Epson - Workforce ES-300W Wireless Duplex Mobile Document Scanner - Black

Reduce clutter in your desk with this Epson WorkForce wireless document scanner. The portable design saves space in your office, and the wireless connectivity lets you scan documents to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Featuring a complete software suite and compatibility with most office software, this Epson WorkForce wireless document scanner is easy to use.

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What's Included

  • Epson WorkForce ES-300W
  • SuperSpeed USB cable
  • EPSON Scan, NewSoft Presto! BizCard, EPSON Document Capture Pro, ABBYY FineReader OCR, EPSON Document Capture

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (51 out of 54)

Energy Ratings


Up to 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution (1200 x 1200 dpi interpolated resolution)

To capture every word and image detail with clarity.

48-bit internal color depth

Along with 24-bit external color depth for realistic detail.

8.5" x 44" maximum scan size

Enables you to capture entire pages.

Up to 25 ppm scan speeds

For rapidly preserving a variety of files. Duplex scanning helps you get the job done quickly.

Portable design

Enables you to easily take the scanner on the go.

Easily scan a variety of documents

Including business card and plastic card.

Contact image sensor (CMOS CIS)

Provides high-quality visuals.

3-color RGB LEDs

Enable fast scanning with no warm-up time.

20-sheet automatic document feeder

Helps you quickly complete your scanning tasks.

High-speed USB 3.0 interface

Offers easy connectivity.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Lets you upload images instantly to your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

ENERGY STAR certified

Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy.

Overall customer rating

would recommend to a friend



  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Very compact and perfect for traveling, but...

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. Feb 2, 2017 21:54:26 After testing the Epson 300W Scanner, I've found it works...well enough... It has some great features, but they may not have been executed properly; it is very compact and perfect for traveling, but has several issues that I encountered during my tests and daily usage (test image/pdf gallery at the end). Before we lay out all the issues of the scanner, in what seems more like a crucifixion, let's first start with what is good about the scanner. ## The Good ## 1. Very quick scanning, it shoots through a stack of single-sided papers at 300DPI very fast and accurately. It was faster than my works Brother Workforce all-in-one 2. Built-in OCR PDF export, the built-in OCR scanning software is amazingly fast and accurate (only on desktop). 3. Very accurate automated rotation, adjusting, hole punch removal, and deskew, among other good settings. * The scanner was amazing at rotating and deskewing all scans automatically and only had issues 3 times where the paper was too dark or hand written. It correctly flipped picture, papers, business cards, ID cards and everything else I scanned. 4. The card slot, I love the quick card slot idea and when it worked, it was a nice touch (more on it below). * Card slot would be more useful if it was accessible while the cover was closed. 5. The settings, this scanner has so many settings on a PC it's amazing and they work pretty beautifully and quick. * Magazine/Newspaper mode & image stitching were not tested. 6. It's tiny, this thing really is portable (see pics) 7. Battery life is great. * Charged it and tested it out 2 weeks and I scanned several items during the testing; it still has power and still in my work bag. 8. Great image quality, it goes up to 1200DPI and looks great. 9. Small files created at higher DPI, even with 600DPI it created small image file sizes and PDFs. 10. Effortless double-sided scanning. * There are 2 scanning plates inside, making double-sided scanning just one step instead of 2 like other portable scanners I've tried. ## The Bad (very bad) ## The first issue is the wireless setup. 1. There is no way to setup the scanner without the PC or smartphone app companion; there's no WPS button on the device for easy configuration. 2. Using the smartphone app is overly convoluted, gaudy and glitchy with too many steps required; use manually switch to turn on AP, connect to es-300w direct AP and search for the scanner, then go through setup and manually add WiFi info, then manually turn the switch to WiFi mode and search again for the scanner. This is the procedure you need to do every time you need to switch networks. * this setup is ridiculously tedious and prone to errors. 3. The apps failed numerous times to find the scanner during setup. Big Issue #2 is the card slot: 1. The built-in card slot for business cards and plastic cards doesn't work for intended use. * Via the phone app it accepted no business cards (except 1 time) and "jammed." * Via Desktop the few times it actually worked to scan via the slot, it refused 5 business cards. * Only worked on 1 of my 5 plastic cards, American driver licenses; didn't accept old school ID cards, work ID or credit card. * For best results, you're required to set the size/type to auto and not business card or plastic card Scanning issues: 1. The business card setting with the card slot using my phone doesn't work. It scans but doesn't fit any business cards tested (American and Japanese). * Cards were cut off (last 1/4), but plastic card setting size worked for business cards but had issues (noted below) 2. WiFi scanning from phone and desktop have long delays between scans and settings, but DirectAP and USB were quicker. 3. Plastic card settings were the proper dimensions for business cards, but the cards (via the card slot) always shifted slightly causing the image to be missing part of the card. * Proper scanning with card slot requires auto size to be set and auto fix document skew. 4. Didn't work well on longer pieces of paper (within max allowed). Door knob flyer gets cut off at 11" every time, no matter what setting used. 5. Paper jams, the scanner jammed constantly; almost every business card in the card slot caused a jammed, long papers, thin papers, and multiple types of plastic cards, also caused jams. 6. Feed sensor is glitchy. Ever other scan attempt prompted me, saying there was nothing in the scanner (there was) and it would error out and make me start all over again. 7. You have to put documents in backward, instead of face up and natural feeling, you have to put them in facing down and it's not a natural feeling. 8. You can't have the phone app open if you're trying to use the desktop scan application. Phone application: 1. Missing half the settings that the PC has like OCR. 2. UI has a very old look and feel (like it's 5 years behind). PC Scanning: 1. No reference material for what certain options do, so you have to be versed in terminology or quick with Google. Image quality: 1. Anything under 300DPI looked pretty horrible. Another item to note, the scanner is missing built-in cloud connection and storage. For a compact travel scanner, you would think it would have scanning to cloud network built-in or onboard storage so you can scan on the go quickly and have it saved without the need to have a phone or PC available. !!! REVIEW VERDICT: I would not purchase this scanner as it is for the suggested retail price, but if it was on sale for $100 I might. !!! Scanning test examples can be linked if requested.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Scanner for Mobile

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    The Epson ES-300W is a pretty good mobile scanner. It provides ultrafast scanning with auto document feed from a fold out tray that will hold about 50 sheets. I have scanned about 1000 items in the ES-300W to get a good feel for how it actually operates, so let’s get into it. Setup: Setup on a Windows 10 computer via USB was very challenging. The computer would recognize the scanner was a device that was connected, but it would not scan to it. The Windows 10 native scanning app would not see that there was a scanner connect and neither would Epson’s scanning software. After a couple of hours of attempting to get this worked out, I moved on to other more modern means of connecting to the scanner. The next step was to configure the scanner to join my wireless network. First you move a switch on the right side of the unit from USB to wireless mode. Then connection was accomplished very easily by using the WPS button on the printer and my wireless router. Once the scanner was connected to the wireless network, I was able to download the free Epson DocumentScan app ( to my Apple iPhone and connect to the scanner immediately. Operation: Scanning using the app was flawless and easy. All you have to do is select the scan button and then choose the settings that you want to use for this document and click “Scan”. The documents move through the scanner at a breakneck pace even while scanning front and back (2 sided) at the same time. This will then display the scanned items on your device and allow you to scan more items or move on to editing the items you scanned. From here you can rotate any pages that may be scanned upside down or sideways. You can also reorder the pages and clean up anything that is out of place. Now all you do is click “Save” and your document is loaded in the app to use it as you need to. From the files section of the app you can choose any of the previously scanned documents. You can edit the previous documents or view them. It seems kind of odd that you can’t just click on the document to view it, you have to click it and then click the view option. The view option allows see all the documents and pictures, then you can send them out via many apps (Mail, Messages, add to Notes, etc.) It is possible to copy and print the documents from this screen as well. Conclusion: Once the scanner is setup and going…this is a fantastic product. It’s great for the mobile road warrior because it can setup its own wireless AP that you can connect to without having a router/internet connection close by. It also has an internal battery that will charge off a USB plug just like your phone (no new adapters needed). It is also very simple to use the app at home and even teach less tech savvy users to scan to their heart’s content. The Windows scanning applications and utilities are a good deal more complicated and disjointed. Many of the utilities look like they were designed for use in Windows 3.1 and have not been updated much since. Epson could do to come up with a more integrated one application solution to scanning in windows instead of the 11 programs that installed on my machine when I finally got it working on my PC. Note below the sample scan and product photo on my desk This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    An impressive little gadget


    This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. Having said that, I depend on reviews to help me decide what to buy so the following is my honest opinion. This isn’t my first rodeo. I own several larger Epson scanners and an “all in one” Workforce Pro printer. Installation of the ES-300W wasn’t as easy as I’ve experienced with other devices but, to be fair, I decided to use WiFi which can be more problematic than using a direct connection using the included USB 3/2 cable. An example of the complexity is that the only way I’ve found to run the installer is to re-run the entire software package installer. So, if your scanner installation fails (mine did several times), you can’t rerun the device installer without reinstalling all the software again. This isn’t a problem but does waste time. Then, when I tried installing the scanner on my WiFi network, I had an option of using WPS or not. When electing not to use WPS, the install failed each time. When I finally agreed to WPS (which my router provides), the installation went smoothly and quickly. One other issue I noticed is that the quick start guide and installation screens don’t appear to show the location of at least one of the scanner’s indicator lights you need to watch for during the WiFi install. If you guess right, as I apparently did, you’ll be good to go. Once I got everything running properly, Epson’s server indicated there was new firmware for the scanner as well as some optional software available. This happens because Epson installs the “Epson Software Updater” on your computer. This runs in the background and watches for updates for any Epson devices and software on your network and/or computer. I installed the update as well as the optional programs and this went perfectly. A few minutes later, I was ready to begin scanning. Once you get this device installed, you simply open Document Capture Pro (if you’re running Windows 10, just type Document Capture Pro in the search box at the bottom left on your screen and then click on it once Windows has found the program). Click the scan button and “presto”, the page feeds even faster than on my giant Epson printer and the resolution of the scan is remarkable. It couldn’t be easier, faster or deliver a better result. This device does exactly what it should and does it flawlessly. If I were in the market for a stand-alone scanner (as opposed to an all-in-one), it would be hard to resist the ES-300W. It takes up almost no space on your desk (or anywhere within reach of your WiFi network) and you can throw it (well, gently) in your backpack and carry it with you. Depending on how much scanning you’ll do, you may not even need to bring along the power adapter. There have been plenty of times when I was away from the office and wished I’d had a scanner. Having an almost tiny scanner, battery operated and using Wifi, means I can put it anywhere and still get the job done. No wires, no clutter, no sweat. My wife came into my office and asked to scan something. I handed her the scanner and said, “Here, take this to the kitchen and start feeding pages”. I like this gadget and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Batt. powered and portable scanner; so-so software

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. To provide some background, I own a lot of computer equipment, flash my routers' firmware, build my own servers, have owned many scanners, both Epson and Canon; in few words, I'm fluent in tech. The scanner is pretty obvious to unpack and open up. I quickly downloaded the software from the Epson site facing the same, usual dread I always encounter with scanners: it installed many pieces of software on your computer and I was left to ponder whether I did really need those to operate the scanner. For a Mac, it was Document Capture, Epson Scan 2, EpsonNet Config, EPSON Software Updater, Epson Scan 2 Utility, User Guide and Uninstaller, and - optional - also ABBYY FineReader Sprint and Presto! BizCard 7. I hardly used the quick install guide, just when in doubt making sure it was on USB mode rather than Wi-Fi, and opted to experiment quickly with over the wire config. Scanning pages in AFD (autofeed document) mode was really fast using Document Capture. There was no jam and scan quality was more than sufficient even at low res. You can trigger the start of the scan on either scanner or comp side, or by inserting pages. It was also very easy to create scanning configs that automatically uploaded the doc to the Cloud (Good Drive in my case but there are other possibilities). It is worth mentioning though that Cloud uploads require your comp to be up as a temporary scan is first created on your comp, then uploaded, and then removed (I believe this is configurable if you want to retain a local copy). Going wireless was a bit of a pain. I started in wired mode with the intent to set the wireless config, and then go wireless. Well it does not work that way and embarrassingly I had to read the manual. You first place the scanner in AP mode, set your comp to connect to the scanner's Wi-Fi, use then EpsonNet Config to configure the wireless, switch the scanner to Wi-Fi mode, reconnect your comp to your Wi-Fi, and then are able to discover your scanner. One comment about the manual: instructions were laid out over multiple pages. Somehow, I open the manual from one of the apps which directed to a web page. No need to tell you I was unable to read the next page when connected to the scanner's Wi-Fi :-(. Another thing you need to be aware of is you need to use a different software, Epson Scan 2, when scanning in wireless mode; Document Capture just does not work. Another thing you need to be aware of is that such a small scanner does not have any display. It means you do not have the ability to select a destination computer for scan over Wi-Fi like you could on much larger scanners. This means that not only your comp is up and running, but Epson Scan 2 is also ready. Unlike on USB mode, you need to trigger the scan from within Epson Scan 2. I intend on creating a small virtual machine with the Epson software and driver loaded, have Epson Scan 2 up and running there, and have the house guest connect to it for them to scan docs as needed to a common Cloud account. It will prevent them to have to install the all software package and config everything, meanwhile they’ll benefit of the scanner portability. It I was to summarize my impressions of the Epson ES-300W scanner, I'd say the following. The scanner is solid, simple, battery operated, and can go wireless, thus portable. It is a bit bigger than I'd wished for to bring on a trip and scan my expense receipts while traveling. It scans quickly and the output documents exhibit the same solid quality Epson has got us used to. I just dislike the software and this for few reasons: 1) I don’t understand why config and utilization is not available under one roof, 2) I don’t understand why I have to deal with 2 similar yet different scanning software packages depending on usage mode (USB or Wi-Fi), 3) the overall design and UX is way, way dated and it shows. In fairness, I think it is the plight of many scanner manufacturers; maybe they all OEM the software from the same shop.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Power packed in a small package


    This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review Power packed in a small package – I have never used a portable scanner and was not really sure what to expect when the small package arrived at my doorstep. The scanner is well designed and compact. A really small footprint - 11 inches wide (same as the width of a US letter sized paper), 2.5 inches tall and about 4 inches deep. Weighs about 2.5 - 3 pounds. As I said, a small and compact foot print. The scanner then just grows (sort of like the Transformers movie). The front opens up, a couple of blades/wings flip out to hold documents that need to be scanned. Not sure how much weight the feeder can hold. Plug in the charger which is similar to the little brick and cord use get with the typical laptop. That’s about what it takes to get it physically setup. To get the scanner connected and ready for use, you will need to download software from the Epson website (URL provided in the setup document is not quite right but it was easy to locate the right software on the Epson website). Would have been nice if the software was provided on a mini CD or a USB stick. There are quite a few applications that need to be downloaded and if you have a slow internet connection, it could take a few minutes. I chose to set it up on the home network via the Wifi option. Not quite the easiest setup process. For once, I had to crack open the user manual to figure out the process. After a few attempts at setting it up via a device on my wireless network, I ended up connecting it using the WPS option on my router. The WPS option worked out well and was quick. In hindsight, I would suggest that this is the best option and should be default option for everyone. Once the software is installed, I was prompted to do a firmware upgrade which I accepted. The firmware upgrade process appeared to have hung up after the update was completed. I waited about 5 – 10 minutes before I manually shut down the printer and restarted it. I was worried that I would end up with a dead scanner since the firmware did not exit gracefully. But it worked out. Now for the actual usage. I started the Epson app and selected the defaults to perform my first scan – black and white scan of a US Letter sized document. The scanner spit it out at such a high speed that I thought something was wrong. But that was not the case. Indeed, the speed of scanning is impressive. As the scan resolution is increased, the scanning speed is reduced but well within acceptable time of a few seconds per page. It certainly takes a few seconds to get the data to show up on the computer (note that I am on a Wifi connection). I think the delay is due to the wifi transfer of data from the scanner to the computer. Have to wonder Scan speed did not change much between a one side scan vs a duplex scan. Note that duplex scan is a single pass and does not require the document to be flipped over and scanned again. Good work on this design. Black and White scans took about the same time as color Scans – just a few seconds if that. I was able to scan up to 10 documents on a single pass. I just did not need to scan larger stacks and so cannot really speak to the upper limit of the document feeder. I did run into something that I need to sort out. A black and white scan came through fine for the most part except where I had a bar code in one part of the document. The scanned image of the bar code came out a bit smudged. The same document in color mode reproduced the bar code well without any issues. I played around with the resolution but the B&W image of the bar code did not come out right regardless of the resolution. I will need to play a bit more and see what I am doing wrong. After a few minutes of non-use, the device goes to sleep even when connected to power. Good green credentials, I say. Paper jams did happen once or twice and they were easily resolved. No complicated machines and elements to mess with. Just a latch to open the scanner and take out the original. The software however could not handle paper jams elegantly. Anytime I opened the device to clear a paper jam, I had to restart the app and I think this may be by design as the device disconnects the wireless connection and the application does not have a good way to pick up when reconnected. Hopefully, this part of the design can get improved in a future update. I did not scan any business cards – do folks still use business cards? A few documents I scanned seemed to get the bottom edges cut off. Repositioning and scanning them worked out well but cannot figure why the bottom edge seems to get cut off. I would certainly confirm the scanned output before scanning the next document. On a related note, the design of the scanner enables easy scanning of long documents. As regards the physical characteristics, I would suggest a gentle touch given the small footprint. I would worry about breaking the document guides and the paper holder flaps if I was not careful with them. What I would be curious to know is if this scanner can be used to scan large volume of documents/photographs/originals, etc.? Or if the design and specification is intended for low volume and infrequent use. I like it too much to burn it out by overuse! As regards pricing, I think it is a bit higher than what I would pay. Something around the range of $150 would seem to be optimal, IMO.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic concept - needs help

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I REALLY wanted this to work for my situation. I currently use a Fujitsu ix500 and a small router that I plug into the wall at whatever appointment I am at so the scanner and my phone can communicate without needing another wifi source or a laptop. It works great but I wanted to be able to use this at home and get something smaller for appointments. The ES-300W fits perfectly into my work bag without having to carry a separate bag for the larger scanner. It has a built in router and rechargeable battery. Between these features and the size of the scanner, I have less to carry and less to set up at appointments. (You will have to test for yourself how many pages it can scan on one battery charge, as I didn't test that and can not find the answer in any of the literature on the product.) OK - unfortunately there are problems that make this unit impossible to use for me. I HATE to say this because it is small, fast, portable, etc. #1 I put in several stacks of test pages (legal, letter, mixed), and all were perfectly flat with no wrinkles or tears. ALMOST EVERY page consistently went in at the slightest angle and showed on the PDF that way. If you use this scanner with a laptop or desktop, the software will correct skewed pages in the PDF. If you use this scanner with your phone and the app from the manufacturer, there is no way to correct the skew. #2 Every 20 to 30 pages, two pages would pull through at the same time. This was pretty consistent, and I used different stacks of paper in the test. Sometimes this caused an error so I could catch when it happened and make sure I went back and got both in the scan. Sometimes they just went though together and, unless I was watching it happen, I would have never known. #3 For the scan quality (different dpi's) the PDF sizes were a little larger than with other scanners I have used. #4 Those little flip up guides to hold the paper straight as it is going through the scanner are a concern. They are a little floppy and small. I don't feel like they guide the paper as well as they could, and they seem like they will need to be replaced every so often if the scanner is used much. Try it for yourself. I hope it works well for you, as I think the concept is great. I am going to continue to use my current scanner until Fujitsu comes out with a similar product. Their current small scanner with ADF is only 12 pages a minute and does not have a built in router, so I would still have to use a separate router and would go down by half in the speed. In my opinion, Fujitsu has a much better mobile app than either Epson or Brother. They must be due any time now for some newer, faster products.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Scanner for Home Office or Road Warriors

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I am predominantly a Mac and iOS user so my review will reflect my experience with those platforms. Initial Impressions This scanner is very attractive and seems to be well constructed, it’s an item I would be proud to use in my home office and away when I travel for work frequently. There’s a bit of heft to this unit as it does contain a built-in battery, the weight does not make it inconvenient but it’s not light enough that I would always keep it in a computer bag. One design feature that I’m grateful for is the locking lid/document feeder as in another scanner I have from another company the lid would flop open and could be potentially damaged, not here! I am quite impressed by the options to connect to scanner: USB, Wifi Direct, or attached to my home existing wifi network and the support for mobile scanning. Setup Software is not included in the box with the scanner, but it is a moderate sized download that should not take long on a broadband connection. Hardware setup on Wifi was a little problematic in that the installation software requires you to have support for WPS on your WiFi network (a known security issue). I was able to work around this issue but attaching via the WiFi AP mode then use scanner utility to adjust the settings to use my WiFi Network. The Epson Scan software that comes as part of the initial setup download does a good job. If you would like more options for scanning however I would Epson Document Capture. Epson Document Capture allows you to create searchable PDFS or scan directly to an FTP Server, Evernote, SugarSync, Google Drive. Scanning using USB was flawless and painless across all of the applications I used. Use I work away from the office most of the time and frequently have to scan documents to share with others. When I’m in the office I prefer not to use our large multifunction printers for scanning as this portable scanner is far more efficient and more convenient. My document management application on the Mac is Paperless. My Epson Workforce Ecotank printer works well over over my wifi network hopefully with Paperless, so I’m hoping it will work with this scanner as well soon. Scanning works well over all applications that I tried with USB. The iOS Epson DocumentScan application does a good job of allowing you to scan, rotate, reorder, and export documents to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Evernote, Box, or other online services. Thanks to the scanning speed of the Epson ES300-W it has helped me clear out my backlog of personal documents I’ve held off on because of my other scanner’s speed. Overall There were some initial setup hurdles with Wifi, but USB scanning is flawless. This is my second portable scanner that I have owned but this is by far the best.I have been VERY happy with the performance of this little scanner and I would recommend it to others for use in a home office and as a road warrior. This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Swish... and scanned! Scanning was never so smooth

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I write reviews in other places. This is the first time I am writing in Best Buy and doing that very happily. This product surprised me. I am writing this review after using this product both as home user and a small business owner. This is a professional quality scanner. Pros: Sleek design: Very handy and wieldy. Though it belongs mostly next to a computer, it is pretty portable. Great idea to separate it from ever so heavy printers. Weight, shape and size are all in the interest of ease. Fast: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the speed. Maybe it is common for Epsons but it was a first time for me. I had always been frustrated with the speed of scanners available with printers. The speed isn't about just how fast the documents are processed through the device but also how quickly the scanned image is available on the computer/mobile device. There is NO latency in painting of the scan. That is a given behavior of the other scanners (in printers). Multiple wireless options:It is great that wireless scanning is available and it is not basic. You can choose this to become a network scanner and scan to any device in the network. Auto linking to WPS enabled routers is a great feature and ALL peripheral devices should take this idea. Additional option to use it as an access point is very useful in case you have a really old router with no WPS facility. So, you are not stuck really. Scan quality: Though this should be expected of any Epson product, it is worth mentioning the quality of scan amazing. Multiple paper sizes and document types support: It has a great support for papers sizes from A6 through Legal. I am very happy to see a key differentiator in terms of a card mode. Now, I quickly scan high quality images of business cards of hundreds of my associations from the past. Additionally, this is handy scan identity cards like DL, membership cards, insurance cards, etc. Silent and energy efficient: Epson keeps up with its name and tradition in this product. It is very quiet and energy efficient. It goes to sleep as needed while keeping just a wifi access on. Cons: There is nothing alarming really but there are some areas of improvement. These are mostly in usability area. I wouldn't ding a star for this as it works alright and is not prohibitive at all. Wifi vs USB choice: I think in today's age everyone would be inclined to use wifi based connection but this scanner needs to change toggle to/from USB when you make such choice. Not such a big bother but I would expect it to decide a precedence itself. Mutiple software toolset: There are multiple software toolset used to set up and/or scan. It will be great if it is simplified. Also, the documentation is a very exhaustive for a technicial - but perhaps too exhaustive for a user. I love this product. I am expecting longevity as this is an Epson.This is a review for the ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review

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