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  • QuestionDoes it come assembled??

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer No - but it is pretty simple to assemble - and the tools are included. It comes in main components - so you are basically just putting the large components together. It's really not difficult to assemble and just like the wife's Schwinn stationary bike - once again you can see the quality from the moment you start to put it together. Quality built - not junk...

      Answered by Rowerguy

  • QuestionWhat is the overall length of the schwinn crewmaster rowing machine? Does it fold up?

    Asked by rowman.

    • Answer It does fold up - sorry I am not certain of the length. I think it is about 92" or 93" inches in length. I bought a rubber pad and leave mine set up all the time in my personal gym...

      Answered by Rowerguy

  • QuestionHow much does the machine weigh?

    Asked by Lazyme.

    • Answer Don't quote me - but I believe it is around 90lbs assembled. It can be moved if you need to - tip it on it's end and you can move it - but I'm 6'3" 220lbs. and the rower is solid when I'm using it - NOT bouncing or moving...

      Answered by Rowerguy

  • QuestionCould this be setup and stored in a detached garage that has no climate control? I live In Florida

    Asked by Klick.

    • Answer I doubt it would have much impact on it - I know it wouldn't effect the machine itself. It's Schwinn and a quality product - not some crappy imitation machine. I like this better than the Concept2 rower. The only think it might possibly impact after years in a setting like that - would be the LCD screen as you folks have high humidity in Florida. Then again, I don't use the LCD screen for much, I set the time on my watch and turn Pandora on with my phone and row away... The resistance is magnetic - so that is maintenance free.

      Answered by Rowerguy

  • Questioni am 6ft 3" i too tall

    Asked by billy.

    • Answer I'm 6"3" and use it daily with no problem - and I am not even close to being the max height for this rower. I LOVE this machine and previously I used the concept 2 - but I like the Schwinn more. With my legs fully extended there is still more free space so a much taller person could use this same machine.

      Answered by Rowerguy

  • QuestionWhere is Shwinn rower manufactured?

    Asked by Em.

    • Answer Nautilus Domestic factory in Ohio. It is a quality product. I like it better than the concept2 I used previously.

      Answered by Rowerguy