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Turtle Beach - Elite 800 Wireless DTS 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Mobile - Black

With powerful sound, enveloping comfort and dynamic functions, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 headset delivers the future of gaming audio on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Immerse yourself in rich, robust sound thanks to the DTS Headphone:X 7.1 channel surround sound and DTS surround sound modes that enhance your games, music and movies. Enjoy a reliable wireless connection with the rechargeable battery, while Bluetooth technology keeps you connected to texts and calls on your mobile devices.

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    What's Included

    • Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless DTS 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
    • USB Transmitter/Magnetic Charging Stand
    • 4' mobile cable, 4' digital optical cable, 4' USB transmitter cable
    • USB programming cable
    • Quick-start guide
    • Preset reference
    • Turtle Beach sticker
    • Turtle Beach Elite Membership Program Welcome and Benefits Card

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    84% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (966 out of 1150)


    Elite 800 Wireless DTS 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset

    Includes an , Elite 800 transmitter and magnetic charging stand, mobile cable, digital optical cable, USB transmitter cable and programming guide

    Also includes a quick-start guide, Turtle Beach sticker and Elite Program welcome and benefits

    Minimize outside distractions and focus on in-game audio with active noise cancellation for console and mobile modes

    Play wherever you're comfortable thanks to wireless connectivity and intelligent channel hopping that helps ensure optimal signal transfer

    Immerse yourself in a stunning 3D, 360° sound stage that delivers precise spatial accuracy with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound

    Personalize your listening experience for your favorite games, movies and music with custom DTS Surround Sound modes and enhanced Turtle Beach genre-specific presets

    Clearly communicate with teammates or trash talk foes no matter where you're playing with dual hidden microphones that accommodate multiple gaming locations with environmental presets

    Catch every command and call for help, even during action-packed, high-volume moments, with automatic volume adjustment thanks to Dynamic Chat Boost, and ensure you're speaking at a comfortable level with Mic Monitoring

    Achieve the perfect mix of game and chat volume levels with separate volume controls located on the headset for quick access

    Personalize your look with easy-to-use rocker plates (not included) that make it simple to create a custom appearance

    Mix up your presets on your compatible cell phone or tablet while you're on the go with the Ear Force Audio Hub app (download required)

    Play through the longest gaming sessions thanks to a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that delivers reliable use, and keep your headset charged and ready for use with a low-profile magnetic stand that quickly replenishes power without cables

    Play through the longest missions thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers reliable use, and keep your headset ready for use with the low-profile magnetic charging stand that allows wireless charging

    Enhance your experience with Bluetooth technology, which lets you connect to your cell phone to receive text notifications or take calls while you play, all with minimal interference due to intelligent channel hopping

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 1150 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

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    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Confusing and difficult with poor compatibility

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      To spend this much money on a headset with all these features, I expected it to be more intuitive and easy to connect to my devices and get the sound quality that I want. For this much money, the sound quality is not as good as I expected. It's probably the best of the headsets I tried, but only SLIGHTLY better than headsets that cost less than 1/3 as much, while being more of a pain in the butt to actually use. The headset has a habit of dropping audio and having to be reset and/or disconnected from bluetooth and reconnected in order for it to start working again. It has caused me nothing but headaches and frustration since I opened the package. It's confusing how you should set it up to get the most out of its surround sound capabilities. If your windows computer doesn't have an optical output and have Sound Blaster Live capability, then you can only use this via Bluetooth (so you better hope your PC has bluetooth!). Mine does have bluetooth, but doesn't seem to like this headset. I've had to mess with settings a lot and drop the pairing and re-pair numerous times because for some reason it just stops working after a while. I HAVE updated the firmware on the headset, but it doesn't fix all the issues I've had with it. Music sounds good, except for vocals. Games sound great, except for dialogue. Movies & TV are almost unlistenable because this headset renders voices so poorly. Everything sounds great except voices. No matter what settings or pre-sets I change or used, the voices always sound hollow, tinny, and echo-y. Surround replication is actually pretty decent, but I couldn't get my Windows 10 PC to recognize this as a surround device, only stereo, while connected via Bluetooth. The wireless transmitter that's included only transmits sound that's connected to it via optical wire. I was hoping that you could connect the wireless transmitter via USB (it requires USB in order to power it, in fact... but it doesn't do data/audio transmission over the USB, just power), or plug HDMI into it, or even plug a regular 3.5mm stereo headset jack in there. But nope, only optical. I wanted to use this with ALL my devices, meaning basically everything plugged into my TV would be able to go to this. Well, it IS possible, because my TV has an optical output, but for some reason it only does Stereo output through the optical port. So I have to plug my PS4 or Xbox One directly into this via Optical if I want true surround sound on it. To be honest, I don't even really notice much difference between stereo signal with the headset in one of the many Surround modes, and an actual Surround source in Surround mode. So I suppose it isn't that big of a deal. But with the limitations on connectivity, bad rendering of voices, and headaches with connection loss (and did I mention the bad microphone quality yet?), it's a really underwhelming and frustrating headset that isn't even close to worth over 3x as much as some cheaper options I've tried instead.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent All-around Headset!

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Having done research on several headsets, between Turtle Beach, Tritton, Astro, and Plantonics, I chose the TB Elite 800X. After reading tons of reviews for all four companies top headsets, and being a former user of Tritton and Astro, currently TB Stealth 500x, I really liked what I read about the Elite 800x. Overall, the headset feel like it's of sturdy construction, solid in all the places that need to be, especially the slider part to extend the ear cups. This is where the 500x failed. Cheap plastic that started to crack after a while then broke. I had the 500x for just about two years when the sliders finally cracked all the way through and rendered the headset inoperable. But I had to be very ginger with them for over a year to avoid them from breaking sooner. The ear cup rotation allows for adjustment to get a solid fit over my ears. Yes, the headset does feel a but snug, for me, I like this. It stays in place and doesn't creep. I like that there is no boom mic, simply due to one more part that could break. I've read in others reviews that players complain about muffled voice chat due to the internal mics. This is very easily remedied by performing a firmware update right out of the box. My crew have said that the voice chat coming from me sounds more clear than it did with my 500x. UPDATE THE FIRMWARE FIRST!! As with all electronics, it's wise to make sure your firmware is up to date, if allowed. The preset audio patches are enough to make any audiophile happy. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, playing FPS, racing, watching a movie, or grooving to music, this headset has you covered. And if you are that big of an audio snob, you can preload the headset with a number of other patches from the Audio Hub on PC or Mac. You're bound to find a couple of patches that work solid for you. The voice chat boost works quite well. You're hot and heavy in a match, action suddenly intensifies, everything is exploding around you, and your teams audio chat comes through clear as a bell. One of my favorite features about this headset is the Bluetooth connectivity! GIven how snug the headset is and the noise cancellation feature, you really don't hear the outside world. I hear text notifications while I'm playing so at least I know to check my phone in between matches. And who doesn't love their own personal soundtrack while wreaking havoc across the gaming world?!?! Set up your playlist, connect to the headset, hit play and prepare to rock out as you decimate your opponents!! I've been able to get around 7-8hrs life from the internal battery, on a full charge. I should note that I am running Bluetooth at the same time, so this does drain the battery faster. For the hardcore gamer, which I tend to be when I go on a weekend rampage, you can use the included mini USB cable to charge your headset as you continue to play. Only thing is that you'd need an extension cable to reach an outlet. The included mini USB cable is relatively short. Now for the downside.... My only complaint about the 800x is that occasionally the voice chat doesn't seem to work after powering on the headset. I've looked on the internet to find a solution to this and best anyone can come up with is the same that I've done; unplug the USB connection from your Xbox and plug it back in. It's definitely not a deal breaker, however, one should expect their equipment to work, especially at the price paid. All around, I'm quite impressed with the Elite 800x. From the sleek design, plethora of audio surround sound modes, Bluetooth, construction & overall feel, I would definitely give the Elite 800x a shot. Give it a good shot though! Not a one day and exchange it type shot. Really vet it for a week or so, play with the audio settings, try with multiple games and movies. And most of all.... UPDATE THE FIRMWARE out of the box first!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope it helps in making your decision a bit more informed.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Sound, Handy Supporting App, Great Features

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I bought these to replace my old Tritton headset that burnt up on me. With the disappointment I had with the Tritton's, I decided that I was going to purchase a high end headset with the hopes of a better experience. So far, so good. I was debating between this TB Elite 800x and the Astro A50s. I couldn't find anywhere around me that had a working Turtle Beach headset display (*Ahem...Best Buy, you had 3 stores that I checked, and all 3 displays were broken!), but an employee at my local Best Buy reminded me of the 15 day return policy, and convinced me to take them on a two week test drive. FEATURES Over the next two weeks, I played with both the Elite 800x that I bought, and my friend's Astro A50s. To me, with the price being equal, the Elite 800s are the way to go. The Turtle Beach's have so many more features (Bluetooth, Completely wireless Xbox Connection, Superior Sound, TONS of presets, Magnetic Charging Stand, Etc) I like to compare the sound of the Turtle Beach's to the sound of a home theatre surround sound. The sound will encompass you and has a great range from highs to bass. I think the A50s were fantastic for FPS multiplayer games where you need to hear footsteps, but explosions and other deep sounds were blase at best. But with a change of the Preset on the Elite 800s, they every bit as capable of handling this as the A50s, plus they give you the full volume of sound you want when listening to music (which I have used these while vacuuming and mowing, using the bluetooth from my phone). CONCERNS The two issues I commonly saw when reading reviews over the internet were mic quality (due to internal mic setup) and comfort issues. Rest assured, the Mic quality is just fine. I have zero complaints from anyone in my Xbox party, or even when I use them during a phone call. I have even had my wife use them to call me so I could hear the mic first hand. It is clear. The comfort issue...the A50s were more comfortable, and that is the ONLY reason I gave 4 stars. This is the only category that the Astros won in my book. The cloth feel of the A50s is more forgiving than the Elite 800s fake leather. That being said, they still arent bad. I have played for several hours without taking them off, and my only complaint is that my ears will feel warm, even slightly sweaty, after a few hours. But definitely tolerable. Better than tolerable. But still inferior to the Astros in this aspect. OVERVIEW If you are in the market for a top tier headset, I would highly recommend these. $300 is a hard pill to swallow, but if you can afford it, I would recommend the Turtle Beach Elite 800x over the Astro A50. So many more features, quality performance, free gear, and the longest factory warranty for a headset that I know of.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Features like whoa

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Background: Gaming headsets I've owned previously include the 1st Sony wireless headset, the elite pulse (not comfortable to me), and the Tiamat 7.1 (awful). I'm not a competitive gamer (mostly cause I am terrible) so it's mostly games like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, and so on. But I do play online with friends. The other products I was considering are the Astro A50 (and maybe you are too cause there's no other headset in this baller price range) and the TB Stealth 500P (looks like a cheaper Elite 800, figuratively and literally). The A50 is a straight up wireless, Dolby head-set without extra frills. It just does what it does, and really well from what I've read. The 500P is a similar DTS headset but $170(!!) cheaper. I've read (mostly) great reviews for these 3 and it's safe to assume they all sound more or less great. As long as it's not terrible, it's fine (I do have other headphones purely for music). So for me it's comparing features, and here are the features unique to the Elite 800 that will hopefully help you decide if it's worth giving up an extra $170 or the Astro Brand: -wireless charging dock. pick up the head-set and it turns on. put it down and it turns off. pure awesome. -noise-cancellation. i have a window ac unit (not quiet) and it gets blocked out. not needed, but nice to have. you can turn it off/on of course. -bluetooth. lets you to connect with phones, ps vita, etc. connecting with a phone will let you hear notifications and there's an app with a volume mixer and ability to change the 15 or so available surround presets. 500P has 3. The headset does not rely on bluetooth for gaming chat/audio. -no unnecessary boom mic. two hidden mics. -elite membership which most importantly gives 1 extra year of warranty. Plastic headsets tend to fail at a higher rate it seems, especially if in daily use. These seems solidly built though, but better safe than sorry. -you also get a tshirt or hoodie, and 2 speaker plates. Total of $85 on their site. So i got overpriced stuff for sorta free. yay. you don't get the full selection of plates to pick from. Compared to the 500P you also get connectivity with PC/Mac/Xbox and better build quality as well. And compared to the A50 you can wear the 800 outside and not look as awkward. Same with the 500P, but to a lesser extant. Downside, these buttons are really sensitive. Lean back wrong and I've either turned on bluetooth or changed the preset accidentally. There's a low hum/hiss which you can't really tell unless there's no audio. Really can't complain otherwise. Like the typical guy I tried to do stuff without reading. The sound will be jacked up if your PS4 is set to output all sounds to headset. Make it output chat only, and turn down your receiver/tv. To get the # to get elite membership, you have to register the product. I was thinking it would be on the welcome card... I think you do get $170 worth of stuff to make up the price difference compared to the stealth. But it's not necessarily worth $170 to everyone. I'd pay $120 for the extra features and warranty. Nix the "free stuff" and drop the price by $50 and it would be great.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Sound, Versatile, Comfortable


      The short version: These suit my tastes and needs as a gamer. They sound very good, they feel very comfortable (after breaking them in), and they have a host of features that I actually use every day. The Long version: First and foremost, You need to assess what your needs/wants are as a consumer. The things I wanted out of a headset were great sound with deep bass for gunshots and explosions, a good boomless mic, independent game and chat volumes and fully wireless from my PS4 and controller. There are many headsets that have those features, and most of them can be had for less money than what these cost. My first shot was with the Sony Gold headset. If it wasn't for a weird glitch with the sound editor that I experienced on 3 separate headsets, I would have kept the Sony's. That issue propelled me to search for another good headset. I hated all the turtle beach headsets I saw on display at various retailers. They looked cheap and flimsy, The cloth earcup material felt rough and uncomfortable. I walked into Best Buy in search of the Afterglow Fener/Nur which also ticked all the boxes of my requirements, but they were sold out. Online the dolby 5.1 version of the Afterglows were $200. I wound up choosing the Elite 800s which were considerably more expensive than the Afterglows. I said to myself, "I'll probably hate them, but let me audition them for a week and return them if i'm right." Presentation: you get everything in a nice protective box. The headset looks cool, although it is probably too large to wear casually outdoors to listen to music. The magnetic charging stand is a breeze to use, and it looks cool next to my console. The unit feels solid; the earcups are soft memory foam and covered in a leathery material that really makes them look and feel premium. Sound: Totally subjective, but they sound great just using Turtle Beach's default preset. I'm really picky so I found presets that work best with each game that I play. I'm really hoping they release an advanced sound editor for these so I can further tweak the sounds myself. Mic: When I do a mic test on the PS4 peripheral settings, it sounds clear and present. The noise cancelling is excellent. I only hear myself and not anything else in the background. My wife was on her phone and no one in the party chat could hear her. I've been told by my friends that it sounds "its great" "clear" "good enough" "not bad" and "like you're right hear in the room with me"'s my conclusion on mics. I think It all depends on how good your mic is,and how bad they're headphones are. This mic gets the job done and no one has said "this mic is terrible" Versatility: Bluetooth for mobile phone use while simultaneously connected to the console..I never even had this on my list of "wants" but now that I have it I freaking love it. I listen to heavy metal while playing shooters online. If i get a phone call, I can just answer and the game volume is automatically lowered and resumed when the call is done. Comfort: The first few days it actually pressed against my head pretty tightly. This eased up by around the 7th or 8th day. I think the overall plastic/rubber/foam have been stretched and accustomed to my head shape. I have an average head with smallish ears. My ears fit entirely inside the cups with space for a larger ear. I have played three hours without discomfort from wearing them, or from hearing them. I don't put the volume up much past half because its loud enough, and all that low end at high volumes can't be good for your hearing. User Friendly: You can control every setting from the android app. (i don't know if there's an IOS app as i have a galaxy s4) I never touch the buttons on the headset except for the volumes. You can update the firmware via PC or Mac and upload presets to the headset as well. Its all pretty straightforward. Charging it is a breeze, you just place it on its magnetic charging stand. I keep my PS4 on rest mode with a 3 hour limit of power to USB, this way I don't over charge the headset. If you have a long enough USB cord you can also charge it while using it in case you run out of battery. I don't do marathon gaming sessions so one charge lasts me a few days. Cons: 1. There is a small amount of signal hum. it reminds me of the warm silence before a tape played on your walkman. (If you are 16 and reading this ask your parents) Once the game is going and there are bullets flying you don't hear anything except game audio. for what its worth I detected this on the Sony's and Astro A50s as well. (more so on the Astros, and louder too) If it were louder it would drive me insane. My friend got the Elite 800s as well, returned them and then auditioned the A50s, and ultimately returned them for the Elite 800s because the hiss was worse on the A50. I think this is dependent on how much interference is in your immediate area. 2. sensitive buttons: It may be because I am used to it or something has settled but when I first got them, a light tap of the rocker switch would initiate a function change followed by a loud prompt by the software lady. "NOISE CANCELLING ON" "TUNED FOR SIGNATURE SOUND" This lady needs to calm down and stop yelling at me, and there should really be a button lock feature especially when using the app to control the features. It happens less and less as you become familiar with handling it, but it is annoying when it happens. Final Thoughts: If you want a great sounding headset that can connect to anything with a digital audio port and bluetooth; then get these. I love them. Its like a personal home theater. I'm sure there are other headsets that sound great, I'm sure there are ones that are cheaper. There are no definitive answers when it comes to matters of personal taste. If you're already looking into headsets of this price range- try them all and make your assessment based on your preferences and priorities. The best thing about this experience is I went into it biased AGAINST turtle beach. For me, the elite 800s ticked all of the requirement boxes, then sold me on all the other superlatives.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      I'm Happy


      I ordered two of these from Best Buy. I set up the first one last night and had no issues. I have been reading many folks on other sites saying that the mic sounds awful but I did not experience this issue during party chat with my friends. I upgraded the headset and transmitter via PC and the Turtle Beach Audio Hub straight out of the box. I then turned on my Xbox and signed into my profile. I then followed the instructions given for how to set up the audio output. After that I connected the transmitter and turned on the headset. Everything worked with no issues. I proceeded to join a party chat with two of my friends and asked them how I sounded. I was told I sounded clear and audible. You will never be as loud as someone with a boom mic placed directly in front of their mouth but I was loud enough and clear enough to play some Titanfall with them and communicate at the same time. I think it is also important for people to understand that you can not have active noise cancellation and mic monitoring on at the same time with this headset. Out of the box active noise cancellation is turned on so mic monitoring is not working. You must turn off active noise cancellation and then turn on mic monitoring if you wish to hear yourself speaking through the headphones. The mic monitoring feature of this headset does tend to sound a bit strange if you turn it up very high (kind of robotic) but my friends said that my actual voice sounded normal. Lastly, please make sure your mic preset is set on quiet room. On any setting other than quiet room I was told that I sounded very far away. Each setting seemed to add a further amount of distance to my voice until I hit the Outside setting at which point my friends said that I sounded like I was talking through my Kinect. My point is (at least in my usage so far) that the mic is audible and clear... Just a bit lower in volume than someone with a boom mic placed directly in front of their mouth (which should honestly be expected with any hidden microphone). Everything from build quality to in game sound has been top notch through about 5 hours of usage as well. I hope this helps some folks out when trying to find the best possible settings for the microphone.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent sound and comfort

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Spent a lot of time reviewing various headsets online and in the store. I have a Tritton Warhead 7.1 for my Xbox 360 and love the immersion of that headset. The Turtle Beach X800 headset stayed in my finalist category for Xbox One and was compared to several of the wired and wireless sets from Turtle Beach, Astro A40 and A50's, and a few options using higher end music headphones (did not test through Xbox One). Important features included the completely wireless setup. Bluetooth was definitely a good option but not a deal breaker if the headset didn't have it. Comfort for long gaming, great sound, sense of immersion, and ability to hold a charge or play while charging was my main criteria. The new A50 Astros made for Xbox One had some nice features but I didn't find them as comfortable (really going to be personal preference on this one). Sound was equally good on both I thought and could really go both ways. I ultimately decided that while gaming, I wasn't going to be as concerned about ultimate audiophile sound anyway though with an NAD 787 receiver and Golden Ear Triton II speakers, I am used to very good sound. I was concerned about voice since the X800's have a built in mic. The set I received had the latest firmware and there doesn't seem to be any complaints from other gamers and the few phone calls I've made using them have been just fine. I think the immersion has been excellent in most games and the extra features like Superhuman hearing and footstep mode make a noticeable difference. I'm a little above average with shooters but wouldn't claim the sound really caused me to go on a winning spree....Kids out there still have twitchy fast reflexes and play a whole lot more than I do :-) I've found myself at times wanting the sound and immersion of the headphones even when home alone and I could otherwise crank the home receiver. Tritton Warheads on X360 may have a slight bit more immersion though the sound isn't as rich on the low end. Being able to watch television when others are sleeping and still receive a phone call without having to go through a big commotion has been very useful. The touch guides on the ear cups aren't overly discernable to my fingers though they are pretty easy to remember after a few tries and the audio prompts let you know what you just pushed so you can know if it was the wrong thing. Very few mistakes after a little experience no not a major issue. Sound cancelling wasn't a huge feature for me but really does make a difference. It drops out a lot of white noise and blunts other sounds making the game sound more "in your head". I went back and forth with the A50's and the X800's because so many reviews tried to convince me the A50's were so much more but I just couldn't really agree. Some differences in sound but nothing I would say makes one a winner over the other. Feature set, appearance, charging stand, Bluetooth, all merging together for an excellent product. No problems to date and no regrets.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Painfully Annoying Headsets

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I am going to start this off by saying I was a huge Turtle Beach fan... Until I bought 2 of these. I decided that after the older 2 Turtle Beaches we have had forever had helped us chainsaw our last victims in Gears, that me and my husband should spend a decent amount and get us the newest best thing available. I was let down majorly on every end with these. We are both huge gamers. I highly highly recommend that you just go ahead and hit the back button and buy something else right now and save yourself the hassle. These really squeeze your head tight. They hurt you after about an hour of play, even after a week of putting up with them and hoping they will loosen up. It doesn't matter if the battery lasts a long time if you can't even bare the pain an hour in. The audio quality really didn't sound like 7.1 surround and it wasn't that great no matter how much you play with presets. Also, the headset advertises that you can use an app to adjust the presets but it fails to mention that it only is on android and you can't get the app on iPhones. Do not ignore the reviews talking about sensitivity of the options on the ear plates. No matter what I did to sit stiff and perfectly still to not change the settings, it would still happen. Simply looking over at my husband next to me meant I accidentally pressed my ear to the leather couch and I then had to press a button about 5 times to get back to gaming mode again. Try enjoying gaming after doing that 10 times through one gaming session. We constantly were either not being able to hear the people in the party or them not able to hear us. It also constantly had syncing issues where we would have to unplug the usb to the transmitter and plug it back in to be able to even use the headsets. We counted and it happened every 5 mins. We got them to enjoy not having to get up and replace reusable batteries in the middle of gaming so you can imagine how fun it is getting up every 5 mins for that. The range away from the console also was not as they said it would be. Friends told us that we sounded very far away from the mic. Not loud and clear. Turtle Beach customer service was extremely rude. And more than once I called and it was within the hours of operation and the recording would say they were closed and to call back during the hours I was already calling in. The customizable ear plates, they have lots of Star Wars options to choose from but hardly anything outside of that to buy. And if you buy the ear plates, Turtle beach will email you after the fact and tell you that they will take 4-6 weeks to arrive as they are made after the order is placed. Nothing on the website warned you that these wouldn't be shipping out right away. I also want everyone to be aware that due to what I just explained on the ear plates, Turtle Beach no longer honors the Elite Membership of giving you a free shirt or hoodie and 2 free sets of ear plates as an elite member. You get told that they are currently relaunching the Elite membership due to a 3rd party vendor they were using for the ear plates and that you should be on the look out for an email with digital goodies sometime down the road once it is relaunched. So if you think you are getting those things that you are seeing in reviews and videos, think again. Noise cancellation was great though haha. Like that even matters after everything else. Returned these to Best Buy and they had amazing customer support. Bought the Astro A50s and WOW awesome. They know how to do audio and I am sold as a new loyal Astros fan. I am also reviewing the Astros if you click my profile and want to learn of our experience with those.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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