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DIY vs. Professional Home Monitoring


So you know the basics of what you want out of your home monitoring system — maybe something simple or a few fancy extras. The next question is whether you should set this up yourself or have a professional security company do it for you. Four simple factors can help you decide DIY or pro.


The Size of Your Home

A smaller home or apartment means less peripherals and cords. Generally, the smaller your home, the simpler the set-up. DIY kits are quick and easy in studio apartments or homes without too many doors and windows. If your house is on the bigger side, a professional setup saves time and potential problems from connecting tons of peripherals.


Setup Time

Before you decide DIY or pro, ask yourself if you really have the time to set up your home monitoring system. A larger home means more time researching, laying out and troubleshooting your system. Don't let a timely setup deter you, but make sure to have realistic expectations for how long it will take to get your system up and running.


Cost Considerations

Cost seems cryptic at first. Most DIY kits will be cheaper than the professional option. Make sure you look beyond the core price and factor in every extra you'll need. Only compare costs after accounting for absolutely everything.



If something goes wrong with your monitoring system, a professional security company will almost always send someone to fix it as part of their service (though this may come at an additional cost). Many DIY kits offer customer service, but it could take a bit of extra effort and time on your part to get your system back up to snuff.

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