Samsung - Gear S2 Smartwatch 30.5mm - White

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch: Stay connected even when you're away from your phone with this smartwatch, which receives texts, e-mails and notifications and features S Health and Nike+ Running integration to track your health and fitness. The 1.2" Super AMOLED touch screen makes it easy to navigate apps and Web pages.

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What's Included

  • Additional band (small)
  • Gear S2 Smartwatch 30.5mm
  • Owner's manual
  • Wireless charging dock

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
91% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2701 out of 2972)


Connect to your Android smartphone

Sync your apps and contacts and receive notifications when you get a text, e-mail or phone call.

1.2" Super AMOLED touch screen

View texts and e-mails, check your calendar and browse the Web while you're on the go.

Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC connectivity

Access Web pages and apps at home or on the go. Connect to a variety of compatible devices for wireless streaming and charging.

Elastomer band fits your active lifestyle

Adjustable band stretches for comfort while you run, bike or lift weights in the gym.

S Health and Nike+ Running integration

Stay healthy and track your fitness progress. A heart rate monitor helps get you moving.

S-Voice enables simple voice command

Search the Web and make phone calls right from your wrist.

IP68-rated dust- and water-resistant design

Gorilla3 display and elastomer band offer durability for outdoor use.

Wireless charging

Power your device quickly using the included wireless charging dock.

Overall customer rating

would recommend to a friend



  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    I LOVE this watch. Didn't even know I needed it

    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I love my Gear S2. Over about a week, I have physically tried out the Gear S2, the Asus ZenWatch and the Moto 360 2nd generation. The only watch I loved was the Gear S2. After doing my research on which smartwatch to get, I had made my decision on the Asus ZenWatch. Unfortunately Best Buy didn’t have one of those available for me to try out or even put on my wrist. (Bad sales move Best Buy.) While I was going back and forth about buying something that I hadn’t even seen in real life, the in-store Samsung representative got a hold of me. While in the store I was having an airhead moment and couldn’t remember the main reason why my final choice was the ZenWatch (the Android Wear OS) so I ended up being swayed. He showed me the watch, let me put it on my wrist. Demonstrated how it worked and all it could do. Before I knew what happened, he had paired my phone and I was out the door with a beautiful new watch (at twice the price) on my arm. Although I loved it, once I got home, I remembered why I wanted the ZenWatch, the Android Wear operating system. Well I couldn’t spend that much money without being completely sure that’s what I wanted so 2 days later I bought the ZenWatch. I wore both of them for one day but never really formed an affinity for the ZenWatch. It was heavy and slow and not as easy to use. (My full review of the ZenWatch is available under that product.) I returned the ZenWatch and exchanged it for the Moto 360 2nd gen. Since I was already in the $300 range for a smartwatch, why not compare apples to apples (no pun intended.) [Both the Gear S2 and the Moto 360 2nd gen have a heart rate monitor; the ZenWatch does not.] After forcing myself to wear the Moto 360 for one full day, I finally decided the keep the Samsung Gear S2. I was skeptical about why to get a smartwatch but I was bored with the standard watches I had and wanted a fitness tracker so I thought I’d treat myself for my birthday. O. M. G. Life is so much easier with a smartwatch. You’re not so tied to your phone (in your hand) when the key functions are on your wrist. At my job, I turn off my ringer and put the phone away in the drawer. I may hear the phone in the drawer, but with every vibration being the same instead of unique notifications, I don’t know if I’ve received junk mail or an important text. With a smartwatch, I can glance at my wrist and know if action is needed. I can quickly send a short response without opening up my phone. (Isn’t that what the middle age working generation is all about? We know it’s not professional to have our phones glued to our hands as an extra appendage but we still want to respond to certain things in real time.) I’ll start with the cons of the S2 just because there are fewer of those. I really didn’t want a sports gadget on my wrist on a daily basis. I wanted something that looked like a normal (dressy) watch. I didn’t want to try the Tizen operating system. I’m skeptical of trying a new operating system before it becomes well established. Tizen doesn’t have as many apps as Android Wear. How reliable is this rotating bezel going to be? I’ve found the rotating bezel does get moved (activated) when putting on or taking off shirts and jackets. It is slightly heavier than an everyday standard watch. In spite of all those cons, the Gear S2 is still an amazing device. First and foremost, the S2 is easy to use! I like that is has 2 buttons on the side instead of one single button. Sometimes you need to go BACK but not START OVER. At other times you’re done with working with an app and want to go back to the watch face. Very smart! Using the bezel you can scroll through the apps not just one at a time but the face of the watch has a circle of apps to choose from (so time efficient!) It’s easy to choose which apps to be able to scroll through AND you can reorder them very easily from your phone. You can easily edit the texts and missed calls/missed texts that you send. The voice recorder for sending texts, etc is super sensitive and accurate. The heart rate monitor is fairly accurate. I personally don’t use the watch as a fitness tracker, mainly because the watch is a little heavy and I don’t wear my watch 24/7 but it did make me aware that I’m not as active as I thought I was and I do need a fitness tracker. It also alerts me to get off my backside if I’ve been sitting too long (an hour or more) and praises me when I do get up. It's helpful when I’ve gotten home from work but I’ve forgotten to take my phone out of my bag or forgotten to turn the ringer back on, the phone still alerts me that I have a call, text, etc. It’s kind of ironic. With this smartwatch I’m more connected to my contacts, including my on-line world but I’m less connected to my physical phone so it feels less intrusive. One last con - I tend to talk with my hands. The watch does light up repeatedly while I’m talking which is a little distracting to the conversation; the person you’re talking to sees the watch light up as our eye is drawn to flashes of light. I’m sure I can figure out how to minimize that little problem. I still which I could change out the watch band and that it didn't look so much like a sports device. (Theoretically there will be interchangeable watch bands but they’re not out there yet.)

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Sound choice, especially with Samsung ecosystem

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    First off, whatever I buy, it comes in pairs because I get one for myself and my wife since she likes the same thing lol. Anyhow, we both had 1st Gen Moto 360's. We did kind of miss some features like the charging dock nightstand clock mode, and the superb voice speech system with Android Wear, but we quickly got over those features. The lack of those features or them working well as well a few other small things keep this from being a 5 star watch. Durability? Both me and my wife Kickbox at an MMA and UFC gym (900+ calories burned in 1 hour), so we do HARDCORE Kickboxing. We've never had our bands to break, scratches, or anything, gloves on or off, and I've banged my watch on car parts, PC equipment, walls, and etc, and it looks brand new. You can't go wrong here if durability is a concern. Speaking of fitness, the S Health integration is just as good as Apple's, if not better, and it works for any type of fitness sport you do, not just running like the Moto Sport. If fitness tracking is a priority, get this watch! No regrets! Way way way way way better than Android Wear! Samsung pay is a GAME CHANGER! You can use Samsung Pay at EVERY terminal except insertion terminals (like Gas Station Pumps and ATM machines). You don't have to guess which store has an NFC terminal, or if you leave your wallet or purse at home, you can still pay for things and is way more secure than the card chip tech out now. You can only currently use NFC on the watch, but this is just an app update away. The convenience of paying with your watch and/or your phone can't be beat! The Gear S2's UI (user interface) is much more intuitive and streamline than Android Wear....the swiping all over the place for basic functions gets old, especially when you're in a rush. The rotating bezel touch screen combo more than makes up for the lack of voice functions from a daily use perspective. We don't really use the S Voice features because they do work, but it's annoying to get things correct. I'd just much rather grab my phone and text or use the keyboard texting app on the watch. If voice functions are a must (hands free operation), then I would suggest getting an Android Wear (or Apple Watch if you have an iPhone and etc). The watch imo actually looks cleaner and feels as such than the Moto 360, even the Moto 360 2nd Gen, especially if you get the Classic with the leather bands....this is coming from a previous Moto 360 owner too which I still have great love for Motos! For a Sport Smart Watch, this is hard to argue against since it looks both sporty and classy, and it isn't a lint magnet like the Moto 360 Sport Band. It's easily on par if not better looking that the Apple Sport Watch, but again, looks are subjective. The Screen is AWESOME! Super AMOLED kills Android Wear hands down, it's just beautiful! I am a power user, and keep my screen brightness on 6 out of 10. I am never below 55% (but usually at 70 something percent) by 10pm-midnight no matter how hard I try to drain the battery and I start my days at 4am, so for you normal 6-9am risers, you can easily go 2 days without a charge. I dock it at night anyhow, but it's just good to know. You can make calls and talk on it if you get the 3G version from your phone carrier, but I think this feature is silly except for maybe having to catch a call in the shower or something, but honestly, I just use my Jawbone for those situations and no one knows I'm in the shower due to the excellent noise cancellation lol. If you HAVE to have this feature, this and the Apple Watch are your only current choices. This watch does have flaws (lack of many app choices, voice speech doesn't work well, etc), just like ALL OF THEM HONESTLY. You will gain some things with one brand smart watch while loosing some to others. It all depends on your wants and needs. We are happy with our switch, and honestly probably won't go back. Just Google search for any more info on this watch vs others.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    My 1st Smartwatch

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    I sort of knew I was getting this from my girlfriend as Christmas gift since I directed her towards the watch after I unknowingly purchased myself the Christmas gift she originally bought for me. Whoops!!!! After having time to play with the watch and all the features and still learning what it can, I am very happy with it and continue to like more and more each day. It does what I wanted it to do and I'm sure more apps will be available as time goes on. I am not a techie so I don't know software names or technical words to make myself sound computer smart. For the people who have patience, common sense, and understand sarcasm, you'll understand my review. I have Samsung s5 phone and had no problems pairing them together. The watch has gps which is very accurate, tracks steps, tracks heart rate, and you can set it up on what kind of notifications you want to get from your phone. Let's be honest with that no Samsung gear, Apple watch, Fitbit, or any other wrist tracker is 100% accurate. How can something on your wrist know exactly how many steps you taken? Do you manually count each step you take in a day and compare the two. HR monitor isn't 100 % accurate either. It monitors your HR rate by checking the pulse in your wrist but the monitor is on top of the wrist. In the real medical world, to check an HR rate you check the pulse below your wrist. So nothing is going to be 100% accurate. I see people are upset that this watch doesn't have an sleep tracker. I never understood why anyone needs any type of smart watch to know how long I slept for? How does something on your wrist know if you are sleeping accurately? I know what time I went to bed, remembered when I seen the clock last, knowing how many times I got up to use the restroom, excited to see the time when laying back down knowing I have x amount of hrs left before my alarm goes off or mad b/c I have 10-30 mins left before my alarm goes off. I think answering a call on the watch is a weird option for this watch b/c you'll need your phone to talk to the person calling. It should just have the reject call option on the watch only. Again people are upset b/c you can't talk on your watch. No one talks on their cell phones anymore so why are people upset b/c they can't talk on a watch? if you wanted to talk on the watch, you should have bought the one you can do that with. Most likely your phone is near you anyway so answer the phone and not the watch. The S voice isn't the best when trying to reply to a text. You can type on the watch but the keys are small on the screen and it is like the old flip phones where you have to hit the number a certain amount of times to get the correct letter you want. So I added more quick messages in the Samsung Gear app settings on my phone with the ones already on there to reply back to texts. If I need to send a detailed text, I'll just use my phone. Not very hard! I like being able to control my music, Pandora, and other music apps from my watch. You can also load about 300 songs onto the watch memory and pair the watch with Bluetooth headphones and play music without the phone. I haven't done it yet b/c don't have Bluetooth headphones. If I do, I'll update my review. If I get Bluetooth headphones, upload music to my watch, and use Nike+ or S Health to go for a run without my phone, that would be great. Battery life is good for me. I woke up at 6am with a full charge and went to bed at midnight with 52% battery left. This was after a day of moderate notifications I guess b/c people vary what they consider a lot of notifications or not enough. Plus I got my workout in also wearing the watch. I'm still getting used to wearing a watch again so I do have some discomfort at times b/c its been about 17 years since I wore a watch. Overall it is a good watch for what I want it to do. It is really an extension of your phone if you have to be few feet or few yards away from your phone. Now you don't have rush across the room to see if you need to take a call or waiting on a text or email. You can check your watch and decide if you need your phone to respond or not. For all the people upset that it doesn't have the bells and whistle of a phone, have a certain tracking monitor or certain app. Then I suggest strapping your phone to your wrist or do more research on the product to find out that it has the tracking monitor or certain app you want before rushing to buy it and get upset b/c you spent money on something that didn't have what you want.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Watch!


    The gear s2 is a great smartwatch! I've been using it every day since it was released on 10/02. I'll go over my experience with the watch and what to expect: +The watch is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and it's not too heavy on the wrist. +The screen is not very big, but it is big enough to be able to read your notifications and use your apps. The screen is gorgeous to look at and visible in direct sunlight + The rotating bezel is a joy to use and it's very intuitive. This makes the gear s2 easier to use than android wear watches or even the apple watch. - There are not many apps on the app store for the watch at the moment, but many are being developed at the moment and will launch soon (including many presented by samsung when they announced the watch. +The watch is a great fitness tracker, it tracks your steps and automatically detects whenever you are doing light activity(walking or running) and logs it in the shealth app. This feature is GREAT and is not present in android wear devices or the apple watch. However, do not expect it to be better than Polar fitness trackers. +You can control the music that is being played on your phone from the watch(yes, this includes spotify - haven't tested it with pandora or google play music yet). + The battery life on this watch blows out of the water the battery life on many other smartwatches: Been using it all day to read my notifications, look at the time and control my music and I am at 86 percent of battery (9am to 9pm). - There is NO speaker on this watch model, and you CANNOT talk on the phone with this watch. Yes, that is unfortunate, but no.. that doesn't mean the product should be rated 1/5. + There are two vibration levels, and the strongest one is definitely strong enough for you not to miss it, but not too strong. + This watch is also IP68 certified water and dust resistant, which is a big plus. - The S-Voice assistant is definitely not the best voice assistant, but is not too bad. You can place calls or dictate texts relatively easy with it. I have not been able to make reminders for some weird reason. - Google Now or Google Maps have no available apps for this watch. This is definitely a con. However, Here maps (owned by nokia) is a very decent maps app that can be used on this watch. As a summary, yes I would recommend this to a friend. But, as any product, it has its limitations. Most people that rate it 1/5 or 2/5 did not do their research before purchasing this product and were expecting something that was never advertised by Samsung.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    One of the very best smartwatches.

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    Got mine today. This watch is very impressive. It feels authentically digital. It doesn't feel like it is trying to impersonate a "real" watch. It feels like a 21st century wristwatch. It is very well built (though, perhaps a notch below a Stainless Steel Apple Watch), and doesn't feel bulky like the Moto360 or Huawei or Apple Watches. It is very light, the weight disappears on your wrist. These are all issues I've had with smartwatches in the past. The display is gorgeous. Very nice pixel density. And the rotating bezel? Genius. It is a great user interface choice for a watch. Gone are the endless swipes of Android Wear. This also allows the watch to be smaller since you don't need a large watch face to interact with. Well done, Samsung. The only potential downsides are the lack of Google apps since this runs Tizen and not Android Wear. Of course since it doesn't run Android Wear, it doesn't feel like a cartoon watch either (those cards, Google? Those are awful). It is very sad seeing a high end Hauwei watch run Android Wear, and seeing those way too bright and loud cards pop up on a beautiful stainless steel watch. Ouch. But this thing so far is very nice. I am very pleased, and I cannot say I've ever not had buyer's remorse after buying a smartwatch. This is the first smartwatch I think I'll want to wear for a long time. Well done, Samsung. I use this watch with my Note 5, and it has been seamless so far. If you want a Smartwatch on the Android platform, this is the watch to get.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Over a year later I'm falling in love with it

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    So I'll be honest when I first bought this over a year ago I was only mildly impressed. At that time I was working out a lot and and already had a Garmin vivofit with heart rate chest strap and ended up deciding that for activity tracking I preferred the Garmin. I felt like the steps and heart rate were more accurate with the Garmin and i liked that with the Garmin i could see my heart rate in real time while i was working out. The only things i liked better about the gear s2 was that i could play music directly from the watch to my Bluetooth headset and that i could use the notes app to put my lifting workout so when I don't remember what I'm supposed to do next or how many sets/reps i could have it right there on my wrist. But then I lost my motivation and stopped working out and both devices went into a drawer for almost a year. Well I just recently decided that I've got to get more active again and got both devices back out and on my wrists. Samsung apparently did some updating while it was in my drawer because I've been using both devices again for a week or two now and I'm seriously considering putting the Garmin back in the drawer and just using the gear s2. Everything that I liked better on the Garmin has now been added or updated to the gear. I also feel like the steps are now more accurate on the gear than the Garmin and just today I figured out that during a workout I can see my heart rate in real time on the gear (maybe it was there all along and I didn't know?) I've heard that heart rate chest straps (which I use with my Garmin) are more accurate but I looked at them side by side during my walk today and they were never more than 2 beats apart and they both came up with the same max heart rate and the average was only a one beat difference. The only problem I've been having is it keeps calling my walks runs. Yeah i wish i was fit enough to run that long but I'm not... yet. But i just downloaded a new update today and that got fixed. I can now tell it what kind of workout I'll be doing before i start. Before I never really used it for texting because the built in keyboard is difficult to use and s voice is terrible for talk to text but I just downloaded a cheap qwerty keyboard and was pleasantly surprised how much better it was. I think now I can see myself sending short messages with it. Also, I'm impressed with the battery life. With my most recent full charge i got just a little shy of 3 full days. Not bad at all. The rubbery strap is a little uncomfortable. I find that several times throughout the day the inside of my wrist will start to itch. But I'm loving it so much i just ordered a cool mesh metal strap off Amazon for about $16. According to the reviews for it it's much more comfortable than the strap it comes with. From what I've seen in YouTube reviews of the new gear s3 i can't see any reason to upgrade. This older version does everything i need it to. I am super sad though to see that it looks like the s2 classic rose gold might no longer be available? I'm not seeing it on the best buy website. I was in love with that one but couldn't justify the price, plus I would have been scared to lift with it. I told myself if I lost all the weight that would be my reward. I don't see myself needing to upgrade any time soon but Samsung if you ever decide to ditch s voice and put Bixby on the gears and make one in rose gold again you might just force me to upgrade.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    So far...really happy with it!


    So far - I am really liking this watch after 4 days in. It's certainly not perfect but I am not sure what device is these days. To me so many of the reviews are based on personal opinions and I will give you mine. First let me say I am new to smartwatches - I have owned several activity trackers and tried the Pebble Time - but did not like it at all. Samsung got many things right for me with this watch. First, it;'s actually something I like wearing - size is perfect, its really comfortable to wear and I think it looks good. I have no experience with Android Wear - and I really wanted to find an Android Wear watch but there is nothing out there that I like at all. I am very active - so I wanted something I could run, hike etc. with. So hear are my initial impressions. Great size, very comfortable, looks good UI is great - very intuitive to navigate - bezel does work really well, screen is crisp and looks good. Love the way the notifications work and easily being able to respond to them. I like the way the calendar is set up as well. I have used it for two runs and a hike so far - through the S Health app,, worked well. Two negatives here - heart rate monitor while running has been giving me inaccurate readings - it also drains the battery - so I turned it off for now - resting HR is spot on. I love the way it interacts with my Galaxy S6 - very intuitive - I really think Samsung put a lot of thought in to this - by not trying to replace the phone but more of a companion and extension of your phone. At first I was disappointed that there was not a speaker on the watch - but it does not bother me now because all the other functions work so well with my S6 - and honestly, I don't see myself carrying a conversation talking into my wrist. The lack of more good apps. is somewhat annoying right now - but I am optimistic that will change soon. I was unsure in general if I would find a smartwatch practical and useful or just another expensive gadget that you don't use after awhile. I can tell you after only 4 days - I'm getting used to it and starting to see the benefits of a smartwatch - and I think this particular watch has something to do with that.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Great Quality, but lacking features

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    I've had the Gear 2 Neo for about 2 years and loved it. With the S2 out, I decided it might be time to upgrade, but I'm not so sure I like the upgrade. I may be tempted to return this and look at android wear or go to the gear s. Note that most of my Pros and Cons are comparing the Gear S2 to the Gear 2 Neo. Pros: - The watch, feels and looks great. It's the best looking watch samsung has made yet. - It's easy to use and the rotating bezel is very useful and handy. - The wireless charging dock is handy, I don't have to fumble with the goofy connector of the Gear 2 Neo or worry about losing it. - The heart rate monitor is much more accurate, faster and will automatically check your heart rate throughout the day. - Lots of options and customizability for watch faces - NFC, this is a pro I'm sure, but I haven't found any use or value for it, since Samsung Pay isn't compatible with my Note 4 and there's no google wallet functionality for it. The Cons: - Very Limited App Selection: I know it'll get better over time, but there are seriously very few apps available, maybe 10 useful apps out there, other than that there are dozens of "watch face" apps. - Battery Life and Charging: So far, the battery life seems to be right around a day (not really that bad) and the battery charges much more slowly than my gear 2 neo (probably due to wireless charging?). It takes at least a couple hours to charge with the watch powered off, meaning i have to have it on the charger at night instead of on my wrist to track sleep and wake me with a silent alarm. My Gear 2 neo I could get 2-3 days on one charge and would simply charge for 20 minutes in the morning while I would get ready for work. - No Sleep Tracking: I haven't found any way to track my sleep with this. Meanwhile the Gear 2 Neo would record sleep and movements natively. - No speaker built in or ability to take calls with it: This is a big one for me, I didn't realize when I bought this that I couldn't take calls with it. I'm often on long conference calls and I was able to participate in them on the gear 2 neo. I've also had occasions where I would walk and talk in the rain, or use/answer the phone while I'm washing dishes or in the shower. I can't do any of those with the Gear S2. Maybe the 3g model will have that capability? - No IR Blaster: I know for many it was a gimmick, but I did use the IR blaster on my Gear 2 Neo several times a week. I can't do that with the Gear S2. - Limited Configurability especially screen time-out: I can't find any way to change the screen on/off functions. It'll turn off when I turn my wrist sometimes and it turns off way to fast, while I'm looking at or reading something on the screen. It seems to be lacking so many of the other configuration options you had with the gear 2 as well though.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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