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  • QuestionWhat is minimum width of tabletop and depth so i have room for the tv legs

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi there, The width of the TV stand is approximately 44 3/8" (1126 mm). The depth is approximately 13 ½” (340mm) -Sam

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionHow do I add apps?

    Asked by John.

    • Answer Hi, John, The XBR65X800H is an Android TV. You can add your favorite apps from over 5000 smart applications from the Google Play Store. -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionIs there a gaming mode? Asking because I want to avoid input lag.

    Asked by Parker.

    • Answer Yes there is my friend.

      Answered by badgerdog

  • QuestionSo local dimming is the best way to go which is on the 900f series compared to the 800h series even though F series is from 2018. Why not put this on H series?

    Asked by Jim.

    • Answer This is also an IPS panel (one of the few that Sony manufactures)..not necessarily a bad thing as it has a wide viewing angle, and as long as you watch with some lights on the lower contrast won't be very noticeable. If watching in total darkness, the blacks will appear a bit grayish.

      Answered by Tedrik

  • QuestionWhat is the sound really like? I see it is HDR but it came up under my search for dolby atmos. Should I consider the sound bar to go with or will I get that booming sound from the tv alone?

    Asked by PrinceFam.

    • Answer I own the SONY XBR65X800H 4K HDR ULTRA HD TV and I can tell you that the sound from the TV amp/speakers alone do not do justice to the sound signals (5.1, 7.2, and Dolby Atmos) offered by HD programming, most DVDs, and Blu-ray. A sound-bar setup would be an improvement over the TV speakers, but to hear high-quality sound you will need to add a home entertainment receiver and speakers. An excellent receiver match for this TV is the SONY STR DH790. Watch for sales, it is very reasonably priced and it features up to 7.2 sound and Dolby Atmos. Naturally, the quality of your sound also will depend on the quality of your speakers. The "booming" sound you desire will be provided by your subwoofer. Another reason these two SONY units are an excellent match is because you need only a single remote. The TV power-on function automatically switches on the receiver, then switches the sound signal from the TV speakers to the receiver. Powering-off the TV also switches off the receiver. I have my SONY STR DH790 receiver and speakers set up for 7.2 Atmos, even though, of course, most programming at this time is 5.1. I am very pleased with this TV/receiver/speakers combination. The sound (and surround effect) is spectacular -- even when I listen to 5.1 or 7.2 through my headphones connected to the receiver!

      Answered by AreaMan

  • QuestionDoes this tv support dual voltage? I will be moving to the UK next year and therefore, I would like to know if this tv would work in the UK which has 220v power supply. Please let me know

    Asked by RB.

    • Answer Hi RB, Thank you for interest in XBR65X800H. Yes, the TV supports dual voltage. The X800H TV model purchased in the US has a power requirement of 120 V AC, 60 Hz and 110-240 V AC 50/60Hz for other countries. I hope this helps. – Kris

      Answered by SonyListens

  • Questionwhere do I plug in my head phones in the back of the tv?

    Asked by squirt.

    • Answer Hi squirt, thank you for your question. By looking at the back of the TV, you can see the Stereo mini-jack at the lower right-hand part of the TV. Please check the link below for the connection diagram of the TV. (Refer to step no.9): ~Earl

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDoes it have a camera

    Asked by Christopher.

    • Answer Hi, Christopher, No. This Bravia TV does not have a camera. -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionIs this TV compatible with an i-phone it says its an android TV

    Asked by CharlieB.

    • Answer Under features it says: Seamless content sharing of Apple AirPlay 2 Helps you effortlessly cast anything from Apple iPhone or laptop to your TV. You can even sync music with other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers anywhere in your home." I don't believe there is an Apple TV app available, but you could use AirPlay with a mobile phone or tablet to mirror.

      Answered by JonathanF

  • QuestionDoes it support closed caption

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello, we appreciate your interest in our product. Yes, this TV supports closed captions (ANALOG/DIGITAL). Thank you. ~Earl

      Answered by SonyListens

  • Questionhow does this compare to the XBR65X900F

    Asked by jim.

    • Answer Hi, jim, The XBR65X900F is a 2018 model, while the XBR65X800H is the latest model (2020). The backlight dimming type of the X900F is Local Dimming, while the X800H is Frame Dimming. You can further compare them by visiting the links below: Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDo any of the audio outputs still work even if the speakers on the TV are muted or set to zero volume?

    Asked by jpscott.

    • Answer The digital audio port allows the TV sound to be off and I get the sound on my Bose system.

      Answered by Roadglideclide

  • QuestionBiggest difference between X75 and X800

    Asked by Gilby.

    • Answer Hi Gilby, we appreciate your interest in our products. The X800h has Dolby Vision and Object-based HDR remaster contrast enhancement which the X750H does not have. We highly recommend visiting the link below as you conveniently compare two SONY TV models side-by-side:

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionWhat is the width between the stands?

    Asked by Chaz.

    • Answer 43 1/2" between inside of stand brackets, 44 1/4" to outside of brackets.

      Answered by 68gyu

  • QuestionWhat is width of tv What is height

    Asked by Max.

    • Answer Hi Max, we appreciate your interest in our X800H TV. The dimensions of this 65-inch unit are approximately 57 5/8" for the width, 33 1/8" for the height, and 2 7/8" for the depth. Thank you. ~Earl

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionCan I use it in country with 220-240v?

    Asked by Efyee.

    • Answer Hi Efyee, Yes, the power requirement of this TV is AC 120V for UL cUL AC 110-240V for others. Thanks. Jay

      Answered by SonyListens

  • QuestionDoes it has Bluetooth connection

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes. You can play music from your phone over bluetooth to your TV and any connected sound system. It also supports Apple Airplay. Really good TV with lots of easy to use features

      Answered by SweetGreggo

  • QuestionWill your recommended sound bar fit under and between the legs of this tv?

    Asked by Sonny.

    • Answer Most sound bars will fit. I use a vizio 5.1 with wireless subwoofer.

      Answered by OppressedGamer

  • QuestionDoes this tv have hbo now app?

    Asked by Del.

    • Answer You can download it it's an Android TV. Same for Starz and Disney plus which I installed and now watch.

      Answered by Bravia76

  • QuestionWhat is the total size of this tv, with and without stand?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello! The below are the approximate dimensions of the Bravia XBR-65X800H: Without the TV stand: 57 5/8" x 33 1/8" x 2 7/8" (1462 x 841 x 71 mm) With the TV stand: 57 5/8" x 35 3/8" x 13 1/2" (1462 x 905 x 340 mm) -Vincent

      Answered by SonyListens

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