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5 things to know about internet security.

Home security doesn't have to be intimidating. Sometimes all it takes is a couple common-sense changes.

1. Your password might need a serious face-lift.

What once was protected might not be so safe anymore. Frequently change all of your passwords.

2. Lock your phone.

Modern phones feature all the juicy intel that hackers dream to steal. Make it that much harder by remembering to set a lock screen.

3. Make sure your router is up to snuff.

All the fancy passwords in the world may not help much if you're using an outdated type of encryption. Check out our Tech Terms Explained article about router encryption.

4. Update everything.

OK, maybe not everything. But make sure to update your operating systems and router firmware at the bare minimum. They're usually updated for a reason. Don't worry, you'll be happy you finally caved and restarted your laptop.

5. Read all the options when you download new software.

Ever wonder how that annoying search bar snuck into Chrome? Believe it or not, you probably agreed to install it unknowingly. Read every box and make sure to deselect unwanted downloads. Check out to get a sense on whether or not your software is legit. As a last note, try and download your software directly from the manufacturer whenever possible.

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