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  • QuestionHow do I add apple + app to my Sony smart pled 4K tv?

    Asked by Bob.

    • Answer Hi Bob, The A8H Android TV does not support the Apple TV+ app. However, the TV supports the Apple AirPlay / Apple HomeKit & you can add an apple tv external device thru HDMI if needed. Thanks! -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • Questioncan it be wall mounted ?? thanks

    Asked by steve.

    • Answer Yes. Very easy. Get any of the wall mounts for large tv's

      Answered by Dennis

  • Questiondoes this television require professional set up ? We are seniors and not that tech savvy so kind of prefer "plug and play"

    Asked by dorglet.

    • Answer My opinion, no. You can do it yourself. Unless you have other systems to hook to it like a surround sound system, game system, etc., it might get a little tricky. If it's just a cable box, hook up the cable from the box to the back of the tv (like you would with any other tv) and follow the onscreen instructions. Keep the "quick set up" guide close and take your time with it. Good luck.

      Answered by Joey

  • Questionhow wide is the stance of the feet and how deep?

    Asked by S1nb4d.

    • Answer Hello feet, The width and height of the feet in the standard position for the XBR55A8H are approximately 39 5/8 inch (1,004 mm) and 27/32 inch (21.3 mm). In the soundbar position, the width and height of the stand are approximately 42 3/8 inch (1,074.5 mm) and 2 7/8 inch (71.6 mm). Thanks! -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDo you need a Roku or Firestick to stream Netflix or Hulu with this TV?

    Asked by Streaming.

    • Answer This tv has it all! Hulu,Netflix,Disney,hbo etc. It already has built in apps, you can download the apps from the app store if they are not on tv..

      Answered by Ulises

  • QuestionIs the sound very good on this TV?

    Asked by Nicki.

    • Answer Yes, it doesn't have Dolby atmos speakers. But the speakers are very good, especially for a tv.

      Answered by Michael

  • QuestionDoes this support HDMI2.1, and if not will a future firmware update support it?

    Asked by PS333.

    • Answer Hi PS333, This A8H has certain HDMI features shared with 2.1 like eARC but at this time it supports 2.0b. Our X900H and Z8H models will support this with a software update to be determined. Thanks. Jay

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionI want a pristine picture. However, no internet service of any kind. The video input will only come from an over-the-air antenna and and a blu ray player. Will this tv provide the picture I want without any downloads or "smart" capability?

    Asked by Video.

    • Answer Don't be confused by popular hype. Your over the air antennae (of any type) will provide a "pristine picture" if you are happy with 1080 HD. But remember no one broadcast in 4K or 8K. 4K broadcast is suppose to be coming in limited areas later this year but 99% of the 4K tv's built right now do not have a 4K tuner. So while they are capable of a 4K picture from a Blue Ray player (and it will be incredible) only a handful of the 2020 TV's come with an ATSC 3.0 tuner needed to receive the 4K over the air signal. Oddly enough Sony is not putting this tuner in their newest high end models. They are making a few modest price models (X900H) with the ATSC 3.0 this year, which is kind of strange. Samsung and LG are making a few top end models this year with the tuner.

      Answered by ElectricalEngineer

  • QuestionBacklit remote???

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Nope, it’s a non backlit plastic remote with squishy buttons. But I’m using my old x900e remote which is better.

      Answered by Rome

  • Questionwhere do i plug in the roku hdmi as the side hdmi is already used/

    Asked by wally.

    • Answer there are more hdmi ports on rear panel

      Answered by eieio

  • QuestionWhat is the clearance under the TV for each position of the adjustable legs?

    Asked by Santod.

    • Answer Hello Santod, Below are the clearances under the TV for each stand position (approximate): Standard Position: 27/32 inch (21.3mm) Sound bar Position: 2 7/8 inch (71.6mm) Thanks! -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionWill this 55" A8H fit safely on a 48" wide by 24" deep TV stand with the legs in the soundbar position? I currently have a Samsung 55" MU8000 that has legs 36" wide by 10" deep.

    Asked by HTGuy.

    • Answer Hi HTGuy, Yes, it will fit. The XBR55A8H table-top stand dimension is 39 5/8 inches wide and 12 7/8 inches deep. Thanks. Jay

      Answered by SonyListens

  • Questionis VRR on the A8H?

    Asked by Eddietours.

    • Answer No it is not. The only 2.1 feature it has is eARC.

      Answered by Rome

  • QuestionWhat VESA standard does this tv support for wall mounting?

    Asked by J.

    • Answer Hello J, You can use any VESA compliant wall-mount with a screw hole pattern of 300 x 300mm (11 7/8 x 11 7/8 inch). We highly recommend using our SU-WL855 bracket, the compatible Sony wall-mount bracket for the XBR55A8H. Check here for more details: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00197971. I hope this helps! -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDoes it have the Apple TV app?

    Asked by Deb.

    • Answer Hi Deb, Unfortunately, the A8H doesn't have an Apple TV app. However, support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit. With Apple AirPlay, you can stream movies, music, games, and photos to your TV right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Additional information for using Airplay and the Homekit is provided from the Apple support site. Thanks, Jay

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionIs this TV bright enough for a room with significant ambient light during the day, or is it only good for a home theater? Thanks!

    Asked by Windows.

    • Answer This set is sufficient brightness for my livingroom with 2-5 ft windows and 2 smaller windows facing west. But you cannot beat it when you turn the lights down low to watch what is going on in the dark scenes in a streaming movie.

      Answered by GrumpyOGeezer

  • QuestionModel: XBR-55A8H -- I have changed a setting that now each time the channel is changed I get this voice telling me what show and channel I have selected. Does anybody know how to turn this off?

    Asked by MrMac.

    • Answer Hi MrMac, thank you for purchasing our A8H Sony OLED TV. The text-to-speech can be turned off from the Settings. Simply press Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Accessibility > select Turn OFF/Disable text-to-speech. Please take note and check if the issue also occurs when navigating through the menu. If the issue is not resolved by turning off or disabling the text-to-speech function or if the issue does not occur when navigating through the TV menu, it is possible that the issue is caused by your external device such as a cable box, if this happens please contact the cable box manufacturer. Regards, Carl

      Answered by SonyListens

  • Questionwill I need my apple tv box with this unit?

    Asked by Texstar.

    • Answer Hi Texstar, Thank you for your inquiry! The 55" A8H has built-in applications such as Netflix and YouTube which you can enjoy even without the Apple TV box, if you need to, you can still use the HDMI ports of the TV to connect your Apple TV box to enjoy its benefits. I hope this helps! -Carl

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDoes it have a port for a headphone?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes we looked as taking out of box and yes!

      Answered by RuthD

  • QuestionWhen is the Sony A9S 48” OLED due in the stores?

    Asked by Mokew.

    • Answer i have seen a date from another site of 9/16/20...ofcourse with pandemic all published dates are only semi solid at best.. BUT the 48 LG will be out first, that is assured.. Its arrival is likely within 30 days...Early Mid July..if we gt lucky..sooner...I am waiting to see IF the SOny becomes a hybrid of the A9G and and the A8H..in other words a 2020 paneled MASTER SERIES...if that happens, I think it will take top honors, as product of the year..Much like yourself, I can't wait to see it.

      Answered by Daniel

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