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Logitech - Wave Keys for Mac Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard with Integrated Palm-rest - Off-white

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Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 30 reviews

97%would recommend to a friend

The vast majority of our reviews come from verified purchases. Reviews from customers may include My Best Buy members, employees, and Tech Insider Network members (as tagged). Select reviewers may receive discounted products, promotional considerations or entries into drawings for honest, helpful reviews.

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Is a WAVE from ME!!

    I am obsessed with the Wave Keys for Mac and the Lift for Mac - they are both wonderfully crafted for Mac and really seem to help with my carpel tunnel.

    Posted by Anonymous

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Very good ergonomic keyboard!

    One of the most important accessories for either a Mac or an iPad is a keyboard. There are a huge variety of keyboards on the market and for that reason choosing one is not always an easy task. I have been fortunate enough to have tried different types of keyboards and I must say that this keyboard is better than you think, plus at a competitive price. In the box comes the keyboard with a pair of AAA batteries and a quick guide. The keyboard can be connected to up to 3 devices at the same time. With the first three function keys you can switch between the different devices. In addition it can be connected wirelessly with the Logi Bolt USB Receiver (not included). The keyboard is designed for Mac, iPad and iPhone however, being a device that connects via bluetooth it is possible to connect it to other devices but some functions change, of course. In my case I have it connected to my MacBook, my iPad and my pc. I already had the Logi mouse LIFT and it has been a great addition, highly recommended as well. As far as performance is concerned, the keyboard exceeded my expectations. Besides being easy to connect it is very easy to use, and yes, I know it sounds strange to say that a keyboard is easy to use if you only have to press keys, but in reality the ergonomic design, how quiet and responsive the keys are plus the cushion palm rest, make typing a much more comfortable task and a pleasant experience. I have been using all kinds of computers for most of my life and have worked in places where the mouse and keyboard were the main tools and I know how tiring it can be to type or work on a pc for hours, for that reason I can confidently say that this keyboard is comfortable enough to use it for hours. I have Apple's Magic Keyboard (which costs almost twice as much) which is also relatively compact as this Logi keyboard, which is 60%, and there is no point of comparison in terms of comfort, it also has basically the same function keys because it is designed for Apple devices. To the above we must add that it has a numeric keypad which gives it an extra point. The keyboard is relatively light and this is mainly due to the fact that it is a membrane keyboard made of plastic (46% recycled). The product has an ergonomic design that helps to have the palms and wrists in a comfortable position, as well as the position of the hands with respect to the keys, as it is not necessary to stretch the fingers much because of the wave shape. In my case I have the keyboard in white color and it looks great, although I feel that it can get dirty easily even so I liked it a lot. The keyboard includes 2 AAA batteries that Logi promises can last up to 3 years, although if I had to change the batteries once a year it would still be a good deal. The only thing I could say as a less favorable point is that the keyboard does not have backlit, only the device switch function keys a little light that is activated when you press to switch to another device. Other than the above I do not find more cons to this product. I consider it a great success on Logi's part. In conclusion, if you are looking for a keyboard at an affordable price that is comfortable, compact, wireless and of good quality, this Logi Wave Keys keyboard is undoubtedly one of the best options, I can recommend it, insistently and without hesitation.

    Posted by Serv

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Long days of typing got easier and longer

    I have a Mac at home to do some projects that require a lot of typing and the Logitech Wave Keys model number 920-012402 is a great choice for it since it is not only wireless but also an ergonomic keyboard so let me tell you a little more about the Wave keys: It comes with the keyboard, 2 AAA batteries and paperwork. And the color compliments my Mac. It is comfortable, the keyboard features a wavy key frame design for natural and easy typing and it has a cushioned palm rest with a nice and comfortable memory foam that provides plenty of wrist support, so I can type away for a long time without feeling it on my wrists. I also really like how quiet the keyboard is because when I get in the zone I type hard and sometimes it is loud, not with this keyboard, it is nicely quiet. The Wave keys keyboard is made for Apple so the following will work, macOS 11 or later, iPadOS 14 or later and finally iOS 14 or later. And it can be connected easily via Bluetooth to up to 3 devices and I can switch from one device to the next using either the keyboard 1 2 or 3 or use the Logi Options+ app. And speaking of the application, I can customize my keyboard here too. I like the compact design and I am glad it does include all the letters the number keypad. I can also take the keyboard with me and since it does have an on and off switch: I do not have to worry about the battery life being shortened by the keys being pressed while traveling. As for the battery life, I really like that it can last up to 36 months with the 2 AAA batteries that are included. Something else I like is the incorporation of recycled plastic; it makes it a bit sustainable. Overall, I am enjoying the keyboard on these long days of typing because my wrists are ok. The keyboard design is comfortable and efficient and it gives me more time to keep going. It also has a very nice color that compliments my Mac and having a wireless keyboard just awesome. A Bluetooth dongle can be added if it needs to, not included but there is a space for it in the battery compartment.

    Posted by AngelM

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