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Samsung - Family Hub 24.2 Cu. Ft. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel-Front_Standard
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  • Q: Are you able to download any additional apps on the device?  (6 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerNo. You are limited to what is available on the fridge, and will receive any app "updates" via a push update to the fridge. There really are only a few "apps", the rest are just icons that open settings. All this is assuming you can get it all connected at all. Plus, when you call Samsung, they will tell you that this fridge, does not exist. After emailing pics of the product code, and the front of fridge while on phone, several holds, managers, and 30 minutes of time later, low and behold, it does exist, however, they cannot provide answers or support, as they have none yet and supposedly the fridge that I'm standing in front of, isn't released yet.... I had to teach them how to connect. TIP, the "Samsung Hub" app, is a clone of the phone version, without the refrigerator option removed (so sloppy), plus there's basically zero support available, nor any detailed instructions in the manual or online, about basically any of the more advanced features, the very same features you purchased it for and paid a huge premium to have, as besides the tablet and "smart features", the entire fridge is underwhelming and sort of cheap looking and feeling (I can only speak for this model). Anyways, TIP-dont try to setup the fridge, on the fridge. Consider the fridge more like a smart "hub" of sorts. You CANNOT set up an item, on an item. So, you can setup all the other "smart" appliances and products (AC, Oven, washer/dryer, etc.), using the App on the fridge, but you cannot setup the fridge on the fridge. You must download the family hub app to your phone, then setup the fridge on your phone. If you have multiple home networks, make sure your phone and fridge are on the same network, download and setup/sign up app on phone, then go through the setup process on your phone. They don't know this, the customer service rep thanked me and said she had over 100 customers to call back as they cannot connect and she could not help them as there is no info available. Amazing. Once you do get it connected, the feature set is trial and error, and not as great as you think. Voice does not work, you supposedly can upload photos to the fridge, 10 at a time, but it fails EVERY TIME, until you figure out you really can only select one photo and upload that, one by one, and some still for an unknown reason at this point, say they uploaded successfully, but never show up. The cameras, although slightly useful, are actually just still images, of a very small area of the fridge, basically the top two shelves and that's it, and even that is distorted and not that useful as you can basically see what drinks you have. Speaking of the shelves, the design is completely unintuitive, and to be able to load say a gallon of milk, there's no way to configure the shelves, without losing half of a shelve on the second row down, and also losing the space behind that area. You cannot move the top shelf down, as the far left part folds up, and rests on the right side, so although in theory you should be able to just move the right half down, you cannot due to the unintuitive design. Oh yeah, the TV mirroring won't work, even though the fridge find the TV, it won't add and you just waste more time. VERY IMPORTANT TIP. I use a lot of Samsung products, until this experience, I purchased everything Samsung, from several TVs, one being a late model, 3D, wireless smart TV, to the NOTE 4 (wanted an S7, but you know, don't want to burn my house down or it explode), Samsung watches, 3, 27 inch curved Samsung monitors, smart watches in several generations, Bluetooth headphones, 3D Blueray, surround sound, etc. TIP-if you use a Samsung phone, you already most likely have a Samsung account, login, etc. When initially setting up the fridge and the "User accounts", it asks you to either setup a new account, or input an existing. Since the fridge will be used by more than myself, my son and wife use it also, I did not want to use my personal Samsung login, so I setup a new account, just for the fridge, for several reasons. I then tried over and over and over to connect, with no luck. Until I finally, and this is after hours of setting it up, decided to try inputting my existing account that is connected/used by my phone...more fun, to do so, it factory reset the entire fridge, like a HARD (lose all data and settings and start all over) FACTORY RESET. I then setup my user with my existing Samsung login info, and finally, connected. Once you are connected, you realize a lot of why you bought it, was an excellent marketing campaign, that was just that, marketing. I am a business owner, in the consumer electronics business actually. I invented, patented and sell a consumer electronic product, with products located in upwards of 15k locations, in currently 22 Countries, so I understand not only business, but this specific industry, very well. I also understand marketing very well, and I must say, they have done an outstanding job of marketing, they now just need to spend some time and money on QUALITY CONTROL (I'm on my 4th fridge, 2nd dishwasher and microwave, and qst dual flat top oven. Over a month later, and I still do not have fully functioning products, a dented, scratched, filthy inside top of the line fridge (this time, but at least it gets cold, has a power cord, and I can give my son food, unlike the first two), while I await yet another fridge and pray it has a power cord, gets cold, and isn't dented, scratched, or just flat out doesn't even turn on. My full review on this fridge is coming. Since it's been over a month long just debacle, it's at this point, just almost funny, the incompetence and just complete and total lack of customer care, customer service, and lack of quality control or quality...but it's not funny, nor fun, nor worth the hassles and stress. So, my review, if they even post it, I've held off on writing, to see if Samsung or Best Buy would step up and do the right thing, but they just are not and I can't waste anymore time on this. My review will be VERY DETAILED, and VERY LONG, but I just need a short break from the frustration of dealing with all this, the literally probably at least 20 calls, repeating my story over and over, just to get nowhere. My opinion, wait a while, and or buy a competitor that will be released within months, I'm not sure if I can write the name but a simple search will tell you. If you do buy, good luck, you've been warned. Hopefully this saves someone the just complete hassle I've been through, at least 5 days of missed work, lost food twice, I could go on forever, but will do so in a review. I think this addressed the initial question...wish I had better news as I also have wanted this fridge for a year, but waited for the prices to drop, so I'm beyond dissapointed, have not been treated well by either company, and trust this, buy the geek squad, because remember, you only have a 14 day return period.... TIP-Unless you have other Samsung smart products, you don't need to use the Samsung Connect, so just download and use the FAMILY HUB app, NOT the SAMSUNG SmartHome app. It has essentially zero features that are not available in the Family Hub app and just confuses people, including myself, and I currently have a smart home system, consisting of over 169 smart devices, so am very very familiar with IIT and smart home apps, products, hubs, etc. I still was confused. Trust me, read and reread my tips, save yourself a bunch of time and hassles. Also, see attached pics of just two of at least 10 cosmetic flaws, on my 3rd unit (qst one had no power cord, huh?, Second one didn't cool at all, 3rd and current, cosmetic issues all over inside and outside (the insides have all been FILTHY, full of manufacturing dirt, dust, plastic shavings, etc. Do yourself a favor and buy a can of stainless steal polish, a microfiber rag, and an approved cleaning agent, your going to need it.

      By TechKING77 

    • Best answerYou can set the screen to do a few minutes of slideshows then shut-off. There is a sensor in front, so when you walk by, open fridge, get water, etc., screen turns on again, not dependent on touching it.

      By EosResearcher 

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    • Best answerHi Julia, Yes all your calendars are able to sync with the app. On my phone I use a Google, Outlook, and Samsung calendars, and they all synced to my refrigerator without any issue.

      By Aaron 

    • Best answerYes i had the same issue for approx 3 days. I was warned by the installers i would have this and i needed to fill up several glasses of water from the fridge for a couple days and it was stop. I put a piece of folded up paper towel at the bottom of the water dispenser and did as the installers suggested. After 2 maybe 3 days it no longer drips. Also throw out the first couple batches of ice that are made.

      By timm 

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  • Q: Can I use this with my iPhone  (5 Answers)

    By Fridge 

    • Best answerYes. There is an iOS version of the app.

      By Mxpxboy 

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  • Q: What are the dimensions?  (1 Answer)

    By John 

    • Best answerThe dimensions are: Depth (Excluding Handles) 33.50 Depth (Including Handles) 35.63 Depth (Less Door) 29.25 Depth With Door Open 90 Degrees (In) 48.13 Height to Top of Door Hinge 70 in Height to Top of Refrigerator (in.) 68.63 in Product Depth (in.) 35.63 Product Height (in.) 70 Product Width (in.) 35.75 Refrigerator Width (In.) 35.75.

      By CommunityAnswer 

    • Best answerHey JP. The family hub on this refrigerator has about 3GB of storage space available for photos. ^Jecca

      By Samsung 

      • Samsung Representative
  • Q: What kind of job requires a tv fridge  (2 Answers)

    By Tukeu 

    • Best answerA decent paying one.

      By Trickyricky 

  • Q: What is done during the install?  (3 Answers)

    By Smelter 

    • Best answerThey bring it in, hook the water line up, make sure everything works, and then they leave! Took about 30 mins or less!

      By MrsKS 

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    • Best answerI believe there is a counter depth (24") version but is more expensive.

      By jimimac925 

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