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Shop the Black Friday iPad, Tablet and E-Reader Bargains

Black Friday Tablet Deals: Making the Right Choice

If you're shopping for a new tablet, Black Friday deals are sure to provide that final incentive to buy an Android, Windows or iOS tablet for yourself or as a gift. At Best Buy, you'll get a great selection of tablets with many different size, style and functionality options to best suit your needs. And, with the lowest prices of the season, Black Friday tablet deals may leave room in your budget for some fun tablet accessories, too.

Apple iPad Black Friday Deals

Since the year Apple introduced the first iPad, Black Friday deals for the iOS touch-screen tablets have been near the top of many shoppers' lists. If you've had your eye on the latest generation of the iPad, Black Friday can be a time to save money on a device that features power, high-quality graphics and great battery life. Likewise, for those who've been eyeing the iPad Air 2, Black Friday is the time to take advantage of a big-value price on a more casual, but still powerful, iPad that's thin, light and has a touch ID. Additionally, for those who want all the functionality of the Air 2 but prefer it in a smaller, even more portable size, the iPad mini Black Friday deals are a savings bonanza. Especially if you've been wanting the 4th generation mini, the iPad mini 4, Black Friday is the time to buy. For those who are enthusiastic about the innovative ProMotion screen technology and Apple stylus pencil available with all three sizes of iPad Pro, Black Friday means getting a top-of-the-line tablet at a significantly discounted price. It's not going far out on a limb to predict that Black Friday iPad deals will be the highlight for many shoppers this season.

Why Get an E-Reader on Black Friday?

If you've been considering getting an e-reader, Black Friday is an excellent time to find one at a money-saving price. Generally, when people think "e-reader," one of the versions of Amazon's Kindle comes to mind. Fans of e-readers cite a few advantages over other options including bookmarking and font-sizing systems, in-line dictionaries and the ability to keep track of the books you've read, all features you can find in a Kindle. While e-readers are ideally suited for reading, if you want more, like integrated highlighting or note-taking abilities for instance, you may want to consider looking for a tablet or a large-screen smartphone.

Other Tablets to Consider During Black Friday Shopping

Microsoft's Surface Pro offers you a high-quality tablet, with the versatility of a laptop, that runs Windows software. Black Friday sales can also include 2-in-1s from various manufacturers like Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS and Dell to combine the power and functionality of a touch-screen laptop with the portability and versatility of a tablet. Amazon Fire tablets, starting at under $50, have the Android operating system, which is known for powering a large number of other tablets including popular offerings from Samsung, DigiLand, Visual Land, Acer and ASUS to name a few.