Suunto - Spartan Trainer GPS Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch - Blue

Keep track of fitness goals with this Suunto Spartan Trainer sports watch. It's water-resistant up to 50m for tracking activity when swimming, and it has sport-specific training modes, so you can record your progress in multiple activities. The integrated GPS on this Suunto Spartan Trainer sports watch lets you monitor all your steps.

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    Suunto - Spartan Trainer GPS Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch - Blue - Larger Front
    Suunto - Spartan Trainer GPS Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch - Blue
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    What's Included

    • Quick start guide
    • Suunto Spartan Trainer GPS Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch
    • USB cable
    • Warranty card

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    75% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (24 out of 32)


    Track your heart rate

    Know how hard you're working and how well you're rested with the integrated wrist heart rate monitor.

    How fast and how far

    Onboard GPS gives you the key metrics you need: pace, speed, distance, elevation and more.

    Ready for your sports

    Over 80 customizable sport modes (including running, cycling and swimming) plus interval and heart rate zone training.

    Keep track of daily activity levels

    Track daily heart rate, steps, calories and sleep to get a full view of your health and fitness.

    Easy viewing in low-light conditions

    Backlit display delivers crisp, clear visual readouts.

    Customizable sport modes with graphs and automatic laps

    Graphical training partner helps keep you motivated.

    Compact size

    Slim size and optimal fit for sports and daily wear.

    Water-resistant design

    50 M water resistance as well as indoor and outdoor swim modes.

    Extended battery life

    Get up to 10 hours of battery life in training mode and up to 14 days in daily use.


    Save and share your workout data and receive text and call notifications with the Suunto app for Apple iOS and Android.

    Alarm function

    Wake up at the right time with the included alarm.

    Low-battery indicator

    Lets you know when to recharge the battery.

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    Customer rating

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great watch at a competitive price!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Although my trusty Garmin 305 is still working, I began thinking it might be time for an upgrade when a friend asked if that was a tablet strapped to my wrist! OK, so maybe it’s not that big, but there are smaller options available today. One such option is the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR. In a much more reasonably sized package, I get all of the functionality of my previous sports watch and more. Right out of the box, the Spartan is charged and ready to go. What I thought was a very thorough user’s manual turned out to be about 5 pages of instructions repeated over and over in just about any language you can think of. No problem, I’ll find instructions on the web. The first thing I did was to download the Suunto Movescount software and check for a firmware update for my watch. This is a simple process and it goes quickly. Anxious to try out the watch, I disconnected and decided to give it a try. The watch comes pre-loaded with a number of “sport modes” that are already configured with the metrics that are most important for a particular exercise. For example, my main sport is running, so the basic setup for the running sport mode includes pace, heart rate, distance, duration, and more. There are 4 different screens for each exercise. The first question I had was “how do I configure these screens to display what I want to display in the order that I want to see them?”. On my Garmin, I was able to configure those screens right on the watch, but the Suunto doesn’t allow that. Instead, you have to go to the movescount web site. This is where you can change the settings on the watch, and then you synch those settings to the watch using the Suunto Link app. Once I learned that, I set up a custom sport mode with the metrics I wanted to see, in the layout that I prefer. I also deleted the sport modes that I wouldn’t be using. Using the Spartan is a breeze. One thing I really appreciate about the newer watches is that they don’t make you wait while they acquire a satellite signal for the GPS. You can simply choose your exercise, press start, and take off. As you complete each mile, the watch vibrates to let you know. It also has a heart rate monitor built in, which uses light to measure the heart rate right on your wrist. It’s not as accurate as using a separate chest strap, but it’s a whole lot more convenient. I did some running wearing both my old and new watches to compare them. The Suunto seemed to consistently track my runs as being longer distances than the Garmin, but I think that may change over time. Each time I synch the Suunto, it tells me it is optimizing the GPS, so I expect that to get better over time. Even so, it’s not a drastic difference, and who’s to say that the Garmin is right? The Spartan is thicker than a standard watch, but not largely so, and that means you can wear the watch all day long, not just when you’re exercising. It has the features of a fitness tracker, so it keeps track of your steps, stairs climbed, heart rate, etc. all throughout the day. You can even use it to track your sleep patterns, but I did not do that, since I can’t stand having something on my wrist while I’m sleeping. Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a try. It features several watch faces from which you can choose, but none of them are anything to write home about, and I didn’t see any way to import watch faces from other sources. While the Spartan is not a “smart watch”, it does connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can receive notifications from your phone for things like texts and news headlines. Although you can’t interact with the notifications from the watch, it’s actually a nice feature to have. I’ve never been able to see the value of the high-end smart watches, but I’ll admit that I do like being able to check a notification easily while driving without having to pick up the phone (which I shouldn’t be doing anyway, right?). Battery life is good, and I can get about 4 days out of a charge, using the GPS every day for about 45 minutes. Charging doesn’t take long, and it’s easy to connect it to the computer, synch my information, and charge it at the same time. The Spartan features lots of screens to help you keep track of your fitness. You can see a weekly summary of key metrics like distance run, average heart rate and average pace on a daily basis. That’s pretty cool, but it’s even better when you upload the data to movescount or other apps such as Map My Run. There, you can easily see your trends and keep track of your fitness over time. Overall, I’m very impressed with this watch. This is a tough category, and you have decide if buy in at a price point like the spot where the Spartan is, or do you go further and get a full smart watch such as the Apple Watch. At $279, this is a pretty good bargain, and you get a lot for the money. You don’t get a touch screen at this price, but I think that’s a reasonable trade-off. The buttons are responsive, and I prefer physical buttons when everything is sweaty or otherwise wet, so I would definitely not pay more for a touch screen. I’m very happy with this watch and am looking forward to getting a lot more use out of it. If you’re in the market for a GPS watch, you should definitely include this one on your short list!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A Hardcore Athletic Training Watch

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Compared to others on the market, the Suunto Spartan Trainer gets a lot of things right, but falls short in comparison to other fitness watches on some of the more casual features. Pros: - The Suunto Spartan Trainer is noticeably more comfortable than for example the Fitbit Charge 2. The Spartan Trainer, being more of a traditional watch form factor fits the wrist better and the strap material is more pliable and pleasant feeling than the Charge 2. Its overall design is very similar to a traditional watch. It’s more attractive to look at and fits in with day-to-day and business attire. - The user interface on the Spartan Trainer uses physical buttons rather than a touch screen which makes scrolling between function screens easier and more consistent. - The actual user interface is crisp and clean with simple bold colors which you can change to your taste. The intuitive control layout is used consistently throughout the entire experience. - This is a fitness watch aimed squarely at the hard core Iron Man, Alpine Skiing, Tough Mudder Running, etc. Athlete. - The GPS mode is accurate and makes getting lost on longer off road runs less likely since it allows you to retrace your steps using a “bread-crumb” mechanic. Cons: - The Phone App is not great. Though very attractive, it lacks the Social Motivation and positive feedback from other fellow Suunto Spartan users that you get with the Fit Bit App user experience. - My personal experience during the initial syncing of the device via Bluetooth seemed unnecessarily frustrating. Using an Android OnePlus 3 phone, I went through the normal Android steps to pair the Spartan with my phone. According to my phone’s Bluetooth settings it was paired with the Spartan. However, the Suunto App on my phone refused to recognize the Spartan watch. I ended up removing and reinstalling the App at least five times before finally getting it to pair using the Suunto Moves App. This finally allowed the App to recognize the Spartan device. Because of this experience I ended up not using the Suunto Spartan App for several days and only using the Spartan watch itself to view my data. In summary, the watch's hardware is fantastic and if it was compatible with Fitbit software I would drop my Charge 2 in a heartbeat. As it stands I have a difficult decision to go with a better device (the Spartan) and be by myself or go back to my Charge 2 and enjoy the superior Fitbit ecosystem and social interaction/motivation. When it comes down to it, I’m not personally a hardcore Iron Man, Alpine Skiing, Tough Mudder running athlete. So, I’m not the primary target for the Suunto Spartan Trainer. I prefer the more informal social competition and motivation of my friends and coworkers who all use Fitbit devices. That's why I can't recommend it to one of MY casual fitness sports friends. They'd have the same problem of great device but no social interaction. While the Fitbit is definitely less comfortable and less attractive than the Suunto Spartan Trainer the Fitbit ecosystem is a different type of draw. HOWEVER, if you and your friends are into hardcore personal sports, the Suunto Spartan is the watch for you.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Comfortable, light-weight and looks great.

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      The Suunto Spartan Trainer is the first fitness watch I’ve owned. I’m not an overly active person however I do go to the gym a once or twice a week and have been wanting to keep a closer eye on my pulse and general activity. I don’t run trails or do much hiking however the GPS and maps available on this watch have motivated me to try and do some more outdoor activities, including running, once the weather warms up a little more. The watch arrived neatly packaged with a charging cable, quick start guide, warranty and 3-step picture instructions on how to charge it. The watch came fully charged for me however I did have to plug it in to get it started for some reason. The quick start guide is a little short of 100 double-sided pages long, 3 of which are in English and the rest is various other languages. The buttons on the watch are not immediately intuitive and there is a learning curve. I think more instructions included in the box would have been nice. I was able to find a .pdf of the user manual and highly encourage any new owners or potential owners to take a look. After reading the manual and using the watch for about 30 minutes I was able to learn the general navigation of all the menus and submenus. You can find the user manual here: The watch itself is extremely comfortable to wear and I think it looks great. The rubber strap is soft, the heart rate sensor is undetectable on my wrist and overall it’s very light-weight. The screen is fairly easy to read in a well lit room or when in the sunshine however if it’s dark at all you will have to press the button to activate the light, which only stays on for about 5-6 seconds of inactivity before you have to press it again. The step tracker seems to vary a bit and definitely isn’t perfect however I think it will give me a good measuring point for myself to increase upon. The heart-rate sensor needs to be activated for a few minutes of warm-up activity before it will give an accurate reading but overall I’m satisfied with the heart-rate tracking performance. The battery lasts a long time, I was able to wear it an entire week on one charge, which was really impressive, however I would trade some battery life time for a brighter screen. I like that this watch will work with quite a few other apps and will probably explore my options as I think the Suunto app is somewhat limited and geared more towards runners. To update the watch I had to download the Suunto Link program onto my computer and connect the watch with the provided USB cord. The update took about 15 minutes. The Suunto Link software can be found here: My general impression of this watch is that’s is a pretty solid, well built watch with your standard fitness tracking software but nothing too fancy or top-of the line. I think the price is a little high and would try to get this watch when it’s on sale, also be sure to explore all of your options as there are many fitness watches on the market.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      NIce looking watch, tons of features

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      The Suunto Spartan Trainer HR is a very nice looking watch that has enough features to satisfy even hardcore users. The watch is large enough to allow you to easily view stats when you're training, but it's not so large as to make the watch look gaudy if you want to wear it for more than just training. I also like that I can change the face. Although there aren't a ton of faces, it does allow you several options, and I assume they can add more if they choose to. I've actually been wearing this watch as my main watch for a few weeks, and it's extremely comfortable. It seems rugged enough, but I will probably invest in a cover for the face since most of my watches have scratches on the face where I've slammed them into a corner when reaching for something. The watch interface is fairly intuitive (a slight learning curve if you hate reading manuals), and navigating through the interface is very easy using the five buttons. I personally like the buttons instead of having to rely on a touch screen. The screen is quite easy to read, but if it's too dim, just hit a button to momentarily activate the back-light. I've been fairly busy since I got this watch, so I haven't used every feature it offers, but I have taken several 5+ mile runs and the GPS tracking is almost spot on. You can create your own routes if you want, and one interesting feature is the ability to mark points of interest, which would be really nice on long outings. I was initially disappointed in the heartrate accuracy, but it improves greatly once you 'break a sweat'. I do wish the HR monitoring was more accurate when not training. One other thing I've noticed is that the 'step tracker' can be fairly inaccurate. For instance, while working at my desk for a few hours, I was surprised to see I had managed over 500 steps. I guess it has something to do with wrist movement, so I'm hoping this is fixed in a firmware update. I've been getting about 6 days of battery life which will most likely drop when I have more time to bike, but I'm sure the battery life will be more than adequate. Overall I'm quite pleased with the watch. It looks good, feels great, and does a good job of tracking what I'm interested in.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Good starter

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR. First impressions. The watch seems like it’s going to hold up for a while. Mostly rubber and plastic means no rust or corrosion. Getting sweaty will not have any effect on these materials. There are 7 buttons and no touch screen. A touch screen would be hard to deal with while working out. Using the watch. I have 2 negatives about this watch that may not apply to younger people. First, the display is smaller than I would like to see. It has a 0.16” (4.06mm) black ring surrounding the display that seriously reduces the display area. I have no idea why they would do this. Since this is not a touch screen why block out display area. Second, the backlight is very weak. With older eyes and outside, where you’ll probably be using the watch, the display is almost impossible to see. The backlight and contrast are too low for older eyes. Bright light and shadows can make the display almost disappear, even with the backlight on. Functionality. While my knees will no longer allow me to run or jog, I still enjoy swimming. Swimming is easy on the knees and allows for a close to complete workout. The watch fairs well in a water and keeps an accurate stroke and distance count. The heart rate monitor is hit or miss. At one point I’m going as fast as I can and the heart rate monitor says 65 bpm. At another point I’m slowing down and it shoots up to 165 bpm. This can’t be counted as a negative because they state very clearly that the watch should be paired with a heart rate sensor if accurate information is needed. Wrist monitoring heart rate is still not accurate. They even go as far as to say to move the watch up your arm, make it tighter. With them admitting right up front that the heart rate monitor on the watch may not work well for everyone clearly removes this as a negative. Battery life is fantastic. I have the heart rate monitor set to only be active while working out. So far it’s been a full week of workouts and the battery is still at 75%. You can sync the watch with your computer or phone and set workout routes and points of interest. Where I live there are no points of interests. There are a lot of good walking paths, but they are over run with college students, a crowd I tend to leave to themselves. I’m not completely sure if the GPS functionality is worth it. On a slightly overcast day it would get and then lose the GPS signal. If walking or running in a wooded area I think the tree canopy would render the GPS sensor useless. There are 7 buttons, as already stated. Remembering what one to press, to get what, is confusing. This will go away with more use. I do not like that I can not pick my city. I have to pick one in my time zone and call it good. Maybe I missed something in the software, if setting your exact city is something you want, look into this first, I could have just missed it. Overall this workout watch is a good basic starter. Lots of functionality with great battery life. Make sure that the functionality you’re looking for is in this watch before being swayed by the price. Just because it’s $50.00 less than the next one up doesn’t make it a better deal if the one thing on the top of your list is missing. The manual is free to download, I recommend you download it and read up on the things you’re looking for before purchase.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      OK Training Watch

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I do not want to be overly negative in my review but let me start by saying that I really like the design of the Suunto Watch. It fits my style very well and I find it pleasant to look at and even to show it off. The watch functions relatively well but I have noticed a lot of issues while using it. The first thing is the Step Counter on it is an absolute joke. While I was setting the watch up I was sitting on my couch I was slightly moving my arm around getting the watch and fitting it in a comfortable position and when I look at the step counter it had said I had taken 32 steps already. This has continued throughout my time using the watch. just going about my normal business I will take a look down and see my steps have increased by several hundred or thousand. My job requires me to sit for long stretches of time. So the step reader is incredibly innacurate. The phone is also very particular on where it has to be on your wrist to get a good reading for the heart monitor. The phone would eventually slide down from where I would have it and began to display incorrect heart rate information until I adjusted the watch on my wrist. Also the connectvity to my phone has not been great, I do not recommend using it for notifications I kept having issues where a notification would pop on the watch, I would dismiss it on the watch and phone and it would notify my a couple more times on the watch about the notification even if it was something I had deleted several minutes ago. All of the other basic functions of the watch seem to work very well and the watch is very easy to use, its very easy to scroll through the different options and get to where I need to go on the watch. I wish I could love this watch and recommend it to everyone I know, but all of the issues I experienced using the watch left me not feeling great about it.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      I love this watch

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This is a really good running and fitness watch for the price. I chose it mainly because blog reviews suggested it has excellent GPS accuracy for the price. I use it a lot for trail running and I've found that to be true-- it provides accurate feedback on how far you've run and your pace in real time. It also looks good for every day use and is not excessively bulky. It works well enough as a daily fitness tracker (step counter) too. The heart rate monitor is not as accurate as a chest strap, but that's true on any watch. In my experience the heart rate monitoring accuracy can vary a lot depending on where you wear it on the wrist. After some trial-and-error, I've found that wearing it higher up on the wrist (a few inches up from the hand) and keeping it tight provides much more plausible heart rate readings. I like the vast array of different sports options. Unlike some other reviewers, I have not had any problems at all with connecting the watch to the app on my smartphone via Bluetooth, and I have an old cheap Moto Android phone -- perhaps they've fixed the firmware since the other reviewers' complaints? The app is a little slow to sync but works fine. I also like both the smartphone app and the PC app, and they sync up to Strava well. Another nice feature is that you can can set it so that alerts just give you haptic feedback (vibration). It would be nice if it gave you that choice with the alarm too. The interval training feature, which I use a lot, works well as long as all the intervals and rest periods are identical in duration or length, since that is the only option. If you choose the right settings, it both vibrates and gives you an audible alarm when each interval is done and when the next interval is due to begin. My biggest complaint about the watch is that you have to go through too many different screens to make the interval function work. So for example, there is a sport mode called "interval running," but the "interval" feature is turned off by default in that sport mode, so even if you choose "interval running," you still have to go through a bunch of additional screens to turn on the interval feature every time you use it. In addition, even if you turn the interval option on, once you press "start" for the particular exercise (i.e, the "Move" in Suunto lingo), you then have to press the middle right button several times to go across a bunch of screens until you get to the one that allows you to start the interval timer, which is not synced to the timer for the exercise. I'm hoping that Suunto will fix their firmware to make the interval option a little more user-friendly -- it seems like they're constantly working on the firmware. Aside from that bit of inconvenience, this is a great watch for the price, and if you like running and doing a variety of other fitness activities it's a good choice.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Can't update firmware w/o Windows or Mac PC

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Watch was almost fully charged when I took it out of the box. No instructions on how to charge it. See photo attached to see what to do. The included Quick Guide has very little information on how to use the watch. This is strange and might make some customers feel uncomfortable. Had to wait overnight before the the watch face showed up with time. Display was dim until I pressed a button on the right side of the device. Then it was readable but still not very bright. Guess the developer opted for maximum battery life.This watch is built rugged. Although I don’t do watersports anymore, I’m confident it is waterproof per product specs I’m confused about the procedure to update firmware. Looks like U have to download the files to a Windows or Mac PC and that there’s no way to do it directly from the device. That’s a big drawback in my opinion. Some people spend most of their on mobile except at work. Using the companion app is simple to use. But still trying to view results on the watch. This is going to take some time. Might make a comment later on my review so verdict is still out for now. If U use the website, there are many options listed to track exercise. Very impressive. Starting exercise tracking from the website is a good convenience as I do all my exercise starting from where I live. Using movescount Android app and website to keep track of my walking activity and circuit training activities. I have a Moto 360-2 Android Wear watch and have never tracked gym activity because I don’t like bringing my phone into the building. With the Suunto I don’t have to worry about this as it is a dedicated stand alone device. Big points here. Watch band is wide so don’t think it’s for females.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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