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Rocketfish™ - Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit - Black

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Enjoy vibrant CD-quality audio with this Rocketfish™ RF-WHTIB wireless rear speaker kit, which features a wireless range up to 100' for clear transmission. Multiple placement options allow flexible use.
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    What's Included

    • Sender, receiver with stand
    • Two 2' sections of speaker wire, AC adapter
    • Owner's manual

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    91% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1838 out of 2020)


    Compatible with most speakers

    For wide-ranging use.

    Eliminates the need to run wires to the rear of a room

    For a neat, organized space.

    Wireless range up to 100'

    Provides a strong signal for clear sound transmission.

    Uncompressed CD-quality audio

    Allows a dynamic listening experience.

    Multiple placement options

    Include horizontal on a tabletop, vertical in the included stand or wall mounted for flexible choices.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 2020 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews



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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great for not running wires, poor for audiophiles.

      • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

      This product looked just right to solve my problem. I bought a great TV (Samsung 55" Series 8) and the matching Samsung HW-C700 A/V 3D receiver to match back in March. Along with a great picture, I am a musician and audiophile. I have a very good ear for music and the quality thereof. So after making my initial purchase which also included front towers, center channel, and subwoofer (all Polk Audio), I wanted to complete my surround sound by adding two rear speakers. I got a great deal on a couple Polk bookshelf speakers on a Black Friday sale, but I didn't want to run wires from my A/V to the back since I have vaulted ceilings and hiding the wires would be a lot of work for me. There's my situation and this product look like a great solution for me in my room. Setting up the wireless system (installing the wires [which I used monster 16gauge wire] and hiding them) took me about 30 minutes and calibrating it with my A/V receiver was really easy. I had previously worried a lot about the signal latency (15-20ms published, which is right on the money) which I had feared would create an echo. It may for you, if you don't have an A/V receiver that can automatically or manually set signal delay or sync for your individual speakers. I was about to get it all synced up and made the entire setup and calibration under 45 minutes. After listening for a while to various forms of media, I could hear something wasn't right to my ears. I listened to lots of high quality music and blu-ray high def audio and in these trials something just didn't sound right to me. My troubleshooting approach was to A and B the speakers with one connected directly to the A/V receiver and one connected to the wireless rocket fish. A few minutes of listening I could tell what the problem was and I later confirmed it in the specs. The Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit's manual stats that it transmits and receives Stereo, 16-bit, 48Khz uncompressed audio with a bit-rate of 1.465 Mbps. The Signal to Noise Ratio is 87dBs and output power is 2 x 25W RMS (in 4 ohms). Okay? So, the transmitter has to down-sample my 96Khz PCM high-def audio that my A/V receiver is sending. That is one of the differences in quality. Another is the RMS, my receiver can give 120 Watts RMS per channel (at 6 ohms). Also, It's no wonder that there is a slight hiss produced due to the signal to noise ratio. It is most recognizable when the Rocketfish receiver's volume control is cranked. For me, the Rocketfish solves the problem of hiding wires across a room at a cost of quality and hiss (the hiss isn't terrible and may not be noticeable in your environment. It can also be controlled with some trail and error, but you'll sacrifice volume and headroom). Of course, I'm comparing this to my A/V receiver which is awesome in comparison and rightfully so! The differences make the quality of sound noticeable to me, but not my non-audiophile wife. So. Audiophiles beware, but if you aren't an audiophile that can pick out slight discrepancies in the signal, this product is really great. I am halfway tempted to keep it because I'm dreading the day's job (and money spent) of running the wires to the back of my home theater. But, for me, high quality audio is an ever elusive beast that I hope to one day capture.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent "wireless" solution


      Long story short...I was looking to set up my 7.1 surround system in the living room in my new house, but had no options to run any number of rear surround speakers. I bought 2 of these kits, one kit for the surround left and right channels, and another kit for the surround back left and right channels. After taking the kit(s) out of the box(es), I noticed that they had sort of a cheap feeling to them, as in they just feel lightweight and almost just like a plastic shell, BUT...don't let that deter you. Here's why... I connected one unit to the side surround speakers, and the other unit to the back surround speakers. NOTE: It does not have to be done that way, you could connect one unit to both left surround speakers and the other unit to the right side. All that matters is that you pay attention to which speaker you connect to each side of each unit. NOTE: In my opinion, it makes more sense to connect the sides to one unit, and both surround back speakers to the other unit. This is because the receiving units have a volume control (which was a nice surprise). I would rather be able to control the volume for each matching set of speakers, than control the volume for each side instead. In any case, after getting everything hooked up, I turned on one sender, and then one receiver and it connected almost immediately. Same thing for the other unit. I was initially concerned that the units may try to connect to one another, but they are paired at the factory, and even after trying to see if one sender would connect to the opposite receiver...I confirmed that they would not connect to the incorrect unit. I powered everything up and put in a Blu Ray, adjusted some of the speaker levels on my home theater receiver, and the volume on both of the units, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was expecting perhaps some slight, but noticeable delay, and after watching some scenes from Avatar and Terminator 2, I am completely satisfied with the results! The term "wireless" seems to confuse some people and I'd like to clear this up to help out. There is no such thing as a completely wireless system. Speakers need power to function. You WILL have to run wires from the receiving unit to the speakers and you WILL have to be able to connect power to the receiving unit(s). NO, you cannot use 1 sender with 2 receiving units. This is a great solution if you don't want to run wires around the perimeter of a room, in front of a fireplace, etc. If you're trying to mount speakers to the ceiling, this is probably not going to help. In my case, I originally had wires running around the perimeter of my living room in my apartment to all my surround speakers. Now, at my house, I cannot do that, because they would be in front of a fireplace. So, I still have 7.1 surround sound now, without wires in front of a fireplace, and all you see is about 2 feet of an extension cord running underneath my sofa. I hope my review helps you make a decision and clears up any questions you might have!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Does the job but needs more power

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I'll start by saying that I read almost every review available for this unit before purchasing and what I decided is that I need to buy it for myself to really make my own conclusions. (remember that you can always return it if you don't like it) My system consists of the following.... (Fronts) Klipsch RP-280fa (Center) Klipsch RP-450ca (Rears) MartinLogan Motion 4's (Receiver) Marantz SR-6011 I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much from this wireless kit as it's only putting out 30 Watts into 4ohms which is nothing to get excited about but since this unit is meant for the rear speakers, it is acceptable in a small to medium sized room (mine is 16x13). After all the cabIes were hooked up, I made sure the wireless receiver and wireless sender were within viewing distance of each other and setting the volume on the rear wireless receiver at Max. Then I ran the Audyssey EQ calibration on my receiver and was surprised to see that it worked perfectly. You don't need to have a calibrator on your receiver for this unit to work as it is a plug and play system. Once the calibration was complete, I used Mad Max: Fury Road (dolby atmos) to demo the setup. I wish I could say it was amazing but my rears lacked the low end that can be provided by a more powerful amp but the highs were present and were allowed to shine. Now given the size of my room, I am not even using a subwoofer as my towers have dual 8" woofers so the bass is more than enough to make up for what I may be lacking in the rear. Some important things to note.... 1. Follow the directions exactly as they are explained in the instruction manual. 2. Understand that if you do not have a dual band wireless router then you may experience interruption and delays in either your speakers or your wireless speeds to your devices ie. smart phone, tablets, media players etc. I have all my devices connected to 5ghz and let this unit take over the 2.4ghz so that I am assured no issues. As long as you are not expecting audiophile performance, I can happily recommend this system to anyone that is looking to go wireless. I'll say it can read all the reviews there are but you won't really know until try it yourself.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great system for reducing wires

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I just installed my second wireless rear speaker system and felt that I should finally review this system. The first system that I set up, I used for my rear surround speakers and I have had a no-hassel experience for a little more than two years now. It was a breeze to set up; hook the sending unit to the rear of your A/V receiver's surround speaker L/R out via the supplied speaker wires, connect the receiving unit to your rear speakers (these speaker wires are not included#, plug both units into the wall, turn them on, hold the connect button on the receiving unit until the lights go solid and you're ready to roll. Now this system does not make your rear speakers completely wireless as you do have to have some wire going from the receiving unit to the speakers, but this should be a pretty small distance...definitely less than running from A/V receiver to rear of the room. I have had no issues with signal being interupted (my set up has the two units about 25 feet apart and the receiving unit is in a cabinet, out of "view" from the sending unit). I have had no issues with the sound quality. The second system I just hooked up yesterday works just as well...I am using that from my receiver's Zone 2 speaker out to some outdoor speakers on my patio. In this set up, the receiving unit is about 35 feet from the sending unit but it is through a wall outside and the only issue that I have noticed is that the initial "connection" (synching) took a little longer but I have not noticed any lack of power or signal loss so far. I was worried that having two of the same systems plugged into the same A/V receiver going to two different sets of speakers might not work (would the signals from each sending unit be distinct enough to work independently from each other?), but it absolutely works perfect. Before I bought this, I did contact Rocketfish directly to ask this question and the guy there said that it work; this little customer service nugget definitely also helped me decide to write this (lengthy) review. All in all, this is a great system for reducing rear speaker wires. Again, in my two set-ups, I can only speak to quality of signal up to 35' (not near the 100' as advertised, which is why I only rated the "range" as "good"), but I think that this works great. I could have easily given this 5 stars, but the $100+ price tag I think is a little too high (maybe I'm just cheap), though I have not seen many comprable systems at this price point...maybe I should've given this 5 stars. Enjoy!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Solved my problem

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      My usage for this item is probably not exactly what the mfg intended. I had a set of outdoor speakers sitting in a closet long before I had an outdoor patio to use them. Now that I have a patio, I need to get music pumping through these speakers. Enter Rocketfish. The distance between my stereo receiver and the outdoor speakers is only about 30' at the most, and I was only going through one wall. But I wanted to find a wireless device because I did not want to run speaker wire directly through walls/ceiling/etc. I was able to find a 10"x7" electrical enclosure online, which I've mounted to the outside of the house, and the Rocketfish receiver is mounted into that - making the device summer-time weather-proof (I carved-out some openings for access to the speaker inputs/buttons/volume, so I will probably need to bring it in during the winter). But I've got to say that this Rocketfish device is really handling this set-up very well. The sound does cut out for about 3 seconds on occasion - random interference with the wireless signal, which I cannot forcibly reproduce. It happens maybe once during an afternoon or evening sitting on the patio. I know that you can just buy a set of wireless-ready speakers, but if you've got existing speakers and don't want to drill holes and run wire, this is a workable solution. BTW, my complaint stems from the fact that I've got the AC power of the wireless router plugged into one of the ports on my Onkyo receiver. Whenever I turn on the receiver, the router turns on and starts looking for a connection. So I've got to turn off the router if I'm just listening to music indoors. Or I could find another wall outlet for the router, but I'm done working for today....

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Doesn't work with my wifi


      I bought this product about a month ago. I already had made my review but it didn’t get posted. I emailed Best Buy to see why my post never went up and they never got back to me. So I’m going to try to recreate my previous post. I hooked it up the day it was purchased. I used the directions and the hookup went smoothly. I turned everything on for the first time and it all worked. After getting it to work I decided to test it out. During testing I noticed several problems: There was a delay in the sound to the wireless speakers, there was a faint noise coming from the speakers at all times, and worst of all it interfered with my wireless internet. The delay was minor and maybe not noticeable to some people but I detected it and knew it was there and that’s enough to bug me every time I watch a movie. Rocketfish knew this when they made the product, stating in the manual that there could be a delay in milliseconds. They also said that most receivers have something to correct this. Mine was able to compensate for some of the delay but not all of it. I wish this were something Rocketfish could of fixed on their end. As for the noise that comes from the rear speakers at all times. That isn’t too bad, when the system is turned off the sound goes away and the sound they make while on isn’t very noticeable. My biggest concern was that it would interfere with my wireless internet. At first I didn’t notice it was, but after using it for about 10-15 min my internet started to lock up. And fixing it was as simple as turning off the power to the sender or the receiver. Instantly my internet was restored. I’m not saying these results will occur in every situation just in the setup I have. I live in an apartment and my router is not far from where my sender is. Another small thing that bugged me was the red lights on both the sender and the receiving end of the wireless system. The wireless receiver was the bigger problem because the sender was hidden behind my stereo receiver. The wireless receiver would stay lit while in use, and when the sender is turned off it sets the receiver into an every things ok blinking mode aka stand by mode. Most users end up covering the lights with electrical tape. I think these reviews are helpful in the purchasing process and both the good and the bad should be listed. I can’t remember the details I put into the first post but this is here to give you an idea of what to check for if your thinking about buying this product. Again your setup might be different and you may not have any trouble with your wireless internet not working.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Very well-thought out wireless product

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      This may shock you, but this product actually works precisely like it is described in the specifications. One thing I noticed in reading the reviews is that the Rocketfish wireless transmitter sends its signal on the 2.4 GHz frequency, which is the same frequency used by wireless 802.11(n) transmissions. Thus, in some situations, given specific environmental conditions in your operating environment, there may be wireless interference while using this product. That being said, I have not experienced such issues so far and I have two wireless devices sitting right next to the wireless transmitted for these speakers. I bought this to send a signal from my A/V receiver to a whole different room, as a kind of work-around for second zone sound on an A/V receiver. At $80 on Black Friday for a new product (and $80 otherwise, open box) that can't be beat. Basically, I am a huge sports fan and wanted to listen to the game while I was in the shower. When I tested these out, they worked so well I had to actually use them for their intended purpose: the back two channels in a surround sound set up. Please note, if your room is set up such that you must use wireless for the side two channels as opposed to the rear two channels, this product can handle that, too. Just use your imagination. You can literally send an audio signal anywhere. This is kind of a cheap work-around for a Sonos system as it allows a set of speakers to be placed wireless in another location, not in a line of sight with the audio source, and to be controlled by the same method which controls the audio source. The sending unit and receiving unit are paired at the factory (per the instruction manual) so you do not have to mess around with pressing buttons or getting onto your router and setting IP addresses, etc. Overall, I'd recommend the product. You can have this up and running in five minutes, tops. Please note: both the sending unit and receiving unit require a power input, so mentally note the placement of your electrical outlets and be sure to plan accordingly. The unit comes with only one set of approximately 18" speaker wire, so you must have speaker wire to connect the opposite sender/receiver unit.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Lackluster performance meets wireless bugginess

      • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

      I wanted this product for a long time, but never actually got around to picking it up the many times I visited the store. After receiving a gift card for Christmas, I finally decided to go ahead and pick it up. I had plans to hide this piece in my attic and run speaker wire behind the walls to my wall-mounted rear speakers, but now I'm really not sure what I'm going to do to solve my wired rear speaker issues. My preliminary installation was with the equipment sitting on my living room floor with no major obstructions to hurt performance. Unboxing the piece, I found easy to read instructions and a simple 5 minute setup. After setting it up, it took about 30 seconds for the two pieces to connect before functioning properly. Once the transmitter and receiver were synced, I fired my surround sound up and instantly heard a slight delay in the rear speakers. My advice to customers who already have a surround sound system is to check and make sure you can alter speaker latency before purchasing this piece. You will have to delay your wired front speakers a bit because of the delay to the wireless rears. That aside, we continued watching our basketball game all while ignoring the echo-like delayed rear sound. Soon after setup, the system began malfunctioning. It was popping and cracking like crazy. I turned it off and powered it back on. The interference or whatever it was ceased. We continued watching the game until the sound started cutting out. This is when I decided in my head that it was going to get returned, but I left things connected, hoping it wouldn't interfere much more until I had a chance to disconnect it at halftime. This didn't work, though. The system began popping and cracking again, making all sorts of terrible noises. I immediately got up and started re-boxing the package. It's halftime right now as I write this, but as soon as the game is completed, I'm returning this thing for a refund.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • i4u.comRating, 4.5 out of 5Shane McGlaun on March 17, 2008
      Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit Review
      The problem with home theater systems are all the wires. Speaker wires for the front speakers aren't all that bad. However, that changes when it comes time to run the rear speakers, especially if you have a large room that you need to run speakerFull Review
    • CNETRating, 3 out of 5Steve Guttenberg on February 26, 2008
      Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit review: Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit
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