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Lenovo - Legion Tower 5i Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i5 14400F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 - 1TB SSD - Storm Grey

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Processor Model

Intel Core i5 14th Generation
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System Memory (RAM)

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060
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Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 13 reviews

100%would recommend to a friend

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Lenovo legión 5

    The best computer tower I ever bought good thing you can upgrade it best gaming experience 4K resolution better than consoles

    Posted by Herms84

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Solid Mid Tier Gaming Tower

    The Lenovo Legion Tower 5i is a decent starter gaming rig for those wanting to get into PC gaming or just play non-AAA titles with decent settings. Performance is fine at it's price point but do NOT expect to be playing all the latest titles with MAX settings or Ultra enabled or you will be disappointed. The Legion Tower can handle 1080 gaming just fine with Med and High settings, but moving to 1440 or 4k is going to leave the i5 and 4060 struggling if you try to increase settings. In the box, you get the PC itself, a box with the keyboard and another box with the power cord and mouse. Before ever plugging it in and turning it on, always check to see if any connections came loose in the PC. As a PC builder, I always love to open up all rigs and take a peek at what is given to me. Props to Lenovo for a decent cable management job to not restrict airflow and even under the panel behind the mobo was really good. Parts and Upgradability -------------------------------------------------------- If you aren't too tech savvy or just don't care, skip this part. The tower itself is solidly built and doesn't feel cheap at all. Looks fine with it's single sided tempered glass panel. It is a nice simple clean look. The i5 14400F is just air cooled with what looks like the generic cooler with comes with it. Not saying it's bad, but will probably do the job fine. Your bootdrive is a 1TB NVMe that is the LEGION sticker you can see in the pics. The RAM almost got me. I first looked and thought I was given placeholders or something but then soon realized they are the most generic single sided Samsung DDR5 5600 modules known to man. I couldn't find the brand for the 4060, but looks like a generic one that Lenovo just slapped a sticker on. The biggest concern I have is the PSU. So far, it's running just fine, but do your research. It is a 500w HuntKey that I personally would replace asap. Lenovo kinda makes it difficult to upgrade do to lack of space for PSU and the 500W limitation. What I mean is, don't go out buying a 4080 Super and then thinking you can just swap out the 4060 for it because it won't work. The PSU is already hard to get to, but if you can remove/replace it (highly recommend you do) then there is the space issue. The case supports get in the way for larger PSUs so please do your homework 1st before becoming a trial and error mess. There is another NVMe slot under the GPU if you want to add more storage so that is a plus. Performance ------------------------------ Enough about my nick picks. You are here to game so let's game. I actually was mean and paired this tower to my Alienware UW OLED so my results are based off that. Of course YMMV personally with your display. I ran the Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark with high settings on UW and as you can see from my pic below, it ran a solid 100+FPS. Very nice. Game looked great and played with no hiccupping, tearing or FPS so low is was unplayable. It could easily play my whole steam library with the majority of games on High (NOT Ultra or Max) settings with very decent framerates. Quite a nice surprise. Temps were fine as fans did not need to ramp up to keep anything any cooler. When I 1st booted up the PC, I thought my RGB was broken as nothing was lighting up. Fans were spinning but no lights. I later found out that I had to enable them with the included Lenovo Vantage program. The system didn't come with too much bloatware to take up space, but I did delete all the worthless MS apps and Lenovo Arena as I could find no reason to use it. The Vantage app though is decent at no only controlling your lighting effects of the tower but also gives you important info like temps. For those who just want a nice simple gaming PC that can play titles decently or use for content creation, then this Tower will suit you just fine.

    Posted by Woo151

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Machine but Challenging to Upgrade

    Intel i5 and Nvidia’s RTX x060 combo have been a staple for gaming at Full HD up to 1440p resolution, which should be enough for most people who wants to experience latest AAA games at high setting with Ray Tracing setting on. But what about this gaming desktop? TLDR: There’s no surprise here in terms of performance but let me share you my findings as there are some other important aspects to consider. Overall Impression and Build Quality This PC is well-built, not that heavy and it looks like a typical gaming desktop with LEDs that can be turn off from a button on the back of the machine. The companion apps don’t feel like bloatware as they are quite functional and don’t eat up too much resources. Of course, for a cleaner and meaner performance, they are easy to uninstall. Lenovo’s audio software, Nahimic, is great. Lenovo makes it easy to upgrade to the latest firmware, drivers and of course all the necessary apps. I really like the micro ATX form factor, which is I think is the right size for 1440p gaming. It’s quite amazing that you can tuck this gaming desktop under a desk, which will clear up more space for gaming keyboard, mouse and even some streaming accessories. Accessing the internal of the desktop is easy enough. There are four fans that do the cooling and they’ve been performing quite well. I also like it that they’re actually pretty smooth and not loud. The PC comes with a basic keyboard and mouse, which I don’t use as I have my own set of mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. Also worth to mention, the PC comes with 3 months of Xbox Ultimate Game Pass free subscription. Ports and Connectivity The PC has typical ports connectivity to display monitor or high framerate TV: 1 HDMI 2.1 and 3 Display Port 1.4a, no surprise here as it is within expectation for an RTX 4060 gaming card. There are 4 ports for super-speed USB A 3.0 5 Gbps (two of which at the front), 4 ports for standard speed USB A 2.0, but surprisingly only one USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports. I don’t mind having one port capable of 10 Gbps speed, however, having only one port of USB-C is somewhat a nuisance these days and I’m pretty sure not a lot of people already has USB-C port hub. And I’m quite sure there are people out there who wants to connect to multiple SSDs at the highest speed possible. Having said that, it’s not that biggie for me. There’s one LAN port and of course the desktop supports both Bluetooth and Wifi 6E. The Bluetooth in particular works really well in connecting to my XBOX controller. This gaming desktop also comes with legacy audio ports including those at the front of the machine. Upgradeability There are four DDR5 RAM UDIMM slots and the current setup only uses two 8GB DDR5 5600 Mhz. However, I can’t find the proper documentation on the make of the RAM as I always prefer to use the exact same SKU whenever I want to upgrade the RAM. I should be able to know about it when the need arises and I unplug one of the RAMs from the slot to observe. The GPU has more than enough clearance and it receives plenty of air circulation. In terms of space management, I think it should not be a problem if I want to upgrade to a more capable and larger GPU, say the next generation of RTX x080. It’s not easy to find the documentation containing complete exact spec of this PC but if you know where to look there’s one you can download from the Bestbuy website. I finally learn that the power supply is only rated at 500W, which means I would need to upgrade the power supply in the future as I want to upgrade to the next in class and next gen Nvidia GPU. But for now, at default spec, this PC is plenty powerful for most tasks: gaming, video editing, etc. I can’t find an extra slot for the internal SSD and the spec publication doesn’t mention anything about an extra slot. That means I would need to replace the 1 TB SSD to 2TB in the future should the need arises. Overall, this desktop PC is not that easy and convenient to upgrade while it is still possible to do it. Performance No surprises here. With the default high setting at 1440p resolution, Assassins Creed Mirage play smoothly on this machine. Please check the FPS report in the picture. Conclusion This is a very capable gaming desktop with solid performance at 1440p. I like the performance and how relatively quiet the machine is. However, there are some quirks, though they are not major but maybe important enough for some people. Though it is possible to upgrade to a more powerful GPU, the power supply will need upgrading as well. Also, storage upgrade would mean replacing the SSD. So, for those who want a desktop gaming PC that just works and probably won’t be needing to upgrade in the future, this is already an excellent PC. However, those people who want to upgrade their PC incrementally including myself, will need to cope with its limitation. While the pathway for upgrade is still open, it may not be that much convenient.

    Posted by Fudgear