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Cuisinart - Air Fryer Toaster Oven - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard
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  • Q: Will it get things super brown and crispy? I have never seen pictures that are extra brown. Thank you.  (7 Answers)

    By TeeEss 

    • Best answerIt does brown and crisp nicely and very quickly. I heated a small frozen pizza the one serving kind and put it at 8 minutes, turned my pizza almost black, learned only needs about 4 minutes to cook for a slice of pizza. It was my fault because I thought it would work like my old toaster oven but usually heats things faster than microwave and keeps things crispy instead of soggy.

      By Oliver 

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  • Q: Can I put this unit on counter under cabinet I have no other counter space  (5 Answers)

    By Waitedanxiously 

    • Best answerI put this unit under my upper cabinets. I have about 4 1/2 inches from top of unit to cabinet bottom. I pull the unit out to the edge of the counter when I use it to create space behind. The unit does get quite hot when you air fry. My unit is next to my stove so when I air fry or broil I just turn on the vent above the stove. I have had no problems. Also I have painted cabinets and have no problems with the finish. I love this air fryer combo!

      By Deborah 

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  • Q: Can I use this in a microwave lower cabinet or does it get too hot?thanks in advance.  (6 Answers)

    By Barberhag 

    • Best answermine sets on a counter with a cabinet above it. The unit itself doesn't seem to get very hot on the outside but it does blow the hot air out the back so it needs to be pulled out from a wall a little bit.

      By shelley 

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  • Q: Can I preheat this oven and then open to put the meat in  (3 Answers)

    By Maryam 

    • Best answerAbsolutely Maryam you can preheat the oven. In fact on some foods it’s recommended. Whenever the door is opened, the unit stops heating and resumes when shut. This does Not affect the timer function at all (it pauses in other words) and resumes where it left off. Another reviewer mentioned the heating level is not accurate on the dial. His tests showed a 100 degree difference! I found this to be true. I’m glad I read all the reviews! So if I want 350 degrees (and Not 450) I put the temperature dial on 250 degrees to give me 350 degrees. I Love this product and hope Cusinart improves the accuracy of the heating element as well as moving to digital instead of the dials.

      By MidwifeKathyRN 

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    • Best answerNo...Contacting Cuisinart is a waste of time (at least for something as simple as a light bulb lol) .....Cuisinart Customer Service said they do not carry replacement bulbs and No there is not any other supplier to get a replacement bulb. FALSE ! You can get a replacement interior light bulb for the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Air Fryer at Home Depot .....Phillips Appliance,. 120 Volt, 25 Watt. This bulb is for a Microwave but looks exactly like the Cuisinart Oven bulb. Works great also.

      By Judy 

  • Q: can aluminuim foil be put on the wire rack when cooking?  (7 Answers)

    By faith 

    • Best answerYes absolutely. I put down aluminum foil whenever possible. FYI we love this little oven it’s amazing and we use the big regular oven much less this thing is so convenient and easy to clean. The bottom of the oven is actually a tray that slides right out so when u don’t use foil any mess cleans right up!

      By Mario 

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  • Q: How many chicken wings fit in here and how long do they take to cook?  (4 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerYou can cook about 30 wings. Cook at 400 degrees on air fry setting for 12 minutes. Then turn over and cook another 12 minutes. Just lightly season with salt and pepper prior to cooking. After cooking put wings in a bowl and pour over sauce (buffalo wing sauce, teriyaki and etc.) shake and serve. We liked them as much as restaurant wings.

      By Skittles 

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  • Q: How do you cook a whole chicken in the air fryer?  (2 Answers)

    By D 

    • Best answerAir bake at 375 until internal temp is 180 degrees f. IMHO cut the chicken in half.

      By DBrunton 

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  • Q: Does a 12 inch frozen pizza fit it the oven? Thank you  (5 Answers)

    By sdod 

    • Best answerI bake frozen 12” pizzas in mine all the time. Just place it directly on the baking/toasting rack. You can cover the slide out drip tray with foil if you are using a lot of cheese, but I usually don’t bother.

      By Jody 

  • Q: Can use glass containers in the oven?  (4 Answers)

    By Tom 

    • Best answerYou can use any oven safe container in this oven.

      By RJFunk 

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