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Rage - Xbox 360

Release Date:10/04/2011
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With a massive asteroid hurtling toward the planet, a select few humans have been chosen to inhabit modern-day arks — pods buried deep within the earth's core. You were chosen. You were buried alive. And you rose from the ground to face your worst nightmare. Hordes of mutants killing without a thought, bandit gangs wreaking havoc throughout the already defunct wasteland, a looming Authority seizing maniacal power and holding secrets — this is what remains of humanity. The world as you know it is gone, but if any world is to stand in its place, there's only one person left who can raise it up from the ashes — you. That is, if you can survive the Rage.
Step up to the challenge and climb into the wasteland in a first-person shooter that flings you to the edge of the earth and the brink of extinction. Rage pits you against the odds in a desolate world in which you were selected for survival — just to face death at every turn. To redeem humanity, you must master a massive arsenal of exotic wingsticks, sentry boots, bomb cars and other powerful weapons and fearlessly wage war against the evil forces overtaking your planet. Fire through heart-pounding first-player shooting action, rip through the wasteland in high-octane vehicle chases and turn your car into your most deadly weapon — you have to play dirty if you want to live. Experience the mass decay with every painfully realistic detail with the id Tech 5 engine and Megatexture technology, firing at 60 frames per second to make you feel as if the world has crumbled around you. And when you take the battle online, the devastating action really does stretch around the world. You've survived the apocalypse. Now comes the real battle.


Fight for survival in a corrupt and dangerous post-apocalyptic world rampant with gangs, mutants and an oppressive Authority

Master an arsenal of exotic weapons and special items, including wingsticks, personal turrets, sentry bots and remote-controlled bomb cars as you throw yourself through the viewfinder into the action of a pulse-pounding first-person shooter

Battle bandit gangs, destroy hordes of mutants and challenge the mysterious and looming Authority, which has an interest in you in particular, as you navigate a vast, anger-filled world

Screech, rev, brake and crash through the wasteland landscape in frenetic third-person vehicle chases and bandit-racing battles

Turn your car into a deadly killing machine with customizable special parts, paint jobs and powerful weapons

Experience the devastation in never-before-possible detail with the id Tech 5 engine and new Megatexture technology that wings the action through your screen at an astounding 60 frames per second

Delve deep into a rich storyline, encounter unique and complex characters and embark on side quests that jet you all around the newly ravaged world

Drag a friend to the edge of the apocalypse with you in exclusive co-op modes or expand the battle across the globe in all-out online multiplayer mayhem

What's Included

  • Rage

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