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AudioQuest - Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable - Dark Gray/Black

This HDMI cable features a Dielectric-Bias System that reduces distortion and 100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors for improved signal clarity. The Direct-Silver-plated HDMI connectors provide a simple connection and durability.

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    What's Included

    • AudioQuest Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable

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    Overall Customer Rating:
    94% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (75 out of 80)


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    From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores

    Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices

    With Ethernet compatibility for wide-ranging use.

    HD polyethylene composition

    Optimized to ensure critical signal-pair geometry.

    100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors

    For improved signal clarity. All signal conductors controlled for digital-audio direction.

    Dielectric-Bias System

    Reduces distortion.

    Direct-Silver-plated connectors

    Provide durability and a simple connection.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 80 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great cable for the money!


      I bought this cable to hook up my recently purchased a Dynex 19 inch color LCD 720p HDTV (WIDESCREEN!). My TV/VCR combo had served me well for many years and I felt it was time for an upgrade. I was disappointed that my new TV did not have VCR playback capabilities, but I was able to retain the ability to play VHS tapes by incorporating the old TV/VCR combo into my setup as a stand for the new Dynex! I researched HDMI cables for several weeks, reading reviews and watching unboxing videos. My friends recommended that I just buy an inexpensive cable and started spewing techno-babble at me about how HDMI cables work. They claimed that it's not possible for a higher priced HDMI cable to improve picture quality because of how digital video signals work. Something about 1s and 0s and error correction. I was skeptical. I mean my friends are very smart, but they aren't Best Buy employee smart. So I went to my local Best Buy to speak to the experts that I trust. A while back, my computer would not boot into Windows ME and instead displayed the message: "Boot Device Not Found." I thought perhaps the hard drive had become disconnected. Well, I'm glad I took it to the Geek Squad. The technician saw the error msg and was able to determine that I needed a new hard drive without even opening it up or running any kind of diagnostic software. What technical expertise! But let me get back to the cable. I told one of the customer service agents about the my home theater setup and my intentions to hook up my gaming console to my new 19 inch color LCD 720p HDTV (WIDESCREEN!). He recommended this cable for its inherent ability to increase the resolution and frames per second in games. So I bought it and brought it home. I went to the living room to hook up my console and I hit my first snag. Nowhere in the documentation did it specify where to hook the cable up to the NES. I was about to give up but I noticed a cover on the bottom of the Nintendo. It turns out that this is where the expansion port is located which is where you connect the HDMI cable. I hooked the other end up to the TV and fired up the NES. Unfortunately, I didn't get a video signal. After much experimentation I figured it out. To get HD output from an NES you have to hook up the analog outputs as well. Apparently the TV combines these two signals to form an image. And what an image! The blacks were so deep that it desaturated all the color from my living room furniture! I had been meaning to apply a darker stain to my coffee table and now I don't have to! My couches were now black, giving my living room a much needed neutral color scheme. Super Mario Bros looked amazing! I hit the info button on my remote and discovered that it was running in 4k 480Hz with a perfectly matched frame rate of 480 frames per second! I wanted to capture some game footage so I hooked the NES up to the VCR. I've never seen such clarity in a VHS recording! It makes Blu-Ray look like an Etch A Sketch! I now realize why my friends were trying to dissuade me from buying a mid priced cable like this one. They probably purchased some cheap $500 dollar cable and didn't want me to get an HDMI cable with over twice the performance of their cable. I no longer speak to them as I don't need people like that in my life. All my friends now reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. One other thing to note is the the Zapper didn't work with the new TV. This is most likely because the Zapper could not detect if it was hitting a target due to the increased resolution and frame rate. While the documentation leaves room for improvement as hooking up an NES wasn't even mentioned, at this price point I can't justify taking away a star. FIVE STAR PRODUCT!!! If I had any friends left, I would definitely recommend them this product!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      The Truth about the HDMI cable conspiracy


      The truth is out there, my friends, if you are ready to deal with it. This is not the Sony Bravia world of which you may have grown up with. This is a whole level above the next higher level up beyond the thickest and topmost. Think about how much time you may spend in front of your TV or Home Theater. But let us be honest. Silver will tarnish and require frequent polishing; especially from viewing Hustler or Juicy. Gold has far better conductivity, and the ductility and malleability of gold enables it to be stretched beyond the copious magnitude of 3 feet 3 inches. Here's the rub: Magnolia Best Buy stores don't sell many uber products over the web - you actually need to pilgrimage to their home theater showcases to cache in on the ultimate experience. When you do, you'll quickly learn how primitive the neophyte you actually are, as a caveman entering a spacecraft. This AudioQuest Diamond 3.3' HDMI cable is only a "Gateway" vehicle to ultra rigid AirFrame and curvilinear XStat™ electrostatic transducer dynamics and three-dimensional audio visual staging. Your next step is up a state-of-the-art toroidal transformer for Controlled Dispersion PoweredForce™ technology. If you're coming in from the hood out by the flat shunted tracks, be prepared to experience a Courtney Love Nirvana on par with where only the biggest boys can play. This fine cable, however will only get you so far, player. No matter how many baudy houses you visit with it, you'll still end-up missing the mothership. The secret knowledge others don't want you to know, perhaps hammered out in the skunk works of an Area 51 hangar; Ancient Alien technology whereby only the richest and most powerful secret brotherhood club member may afford; that which transcends your meager human existence so as to meld with it the very dust which makes the stars to twinkle. Micro diamonds sure. I tell you what I'd do: I would go downtown Atlanta Magnolia Best Buy and I'd buy a Mercury or two. 'Cause I'm crazy about Mercury. Cruise up and down this road.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Worst cable I have ever purchased


      I've recently been wanting to upgrade my current TV setup to this new "HD" technology I've been hearing about. I'm quite happy with my current TV setup as it was less than 10 years old. So I decided to upgrade my connections to "HDMI" using this so-called superior cable. I got two of them because I needed at least 5 feet from my TV to my tape player. The first problem I had was joining the two cables together. No matter how hard I tried they wouldn't fit together. So I ended up moving the TV closer to the tape player so I could end up using one cable. When I go to connect the cable to my TV I tired every connection and every angle but this cable wouldn't fit. I tried with both cables with the same result. I called my TV manufacturer to see if I'm missing something and was advised I need to purchase A BRAND NEW TV because my model doesn't have that connection. Same deal for my tape player, except they don't make one for this connection. It's like saying "these tires make your car go 300mph but oh they only fit on a BUGATTI and not on your toyota prius. I went to best buy upset and wanted my money back but was refused but there appeared to be negligent damage to the cable ends and that they have never seen this happen. I explained this happend when I was tried to get the cable to fit into my TV and tape box but they wouldn't hear it. Anyways there is a silver lining to all this. I scored one side of the cable with a knife and flipped the cable inside out. I pulled the gold wiring out and made my own RGA cable with that wire. I took the diamonds to a local jewler and for a small charge he made them into a diamond necklace for my wife. Now everyone's happy!

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      None of you understand electronics


      This is no ordinary cable..I am a degreed engineer so I know a lot about electronics. Most cheap cables are bi-directional; but video signals are uni-directional - they go from your receiver / player to the TV where they are emitted as photons that you see as light. if you have a bi-directional cable; some of the signal leaks back to the recover. This is bad because: 1) You get less photons emitted so your picture is not as goo; especially if they are all red, green or blue - in which case you will see color shifts or muddy blacks since ethe light is missing a color. 2)They take up space going back to the receiver so fewer photons can flow to the TV - which means you see slight stutters in the picture, especially fast moving ones. This is most pronounced in DSP projectors where fast motion can result in pixelation do to insufficient photons. 3) The returning photons build up at the cable plug since your receiver is not designed to accept them. Eventually, they start building up to the point where they block the outgoing photons and you have to unplug the cable to dump out the excess photon buildup. Unidirectional cables avoid all of this. They aren't cheap to build, as you need virgin metal that is carefully annealed in only one direction to get the right pipe alignment in the cable. Even then, the reject rate is high so the yield is low; hence ethe high price. One word of caution - if you plug it in backwards you will get no picture at all or a very faint one. I can't tell you how many people I know buy a uni-directional cable, plug it in backwards, and turn the video gain way up too get an acceptable picture. Folks, READ THE DIRECTIONS; you only get the full value of the cable if it is used properly. Trust me, I am an engineer.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



      At first I was hesitant to pick up such an expensive cable for my new HDTV. My wife pleaded with me saying "Why are you spending more money on the cables than you did on the TV?" Well who has the last laugh now? When I first opened the packaged I was surprised how heavy the AudioQuest Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable was, it almost pulled the TV down off of the wall, but I assumed that was just quality manufacturing. A few hours later when the shear weight of the cable brought my television (along with the wall mount and drywall) crashing to the floor did I really see the value of the AudioQuest Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable. When I sifted through the rubble I noticed the HDMI cable had been ripped and diamonds were poring out onto the floor! I quickly scooped them up and brought them to the nearest pawn shop! I was told the diamonds had a value close to $25,000 but since they needed to be framed and would sit around the shop for a while we negotiated down to $1500, an almost $500 profit! I spend my days now going from Best Buy to Best Buy in search of more AudioQuest Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable. My pawn shop guy continues to buy the loose diamonds from me, it's a wonderful arrangement. I think I'm going to be able to afford a PS4 and Xbox One for Christmas this year!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Not just a cable, an investment!


      It took the salesman a while to convince me that I should buy this but what eventually got me was the fact that this was not just an amazing product in and of itself but that it was really an investment in my future. Similar to a BMW (or if you remember from the golden age of automobiles the classic ‘Monza’), this will only increase in value as time goes by. So I would definitely recommend this cable. But with one caveat… only use it when important guests are over say of a caliber such as Donald Trump. Do not use it for run-of-the-mill every day guests. If you overuse it, the quality of the signal may eventually degrade and of course that would affect the resell value down the road. And it isn’t something you can tweak like the odometer of your car. Savvy electronics technicians have a way to measure the volume of electrons that have passed through those particular wires. It’s kind of like the cholesterol that builds up in your arteries… the waste product of the electrons running through the wires will eventually build up to a point where only a small number of electrons get through and the quality of the picture will be no better than those less-expensive cables. I hope this review made you day brighter and best of luck with your new cables!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Quality design


      Ok. First off, I tested this cable in comparison to my $3.50 HDMI cable and let me tell you, there is no difference. HDMI transmits 1's and 0's. The cable never improves colors, or signal. If your cable can't transmit well enough, you get nothing. No picture, no sound. Just like you wouldn't get a connection to the internet. You don't get a "fuzzy internet connection" when the cable is of poor quality, and you don't get a faster connection when the cable on your computer is better quality. You just either get it, or you don't. Ultimately the picture and sound with this cable is the exact same as it is with a cheapo HDMI cable. That being said, I was looking for a cable that I could also use to hang my 73" DLP on the ceiling. I figured "Hey, if I'm going to need a cable to hang this beautiful behemoth, why not also make it the cable that will transmit the above-mentioned 1's and 0's?". It works. My TV is now suspended in the air by this single cable and thanks to all the high quality materials it has, I have no doubt that it will prevent it from falling on my family while they're watching TV. My $3.50 HDMI cable couldn't do this. I know, because it cost me my daughter's 19" HD TV and 4 stitches on her forehead to find out.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      This wire Saved me a ton of MONEY!


      Ok so for the new year I was hosting our traditional once a year family party. And this year everyone wanted to go to Disneyland. So in total there was about 15 of us going 12 being kids. Before our trip I decided to go to best buy to buy a memory stick for our camera after all my family has been waiting a while year to go I have to take pictures. As I was walking out the memory stick isle I ran across this silver and black beauty. The first thing I did was leave the 2 year old I was pushing around in the stroller and ran to the front of the store to buy it. I than got in my car and went home. It was than I realized I left the kids and 2 year old at the store. There was no way I was going back to best buy to get the children I had to try this bad boy out so I sent the Mrs. to get them. When they got back the TV was ready for action as the wire was plugged in. I than had all the kids sit on the coach as I put in pirates of the Caribbean on my blu ray player. Than it happened, my coach turned into the pirates of Caribbean ride and we found ourselves in the movie chasing down the black pearl. Let's just say we canceled Disneyland and watched the same movie 8 times that day. I saved a fortune!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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