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Black Led Lights

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    Enbrighten - Café LED Lights (24 feet/12 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 31662999
    • SKU: 6172732
    Brighten an outdoor space with these string-style Enbrighten LED cafe lights. The 12-bulb string is versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors safely, and they provide consistently white light with excellent energy efficiency thanks to its LED bulbs. These 24-foot Enbrighten LED cafe lights are impact-resistant for extra durability.
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    Enbrighten - Café LED Lights (48 feet/24 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 31664999
    • SKU: 6172742
    Drape an exposed ceiling or decorate an open space with this 48-foot string of Enbrighten LED cafe lights. They produce a 2700K warm white illumination that sets a relaxing mood, and their heavy-duty 18/3 SJTW cord provides weather-resistant durability. Connect other strings (not included) to these 24 linkable Enbrighten LED cafe lights for up to 750 feet of brightness.
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    Enbrighten - Café Vintage Series LED Lights (12 feet/6 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 35626
    • SKU: 6172708
    Decorate your patio with warm lighting by using these Enbrighten LED cafe lights. The energy-efficient bulbs are rated for use in wet locations, and you can install them permanently for year-round use. These Enbrighten LED cafe lights have flexible options for mounting, including linking with other strings to create a length up to 750 feet.
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    Enbrighten - Café Vintage Series LED Lights (48 feet/24 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 35631
    • SKU: 6172712
    Install these Enbrighten LED cafe lights permanently on your patio or deck for year-round enjoyment. The warm amber glow of the bulbs creates a festive atmosphere, and they are impact-resistant for a long life. These Enbrighten LED cafe lights are linkable, so you can use multiple strings to create a 750-foot string.
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    Enbrighten - Café LED Lights (36 feet/18 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 31663999
    • SKU: 6172720
    Hang these Enbrighten LED cafe lights inside or outside your home as a fun addition to decor. Energy-efficient and impact-resistant, they produce light that's warm yet bright, and the string can be linked to others to cover up to 350 sq. ft. These Enbrighten cafe lights can be used year-round.
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    Enbrighten - Café LED Lights (18 feet/9 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 33307999
    • SKU: 6172736
    Set the mood in your outdoor seating area or home office with these impact-resistant Enbrighten Cafe string lights. The 18-foot cord has 9 bulbs for draping along awnings and entryways, and they provide consistently warm, bright light for great visibility. These weather-resistant Enbrighten Cafe string lights use LED technology for lifelong use.
  7. 7.
    Enbrighten - Café LED Lights (12 feet/6 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 31660999
    • SKU: 6172743
    Improve the atmosphere of an outdoor party with these string-style Enbrighten cafe lights. The 12-foot cord contains six bulbs that provide bright, attractive warm light, and the LEDs offer reliable long-term use. These Enbrighten cafe lights can be connected with multiple strings for covering a larger area indoors or outdoors.
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    Enbrighten - Vintage Café LED Lights (24 feet/12 bulbs) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: 35629
    • SKU: 6172744
    Install these Enbrighten LED cafe lights on your patio for a decorative look. Their impact-resistant, heavy-duty construction lets you mount them permanently outdoors and use them throughout the year, and they're energy-efficient for reduced power consumption. These Enbrighten LED cafe lights are linkable, so you can connect multiple sets.
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    DLC - Professional 336 LED Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: DL-DV336
    • SKU: 7912102
    Ensure ample illumination with this DLC Professional 336 DL-DV336 LED light that features 2180 lux, which enables use on subjects up to 25' away. The color temperature adjusts from 3000°K to 6000°K for use in a variety of situations.
  10. 10.
    Insignia™ - Universal LED Video Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: NS-DVL64C1
    • SKU: 3836055
    Light up dim scenery for crisp video with this Insignia™ NS-DVL64C1 video light, which features 64 high-output LEDs with variable dimmer control for precision lighting. The light is compatible with most cameras with a standard hot-shoe mount.
  11. 11.
    Platinum - 308 LED Rechargeable LED Video Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: PT-DVL308C2
    • SKU: 6403137
    With 308 LEDs, this Platinum PT-DVL308C2 video light allows you to achieve rich, bright lighting with balanced color while shooting with your camera. An adjustable mount lets you attach to your camera's standard hot-shoe mount.
  12. 12.
    Manfrotto - LUMIMUSE 6 Photo/Video Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: MLUMIEART-BK
    • SKU: 6389325
    Light up your videos and photos with this Manfrotto LUMIMUSE 6 MLUMIEART-BK LED light, which can be mounted on most digital cameras or tripods to provide 410 lumens of light for bright scenes. Use 1 of the 3 included filters for an artistic flair.
  13. 13.
    DLC - DV112A-LED Video Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: DL-DV112A
    • SKU: 1747252
    Easily enhance the lighting in your footage by using this DLC DL-DV112A 112-LED video light with your compatible DSLR camera or camcorder. A variable power output switch lets you customize the light output to suit your preferences.
  14. 14.
    DLC - 320-LED Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: DL-DV320C
    • SKU: 1778153
    With adjustable light output and color temperature, this DLC DL-DV320C 320-LED light makes it easy to optimize light conditions, so you can take sharp, vibrant photos and videos using your compatible mirrorless DSLR camera or camcorder.
  15. 15.
    DLC - 110-LED Video Light-Angle_Standard

    • Model: DL-DV110C
    • SKU: 1746303
    This DLC DL-DV110C video light's 110 LEDs feature variable output and color temperature, so you can customize the lighting to suit your preferences. A camera ball-head mount makes it easy to attach the light to your DSLR camera's standard accessory shoe.

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