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Car & Marine Technology Resources


Learn About Car & Marine Technology

Get helpful tips on smart technology for your car, boat, motorcycle or off-road vehicle, including car and marine audio, GPS, dash cams and more.

Car and marine technology resources

Connected Car Buying Guide
Learn about technology that can make life easier and more enjoyable on the road, including car audio, GPS navigation and more.
Safe Driving
Do your part to stay safe. Learn about the latest tech for hands-free communication, music and more.
How to Add Bluetooth to Your Car
Play music, make hands-free calls and more when you add Bluetooth technology to your vehicle.
How to Match Car Amps and Subs
Find tips on matching car amplifiers and subwoofers for the best car audio setup.
Marine Audio Upgrades
Learn about marine-grade audio that not only looks and sounds great, but can also withstand the elements.
Remote start technology
Learn about smart car start technology, which lets you start your vehicle remotely, securely and using a smartphone.
Radar detector technology
Learn about the benefits of a radar detector and how the latest technology can help you avoid unexpected speeding tickets.
Dash cam technology
Learn about why you might want to have a dash cam in your vehicle, whether it's for safety or for fun.