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  • Specifications
    Mobile Device Printing
    Wireless, Wired
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    Printer Type
    All In One
    Duty Cycle
    Up to 40,000
    ISO Color Print Speed
    26 pages per minute
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HP - LaserJet Pro MFP 3301sdw Wireless Color All-in-One Laser Printer - White

Model:HP Color LaserJet 3301sdw
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Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 26 reviews

96%would recommend to a friend

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great quality prints, but software is buggy

    This is my second HP color laser printer, and it’s been about 5 years since my last one. I am impressed with the small footprint of this newer multi-function printer, as it is relatively compact compared to ones I’ve been using recently. It measures 16.5 in wide, 13 in tall, and 14.75 in deep, weighing a little under 38 lbs. Extending the lower tray for legal size paper increases the depth to 17 in while opening the scanner lid tops out at 21.5 in tall. You will also need to leave at least 10 inches clearance behind the unit if you want to be able to open the rear access panel to clear paper jams. This printer has a built-in scanner with a 50-sheet capacity auto-document feeder (ADF) on top that can handle single-sided scanning of up to 20 pages per min (ppm) for black and white and up to 9 ppm for color scans. You can also scan documents one at a time on the flatbed scanner glass. Both the original and printout return trays have flip-out stops for handling larger stacks. There are two paper trays though note that tray 1 is simply a manual load slot just above the main paper tray; this slot is useful for one-off custom media like envelopes and cardstock. The main paper tray, marked 2, has a 250-sheet max capacity and can handle media sizes from 3x5 in to 8.4x14 in (legal-size) if the tray’s front is extended. Note that the extended tray will stick out a couple inches from the front of the machine, and there is no option to add an additional tray to increase its paper capacity. The printer can be setup and controlled via the on-board, tilt-able, color LCD touchscreen; the screen is bright, user-friendly, and intuitive. Setup takes about 5 minutes, and the only issue I ran into was that the date could not be modified when formatted as “MM-DD-YYYY” as the values would revert after hitting “Apply;” however, after selecting a different format, I was able to update the date and change the format back with the correct values intact. This printer can be connected to your home LAN network via WiFi, Ethernet, or USB-B (cables not included). You can initiate a scan, copy, or print from USB as well as change the machine’s settings and check its supply and maintenance status by swiping over to different icons on the screen. Note that to access administrative settings, you’ll need to enter an admin PIN; the default PIN can be found on the sticker behind the front panel. For businesses, the printer can be managed remotely via HP Smart Admin, an online, multi-printer, cloud-based dashboard. The machine comes with 4 pre-installed starter cartridges: black, magenta, cyan, and yellow with yields of 600 pages for black and white and 500 for color respectively. With OEM replacement toner in standard and high-yield capacities with page yields of 1300/3000 respectively for black and 1200/2500 for color, this puts the average price per print slightly on the high side. One thing to note is that HP toner cartridges have microchips on them, and if you enable cartridge protection, it will permanently lock those cartridges to your machine (so they cannot be removed and used elsewhere). There’s also an “Authorized HP cartridge policy” setting that when enabled prevents the use of third-party toners, however, you will still need a compatible chip on any new cartridge for it to work; these settings are toggled off by default. HP cartridges are also recyclable via their free Planet Partners program. When printing, the maximum output is 26 ppm with a max resolution of 600x600 dpi. Text is sharp and crisp with even line spacing and clean edges. Printed photographs are stunning with lively colors, clean transitions, and smooth gradients without any sign of banding. While clarity and accuracy tends to be very good with the default calibration, colors can appear slightly darker than on screen and may need some fine tuning. For scans, the max resolution is 300 dpi using the ADF and up to 1200 dpi on the flatbed. You have the option to scan directly to email, network folder, Sharepoint, USB, or to computer. Note that you will need to install the HP Scanning software on your computer in order to scan to it. When scanning from the printer’s control panel, by default the scan utility will crop any bounding white space instead of outputting the entire scan area which results in losing your page margins. To change this, you must use the web interface or the HP Scan utility on a computer to change the settings from “Detect Content” to “Entire Scan Area” and make sure to save these changes; oddly, there’s no way to change this behavior from the on-board controls. I found that the scans and copies produced by this machine are quite good, but not perfect. With text documents, I noticed a bit of stretching/compression of the font size depending on the line of text and a general upward shift to text on the page by a few pixels when comparing the copy to the original. Colors, though, remained accurate even with the max of 300dpi resolution. When scanning at higher resolutions, the scanning process takes longer, and the resolution is so granular you can practically see each point of toner in the scanned image file. In general, I found copies and scans retain a lot of fine details and textures in nearly photographic quality at 300 dpi and above. The main drawback for this model is that it is not able to perform duplex or 2-sided scanning/copying in a single pass; however, you can convert 1-sided pages into 2-sided prints using the ADF and then back again. This means that if you have a stack of 2-sided originals, you would first need to make copies of the even numbered sides, collate them into the stack, and then scan/copy as single-sided originals. One thing I will say is that the machine is quite loud when operating (around 51 dBA), and you’ll notice this during the machine’s warm upon turning on, waking from sleep, and printing; however, in sleep mode it is completely silent. There’s also an energy saving mode that will turn the printer off completely after a period of inactivity (1 to 8 hours), but you will have to press the power button to turn it on again later. Despite updating to the latest firmware, there’s a function on the control panel that doesn’t appear finished called “GalleryApp.” It’s unclear what this function is for, and when I entered it, there were tons of place holders, dummy text, and menus that you can get stuck in and can’t exit without restarting the machine. Hopefully, this will be fixed or removed in a future firmware update. WiFi connectivity and direct-connect options make the printer easy to use with a variety of devices, and I found the network connection to be stable and reliable. The HP Smart mobile app also works pretty well, and it’s easy to add the printer and print from your phone. However, I wasn’t able to get the scan to phone nor the walk-up scan to USB thumb drive features to work. Overall, the print quality from the 3301sdw is excellent. Text is clear and easy to read and colors are well-saturated, accurate, and vibrant. Printing, scanning, and copying are quick, though there may be some small visible differences between the original and copy. While there are a few features I couldn’t get to work properly, these could potentially be fixed in future firmware or software updates. This printer won’t be ideal for those that need to scan or make lots of copies of 2-sided documents, but for everything else I think it works great.

    Posted by ReviewedByPhil

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Laser Printer for my WFH needs

    This is my 2nd HP printer in a couple of years. The LaserJet Pro replaced my Smart Tank 7300 due to the sheer volume of print jobs required for my position and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was quite surprised when replacing the Smart Tank with this LaserJet that the footprint is almost similar to each other with the height being the biggest difference. Setup was just as easy with my original HP. Simple instructions are on the box on how to remove the printer out of the box without damaging it and the plastic bag that holds it has handles to slide it out. It is a little hefty weighing in roughly 38 lbs. so make sure to grab a 2nd person to help out if needed. Once you remove all the plastic protection and plug it in, you are almost ready to go. After I set up my printer via WIFI, I ran the firmware update and it took about 5 minutes to DL and install. What I love about it being WIFI is that all my other PCs in the house connected to the same WIFI could easily find and add the printer with no problems. HP starts you off with some starter toner for the 4 colors it needs (black, magenta, cyan and yellow) allowing for quite a bit of printing (~500 pages) before you will need to get replacements. The size is HP 218A (standard ~1200 - 1300 pages) or HP 218X (High Capacity ~2500 color pgs - 3200 black). Prices were around the $68 for black and $81 for color for standard and $100 for black and $116 for color on the High Yield (off HP's own website). I actually got the 218X Black as a gift from a friend since he uses the LaserJet for his job as well. The 26 ppm output is excellent compared to my old printer and lets me complete more work in a lot less time. My friend who works in the realtor world loves how he can create all the closing paperwork needed to be signed for clients and print them fast with the printer. The ADF's (auto document feeder) speed suits me well clocking in around 20ppm scanning, but again, I only use black and white options for my work related stuff. I know it does color as well, but I think it's a lot slower at ~8ppm. I did have 1 issue that I was going to remove a star from but I figured it out and thought it was too easy a remedy to deduct it. Since using the printer, 100% of my and my friend's workload is black and white. One day I decided to test out color and see what it will look like. After printing a few items with color I immediately noticed something was way off. Anything with the color blue was missing and it was reddish instead. I ran the in-setting diagnostics and test pages, but the all kept coming back fine and toner levels were maxed. I tried reaching out to HP, but got no response. Then I remembered with the larger laser printers I work with when I was in office had a trick to basically shake the cartridge to get the toner flowing again. I opened the front of the LaserJet and slid out the tray housing all the colors and 1 by 1, I took them out, rocked them back and forth (do not touch the bottom) and replaced them all. Once the printer did it's diagnostic again and said ready, I tried again and lo and behold, it worked. Even with the minor hiccup, I still would recommend this to people who still need printers for business or personal use. The print quality combined with the speed is excellent and the price to performance on the toner replacements are not that bad actually.

    Posted by Woo151

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    HP Smart Compact Powerhouse - Home or Office

    Ideal for Small Business - Home Office – Corporate Offices and Conference Rooms My first impressions were one, simplest enterprise or home printer I ever installed – didn’t even have to remove toner cartridge packaging. HP has nailed the setup process in this business level Laser Jet Pro. Second is the advancement of network printer security, IT departments and small businesses will appreciate the ability to further employ network security with HP’s Wolf Security system implementation. I have decades of experience as a Director of IT, from enterprise to home networking and welcome the capabilities hardware enforced security. “HP Wolf Security provides hardware-enforced security and robust security features that are built into each printer, preventing unauthorized access and strengthening your system's defenses against both established and novel threats that may emerge throughout your printer's lifespan.” … “streamline print fleet security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflows with HP Solutions. … HP Wolf Enterprise Security Services can take the burden off IT. “ The HP Laser Jet Pro MFP 3301 strength lies in its design for small workspaces, energy-efficiency delivering fast color printing at 26 pages per minute - impressive speed and brilliant printing. Though the printer is enterprise level the printer fits nicely in my home office, that I appreciate. Notes: - “Fast two-sided printing, copying and scanning” - Auto double-sided printing - Two Trays – 250 sheet and one single sheet tray up to legal - Networking “mobile/wireless/ethernet” - Solid Wi-Fi - Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 and USB - “HP Smart App; Apple AirPrint; Mobile Apps; Mopria Certified; Wi-Fi® Direct Printing” - Secure printer with admin/user logins for local printer management - Wolf Security - a must have for printing of sensitive documents - HP Security Manager - management and implementation of Fleet security policy o Cloud based printing solutions can be secured as well as inter/intraoffice - Full User Documentation, Spec Sheet and, and Reference Guide Having managed and owned many HP printers, from large format plotter/printers back to the day of dot matrix, one common thread has been reliability. This new HP Laser Jet Pro MFP 3301 is replacing my HP 8625 Inkjet Pro AIO workhorse that has been my mainstay for a decade. The 8625 Inkjet Pro is still in service at a friend’s home office now. Hp Smart Printing App or desktop – Wherever you go, whether around the world or at the desk, the full use of the printer is always right at hand, including 24/7 real-time printer security alerts. The HP Laser Jet Pro MFP 3301 is a Powerhouse in a compact slender trim designed for busy work teams and deadline printing – and still fit

    Posted by vrs99