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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Top Quality Earbuds That Stay In Your Ear!

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    I am a fairly serious runner and biker and have always been annoyed by the wires connecting my earphones to my iPhone so I decided to look into wireless earbuds. I considered the Apple AirPods but some friends who used them said that they can fall out if you sweat a lot during your workout, and frankly, I think they look a little weird. Fortunately, I found that Logitech has a great product called the Jaybird Run which provides a nice solution. The Jaybird Run earbuds are truly wireless and fit very securely in the ear. They are priced about the same as the AirPods but offer better features. Included in the box (see photo) are instructions, a wide variety of alternate tips and "fins" (which fit into the ear to secure the bud), a USB charging cable, a slim, moisture-resistant carrying case, a hard shell charging case and the earbuds. Jaybird also has a free app (of course!) that you download to your phone (either Android or iPhone versions) which gives you additional features. Everything looks extremely well made and the earbuds have a special coating to protect them from scratches and moisture. First step is to charge the ear buds in the clam shell charging case. Just attach the charging cable, plug it into your computer or a USB outlet and LED lights will tell you when they are fully charged. The case itself serves as a supplemental battery, holding two full additional fast charges even when disconnected from power. Pop the earbuds back into the case for 5 minutes and you have another hour of charge! Leave them in for half an hour and they are fully charged again. You can do that twice before the case itself needs recharging. Next, pair the earbuds with your phone via Bluetooth. An audio prompt guides you and the app gives full instructions, but my phone paired them quickly and without drama. Put the earbuds in your ears and the "fin" will secure it there. You can now start playing music immediately. The Jaybird Run will respond to various voice commands, allow you to interact with Siri, take calls, etc. You need to learn the various tap controls on the earbuds to activate some features but the app has full instructions. One quirk is connecting the app to the earbuds. You cannot be playing music while you connect to the app, but that issue resolved easily. The app gives you a nice equalizer feature, access to suggested Spotify playlists for working out and best of all - a "find my buds" tracking device in the unlikely event you lose one. Sound quality is superb, very clear, distortion-free with excellent midrange and highs. Even the bass is very good – perhaps not as deep as you could get from over-the-ear headphones but quite acceptable. The Jaybird Run earbuds are a bit heavier than unpowered earbuds but the very comfortable tip and securing fin will soon make you forget that they are even in your ear - except for the fact that you are surrounded by your music! Will they stay in? Yes!!! I took them for a long (three hour) run and never had a problem even as I worked up a good sweat in 80+ degree weather. But running is probably not the biggest test. Can you rely upon the fit while biking? The next day I went for an all-day ride over some rough roads and once again they performed perfectly. They never felt loose. I had to recharge them in the case after about 3.5 hours while I stopped for food but that was quick. The case is a bit bulky to keep in your pocket but for most workouts you can rely upon the 3-4 hour playing time from each charge and leave the case at home. The Bluetooth connection is very reliable. I have used the earbuds in my home and can walk 20 feet from my phone without a connection break. If you lose connection it quickly restores itself when you come back into range. Bottom line - the Jaybird Run earbuds are an excellent investment for anyone who is a serious music fan and wants a rock-solid reliable workout partner. You will not regret this purchase!!!

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    More hype than show?

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    A true wireless in the ear headset, something the future of audio on the go should already have. The big dilemma is if it can really live up to its promises. I won't waste time with specs, im going to cut to the chase and help decide if this is the right fit or buy for you. First off lets talk about what your going to receive and how well everything works together. Out of the box your going to receive your two ear buds, charging pod (which also serves as a carrying case), micro usb cable, variety of different ear tips and ear fins. Paring is done quickly and easily. As soon as the earbuds are pulled out of the pod they will try to pair right away with your device given that your bluetooth is turned on. Lets talk about first audio impressions. Right off the bat i was very disappointed with sound quality and audio level. This is when i learned just how critical ear set up really is for this ear piece. The different ear tips are going to affect just how well the sound quality comes through. Too loose of a fitting and your sound quality is going to be drowned out by outside noise. Too tight and your going to have a very uncomfortable time while listening to your music. A nice feature was the fact that they also provided different size ear fins. The ear fins are what allow the earbuds to hook on to on your outer ear and prevent them from falling out during extreme exercise. If you find that your earbuds seem loose then most likely your ear fin set up is not right. Once i got my set up for my ears dialed in i noticed the sound quality improved greatly, however it was still lacking. The volume wasn't very high and my mids and lows sounded sub-par. I struggled to hear my vocals clearly and my bass was almost completely obsolete. Luckily like most decent audio manufactures out there Jaybird provides an app service for both android and iOS which i'm going to say is definitely a must. Linking the two together was very simple and once the download of the app was complete it took maybe a minute at most to link my earbuds. The app is where you can get the Jaybird Run to shine. Through the app you are able to set up different functions for your earbuds. Each earbud has a button which serves for a different use depending on how you set them up. For example, my volume was lacking so i chose to set up my ear buds so that the left earbud button would lower the volume and the right ear button would raise the volume. This by the way is the only way you can raise your ear bud volume aside for using your phones volume button. Now after you set your volume control you can then move your settings back to default. Under these controls your left earbud button if pressed once will bring up google assistant or siri and your right ear bud if pressed once will pause/ play your music and also pick up calls. You can also skip tracks by pressing the right earbud button twice. The Jaybird app also provides you with an equalizer with which you are able to customize your low,mid,and high range on five different points with a range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. If your not very skilled in that area there is no need to worry. Jaybird provides you with eight pre set equalizer settings, and if those are not to your liking you can download many many more for free. Once i played with the equalizer and got my range dialed in my sound quality had improved to almost perfection. I could hear my vocals clearly all my mids and highs were perfect. Even my bass sounded great, i could almost feel the drums hitting. The sound quality was great and the fitting of the ear buds was perfect. When i took these to the gym the outside noises were just about completely gone and my earbuds never once felt like they were going to fall out. There is alot more the app can do but those were the key areas i wanted to touch on. Battery life is pretty decent, Jaybird claims four hours and i got about three and a half. One feature that i actually really liked was the way the headphones charge. The earphone pod serves as a case and charging dock. Simply plug in your micro usb cable to the pod and it will light up green and turn solid when it is finished charging the pod. When its time to to put away your earbuds in the pod the minute you close the case the earbuds will automatically power down and begin charging. So how do you know that you placed the earbuds in properly? Easy, when you close the pod a center LED light will light up letting you know the charge level of the pod and two separate lights will light up, one on the left side and one on the right side. If you did not placed your earbuds in properly when you go to close the case that LED light will not be lit up. For example lets say you placed the right ear bud in properly but not the left earbud. When you close the case the LED on the right side will be lit up and the LED on the left side will remain dark letting you know something is not right (refer to picture for example). Charging is done very quickly and a 50% charge can be brought back to 100 all with a matter of 15 minutes. So why the three star review then? There are alot of inconsistency with the sound quality and there was constant dropping or loss of signal from the right earbud. Let me talk about some of the faults. I noticed on the first day after i got the sound dialed in it sounded beautiful. My volume was very loud and my sound quality was so crisp and clean. The next day i put my earbuds in and i noticed something had changed. My volume wasn't as loud and the sound quality had diminished very slightly. The same track that was hitting the bass very hard was now struggling to push it through. I thought maybe my settings had reset but when i checked them everything was fine. I reset my earbuds, my bluetooth and even my equalizer and still the sound quality was the same. It wasn't horrible but i am very critical of my music and it was something i noticed. On the third day i noticed my sound quality had come back but now my volume wasn't even that loud. I had my phones volume turned all the way up plus my jaybird volume turned all the way up and i still felt i needed more volume. I'm not exactly sure if this is an issue with the firmware, drivers, or bluetooth but it was something i noticed. Also another key note to keep in mind is that the bluetooth is easily interrupted. When i game or do paperwork on my computer i like to listen to music while i work. In my office i have my wireless router, wireless printer and wireless keyboard. I hate wires and have never really had an issue with them interrupting each other. While working in my office and listening to music on my Jaybirds i noticed the left earbud would keep cutting out. It would cut out for about three seconds then come back on. It would do this about every minute or so and would not stop. I figured it must of been all my wireless adapters cause the minute i left the office it seemed to correct itself. This is kind of disappointing due to the fact that all my headphones are wireless and have never had this issue. Also another issue i have with these earbuds is having to worry about losing them. Well the app provides an option to find them if you lose them. Sounds good right? Well not exactly, see i thought that when you pressed the button to find your earbuds it would ping them with an audible sound to where all you would have to do is follow the sound till you find them. This is not the case however. When you hit your button to find them all it simply does is give you the last known location via google maps of when you used it last. So lets say you think you lost them at the gym, it will pin that location for you however its a vague location and you still have to check the parking lot, the whole gym, etc. Also lets say someone steals them and you think your gonna catch them the minute they turn on your ear pieces. Well your wrong because even if they do turn on your headphones it will not give you their location unless they activate their phones GPS, so all it will do is give you your last known location of when you used your headphones last if you had your GPS activated only. Heres my final thoughts. The Jaybird is a decent true wireless headset that should appease most average people. Yes the sound quality is decent and yes you can run, lift weights and cycle with them on and not worry about them falling out. For me however its right around that price range that has me on the fence about rather or not its a good buy. For me this just doesn't fit the bill, i would rather spend more money and have a solid set that can consistently give me the sound quality i want with few to almost no bluetooth drops. If your an avid music lover who loves working out and is very critical of their headsets like i am then this is not the buy for you. If your the type of person is wants something different and is looking for a decent sounding true wireless earbud then this should be right up your alley. Really this is going to come down to personal preference and just what exactly your looking for in a solid gym style workout piece. For me i'd rather stick with what i have and wait till they improve there product some more. Pros: -Lightning fast charge times -Charging pod that serves as a case also -Multiple ear tip and fins -User friendly app Cons: -Inconsistent sound quality -Bluetooth drop outs -Short battery life

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend