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World of Tanks Starter Pack Edition - Windows

Release Date:10/15/2019
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Enhance your tank battle experience with World of Tanks Starter Pack for Windows. The mini strategy guide, SteelBook case and starter DLC content set you up for success against competition from all around the world. With over 600 mid-20th century tanks to choose from, such as historical legends the Sherman, Churchill and Tiger, World of Tanks Starter Pack provides countless hours of enjoyment.


World of Tanks Starter Pack features a Mini Strategy guide, SteelBook case, and starter DLC content*

The DLC content includes 30 days of premium time, Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) with a 100% optimized crew, Tiger 131 for 10 battles, three garage slots, five personal reserves with +100% experience for one hour, and five personal reserves with +300% crew experience for one hour

Test your mettle against players from around the world using the mid-20th century's ultimate fighting machines

Find the war machine that fits your playstyle from five unique vehicle classes: light, medium or heavy tanks, tank destroyers, SPGs

Choose from over 600 vehicles from the largest tank-building superpowers (includes 94 U.S.A. vehicles), which has been recreated with surgical precision

* For new players only

What's Included

  • Mini strategy guide
  • Steelbook case
  • World of Tanks Starter Pack Edition