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    Klipsch - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black/Copper-Front_Standard

    • Model: RP-440WF
    • SKU: 4216401
    This Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-440WF speaker brings lifelike sound to your music and movies when used as a pair or with other Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers and connects wirelessly to the HD Control Center (not included). A Tractrix horn and compressed molded rubber construction create clean audio with ideal high-frequency response.
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    Wharfedale - Diamond 240 6.5" 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: WHD240WHT
    • SKU: 4289346
    Enjoy the smooth, nuanced tones of your favorite songs with these Wharfedale Diamond 240 WHD240WHT speakers, which provide 150W peak power, plus dual 6.5" KEVLAR® woofers, a KEVLAR® midrange and a 1" dome tweeter for powerful, balanced audio.
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    KEF - Q Series 8" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin black-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q950B
    • SKU: 5913615
    Enjoy an enhanced home theater experience with this black KEF tower loudspeaker. Its Uni-Q driver array produces a full-bodied sound that evenly spreads throughout the room, and the 44Hz - 28kHz frequency range ensures clear, detailed tones from low to high. This sealed-cabinet KEF tower loudspeaker produces up to 113dB of clean, rolling bass.
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    KEF - Q Series 8" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin white-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q950WH
    • SKU: 5913617
    Enjoy full, rich movie soundtracks with this white KEF tower loudspeaker. Its enhanced bass drivers produce a powerful tone that drops to frequencies as low as 44Hz, and the centrally located tweeter reaches a lofty 28kHz. With a 91dB sensitivity rating, this KEF tower loudspeaker combines impressive sound with an efficient use of power.
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    KEF - Q Series 6.5" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin white-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q750WH
    • SKU: 5913608
    Complete your sound system with this KEF tower loudspeaker. The Uni-Q driver is positioned in its center to minimize resonance and maintain purity of sound, and the closed cabinet construction reduces the load on components for cleaner bass. The tangerine waveguide in this KEF tower loudspeaker increases sound dispersion for immersive audio.
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    KEF - Q Series 6.5" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin black-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q750B
    • SKU: 5913621
    Listen to natural cinematic sound with this KEF floor-standing loudspeaker. Its 6.5-inch aluminum low-frequency driver with an enhanced auxiliary bass radiator keeps the low-end details clean and crisp even at high volumes. The Uni-Q driver array of this KEF floor-standing loudspeaker evenly disperses crystal-clear, accurate audio frequencies at 48Hz - 28kHz.
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    Wharfedale - Diamond Series 6.5" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: WHD230BLK
    • SKU: 4289304
    With durable woven DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber bass and midrange drivers and a 1" soft-dome tweeter, these Wharfedale Diamond Series WHD230BLK floorstanding speakers provide a rich, natural soundscape for your favorite movies and music.
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    Definitive Technology - Dual 6-1/2" 2-Way Bipolar Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black-Angle_Standard

    • Model: BP10B
    • SKU: 6638524
    Learn more about Magnolia Premium Installation   Dual pure aluminum dome tweeters, dual 6-1/2" bass/midranges and a nonresonant monocoque cabinet combine in this floorstanding speaker to deliver exceptional performance for your movies, music and more. Handles up to 300 watts amplified power Two 1" moving coil aperiodic pure aluminum dome tweeters and two 6-1/2" mineral-filled homopolymer-coned, cast-magnesium basket bass/midranges Bipolar design provides stunning sound quality and dramatic performance by radiating sound in an omnidirectional pattern
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    Cerwin Vega - 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: CWV XLS15
    • SKU: 7416025
    Rock out to your favorite tunes with this Cerwin Vega CWV XLS15 floorstanding speaker, which handles 400W peak power for rich, robust audio. The 1" textile dome tweeter, 15" paper woofer and paper midrange driver offer crisp highs and deep lows.
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    KEF - Q Series 5.25" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin white-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q550WH
    • SKU: 5913625
    Enjoy accurate sound with this KEF tower speaker. Its specialized Uni-Q driver array places the tweeter in the center of the midrange for a room-filling, detailed sound profile and locates it in a sealed box inside the cabinet for cleaner audio. The low-frequency driver of this KEF tower speaker produces deep, dynamic bass with minimal distortion at high volumes.
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    KEF - Q Series 5.25" 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Satin black-Front_Standard

    • Model: Q550B
    • SKU: 5913627
    Enjoy powerful sound with this KEF loudspeaker. The floor standing unit has low-frequency drivers for outstanding bass even at high volumes, and its Uni-Q driver array provides crisp, multidimensional sound. This KEF loudspeaker has a closed cabinet for excellent sound clarity, and its tall, slender design fits easily into most home entertainment setups.
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    Klipsch - Reference Dual 8" Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: R-28F
    • SKU: 6228118
    Utilizing dual 8" copper-spun IMG woofers and a 1" aluminum diaphragm-compression LTS tweeter, this Klipsch Reference R-28F floorstanding speaker creates a crystal-clear cross-spectrum soundscape.
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    ELAC - Debut 2.0 Dual 6-1/2" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: DF62-BK
    • SKU: 6198600
    Bring high-end sound to your stereo system with these Debut 2.0 Series speakers by Andrew Jones. Improved woofers and tweeters enhance high-frequency and low-frequency sounds for rich audio, and the thick MDF cabinets feature internal bracing to reduce vibration. These Debut 2.0 Series speakers by Andrew Jones work with two-channel and stereo surround sound setups, making them ideal for use with other stereo components or a home theater system.
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    Klipsch - Reference Dual 6-1/2" Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: R-26F
    • SKU: 6228094
    Enjoy immersive sound with this Klipsch Reference R-26F floorstanding speaker that features dual 6-1/2" copper-spun IMG woofers and a 1" aluminum diaphragm-compression LTS (linear travel suspension) tweeter to deliver cross-spectrum audio.
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    Cerwin Vega - XLS-28 Dual 8" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black Ash-Front_Standard

    • Model: CWV XLS28
    • SKU: 3227361
    Rock out to your favorite songs with this Cerwin Vega XLS-28 CWV XLS28 floorstanding speaker, which features dual 8" paper woofers, a paper midrange and a 1" soft textile dome tweeter for booming bass, well-rounded midrange tones and crisp, clear highs.