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LiquidNano - Nano Coating Screen Protector for Most Cell Phones

Safeguard smartphone and tablet screens with this LiquidNano ultimate wipe-on screen protector. A glassy design makes the protector invisible after application, while compatibility with most cell phones means you can use it on almost any phone. This LiquidNano ultimate wipe-on screen protector increases screen strength by up to 9H hardness and guards against cracks and shatters.
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What's Included

  • Cleaning sachet
  • LiquidNano Nano Coating Screen Protector for Most Cell Phones
  • Microfiber cloth


Crafted for most mobile device screens

Once properly applied, LiquidNano creates a seamless bond to any mobile device screen at the nano level, raising the level of screen protection.

Protective smart coating

LiquidNano is a super durable, completely transparent nontoxic, eco-friendly silica dioxide-based protective smart coating that replaces the need for a traditional screen protector.

Quick drying time

This liquid screen protector fully bonds within 24 hours, but devices can be used in 30 minutes.

H9 screen hardness

LiquidNano creates a protective glass layer to increase screen hardness to H9.

Single application

The protector withstands over 200,000 wipe actions and can last up to two years under normal use.

Hydro- and oleophobic

LiquidNano's increased water and oil resistance makes the screen much more resistant to dirt, smearing, and fingerprints.

Amount of retribution

Up to $350 screen replacement insurance coverage.