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More Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

More Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

So you've set up a Microsoft family account, gone into your router to filter out unmentionables and even blocked certain sites you predicted would be trouble. You've got a pretty solid start on keeping your kid safe, but no plan is foolproof. Here are a few extra ways to help your child stay safe.


Get Involved

Make sure you understand what your child does online. You may not care to understand their social networking or games, but spend a bit of time with your child to understand what they're doing and whom they're doing it with.

Location Is Vital

Keep your gaming consoles and computers in the living room so that you can easily check up on your kids. The simple thought that you might be watching could deter them from visiting risqué websites.

Set Safety Rules

Make sure they understand not to give out their personal information to strangers online. If your child uses any social networking or plays any online video games, this is a must-have conversation.

Know Their Video Games

Ever wonder where on earth your child learned that word? Take a listen to any Call of Duty lobby to get an idea. If things get weird, don't jump straight to breaking the disc. First, check out the video game options or settings and see if there's any available filter. Next, check out any mute options for chatty players. Lastly, make sure to open a dialogue with your child about particular phrases you overheard. After all, it's best if you explain them rather than an online stranger.

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