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  • Specifications
    Product Weight
    53.5 pounds
    Battery Charge Time
    6 hours
    Maximum Operating Range
    43 miles
    Maximum Speed
    22 miles per hour
    Foldable Design
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Segway - Max G2 Electric Kick Scooter Foldable w/ 43 Mile Range and 22 MPH Max Speed - Black

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  • Rated 3 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic scooter but one major flaw

    The good of it This scooter is a great city commuter, the find my feature keeps me happy and hopeful if it ever gets lost. The app is one of the best i have seen from any company. The app gave me super good mileage estimate once it adjusted to my weight and riding style. The app also let me adjust tons of features such as max speed, locking the scooter, range, findmy, code lock, if you want to kick start the scooter or just start at 0mph when you push down on the throttle. The turn signals are bright and the scooter suspension is like heaven. The handle bars are fantastic and long as well. The grips dont feel like the g30 grips but they feel like theyll last longer and not get sticky over time. The turn signal positioning and horn positioning is one of my favorites since they're easy to access. The cruise mode feature is something that was made easy to use and was reliable for me to use while i did own the g2 max. The throttle is so controllable compared to their G30P if i was in sport more and wanted to drive at 2mph the throttle was so precise it would let me do that. The lock feature for the scooter not only let you enable find my but also lets you set a 4 digit passcode to unlock the scooter. This was super cool since if someone decided to steal it not only would they be tracked but they wont have fun with the scooter since they wouldnt know the passcode at all. The bad side of this scooter? I purchased this scooter 2-3 months before launch day expecting it to be everything of reliability the ninebot g30p offered. Although the build quality was on par with the ninebot g30p one of my biggest issues and realistically only issues was the fact that the motor overheated. Launch day i used it and loved the ride. After 2 weeks or so of using the G2 MAX i noticed i would get phantom breaking once in a while.(very rare for me though but it happened) An update was released for these issues like 1 month after launch day. My main issue being the overheating, it was dreadful. Im a tall rider 6ft and weigh 220. Going uphill would cause my motor to overheat and the back end of the scooter felt hot under my foot. It would literally get so hot i could feel the heat through my shoe. Regenerative breaking was not something i could turn off so in situations were i wouldnt be stressing the motor a ton but i was constantly breaking and using the 0mph start feature the motor would overheat in the hot summer time. This made it a deal breaker for me to keep this scooter although i loved the build qualities and functionality of the horn and turn signals. My next issue with it was the fact that the back suspensions are coil suspensions with no dampener. That means when i would ride over messsed up sidewalks with slightly raised sidewalk and going down from it the back suspension would make a banging noise like if it was smacking its self. If i ever went fast and had to go up on a side walk with a slight lip the front suspension would smack as well. The security lock feature for the scooter was super dumb. When you locked it on the app the scooter would turn off. Say if some one tried to run away with it for the first 5 seconds the motor would give them a hassle and use the power on beep but not the super loud scooter horn, but after that the scooter would forget of the fact that it was in lock mode and would give up the resistance on the back tire letting the scooter ride freely untill again 10 seconds later it would kick back on. One last note is that when the battery would hit 60% my 22mph just went down to 20mph and no more. Research Just to note. The G2 MAX has a known overheating issue on the motor, for pahtom breaking, phantom accelteration and for not including caps on the front wheel bearings to protect it from spash damage with water. Research these issues on your own and youll see! Conclusion Although this scooter has everything i want in a scooter such as find my, super visible turn signals, good break lights, good tires with sealant in them, nice range for commuting, generally good suspension when its not slamming its self back to its extended position becuase of a small bump. The downfall of it is the motor as i use this to get to and from work i would constantly worry about the motor overheating on sunny days or overheating on a hill. This was what made me sadly return a scooter that was just about there for me on my check list of legandary commute scooters. The last picture was of my scooters mileage before i sadly had to return this beauty of a scooter :( also a photo of my ride gear for the scooter. SAFTEY FIRST

    Posted by BryGS

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    If I could give it 4 1/2 stars I would.

    I upgraded from my first escooter a Gotrax GXL2 where I realized it was struggling with my weight. And my neighborhood in Central NJ has more varied inclines, dealing with suburban street traffic, potholes, and to commute to work occasionally where I'm anxious about battery life. The Ninebot Max G2 feels less like an toy and more like a vehicle's imo. It's more sturdy, better handling, can handle different road conditions and it's smooth. I feel more seen on the road with an working breaklight, turn signals and a brighter light. I'm 5'8“ and I don't feel fatigued or feel my feet is crowded when ridding the scooter or feeling every bump on the road or sidewalk The only drawback is the weight. Most of the weight imo is in the back where the motor is located. So if you live on a walkup or take transit where u need to lift the scooter up and your not use to lifting 55+ lbs you're going to struggle. Kinda wish the turn signal button wasn't too close to the horn button, I keep hitting it accidentally. If the horn button was located on the right side handle it would have been a better placement. Aside from those two things I recommend the scooter if your want a scooter for a last mile commute to work and home and if you want a scooter for leisure riding.

    Posted by Shiiiiin

  • Rated 2 out of 5 stars

    Overheats way too often

    I have a G30 Max, and purchased this scooter for the increased power, thinking it should better handle small hills (I weigh around 230 lbs). It does have a weight capacity of 265 lbs - compared to the G30 Max's 220.5. There is noticeably more power before the battery goes below around 75%. Somewhere around this point, max speed is limited to 17 mph, and it struggles on small/short hills even more than my G30 Max. I've taken this out for a 5-10 mile spin three times now. In all three rides, the scooter repeatedly cuts out and shows the error message "HI (or H1)" on the screen. This happened about 5-10 times during each ride, and each time I had to hop off the scooter and wait for it to cool down. Tire pressure was fine. Nowhere in the manual is this error code referenced, but I think it shows when the motor reaches peak temp. It also has really "jumpy" acceleration when in sport mode. Mid-throttle basically doesn't exist. With all things considered, my G30 Max is more reliable even with it's lower power and weight capacity. (for me) Pros: - Great power/performance (only above ~75% battery) - Smooth suspension and handling Cons: - Can't handle heavier riders (when below ~75% battery) - Overheats - Jumpy acceleration in sport mode

    Posted by Jeff

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