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  • QuestionIs this really the 2016 model because the back looks different than other images I've seen?

    Asked by Z.

    • Answer The phone is an updated version of the 2015 model. When purchasing cases, buy a case for the 2015 model.

      Answered by Ward

  • QuestionWhat case fits this J7? Ordered a case from Incipio the 2016 version and it doesn't fit right. Also got one off Ebay and it doesn't fit right

    Asked by Boost313.

    • Answer There appear to be at least two versions of the Samsung J7. The two models are often labeled by model year (2015, 2016), but there's a lot of inconsistency (and confusion) with that identification. I've seen phone retailers, phone reviewers, and phone cover vendors identify the same phone as both "2015" and "2016", which renders that distinction virtually useless. However, the phone models can be distinguished by their physical features. One model has THREE openings on the upper back side: LED light, camera lens, and speaker (from left to right). The other model has just TWO openings on the back side: LED light and camera lens. So, when shopping for a phone case, don't rely on the model year designation. Be sure to look carefully at the photos of the back side of the phone and phone case, and make sure those match the phone that you have. FYI: My J7 was purchased at Best Buy in June 2016, and It was identified on the Best Buy site as a "2016". The phone has three openings on the back. I purchased a phone case on eBay, from a vendor who identified his case (designed for three openings) as fitting the "2015" model. However, the vendor's photo matched my phone exactly (and his photo of the "2016" case did NOT match my phone). And when the cover arrived, it did in fact fit my phone.

      Answered by JRMilVA

  • Questionis unlocked GSM phone ?

    Asked by sid.

    • Answer If you read the Specifications, it shows: CARRIER : UNLOCKED. So I don't understand. This might be my 1st smart phone. Presently, I have a slide out keyboard so I have a lot to learn but it states Unlocked.

      Answered by XyZ123

  • QuestionDoes this phone have the google play store installed when you buy it?

    Asked by PhoneGuy.

    • Answer Yes, the phone does come with the Google play sotre pre-installed.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • QuestionDo you have to pay monthly if you buy it for $229.99?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer If you pay the full price for the phone ($229.99) then no you don't have to make any payments for the phone, as you will have paid for it in full. If you buy the phone on your best buy credit card , you would have the option to pay for it over 6 months with no interest. Now, if you want to use the phone (talk, text and data) then you have to sign up for service with Boost Mobile. Typically, most plans involve a monthly payment to keep service active. Contact boost mobile for plan specifics. Hope this answers your question.

      Answered by AnswerMan

  • QuestionWhat does it mean being referred to as a prepaid cell phone?

    Asked by GordonD.

    • Answer No Contract!!!

      Answered by BigAL350

  • QuestionDoes this phone have a Notification light on it?

    Asked by Djones201.

    • Answer The phone does not have a dedicated notification LED. However, the front facing flash can be set to flash when you receive notifications or when alarms sound. To turn on the flash notification go to Settings/Accessibility/Hearing/Flash Notification.

      Answered by Ward

  • Questiondoes it include charger and battery?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by NickySiete

  • QuestionDoes this one have the 3300 maH battery? I thought the 2016 version was supposed to have the 3300 maH battery, not the 3000 maH battery like it shows in the specs.

    Asked by GuitarGuy.

    • Answer Just got mine this weekend and it is the 3000 battery, model J7000. Best Buy advertised as 2016 model.

      Answered by Catarina

  • QuestionDo the Samsung Galaxy J7 Have Bluetooth

    Asked by jimmyjay.

    • Answer Yes it does. Works great with wireless headphones, sync in the car, ect.

      Answered by cfleegle

  • Questionwhat network does boost mobile use

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Boost uses Sprint towers

      Answered by Keybrd4

  • QuestionDoes this phone have a notification light ? Does it blink to alert you?

    Asked by Fatdadz.

    • Answer No indicator light just the little icons on top of the home screen.

      Answered by Acm1220

  • QuestionCan this phone be used with metro pcs?

    Asked by Bee.

    • Answer No. Only on Boost network

      Answered by Omahamike

  • QuestionDoes back n home keys light up

    Asked by enduringfreedom1cein4all.

    • Answer no.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionDoes it work with other carriers like Virgin Mobile?

    Asked by mblxcr.

    • Answer No. But virgin mobile has this same phone .

      Answered by Djones201

  • Questionis there anyway this phone be unlocked?

    Asked by willy.

    • Answer No all phones by boost mobile can only be used on that carrier

      Answered by Lesha

  • QuestionI'm currently have a Sprint Prepaid plan and I need to retain my current phone number. Will I be able to use my current phone number with the Boost Plan?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I understand any provider will allow you to keep your phone number but all phones have to be operating before they can do it. That's my understanding......

      Answered by Sunshine

  • QuestionCan this phone be used on AT&The network? Boost mobile is the only version on best

    Asked by ShawnT.

    • Answer No, the SIM card here is not removable, and you can't install a SIM from another carrier. This phone can be used ONLY with Boost Mobile. Boost runs on the Sprint network, and its monthly service plans are extremely reasonable (some of the best in the business). So Boost phones can be a great deal -- **IF** you're in an area with good Sprint coverage.

      Answered by JRMilVA

  • QuestionI was lookin around for the best prices. And then i relized something different when comparing this phone from boost moblie site. The specs like the processor and the resolution are different..alot lower and a big differance in comparing them

    Asked by Comparing.

    • Answer for the USA version of the 2016 which is on the Tmobile, Boost, Virgin Mobile and Metro Pcs sites this is the same phone: same processor, ram, storage, single sims, sd card slot, only white color selection and size across the board. the usa 2016 appears to be an upgraded international 2015. the size appears close, the back appears similar. Yeah, cause the confusion comes with the comparison to the international j7 versions for 2015, 2016 with the USA 2016 version. there was no USA 2015 version. so the comparisons are with the International versions and they all differ. The international 2015 is similar in size and looks like the USA 2016 yet they differ on the inside. the international 2015 is smaller in processor and ram it has dual sims/sd slot and comes in 3 colors. The 2, 2016 versions the International comes in 3 colors, is smaller in size and has the biggest processor and all the goodies. The USA 2016 version is what you read on the current carrier sites. faster processor than the international 2015, more ram, storage, single sims, sd slot color only in white. depending on the source the 2015 international and the usa 2016 version look the same on the outside and are the same length yet some sources conflict. its hard to find a case for the usa 2016 version because the phone size changes with the case manufacturers. the 2015 cases should fit the usa version of the 2016? i couldn't get the incipio 2016 to fit my usa 2016 phone but i could get the tech21 eve tactical 2016, to fit. so cases are a try in person until more manufacturers confirm correct fit.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionIf I have a boost account already could I activate it on my account

    Asked by Jmistich.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by morlen