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Tips for data backup.

Regularly backing up your data ensures that personal documents, photos, and other important files are secure in case your computer's hard drive crashes or it gets lost or stolen.

Physical storage solutions.

Local backups can be made from your computer with removable media, including USB flash drives and external hard drives. Burning data to a CD or DVD is still an option if you already have a CD/DVD burner, but with the increasing storage capacity and the decreasing price of USB storage solutions, they are preferred over CD/DVD options.

Advantage: Backups and restores are fast and accessible. Copies can be placed somewhere else for complete peace of mind.

Disadvantage: The media can be expensive, and even though it might be very resilient, it is still susceptible to physical failure or damage.

Online cloud backup.

Cloud backups are stored online and can be accessed from anywhere, usually by multiple devices. The data is often stored in a secure online location that's accessed with a password that you created.

Advantage: This is the most secure method and can be accessed anywhere. Backups can be set up to happen automatically in real time.

Disadvantage: It usually requires a subscription cost and regular internet access.

Set up a data backup routine.

Once you've decided how you want to back up your files, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Create a checklist.

Document the files and folders to be saved and back up the most important files first.

  1. 2. Create a schedule.

Consumers may want to back up important information once a week. Small businesses might do so daily. Most cloud services let you set up a fixed schedule so your data will back up automatically.

  1. 3. Verify the backup.

Load information from the storage device back to the computer or check the cloud to ensure that the data copy is intact.

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