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Solar Panel Charger for Arlo Ultra/Pro 3 Security Cameras - White/Black

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Experience the power of the sun with this Arlo Ultra/Pro 3 solar panel charger. Featuring a weather-resistant solar panel and an adjustable wall mount, this device turns sunlight into energy for your Arlo camera. This Arlo Ultra/Pro 3 solar panel charger offers flexible placement and makes it easy to keep your camera charged with an 8-foot magnetic charging cable.


Compatible with Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 wire-free security cameras

Including VMC4040P(B)-100NAS, VMS4240P-100NAS, VMS4340P-100NAS, VMS4440P-100NAS, VMS4640P-100NAS, VMC4240B-100NAS, VCS4440B-100NAS, VMS5440-100NAS.

As well as VMS5340-100NAS, VMS5240-100NAS, VMS5140-100NAS, VMS5440B-100NAS, VMS5240B-100NAS, VMC5040(B)-100NAS models.

Solar charger

Uses solar power to keep your wire-free camera powered.

Continuous charging

You can let your wire-free camera operate continuously without the need to remove it to change its battery.

Weather-resistant design

Features a weather-resistant exterior for outdoor use.

Easy setup

The adjustable mount makes installation easy anywhere.

What's Included

  • Arlo Solar Panel Charger for Arlo Ultra/Pro 3 Security Cameras
  • Owner's manual
  • Wall mount
  • Wall mount screw set
  • Window decal

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