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Arlo - Q Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera - White/Black

See and hear in perfect detail with the Arlo Q HD security camera. Experience a new sense of security with 1080p HD video, night vision, and 2-way audio. Arlo Q alerts you whenever motion or sound is detected and notifies you with instant alerts so you never miss an important moment again.

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    What's Included

    • 1080p HD Wire-free Camera with Audio
    • 4x Mounting screws
    • Arlo window decal
    • Power adapter and cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Wall mount plate

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    90% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (887 out of 987)


    1080p HD

    Watch and record crisp HD video in more detail than ever before.

    Arlo Smart

    Adds intelligence to your Arlo cameras to give you a more personal and purposeful home security experience. Customize alerts to detect people, configure specific activity zones, and contact emergency responders right from your smartphone’s lock screen.

    2-Way Audio

    Listen in or talk back through the built-in speaker and mic, straight from your smartphone.

    Night Vision

    Turns on automatically in low light so you can see clearly, even in the dark.

    Smart Alerts

    Wide angle 130° lens makes sure you will see and get alerted whenever something moves or makes a sound.

    Optional 24/7 Recording

    Upgrade to CVR (Continuous Video Recording) to keep 24/7 recordings in the cloud.

    Free Cloud Storage

    Don't pay for cloud storage you don't need. No subscriptions necessary. Arlo Basic plan comes with rolling 7-day cloud recordings. Live stream or view recorded video and audio for up to 7 days from the Arlo app.

    View live anytime

    Watch live video streams or recorded video clips from your computer, smartphone, or tablet using the free Arlo app.

    Viewing angle up to 130°

    Expertly captures a wide angle of your property for exceptional security at all times.

    Compatible with Amazon Alexa

    View live video streams using simple voice commands on Amazon Alexa.

    Mountable design

    For optimal placement on a wall.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 987 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars with 14 reviews



    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Exactly what I wanted

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I have been reading reviews for months before I picked out this camera. I wanted a nest cam since I have a nest thermostat and smoke alarms however while I liked everything else about the nest cam, I did not want to pay $10 a month for recordings, and without paying that $10 a month there was no way to record anything that happened, even if I was watching it as it happened on the app. All I wanted was a camera that could capture video when motion was detected while we are away on vacations or more than a few hours, or to check in on our puppy that we are soon getting. I don't want one that stores the video on a memory card as a thief could just remove that on their way out. This camera is perfect. For what I want at least. It was easy to set up. It has a long enough power cord to place it where I needed it. No batteries to replace. And it immediately stores the video clips in the "cloud" when it detects motion and these are viewable for seven days. There is no monthly fee for this and the app allows you to download the clip to your phone if you need to keep it longer than seven days. The video picture seems fine and I had no problem connecting to our Wi-Fi and setting it up. It is easy to arm and disarm it through the app. I can run through the room and within five seconds I get an alert on my phone that there was motion detected. I can then view it on the app or wait about 30 seconds and Arlo emails me a link in my email that goes directly to the video that was recorded. I thought it would cut off me running through the room since I did it so quickly however it started recording about five seconds before I ran through and therefore captured everything. I set it to record 30 seconds when motion is detected but you can pick from 10 seconds up to two minutes depending on your preference. The status light on the front of the camera can be turned off easily in the app so the camera can be hidden more easily if desired. I tested out the night vision briefly and while I don't have anything to compare it to, it seems like it worked well. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and like that I don't have to pay a monthly fee.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      This is THE "smart camera" to purchase


      I’ve had quite a few different IP/Security Cameras from various vendors like D-Link, Foscam, Insteon, etc. going back to my first IP based wifi camera that was an 802.11b DCS1000W from D-Link. The early cameras were for geeks only (like me) and required knowledge of networking protocols like port forwarding and more to get the most out of these first and second generation cameras. IP Cameras are now an integral part of Home Security and the field of DIY Security Camera players has grown considerably. Netgear asked me to take a look at their newest camera, the Arlo Q indoor camera, and provided me with a review sample for this purpose. The TL; DR version of this review is “this is the camera to get”. I’m posting this review, because I’m going to be sending my friends and neighbors to BestBuy to buy this device when they ask me “I’m setting up my DIY Smarthome and I need an IP camera”. Like some of the current crop of cameras, the Arlo Q offers 1080p HD streaming, audio and video motion sensing/alerts, but unlike the other contenders for this market, Arlo Q offers FREE event based 7 day cloud video storage (you can buy more and even set up continuous video recording, but 7 days revolving storage for FREE sets it apart from the others). Plan details are at (my opinion is that the Basic Free Plan is great and should be enough for most folks). Arlo Q can be set up with an iOS or Android app, as well as a browser based app. I used my iPhone and it was quick and simple to set up an account as a new user. This is the first IP camera I’ve used that supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. The camera is a 802.11n device, and I configured it to use the 2.4GHz band even though I have a dual band Netgear Nighthawk 802.11ac router that supports both 2.4 and 5GHz. The iPhone app automatically filled in the SSID that my iPhone was connected to, which was a 5GHz 802.11ac band, but since I wanted to test with 2.4GHz, I had to supply the name of that network (no pick list is available, but that won’t be a problem for most people – I just specifically wanted to test on a slower connection to see worst case performance). Unlike the other cameras of this type, Arlo Q also has user configurable “activity zones” that let you customize three locations that will trigger alerts. It was easy to configure these by dragging the zone around visually on my iPhone. This camera supports two-way audio, so if you’re in another room or miles away, you can kick the dog off the sofa. Alerts arrive by e-mail nearly instantly. There’s a scheduler that allows you full control of arming/disarming the triggered detection recordings and alerts, or you can leave armed/disarmed. Usage will depend on camera location and the kind of traffic you expect and when you expect it. The video quality is superb. There was hardly any lag on the 2.4GHz connection using Live view. While there’s no PTZ (pan and tilt) the field of view is very very wide and gives more than enough coverage (and this avoids the device being much heavier). You can add “friends” to your Arlo account per the user guide “Friends can view live streams from your cameras, record video clips, view, share, mark as favorite, and delete clips from your library, and take snapshots. Friends can be granted limited access to some of the settings and features on your Arlo account. You can select which cameras friends can see (if you have multiple cameras) and what administrative rights are available to them“ so you don’t need to share your credentials will your kids but you can let them access features. There are multiple ways to actually mount the camera, including a magnetic base for metal surfaces (the mag mount is strong). A nice long power cord (really a long USB adapter and wall wart plug with USB slot) is included. There’s also a wall mount and mounting screws, etc. included in the box, so there’s lots of flexibility. I really like Arlo Q and highly recommend it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Awesome Arlo Q Security Camera from NETGEAR

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I’ve received this item free to review and test for NETGEAR’s First Look Review Program. It’s great to be part of this Program and will be giving all honest reviews throughout my participation with this program. ~First Thoughts~ When I received this package in the mail from NETGEAR I thought it would have been in a bigger box but it wasn’t. As I opened the package I enjoyed the way it was packed within its own box and felt like they want the customer to have a great experience with opening it. I find myself saying Arlo from times to times because it’s very catchy jingle. ~Setup~ The installation for the Arlo Q Security Camera was easy just had to find the right place for it in my home to watch the front door and the rest of the house. I used the wall mount included with the camera but didn’t want to screw the wall mount into my wall at the moment of install so I used heavy duty Velcro strips to place the wall mount onto the wall. The set up for this camera was easy took less than 10 minutes with the application on my android phone. I measured the power cable to this camera and runs almost 10 feet so you’ve got plenty of room move the camera to where you want it. ~Features~ Best features within a single camera at 1080P! The Night vison works great for this camera and the audio it picks up from the camera sounds very clear. The Motion and Sound detection works like a charm and with the Free 7 days of recordings work great for these cameras but upgrading your plan can help if you own more than one. The camera also supports 2-way audio so you can communicate between the people at your house. ~Performance~ The performance for this camera is great with only a 5 second delay from the time you watch it on a live stream to your device. The picture comes in perfect along with the audio. Everything is synced together when you review the videos with audio. ~Did Product meet my expectation?~ Yes it did! As with every product that comes from NETGEAR every customer should enjoy the quality that NETGEAR puts into the production of every single item that they make. ~Price-value~ The price of a single camera comes in at $219.99 so it is a hefty price at this price range for just one camera but the quality of these are great and you won’t regret it. ~Would I recommend this item to my friends and or a family member?~ As always I recommend this to any one that is looking for great product from NETGEAR. “I’ve received this Arlo Q Security Camera free from NETGEAR’s First Look Review Program”

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      She is sweet

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Great product! Great thing about this is you don't need a base station but you get the same storage as the 500.00 4 cam setup. No bat replacement. Long power cord. Higher res than bat powered version (true 1080). Has the best type of mount that is usually optional and if you want to you can add the 4 cam system later for a max of 5. Like most others you get about half of advertising night vision capabilities but you can get a 3rd party night vision diode cluster to place next to the cam that will allow additional distance which I have done with other systems. Yes it is top dollar but you do get what you pay for in this case. I've had it for over a month and it has gone down once which I'm not sure what happened but after a reset it was back working within mins. If you are not computer savy then this is definitely for you. After unpacking and a quick swift through the manual I was up and running in less than 5 min but I am an IT Director. Even if not I have setup many systems in my career and can say this was by far the easiest. You basically download an app and point the cam to a bar code on your phone and bam your running. At that point you can customize the app but setting a record schedule, apply record triggers like motion or sound, the length of record time, sensitivity levels and notifications. So the bad I would say is the fact you cannot record 24x7 without purchasing additional cloud space. This model is not weather proof. There is slight delay in audio. You only get a max of 2 min record blocks. Night vision is not the best but if you are using for what it was designed for you will be very happy. Stick it inside a room on one corner and you will see everything day or night. If I could add anything I'd add a temp sensor and some type of local storage for free 24x7 recording. Hope this helped!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Wire or Less


      Setup: Super easy! All setup and configurations are done with the mobile app. I only had an issue with the sync button. I was finally about to connect by rapidly pressing on the sync button. Features: The core feature of any security cameras is video recording. I believe software is what makes a security camera better than others. - Motion and Audio detection – you can also adjust the sensitivity of these two items. This is great because if you own a pet that makes a lot of noise. - Snapshot and recording – Once an event is trigger, you can setup what happen next. You can only choose one of the two. There is a third option if you want to do nothing with it. Recording can be set from 10 seconds to 120 seconds. - Alerts – you can set device notification and email alert if you want. - Modes – By default the camera is setup to be always arm (always recording). You can set it to be disarmed or on a scheduled (ie: work day, night time, and etc...) - Security Zone – This is the feature that ties everything together. You can set up an square/rectangle section of the camera to monitor for motion. This allows you to fine tune what you want to get alerted about, especially if it is a high traffic area. - Free 1GB cloud storage – All snapshots and recordings are stored in the cloud for free. You can pay for services to enable a continuous timeline. I didn’t feel like it is needed because the recording feature will capture a few seconds before and after motion has been detected. You are also able to save/download anything from the cloud if you need to save anything. - 2-way communication – I don’t use this feature and I personally will never use this. - 1080p video resolution – By default, it is 720p resolution and it is enough. In addition the camera has a fish eye effect so the field of view is much wider. Performance: The camera and the app is about 2-3 seconds slow. I was expecting something real-time for the camera. The app takes a while to connect to the camera and the cloud recording. Expectation: The camera did meet my expectation because this Arlo Q replaced my old D-link DCS930L. The features are much better while the D-link I had to use advanced networking setup in addition to finding software to accomplish the features you get from this product. Price-value: - Compared to other product on the market that doesn’t offer cloud storage, this is a better value because you pay the up front cost now instead of a monthly payment for the cloud service. - Compared to the wireless Arlo, the price value is not as attractive. I would recommend this product to friends and family. When I did recommend it, most people expressed interests in wireless models. To be fair, the one thing that is holding back wireless camera is power consumption if you plan to place this in a high traffic area. I received this product for free as part of the NETGEAR first look review program.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great wired home monitoring HD camera


      I’ve used and liked Arlo in the past and I was pretty happy to try out the new wired version. First off the camera is solid. It looks like it’s made well and with good materials. Setting up an Arlo Q camera is very easy. The app takes you through a quick setup where it asks you for Wi-Fi info to create a QR code that you let the new camera take a picture of to join your network. Simple idea, but pretty cool. Once connected the camera updates its firmware and you’re up and running. When the picture first came up, I was surprised that my entire body was in the picture even though I thought I was out of view. To say the least, it has a very clear picture and a pretty wide viewing angle. I was even surprised by the night mode quality. It’s obviously not as clear as a daytime view, but in pitch black settings it still has a clear picture where I was able to make out everything I saw. The only thing I feel was missing was the ability to use the ArloQ outside. I’ve seen the Arlo app go through a couple of iterations. Since the beginning it’s gotten more stable and navigation has consistently gotten easier. It’s now divided into three sections. The “mode” section lets you customize motion/audio detection settings throughout the week. It starts recording, sends you a push notification and/or email if it detects something. This is great for emergencies or if you just want to know when someone has gotten home. I like how the “Cameras” section lets you customize your cameras. It lets you watch/listen live, record, take a snapshot and a couple of other things. I used it to have a conversation with my wife. It’s not the same as talking over the phone, but it still worked well. The “Library” tab has all of the recordings broken down into a calendar. You can download your videos from there as well. Overall the Arlo Q went above and beyond what I was expecting in a wired home monitoring camera. I’ve already recommended it to a friend and I’d say the price is about right based on the feature set.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Powerful alternative to Dropcam

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      The Arlo Q came in a green box that screams simplicity. I took everything out of the box, and one of the first things I noticed was that the power cable was extra long. A nice feature that I wasn't expecting. Everything was plugged in and the LED lit up. The install and initial setup process was simple. I downloaded the Arlo app from Google playstore, launched it, and hit the New System Setup button. I followed the prompts, entered my wifi name and password, pressed the Sync button on the camera, and then held my phone with the generated QR code in front of the lens. After the confirmation beep, it asked to create a new account. I entered in my email/password, but after clicking continue, the app said I already had an account associated. After a little digging around, I found out that an account I had on could be used with Arlo. Just a small bump in the road in an otherwise simple setup process. Once configured for my network, the Arlo Q immediately prompted to update the firmware - and I let it. I then poked around in the modes (ie arm/disarm), triggers (motion/sound), and rules (android notification/email/snapshots), and customized to my liking. The app I found extremely easy to use whether it is viewing a "live" stream or changing the mode. After using the camera for a while, there are several things I like: + Wide picture angle - much more field of view than expected + A clear picture + Night vision works really well - the infrared LED's cover the entire viewing area + The magnetic base is useful and the 6 magnets stick well to metal surfaces + The design of the base and freedom to swing/tilt/pivot + Arlo app (and the Arlo website) + Motion and sound detection + Long power cord + 7 days free of motion recordings + Easy to view recordings online through the app or webpage - broken down by day and time Some of the things I didn't like so much: - A "live" stream is delayed around 5 seconds. I don't think I could use this as a baby monitor because of this. If the app could connect directly to the camera when on the same network, I think this delay would improve. - Delays also occur when using the microphone or mute buttons on the stream - The infrared LED's are clearly visible at night (red tint) and might freak some kids out (hello 1984?) - No local storage; if you lose internet, I don't know that it would upload to the cloud once back online - Not designed for use outdoors Overall, I think this is a great product for the price (cheaper than other major competitors) and a simple way to setup a surveillance system inside your home. If you don't mind the delay, it would also be a great baby camera. I think Netgear hit a homerun with the Arlo Q; fix the delay issue and it would be a grand slam. Note: I received this Arlo Q for free as part of the Netgear First Look Review Program by providing my unbiased review.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      What I was Looking for...

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I was looking for a camera to keep an eye on my dog during the day when no one is home. After setting a budget of $200 it was either the Arlo Q or Nest Cam. I went with the Arlo because of the great deal I got for it and the free 7 day cloud storage basic subscription. So far I'm very pleased. It does exactly what I need it to do. After fiddling around within the app which by the way is very simple to use, I was able to define the camera's zones and set it on schedule when to record. I was amazed at the level of customization I could do with this.. The 1080p resolution is crisp and vivid and being able to zoom in are just some of the outstanding features on it. I will have to warn you that the cam's sensitivity is really high so the slightest sound or motion will set off the recording. It's not a problem for me, but it may be for others. Now you maybe wondering why such a glowing review, but only 4 stars. Well it all stems from the initial Arlo setup. Yes, it's a very simple installation if it works exactly like the quick start guide says., but in some cases it will require some further research to setup due to some wonky firmware. Lucky me, I was that some case. After scouring Google, I found the solution in a post on the Netgear forum. The Arlo's 1.6 Firmware has trouble connecting/syncing to network SSIDs with special characters or spaces in their names. It also has trouble with network passwords containing special characters or spaces. The solution was to set up a GUEST network with a simple SSID (no special characters or spaces) and a simple password (no special characters or spaces). Then sync the Arlo to this GUEST network through the app and then go into the Arlo's settings and download the newest firmware which is I think 1.8 now. The installation of the 1.8 FW will be about 10 to 15 min with the status lights flashing off and on, etc. Once your Arlo is up to date with the 1.8 FW, now go back into the app and sync it to the main network which now can include some special characters (Netgear has a list). It should setup as it was portrayed in the quick start guide and now you can delete the Guest network if you want. I feel this could have all been avoided (and saved me a couple of hours) if Netgear simply placed a pamphlet note inside the packaging that stated the possibility of needing to update the FW and instructions on how to do it and the web address of the solution. Otherwise, it really is an awesome camera albeit the little stumbling block with the initial setup.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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