can't activate it on the next carrier, but you don't have to continue paying your current carrier (if you just wanted to use it WiFi only)

      By lisa 

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    • Best answerI recently purchased the E6 and Best Buy supplied the SIM card and activated the phone for me, however, they did not get it activated on the correct plan. I would not advise having Best Buy activate your phone for you.

      By TimG73 

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  • Q: Would this phone work with Tello?  (2 Answers)

    By Tornado53 

    • Best answerI just answered this question with someone else. It works but only connects to 3G data. I don't recommend buying this phone.

      By BBCustomer 

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  • Q: Are you able to email and receive email, and surf the web ?  (2 Answers)

    By Richad 

    • Best answerYes. You can email, surf the web, receive mail and do a thousand other things. It’s a decent phone that will function properly and it has good features.

      By Shernett 

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  • Q: Is this phone gsm or cdma unlocked?  (2 Answers)

    By Scooby 

    • Best answerHi Scooby, Thanks for your interest. Yes, this phone is GSM and CDMA carrier unlocked. Please see the decription to see carriers this phone is compatible with. -Jess

      By Motorola Customer Care 

  • Q: Is this phone compatible with Access Wireless  (2 Answers)

    By Bliss408 

    • Best answerHi Bliss408, Thanks for asking. This phone is compatible with this carrier's network but some service provider-specific features may not be available. It would be best to contact this carrier to confirm the features available.-Jess

      By Motorola Customer Care 

  • Q: Is the battery replaceable?  (2 Answers)

    By Sissy 

    • Best answerYes its replaceable. And it has a back cover that comes off.

      By OnePlayer 

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  • Q: Will this phone work with Sprint?  (2 Answers)

    By Care 

    • Best answerYes, Care. As the device is unlocked and works with major carriers in the US. - Mike

      By Motorola Customer Care 

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