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  • QuestionAll the photos show the fingerprint scanner. Can someone confirm?

    Asked by Adrian.

    • Answer No fingerprint reader on this version. Yes, it is the 2021 EVO 11th gen i5 but this particular model (CP713-3W-5102) does not have the scanner. See photos attached, and link to the product page on acer's website: And if you need more convincing, check out all of the photos from the reviewers... no fingerprint scanner

      Answered by Seth

  • QuestionAre you ABSOLUTELY sure that this DOES NOT have USI stylus support? That doesn't make sense considering that last year's Spin 713 model supports it. If it really doesn't, why was this removed?

    Asked by Tom.

    • Answer I can confirm this does support USI stylus. However the version for sale at Best Buy does not have a fingerprint scanner.

      Answered by Karsten

  • QuestionIs there a release date available yet?

    Asked by voidyourwarranty.

    • Answer It has been released and you can buy now but I can't review the unit I purchased?? A bunch of reviews from people who got the device free but wouldn't they want real reviews from those that paid?? Maybe this answer will be deleted but I will put a little review here. There is an Asus model coming out with similar specs but only full hd panel and no touch screen that is similar. Otherwise there is no competition. Acer basically released an almost identical unit from last year. Intel 11th gen i5 is a game changer in Chromebooks because of the much better integrated graphics. Now you can play Android games with no lag or obvious frame rate drops. If you liked last years unit then this one has all the same strengths and weaknesses but has more storage, is faster, slightly louder. I have been using many types of computers from Android tablets to Linux OS and windows to Mac/ios for about 20 years now and I am starting to like Chrome OS a lot more than in past. It can replace a Mac or Windows pc depending what you do with it. For my work flow this device is easier and faster to use in most cases than my Macbook pro M1. While I love MacOS as the most beautiful OS it actually lacks the touch feature that both Chrome OS and Windows has. So in some cases it is easier to use than a Mac. It is way easier to use and maintain than Windows and this device will be supported until 2029.

      Answered by Technerd666

  • QuestionWhat is the Processor Speed?

    Asked by Drew.

    • Answer Hello Drew. Thank you for your question. This laptop comes with an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 Processor (Intel® Evo™ Platform) which has a base frequency speed of 2.40 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.20 GHz. All Intel® Evo™ platform-based laptops such this one, are designed to deliver the remarkable responsiveness, battery life, connectivity, audio, displays, and thin and light designs you need to move freely and stay productive wherever you are. Thank you for choosing Intel!

      Answered by Intel team

  • QuestionAre the speakers on this version loud enough and do they sound good enough to listen to music and watch Netflix without headphones?

    Asked by Ace1.

    • Answer No Quality of Speakers and maybe to some extent battery life is the only Achilles Heel of this machine !

      Answered by OldBoyInd

  • QuestionIs this passively cooled (fanless)?

    Asked by George.

    • Answer There is a fan and it is audible if there is no background noise. Mine is almost grindy but again its quiet enough you can't hear it in the presence of any background noise. My air conditioning drowns it out easily. On a side note best buy already has stopped accepting reviews on this chromebook. Looks like they got their tech insider reviews and don't want anyone to talk about any shortcomings. If you try to write one it gives you this: "Thanks for your interest in leaving a review! Sorry, but we’re no longer accepting reviews for this product." So on that note I'll comment on it here and everywhere else if they try to censor this reply :) pros: thunderbolt4 when basically all other Chromebooks don't support thunderbolt at all good ram and nice cpu. (much faster than what you'll get out of a cheaper model) 3:2 screen ratio is nice on a screen this size touchscreen is as responsive as any good tablet cons: previously mentioned fan noise in a quiet environment. (not sure yet if it's just mine) touchpad is good for clicking and somewhat for scrolling but zoom in/out sucks so get an external mouse for when you use it in laptop mode

      Answered by voidyourwarranty

  • QuestionWhat is the AUE on this Chromebook?

    Asked by Wisman900.

    • Answer If it follows the CP514-1W... probably June 2029 google hasn't listed this model yet but it's expected to be released (june 2021) before the CP514-1W (Aug 2021) which google does have listed. unfortunately they haven't published the AUE for this one yet so only time will tell for sure.

      Answered by voidyourwarranty

  • QuestionCan the RAM size be increased and if so to how much?

    Asked by Jeffrey.

    • Answer System memory for Chromebooks is not upgradeable.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • QuestionFrom the pictures, it looks like both Thunderbolt ports are on the same side - if so, this is *almost* a deal-breaker. Can someone confirm?

    Asked by TeeM.

    • Answer Yes, C port is absent from the right side. I concur in dismay. All other prior makes and models with the same flaw have been criticized widely making it difficult to understand why it was done.

      Answered by Harlita

  • Questionwhat is the difference between the ssd and the emmc on a chromebook

    Asked by Gary.

    • Answer I *think* the eMMC is slower and offers less storage capabilities than an SSD (emphasis on the word "think" as I'm certainly not a tech pro)

      Answered by TammyC

  • QuestionDoes the keyboard have full size keys?

    Asked by Zechrum.

    • Answer Yes, it has a very good full size keyboard. The kb is backlit as well.

      Answered by Nareth

  • QuestionCan the touch screen be disabled? Being an old-timer, my eyes can't handle touch screens.

    Asked by DeeDee.

    • Answer Yes, here is an article on how to do this: If you need help with this please feel free to contact Acer support at 866-695-2237.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • QuestionIs it 2021 version?

    Asked by AshikSam.

    • Answer Yes. It's my understanding that the "3" in "3w" in the model number is the 2021 version. The 2020 version is "2w."

      Answered by icantremember

  • QuestionWhat is the brightnes of the laptop and can I upgrade the space or not And finally. can this laptop good for games like fifa 21 and ea sports games

    Asked by Hosam.

    • Answer The LCD is 350 NIT. Internal storage is not upgradeable but you can use external USB storage options. Chromebooks run off of apps like an Android phone or tablet; if the game is available on Chrome Web store or Google Play Store, then it should if your Chromebook meets the hardware requirements of the game.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • Questiondoes it have windows 10

    Asked by windows.

    • Answer No, this is a Chromebook that runs the Chrome operating system.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • QuestionCan I use Adobe Spark/creative Suite on this laptop. I’m a novice so, my work is not super detailed

    Asked by LoveMy52Linebacker.

    • Answer Chromebooks use apps like an Android phone or tablet. If any software you want to use is available on Google Play Store or Chrome Web store, it should work fine.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • QuestionHow many external monitors can be connected to the chromebook CP713-3W-5102

    Asked by chromeos.

    • Answer This Chromebook has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and one HDMI port for external monitors.

      Answered by TeamAcer

  • QuestionDoes this have Bluetooth?

    Asked by Di.

    • Answer yes

      Answered by jbz765

  • QuestionWhen will this Chromebook be available to purchase ?

    Asked by Availability.

    • Answer it is available

      Answered by OldBoyInd

  • QuestionCan this be hooked up to a cellular plan?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer No.

      Answered by TeamAcer

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