The Adventures of Smilin' Jack Vol. 1 and 2 [DVD]

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Adventures of Smilin' Jack: A Watery Grave
As the water from the underground is pushing the spikes upwards toward the trapped Smilin' Jack (Tom Brown), Axis spy Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) is demanding the answer to the whereabouts of Mandon leader Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), the only one who knows the whereabouts of a hidden road leading from China to India. Luckily, Tommy (Edgar Barrier) and Captain Wing (Keye Luke) arrive just in the nick of time. Von Teufel makes her escape, only to reappear in her disguise of foreign correspondent at the press conference where Mah Ling is supposed to divulge the location of the secret passage. Armed with a poisoned dart to be fired from her ballpoint pen, the Fraulein is disappointed when Mah Ling demands a guarantee from the British High Commission in Hong Kong that the whereabouts of the road to India will only be used to further the allied war efforts. While Smilin' Jack is escorting Mah Ling to Hong Kong for the important counter signature, Fraulein Von Teufel plots to have the Mandon dignitary kidnapped before he can divulge his secret. Working with Hardigan (Stanley Blystone), a Hong Kong outfitter, Fraulein Von Teufel's plan succeeds and Mah Ling is soon on his way to a Japanese submarine entombed in a wooden box. Trapped in another box is Smilin' Jack, who discovered a clue leading him straight to Hardigan's on Water Street. This second box, however, is soon bobbing up and down in the Hong Kong harbor, the trapped Jack in grave danger of "A Watery Grave." ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: The High Road to Doom
In the opener of the 13-chapter Universal serial, Smilin' Jack (Tom Brown), an American aviator in the service of China, and Janet (Marjorie Lord) learn from Ran Lal (James Khan) that Janet's brother, Tommy, has found a secret passage to India in the faraway province of Mandon. Only two other men know the secret according to the Hindi, who unfortunately is shot by a Japanese spy before he can divulge their names. Captured by Jack and his Chinese friend, Captain Wing (Keye Luke), the murderous Japanese commits hara-kiri, but not before Jack learns that he is a member of the Black Samurai, the feared Axis spy ring headed by Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart), who, unbeknownst to Jack, is masquerading as an American newspaper woman. Granted permission by General Kai Ling (Sidney Toler) to fly to Mandon in search of Tommy, Jack and Janet are surprised by yet another Japanese spy, who torches their plane somewhere near their destination. Janet successfully bails out but Jack's parachute refuses to open and he plunges toward earth. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Escape By Clipper
Rescued by the Hong Kong police from his water grave inside the wooden box, Smilin' Jack (Tom Brown) learns that all the members of the Black Dragon spy organization have been rounded up -- except the leader, Nazi operative Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) and three other Germans. In her usual disguise of foreign correspondent Gertrude Muller, Fraulein Von Teufel is once again present at the press conference where Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti) is presumed to divulge the secret passage from China to India. The exasperating governor of Mandon once again delays the disclosure by requesting that the Americans cosign along with the Chinese and the British High Commission, lest the passage will remain open after the war. The signing of the final document is therefore moved to Honolulu and all the interested parties leave Hong Kong on a clipper bound for Hawaii -- including the undercover Fraulein Von Teufel and her three German operatives (Paul Bryar, Norma Drury, and Grace Cunard), who are planning to overtake the aircraft. The plot fails, however, and Jack is soon questioning Sanson (Alex Havier), Fraulein Von Teufel's one Asian cohort, who is promptly killed by one of the Fraulein's poisoned darts. Just then, the clipper is fired at from a Japanese submarine and crashes into the ocean. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: The Torture Test
Despite having shot Smilin' Jack (Tom Brown) at point-blank range in the conclusion of chapter 11, the opening of chapter 12 reveals that Trudy Muller, alias Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) completely missed her target. Trudy explains that Blenker (David Hoffman) had threatened her and that she shot him in self-defense, but Jack still has to deal with the false accusations leveled against him concerning the murder of Mah Ling. Proving that the phonograph record was doctored by the Black Samurai espionage organization, Jack clears his name and with Wu Tan (Philip Ahn) as the acting Governor of Mandon, the treaty with the United States is ready to be signed. But just as Wu Tan is about to add his signature, a telegram from General Kai Ling in Chunking puts a stop to the proceedings. Rumors of Jack's presumed culpability in Mah Ling's death have reached China, courtesy of Black Samurai agent Kageyama (Turhan Bey), and Jack is forced to travel to Mandon to clear his name once again. In the faraway Chinese province, Lo San (Nigel De Brulier), the High Priest and the only one who knows the secret passage to India, is ready to believe in Jack, but the doctored phonograph record gives him pause. To prove his innocence, Jack agrees to subject himself to the feared "Mandon Ordeal." "What are my chances?" Jack asks Wu Tan. "For someone not of our faith, it is very difficult," the new governor answers mysteriously. The "Mandon Ordeal" proves to be hot coals and Jack is halfway across when he screams "I am innocent!" ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: The Rising Sun Strikes
Escaping from their burning plane in the first chapter of Universal's wartime serial Adventures of Smilin' Jack, Jack (Tom Brown) and girlfriend Janet (Marjorie Lord) discover to their horror that Jack's parachute refuses to open. Just as he is about to slam into earth, Jack finally manages to pull the string and both land safely. Aided by local farmers, the two are shown the way to the city of Mandon, where Janet's brother, Tommy (Edgar Barrier), has learned of a secret passage from China to India. Axis agent Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) has ordered one of her henchmen, Yoshudo (Jack Gardner), to track Jack, who is in the employ of Chinese general Kai Ling (Sidney Toler). Having arrived before our heroes, Yoshudo is about to persuade Mandon leader Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti) to draw a map to the secret passage when Jack and Janet arrive on the scene. All are arrested, but Jack manages to escape and sabotage the Japanese airplane. Discovered by the enemy, Jack, Janet, and Tommy seek sanctuary with Mandon high priest Lo San (Nigel de Brulier), but are followed by Yoshudo, who shoots Jack at point-blank range. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Attacked by Bombers
Although he appeared to have been shot by Japanese agent Yoshudo (Jack Gardner) in chapter two of Universal's Adventures of Smilin' Jack, our hero (Tom Brown) was only faking and quickly gets the upper hand. En route to Chungking with Janet (Marjorie Lord and Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), the governor of Mandon, Smilin' Jack's radio communication is intercepted by Axis agent Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) and her Japanese cohort Kageyama (Turhan Bey). Although the latter is at first dubious, the fraulein uses her powers to order a Japanese bombing raid on Chungking. Believing that he is communicating with the Chinese, Smilin' Jack is rerouted to Fuchang, where Japanese soldiers kidnap Mah Ling and Tommy (Edgar Barrier), Janet's brother. Having remained in the airplane, Janet (Marjorie Lord) and Smilin' Jack avoid capture and are able to track the hijackers' vehicle from the air. Leaving the plane behind to follow in a Chinese truck, the pursuers are surprised by an enemy bombing attack, and their vehicle careens out of control. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Held for Treason
With Captain Wing (Keye Luke) and Tommy (Edgar Barrier) stalling the Hawaiian police, Jack (Tom Brown), now unfairly accused of murdering Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), makes his escape from the derelict "Lorelei IV." Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart), meanwhile, accuses Blenker (David Hoffman) of killing Mah Ling instead of Jack. The latter, however, steals the incriminating phonograph records that were marked for destruction and blackmails the Fraulein into furnishing him with getaway funds. But when Blenker shows up at the hotel to collect the money, the Fraulein shoots him at point-blank range. The act is witnessed by Jack, who assumes that the woman he believes to be an American reporter killed a fleeing spy and merely accuses her of silencing an important informant. But the Fraulein instead turns her gun to at Jack, blaming him of having murdered Mah Ling. As a horrified Janet (Marjorie Lord) looks on, Von Teufel fires several shots in Jack's direction. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: The Bridge of Peril
Although they appeared to have been blown up along with the Japanese ship in the eighth chapter of the Universal serial Adventures of Smilin' Jack, chapter nine reveals that Jack (Tom Brown) and Captain Wing (Keye Luke) managed to abandon ship seconds before the explosion and are quickly picked up by their friends. Safely in Honolulu, Jack is assigned as bodyguard to Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), the Mandon envoy, until the treaty is ready to be signed. Still impersonating an American reporter, Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) contacts a local jeweler, Johan Blenker (David Hoffman), and assigns him to substitute Mah Ling with a double -- preferably a dead one. Using code language in front of Janet (Marjorie Lord), Blenker alludes to the fact that a certain Han Po may fit the bill. But the Fraulein's devilish plan backfires when the eminent emissary's faithful servant Wu Tan (Philip Ahn) rejects the notion that Han Po (also Delevanti) is Mah Ling and when Janet remembers Blenker mentioning a Han Po, Jack realizes that the Mandon leader has been abducted. In hot pursuit of Blenker and his victim, Jack and his friends are derailed by a trick bridge and crash into a deep ravine. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Blackout in the Island
Surviving the crash from the bridge with little more than scratches, Jack (Tom Brown), Tommy (Edgar Barrier), and Captain Wing (Keye Luke) continue their search for Blenker (David Hoffman) and his captive, Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti). While the latter two trail Blenker's car, Jack searches the jeweler's shop where he finds documents leading to the "Lorelei IV," a supposedly derelict houseboat docked in the harbor. Meanwhile, on the "Lorelei IV" herself, Axis agent Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) witnesses a demonstration by Schlesser (Frederick Giermann) of a phonographic device that can alter the words of any recorded voice, a powerful propaganda tool in the wrong hands. Moments later, Blenker arrives with Mah Ling, whose dismay at discovering the real identity of the Fraulein is recorded for prosperity on the device. When Jack attempts to free the elderly statesman, however, Mah Ling is shot and killed by Blenker before he can reveal the identity of the Fraulein. When Tommy, Wing, and the police finally arrive on the scene, they find an altered recording on which Mah Ling is heard accusing Jack of being Fraulein Von Teufel himself. Just as the Hawaiian police sergeant (Jack Strang) is about to arrest Jack, Wing shoots out all the lights on "The Lorelei." ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Chapter 04
Although Smilin' Jack (Tom Brown) and his Chinese friends appeared to have crashed their vehicle in chapter three of the Universal serial Adventures of Smilin' Jack, chapter four reveals that all emerged unscathed from the Japanese bombing attack. His Nippon kidnappers arrested, Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti) is brought before General Kai Ling (Sidney Toler). Although Mah Ling is generally willing to help his country against the Japanese enemy by revealing the secret passage from China to India, the estimable governor of Mandon wishes to think the matter over for the sake of his peaceful constituents and the general gracefully allows him a bodyguard. Fearing that Axis spy Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) will attempt to assassinate the governor, Jack sends a fake radio message stating that Mah Ling has already revealed his secret. In retaliation, the fraulein has a henchman, Hito (Rico de Montez) bring Jack to her quarters, where she threatens him with torture. As Tommy (Edgar Barrier) and Captain Wing (Keye Luke) desperately search for their friend, Jack is being lowered into a pit filled with dangerous looking spikes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: 15 Fathoms Below
Shot down by a Japanese submarine in chapter six of the Universal serial Adventures of Smilin' Jack, the clipper carrying Jack (Tom Brown), Janet (Marjorie Lord), Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), and Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) and her Axis spies plunges into the sea. The Japanese submarine crew enters the still floating aircraft, demanding that Mah Ling reveal the location of the secret passage from China to India or else. Jack and his friend manage to overpower the enemy and take over the submarine. In order to remain anonymous, Fraulein Von Teufel, still in the guise of foreign correspondent Gertrude Muller, kills one of her female operatives (Grace Cunard) with a posioned dart, letting Jack believe that the dead woman was Von Teufel. Having learned from the Japanese sub commander (Edward Colebrook) of the impeding attack on Pearl Harbor, Jack signals what he believes to be an American freighter. The freighter captain (Edward Peil Sr.) is really in the employ of the Japanese and orders full speed ahead towards the defenseless submarine. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Sinking of the Rising Sun
Using Wu Tan's advice on how to endure pain, Jack (Tom Brown) makes it across the pit of hot coals unscathed and is assigned by Lo San (Nigel De Brulier) to return to Chunking with the Mandon Secret. In Chunking, meanwhile, Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) arranges for the Japanese bombers to strike her own secret hideaway at a predetermined hour. Arriving at general Kai Ling's (Sidney Toler) headquarters with the Mandon Secret, written in invisible ink, Jack is called to Trudy's hotel room. There, the reporter reveals herself to be Fraulein Von Teufel and informs a none too surprised Jack that she has captured Tommy (Edgar Barrier), Janet (Marjorie Lord), and Captain Wing (Keye Luke). Jack also has a revelation, however. The paper with the invisible ink was a decoy and the real Mandon Secret is arriving with Wu Tan (Philip Ahn). Joining his captive friends, Jack manages to free himself just as the Japanese bombers strike. Happily, the little group makes it out of the building alive, but Fraulein Von Teufel, who has been double-crossed by the wily Kageyama (Turhan Bey), is not so fortunate. The Black Samurai organization destroyed and the secret route to India safely in the hands of the Chinese government, Jack receives a commission from the United States air force. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

Adventures of Smilin' Jack: Traveling at Sea
Despite the dramatic collision at the conclusion of chapter seven of Universal's Adventures of Smilin' Jack, chapter eight reveals that the Japanese freighter only grazed the submarine carrying Jack (Tom Brown), his friends and the incognito Axis agent Fraulein Von Teufel (Rose Hobart) -- but enough for the vessel to take in water. The freighter captain (Edward Peil Sr.) is ordered by radio to take Jack and his fellow passengers prisoners and once and for all force Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti), the governor of Mandon, to reveal the whereabouts of the secret passage from China to India. Onboard the vessel, Fraulein Von Teufel quickly establishes her identity with the freighter captain and his second in command (Wheeler Oakman), and orders them to dispose of Mah Ling without delay. Meanwhile, our friends find themselves imprisoned in a cabin complete with a rowboat and a launch. Saying goodbye to Mah Ling, Tommy (Edgar Barrier), Janet (Marjorie Lord), and a dazed Fraulein Von Teufel, whom the crew had manhandled to "let it look real," Jack and Wing (Keye Luke) remain onboard to somehow warn the Americans about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, the vessel's ultimate destination. Jack manages to get hold of the radio and with no thoughts to his own and Wing's safety, suggests that the vessel be blown to kingdom come. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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