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  • QuestionCan you upgrade to a hard drive since the laptop only comes with a 256gb ssd as the memory?

    Asked by ItchyyRichyy.

    • Answer The SSD is a M.2 drive. So it has a 2.5inch bay that you can either put another SSD or HDD in.

      Answered by NicholasS

  • QuestionIs the laptop able to upgrade the storage? Keeping the ssd and getting a hard drive???

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes. It has an empty 2.5in drive bag that allows you to easily add a 2.5in SSD or regular hard drive. The included SSD is a PCIe type so it leaves the 2.5in bay free to use however you wish. I intend to keep the included SSD for a speedy boot drive and install a regular 2TB hard drive along with it for file storage and games that don’t need SSD type speed.

      Answered by James

  • QuestionIs the screen touch enabled?

    Asked by Mark.

    • Answer No. The screen is a matte finish, IPS panel. It has a beautiful picture, but could stand to be a bit brighter, in my opinion.

      Answered by LJWVU

  • QuestionIs the 8gb off ram one stick of 8 or two sticks of 4?

    Asked by G2mitchell.

    • Answer Yes, the ram is 2x4gb. So 2 sticks of 4GB.

      Answered by NicholasS

  • QuestionWhat is the R/W speed of the 256gb SSD?

    Asked by Filipi.

    • Answer The SSD drive is a card in the M.2 slot and it's a decent SSD. I get about 460 MB/s read and right using the BlackMagic Hard Drive Speed Test. Like most drives the speed can vary from one cycle of the test to the other. I see figures from 380 to almost 500 and not sure why this is but it seems to be good average of 430ish. I just installed a PNY mid level SSD into the open hard drive caddy next to the M.2 slot and the testing was about the same. I'm happy with those figures on both drives as it will be more than enough for my 1080p video editing. I have the 970 EVO M.2 in my Alienware Desktop PC and getting outrages speeds there of 1500+MB/s !!!

      Answered by avTronic

  • QuestionHas anyone successfully installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?

    Asked by topquant.

    • Answer I have not, but that doesn't even matter because a quick google search of Ubuntu Certified Hardware shows that this model has officially been awarded the status of certified pre-install for Ubuntu. Which means Dell can sell it with Ubuntu pre-installed, and you can just as easily install it.

      Answered by Xephyroth

  • QuestionCan the ram in the laptop be upgraded to 16GB?

    Asked by Dylan.

    • Answer Yes, it can be upgraded up to 32GB (2x16)

      Answered by dannyboying

  • QuestionIs the included power adapter 110volt or 220volt?

    Asked by Zaman.

    • Answer The input in that adapter is from 100v to 240v

      Answered by David

  • QuestionCan I add Western D Black 1Tb 9mm 2.5inch? Saw people saying there are drives which dont fit...what is the dimensions so I wont buy wrong one. Thanks

    Asked by Higazy.

    • Answer According to the Dell site the slot for the drive is limited to 7mm in thickness. See https://www.dell.com/community/Inspiron/Dell-G7-Storage-Upgrade/td-p/6099555 . Looks like WD and Toshiba make 7mm versions in 1TB or you could go with a 1TB SSD for more money.

      Answered by G7Owner

  • QuestionDoes this come with a charger ?

    Asked by Dhir.

    • Answer Of course...

      Answered by Nikoftime

  • QuestionI play Minecraft, and I prefer to play with a render distance of 15 with medium to high settings. I also would like to try out Path of Exile with high settings. Will this laptop be able to do this?

    Asked by Jmiller634.

    • Answer This laptop is more than capable of that. You could run it on 32 with very little problems (Especially if you install OptiFine)

      Answered by Isaaccubeman

  • QuestionWhere do i find the codes for the FREE downloadable games???

    Asked by Wolfman6970.

    • Answer You should have received several emails from Best Buy with codes & links to enter those codes to authorize the downloads (heads up... You will have to install the Blizzard game engine [runs COD4] & another separate one for Fortnite [Unreal engine, I believe]). Best of luck!

      Answered by Rony

  • QuestionHow long should it take to download a game? It seems kinda slow

    Asked by Alexis.

    • Answer Depends on your connection and the size of the game..... COD BO4 took 2 hours to download. Has NOTHING to do with the laptop. This laptop is the most power you will get for the $$$$$$$.

      Answered by Kory

  • QuestionIs this compatible with oculus rift

    Asked by Ron75.

    • Answer Yes, this laptop is compatible with the Oculus Rift.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • QuestionIs this laptop eligible for Sims 4 ?

    Asked by ZhaZha.

    • Answer I think it would be no problem

      Answered by Ally

  • QuestionIs the 8GB of ram on 1 stick or 2 sticks of 4GB?

    Asked by Ianmckay.

    • Answer 2 sticks of 4GB

      Answered by Kory

  • QuestionIs it possible to play any of the games called civilization 3, 4, 5, and 6, and call to power 1, and 2, on this laptop?

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Yes sir, I get over 60 frames per se ond max settings on most new games. It will play them no problem.

      Answered by Jbone

  • Questiondoes this laptops fan sound loud once it is being pushed by programs?

    Asked by sharzy720.

    • Answer Short answer; no, it does not sound loud to me during intense usage. I find it takes a lot to get these fans spinning up high. I was actually worried they were not working the first time I played 4K video off of YouTube and they never spun up in the 3 minutes I was watching the video. Once they do, it is a soft distant rain sound as opposed to the sound you would think high speed fans would make. I have a powerful desktop and 1/3rd of the sound of what that beast makes. Like I said more of a rain...static sound as opposed to my desktop that sounds like larger fans moving air. So to me I think they actually engineered the sound to be more like white noise in my opinion. I used a free DB meter app and maybe you can't trust the level accuracy but you should be able to trust differences in level from one sound to another. At idle with the fans not even on but in a web browser, it was at 35db. That is basically the ambient sound of my home with nothing else on, not even A/C. With a benchmark testing out the video card and the fans running on high (maybe not max), it only went up to 40db. From a couple feet in front of the screen as when I have it on my lap (which I did). If I move the DB meter right on top of the keyboard area it topped out at 45. When I place it on the backside 4 inches from the exhaust ports it about 62. So again they have engineered the sound away from you. So far I am very happy with this purchase. I use it for 1080p multi-camera editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and the occasional first person shooter in high settings, as well as Skyrim in Ultra settings. When the sound is normal levels on those games it's not a bother. Watching movies doesn't even but the fans into high so no issue there as well.

      Answered by avTronic

  • QuestionWhat printer is compatible?

    Asked by Printer.

    • Answer This model is compatible with any printer that is Windows 10 compatible.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • Questionwould it be able to run a game like rocket league at 60 fps? Thank you!

    Asked by rocketjar.

    • Answer It plays PUBG at 100+ fps, not sure about rocket league.

      Answered by Mike862

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